Lovely Planet Launching on PS4 This Spring

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Lovely Planet Launching on PS4 This Spring

Hidy ho, PS Bloggerinos! It’s Alex Nichiporchik here ready to tell you about yet another new tinyBuild game coming to PS4. We already told you about Party Hard and No Time to Explain, and now it’s time for Lovely Planet.

We know you love your first-person shooters on PlayStation (So do we!), so we’re excited to be bringing our own… unique brand of shooter.

What a lovely day!

Lovely Planet is what we describe as a first-person shooter gun ballet. Yes, you read that correctly. This planet may look lovely, with a colorful palette of bright, abstract shapes and sounds, but the inhabitants here are anything but.

In each of Lovely Planet’s fast-paced levels, your aim is to shoot all the nasty dudes, save the innocents, maybe defuse a bomb or two, and reach the goal in the fastest time possible.

Then you’ll notice that thousands of other players reached the goal before you on the leaderboards, and you’ll think “Okay, fine, I can do it quicker.” Then several hours later, when your eyeballs are dry and your knuckles are clenched, you’ll break down in tears, screaming about how it’s impossible that someone called “tehmast3r449” has managed to beat the level faster than you.

Lovely Planet on PS4Lovely Planet on PS4

Welcome to Lovely Planet.

I’ve got a lovely bunch of bullets.

Here’s the thing about Lovely Planet: it’s a back-to-basics first-person shooter. There’s none of these fancy medpacks, or regenerating health, or gritty realism to be found here — you shoot, you jump, you get hit, you die, you try again.

And just to top it off, Lovely Planet is easily one of the trippiest first-person shooters you’ve ever played — don’t take our word for it, that’s what Kotaku called it!

In fact, one of my favorite descriptions of the game came from a writer at Gamasutra. They described Lovely Planet as “If Katamari creator Keita Takahashi made Turok.” We should hire that guy for marketing!

And you’ll be trippin’ for quite a while too, with 100 levels to master over five worlds and online leaderboards crammed into every single one. There are also tons of secrets to discover, stars to unlock, and a storyline so packed with subtlety that you’ll start to wonder whether it… doesn’t actually exist.

Lovely Planet on PS4

How lovely.

This is Lovely Planet, then: a trippy first-person shooter gun ballet with five worlds to explore, one hundred leaderboards to top, and an approach to shooters that will take you back to the golden days of classics like Doom and Wolfenstein. Except with less blood and more rainbows.

And if you thought this was all you’d see from tinyBuild, you’re so very wrong! You can expect to see a lot more from us in the coming months.

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  • Played this at PAX East last year and it was a ton of fun! Will have to check it out!

  • first thought, kids game.
    second thought, potential for VIG’s (Visually Impaired Gamers)
    third thought… bleh, stupid to the point that i wont play it even being a VIG.

    On a seperate note…

    i know the IGC has been… wanting to say the least minus the small game here or there but where is the update???

    i am a youtuber, the sooner i know the sooner i plan my time or sigh and hope for next month. I pay for the igc not solely online because i recorded on ps3 before i had any online games. seeing that the ps3 servers are doomed to shutdown id hope the igc would pick up but seems sony isnt trying for big contracts.

    sorry for the rant. for those that like… this….. thing… enjoy, god speed.:>

  • Oh my god… this game! I had a love affair with this game back in 2014. It took me back to a time when I was actually good at twitch arena shooters (Q3A/UT). Plus the music and the visuals just kept me smiling the whole time.

    I remember three starring every level up to 4-21 or so and then hitting a wall that my skills couldn’t surpass. Can you guys shed some light on how you adapted the levels/controls to work on console? Is there a platinum?

  • Sigh.

  • Great game on PC, should be fun on PS4 or PSVR even in the future.

    Brace yourself for the deluge of entitled gamers who will complain because it doesn’t have UbiSoft or Electronic Arts in the name and doesn’t cost 60 dollars.

  • As close as you can get to super mario lol <3

  • I DIDN’T play this at PAX East last year but it still looked fun! I will surely check this out when it hits the store :)

  • Will you consider bringing Lovely Planet to PS Vita?

  • Had this on PC for a while. Didn’t redeem the key till today though. It’s actually a pretty good game to my surprise. Its a fast pace time trial style game. If you like N++, Trials or Trackmania you’ll probably like this.

  • Yikes $9.99 and no ps plus discount for release week.. That’s pretty crappy considering this game is a over year old and is currently $5.99 on steam -_-

    Guess I’ll wait a bit longer bc it actually does look fun so I’d still get it eventually loll

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