Final Fantasy XV Out 9/30, CG Movie and Anime Series Announced

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Final Fantasy XV Out 9/30, CG Movie and Anime Series Announced

Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV is a wrap! For months we’ve been teasing what we were going to do with a mysterious “March Event” with the hope that we would announce the release date for the next Final Fantasy.

With Final Fantasy XV we had to bundle things down into 15 items… so if you missed it, here’s the quickest recap of all time!

  1. Hironobu Sakaguchi — the man, the myth, the legend — took center stage to open up the show to talk about how he’s looking forward to Final Fantasy XV becoming a challenger yet again.
  2. A brand-new trailer titled Reclaim Your Throne showed off new combat and a new rendition of the classic song Stand by Me, which is the theme song to Final Fantasy XV.
  3. Yoshitaka Amano, legendary Final Fantasy artist, designed a brand-new animated project titled Big Bang!
  4. Stand by Me was revealed to be sung by none other than Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine.
  5. All-new gameplay was unveiled featuring chocobo riding, updated battle mechanics, magic, and how Titan is summoned.
  6. World of Wonder: Environment Footage brought a soothing tone to showcase how vastly open world the game is looking to be.
  7. A brand-new surprise, Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV was announced! A five-part anime series telling the backstory of all of the friends — the announcement trailer and episode 1 are available to watch here.
  8. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy, a fully CG movie was announced! Blurring the lines between animation and reality, Kingsglaive tells the story of Nyx — a member of the elite armed forces, the Kingsglaive.
  9. A partnership between Audi was uncovered to show a one-of-a-kind exclusive Audi R8, themed after the world of Kingsglaive .
  10. An all-star voice cast for Kingsglaive was revealed! Aaron Paul, Lena Headey, and Sean Bean headline this star-studded affair.
  11. Justice Monsters Five, a brand-new mobile game was showcased to the world for the first time — a brand-new pinball mini-game will be available on smartphones later this year.
  12. A completely free and quirky demo, Platinum Demo — Final Fantasy XV was shown. Set in a whimsical dreamscape, you play as a child Noctis traversing the world with your new pal, Carbuncle.
  13. Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition

  14. Two blockbuster editions were announced! The deluxe edition which contains both Final Fantasy XV and the Kingsglaive movie will be available in limited quantities. And in even more select quantities is the ultimate collector’s edition (which contains more content than this entire blog!) — pre-order your edition of choice here!
  15. Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition

  16. The release date was finally uncovered and confirmed! September 30, 2016 worldwide!
  17. Lastly, the Uncovered Extended trailer debuted even more gameplay and dove deeper into the story.

We have a solid six months to make 2016 the year of Final Fantasy XV, so we hope you’re just as excited for Final Fantasy XV as we are!

Now more than ever, please be excited.

What were you most surprised by?

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  • What time does the Demo release?!

  • May I ask if the game will come out with an option for Japanese audio with English subtitles?

    • I would love to know this as well! I do believe the first demo had Japanese Audio so I’m hoping that means we get it for the main game as well. Haven’t played the new demo yet as I’m still downloading it…seems to be slow to download tonight might be a reason for that though haha

    • The demo appears to have japanese audio with english subtitles as an option, so I’m assuming it will carry over to the full game?

  • Yeah, I’m ready for this.

  • When will we be able to pre order the Ultimate Collectors Edition in the EU Square Enix Store?

  • 10 years coming…finally there! AMAZING EVENT! THE CAR FLIES! T_T

  • What time will the Demo go up? The conference just kept saying now but I can’t find it on the store

  • Yes i’m so ready for this i just finished watching the livestream if i get the chance i’ll get that collectors edition if not i’ll settle for the deluxe edition PS4. But yea Let’s do this i’ve waited 10 years for this now the release date is here im so happy right now thank you Square Enix and PlayStation for everything ^.^

  • Hi Mat, how come Square Enix hasn’t localized the Vita versions of Chaos Rings Trilogy, Spelunker Z, Adventures of Mana and I Am Setsuna?

    I hope the rumoured more expansive FFXV mobile game (not Justice Monsters) comes to Vita.

  • I cant wait for Final Fantasy XV world to come out I’m such huge fan!!! Im getting collectors edition ASAP thank you for such amazing night!!!!

  • This all looks great and the game looks beautiful. I can’t wait to explore this world you’ve created. Can’t wait to try the demo tomorrow. The movie looks great as well.

  • Thanks for the show, it was awesome and exciting!

    However, where/how can we download the Platinum Demo? Thought it was supposed to be available now? It doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the Playstation Store (tried to search, too).

  • IM SO HAPPY YO! cant find the demo though..guess we have to wait for the after show to be gone

  • Cool show. Downloading the demo now.

  • Playstation just tweeted out the demo for anyone interested in downloading it! :D

  • So for the ultimate fan (before even playing game), shouldn’t they have to buy a Kingsglaive themed Audi R8?

    • It’s strange that they never explained why they manufactured only one FFXV Audi. I assume it’s for a sweepstakes of some kind.

      Anyway, the live press conference was amazing. It’s the first time I’ve seen one devoted to a single game. I’ve been waiting for this game since it was announced in 2006 as a PS3 exclusive and named Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

  • Great news! Although its a shame I can not pre-order the English version from Japan! Please fix!

    Other than that, very happy!

  • Any news on the localization of the PS Vita versions of Adventures of Mana and I Am Setsuna?

    I’m also still hoping for a PS Vita (or at least PSP) version of Final Fantasy Type-0 for the west.

  • European (Dutch) pre order site only gives errors! Please fix this! Don’t want to miss out on the ultimate edition!!

  • i see digital version of this game got updated in PS Store, i will pre-order it when i get my money this week. Whoo, FF XV look amazing. Go Noctis

  • I am officially one of the 30,000 to get Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collectors Edition on September 30th, 2015.

  • Managed to get my hands on the ultimate collectors edition, definitely worth it! Can’t wait to play this game

    • did u get a confirmation email and does it show up under ur orders

    • Abram92714, it took 14 HOURS for Mine to Show up.

      I only got one Confirmation and only one is in “My Account” “Orders”. Yet I Pre-Ordered 2 Separate Orders. So either I’m only getting one, good for me, sucks for my friend, or the second is taking even longer…

  • I managed to get one Ultimate Collector’s Edition(PS4 edition) as well. It sold out within 30 mins.
    This game would be amazing!!!

    PS: I’m in the minority who loved Final Fantasy XIII trilogy as well.

  • Managed to snag the Ultimate Collector’s Edition! So hyped for this now! Can’t wait for September 30!

    • did u get a confirmation email and does it show up under ur orders?

    • Yes. I got a confirmation email and it’s showing up under my orders.. It leaves a 50 cent charge on your card which will go away in a few days. If you see those things you’re good.

  • has anyone else pre ordered the ultime collectors edition because i did as soon as it went live and im pretty sure it checked out but i havent gotten a confirmation email and the order section of the SEOS says i dont havent anthing orders. sooo did i get it?

    • Hi, same here, I got to a page saying that my order had been processed and that I would receive a confirmation email, but nothing yet and my orders are empty on the SEOS. What about you, any news ?

  • Come on FF XV! I’m ready to call something other than Bravely Default the best Final Fantasy game in years.

  • Pre-Ordered The Deluxe Edition. I was curious about Square-Enix’s Online Store… If I pre-order something next time – will they charge my card immediately upon pre-ordering? Or will their policy be similar to Amazon’s? – I mean pre-order and they will charge my card once the item is shipped out? Thank you very much kindly.

  • Finished the demo. Pretty great but I’m having issues with the camera. I think it’s due to how close the camera sticks to Noctis. I’m getting motion sickness after about a half-hour of playing. Hopefully this is addressed in the final version. Thanks.

  • Will there be Japanese Audio option?!

  • Why doesn’t the anime have English voices? Both game and movie are confirmed to have English voices but not the anime?

  • So ridiculously excited for the rest of this year as far as the ps4 goes. Uncharted 4 in May, No Man’s Sky in June and this in September. Fantastic. Super excited. Cannot wait!

  • There won’t be an English dubbed version of the Brotherhood, will there be? I’d like to watch it with the same voice acting as I’ll be playing the game.

    • BROTHERHOOD FINAL FANTASY XV will only be available in Japanese audio and will feature English subtitles

    • SO its only subbed? That makes no sense what so ever. Your dubbing the game and the CG movie. Did SE just run out of money. Guess ill be skipping the anime episodes and it better not hinder the story for the actual game.

    • Explain that logic to me, giving the game a dub, giving the movie a DIFFERENT dub and not dubbing the anime at all, EXPLAIN!!!

  • OMG! So many awesomes at one place! I can’t …. believe it!

  • Hi Mat Kishimoto is there any chance we can get the Japanese box art for the standard edition instead for the black cover that US and EU have?

  • I want Pre order Final Fantasy Ultimate Collector Edittion but i live in Portugal and dont have Square Enix Store, how can i pre order ?

  • (´へωへ`*)

  • Now Tabata is freed to start making Type-Next, the real FF game.

  • Inject in my veins!

    This definitely looks like an rival Universe to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. I’ll give it a chance.

    Congrats to all members of SE and Third Parties for making this event possible and ofc HUGE thanks to Dev Team members for finally finishing this long awaited title.

  • I see that on PSN we can pre-order the digital version of Final Fantasy XV but only the standard edition. Why have you guys not put up the “Digital Deluxe Edition” (or whatever you will call it) yet?

    Last time there was a major Square Enix (Japan studio) launch on PSN, it was Dragon Quest Heroes… and Sony/S-E posted the Slime Digital Deluxe Edition only AFTER the game was released (screwing over any of us who pre-ordered the game without the Deluxe Slime weapons content, unless we individually emailed Square Enix customer support).

    Please just, don’t make that mistake again. Put up the “Digital Deluxe Edition” of FFXV for pre-order, before the game comes out.

    • i think Sony forgot to put say ” Day One Edition ” that what i saw in SE store online for standard edition is 59.99.. Digital Deluxe Edition would be awesome if they add Kingslavie movie with this version

    If you do a major limited preorder do it Friday night so people with jobs can be awake for it. I had to go to bed for work the next more an missed the preorder.

    10 damn years i waited to preorder it…10 years an i couldnt do it because they decided it was smart to do it on a wednesday!!!!!

  • wheres the dubbed version of the anime?

  • wish the special editions were available at Canadian retail outlets, last time i ordered from square store cost me double the cost of the item with conversion shipping a custom fees

    • Might be eventually. Best to go to the stores in person to see. Hoping for a decent price on the Deluxe version as the SE site price likely isn’t what it would be here.

  • How about real mobile games on 3DS or Vita instead of phone BS?

  • I know SE was experimenting with VR on this game. Any chance this will support PSVR in a future update?

  • $270 for the collector’s edition? (likely USD) – gonna pass on that. Might get the deluxe version, depending on price in Canada. If not, then regular version it is and I’ll get Kingsglaive separately. Downloading Platinum Demo right now and really looking forward to the game in September.

  • You got me; I’m excited!

  • All I see here is not a game but a marketing plan.

    RIP Versus.

  • TEN YEARS!!! As soon as the Ultimate Collector’s edition went up I pre-ordered!! Going all out for this game!

  • I was most suprised by the release date no doubt about it…took you guys 10 damn years ha I said y’all were gonna wait for a 2016 release so the game would make 10 years since its announcement.
    Now what a lovely trailer that “Reclaim your Throne” damn the game is beautiful,its hard to believe this is on x*** too its really hard to believe.
    And an anime about the game is amazing news…I’ll definitely watch all them episodes,and I gotta say Noctis looks so like Sasuke…I can’t look to Noctis and not think Sasuke lol.

    Also Kingslaive looks awesome I can’t wait to watch it,it looks truly awesome you guys at Square are bosses on CGI,well you always were.
    And that Platinum demo looks like a real treat hu…thank you very much for it,I was dying to play Episode Duscae but I couldn’t so I’ll definitely enjoy the Platinum demo and again damn the game looks so gorgeous.

    Never was a FF fan but I’m definitely buying XV looks like you guys finally made the right step,I can’t wait to explore that world.
    Full game better have japanese audio,those english voices are a torture.

    • Oh, judging from Platinum Demo… It will get Japanese VO – most definitely! As I play it with JP audio! Sadly when I woke up there wasn’t available CE editions and now almost half of CE sold at eBay for from 800$ USD to 2000$ USD…. See Mat what you have done!!! I waited 10 freaking YEARS to pre-ordered it and I am now 27 – have been FF fan for more than 20 years… Played every single of them! My most favourite once are: Final Fantasy VII, IX, XII, XIV (since day 1) and I JUST can’t preorder the game I HAVE WAITED for 10 YEARS! even though I live in Canada! One beyond worst marketing decisions SE had made in decade and now I’ve got filling it will hurt this entry sales beyond expectations… Even if it doesn’t deserves it. If I was SE I would cancel preorders that those dushes did. and re-listed them for sale to a true fans like me… out of respect for developers, artist designers and fan community.. It hurts the game and not just hardcore fans!

  • How much is Kingsgliave going to cost for those who don’t want the Deluxe Edition of Final Fantasy XV?

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