MLB The Show 16 Out Today on PS4, PS3

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MLB The Show 16 Out Today on PS4, PS3

The 11th season of MLB The Show is underway! The Major League Baseball season is about to start, which means it’s time to see how you fare when taking control of all the action in MLB The Show 16.

With the numerous improvements and new features we’ve added to MLB The Show 16 we are confident this is the best MLB game we’ve ever shipped. Just a few of our improvements in The Show 16 include:

  • The introduction of ShowTime
  • Significant improvements to Road to the Show and Franchise modes
  • New physically-based rendering
  • Over 1,000 new animations
  • Career stat tracking
  • Two brand new game modes

With the return of Year-to-Year saves, you’ll also be able to experience all the great new additions to ’16 without losing your progress from last year.

As an added bonus for launch day we thought it would be cool to put together a short bloopers video from all the content we captured over the past two months.

Digital Deluxe and MVP Edition Info

For those who purchased the MVP or Digital Deluxe editions, redeem and open your stubs and packs by heading to:

  • “My Locker” > “Show Shop” > “Purchase or Redeem” to redeem your items and add them to your inventory.
    • Reminder: if you have multiples of an item to redeem (i.e. 3 Opening Day Packs) you will need to redeem it 3 times.
  • Then head to ‘My Locker’ > ‘Inventory’ > ‘Open Packs’ to open and reveal your item.

We’ve tried to put full instructions in one handy place (along with a host of other tips).

Let us know in the comments or via Twitter (@MLBTheShow) if you still have questions/issues!

MLB The Show 16 on PS4, PS3MLB The Show 16 on PS4, PS3

Bug Reports

Some of you may not be aware, but we have an easy-to-use Bug Reporting system build into We’re grateful for those in the community who consistently bring something to our attention as soon as they come across it; sometimes it takes thousands of people playing for an issue to arise and nothing helps us have a shot to quash a bug faster than having it flagged ASAP.

If you’ve encountered an issue, please visit the Bug Reports page.

Note: We greatly appreciate if you can check to see whether the issue you’ve come across has already been posted. There’s a handy search feature!

On behalf of the team at San Diego Studio, thank you for your continued support and passion for our annual labor of love.

Welcome to The Show!

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    • At least you got a couple of MLB games on Vita. No NBA, NHL, or WWE (sports entertainment) on Vita, and only one Madden game. When it comes to sport games, Vita did not deliver.

    • So the weekly challenge is retardedlying hard …on rookie archer throwing sliders on the corner down and away for strikes …OK…I’m sure he’s throwing 180mph knuckle curves if/when you get to the legend difficulty …cool

  • This game looks so beautiful! Excited for the season to start.

    Go Jays!!


  • Nah. I rather stick with arcade-style sports games (like NFL Blitz and NBA Jam).

  • I have MLB The Show 14 but didn’t pick up 15. If I get 16, does the year-to-year saves still carry over from all versions since this feature was added, or would I have to buy both 15 and 16 to get my 2014 RTTS to carry over?

  • Beautiful lighting and great motion capture but, overall, the game doesn’t look very good. Too outdated looking. I’m not saying you need a completely new engine, but these games need 2+ years of development time to get the polish they deserve. Many people are cool with throwing down the same price every year but, as a game maker, don’t you ever want to make something truly special, memorable and lasting, instead of something that people play for one year and retire forever?

    And to those who wish to counter me by saying you only buy one game every 2 years, that’s great, and my feelings on this subject don’t go against you, so no hating. :p

  • Will The Show 16, have the Mascots

  • I skipped last year and am still bitter that an SF Giant (Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner, etc) has never graced the cover even though they’ve won 3 World Series…but I miss having my baseball. Hoping the Online has improved from years past. I may pick it up on my way home from work…

    Go Giants! #4in7

  • Don’t see what would have been so hard about making a legacy edition for the vita, and digital to boot would have been fine. I think most vita gamers would have been happy with just that, but hey, it’s Sony. So like them to forget about their vita customers.

  • I preordered the MVP edition on PSN and it includes all sorts of packs, stubs, and avatars. Anyone know how I get the packs in game? Cause if not I essentially spent $70 for the same exact thing people spent $60 on

  • I didn’t want Donaldson as my cover athlete so I pulled out a Mickey Mantle retro Topps Baseball card and slid that one into Donaldson’s place on the PS3 version. That’s what I did. Whatcha’ think of that?

  • I bought the game on ps4 store and downloaded to my ps4 and when i tryed playing all i can play is the kc vs bluejays game i cant exit or go to the main menu someone help

    • I’m having the exact same issue. I’m waiting for an answer too. So f’ing annoying

    • Anyone have answer for this?

      I bought the game on ps4 store and downloaded to my ps4 and when i tryed playing all i can play is the kc vs bluejays game i cant exit or go to the main menu someone help

    • Has anyone got a response on how to get past this or how to fix it

  • It won’t let me passed the first intro game of KC/Mets. Does anyone else have this problem or know why. I’ve played the stupid game 4 times already and am getting very annoyed

  • Speaking of Y2Y saves, how does the Y2Y + cross-platform save work? If I have The Show ’15 for PS3, could I get the show ’16 for PS4 and continue my career? Or would I have to transfer one step at a time [the two options being 1) from ’15 to ’16 on PS3, then to ’16 on PS4, or 2) from ’15 PS3 to ’15 PS4, then to ’16 on PS4]?

  • Would love if you guys wpuld experiment with a Create A Stadium mode example remember EA SPORTS MVP 2006, excellent game btw

  • I bought the game on ps4 store and downloaded to my ps4 and when i tryed playing all i can play is the kc vs bluejays game i cant exit or go to the main menu someone help..

  • What is the difference between PS3 and ps4 versions of mlb 16 the show.

  • I’ve noticed that when you dive or slide, your jersey stays clean. In 15, it got dirty and I would like to see that in 15

  • I got the digital deluxe edition and haven’t been able to get my avatars plus another bonus was something like leather and wood or the other way around ,but anyway how do i get them cause i notices the wood and leather thing isn’t on the list for the game on the store anymore

  • Hello thank you for your time and all the work that you guys put in to this issue. I am disappointed with the outcome. You see I like to pull packs and 400 dollars I get nothing? Nothing? You guys are good with that? Your randomness is terrible. How do I get the same player right next to each other in the same pack? I work for one of the big three and as a family we rip packs together and build a squad to beat up on the cpu. I understand “the randomness” but if I go out and buy $400 in real life packs I guarantee you I get better things than what we were given those two nights. Well we have given you $720 so far, but that will be all you will get. I guess it’s back to Madden, at least they reward you for spending money. Someone one a chat had a great idea maybe if you don’t get a gold or diamond player in a pack you get a token and 60 tokens added to a silver player set you get any silver player, 100 tokens into gold is any gold player and 200 is any diamond? Therefore this is guaranteed to not happen to anyone again. Your randomness is awful. You have lost a long time supporter. Sad because it is a great game. Problem is there are a lot of great games out there.

  • I have tryed for the last week to reach out to someone in hopes of some sort of reimbursement or something and, no response. So I am resorting to reach out here.

  • Challenge fails every time I try and start a game in diamond dynasty please figure it out it’s getting annoying

  • I downloaded the digital game on PS4 and it won’t let me leave the KC vs NYM game. What’s the deal?

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