Paragon: Tips for New MOBA Players

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Paragon: Tips for New MOBA Players

Welcome, PS Plus members! I’ve spent a lot of time jamming on Paragon, Epic’s new PS4 MOBA. As a newcomer to the MOBA genre (I’m old), I thought it might be helpful to throw together some handy tips to help get you started — please leave your own tips in the comments below!

Basic Terminology

  • Lanes: Basically, the path you take to the enemy’s Core. There are three lanes: left, right, and middle. Depending on your strategy, you and your team can concentrate down one, or split up across several lanes and fight several battles at once. Lane strategy is a defining gameplay feature of Paragon.
  • Minions: Both teams get an endless supply of these meat shields. Minion packs drive forward constantly, targeting other minions, Towers, and players they encounter along the way. They’re easily killed, but present a constant threat because they autospawn in waves every 30 seconds or so.
  • Towers: Along each lane lie several dangerous towers that will inflict humongous damage if you get too close. Your goal is to destroy Towers in a lane so your Minions and teammates can keep pushing towards your opponents’ core. You have to get fairly close to a Tower’s crystal to inflict damage, which puts you in harm’s way. Watch your crosshairs: when they turn red, you’re in attack range.

Paragon on PS4Paragon on PS4

Hero Highlights

  • Gideon is an awesome Hero to try if this is your first MOBA. His primary ability (Square) provides you with a meteor that clears out minions and heroes alike. If you ever find yourself in a pinch, he can teleport out using his Torn Space (Circle) and slow enemies with his Burden ability (R1). He also comes equipped with the ability to tear space and time creating a Black Hole with his Ultimate (Triangle) sucking enemies in and dealing damage in a large area.
  • Twinblast is another popular choice for beginners. His basic attack (R2) allows you to steadily peck away at enemies and Minions, while his Ultimate ability (Triangle) brings the pain. Remember to amp up his attack speed by triggering Nitro (Square), and dodge enemy attacks using R1.
  • Sparrow is also worth a try. Like the other Ranger heroes, she dishes out high damage with her basic attack (R2). She lacks durability, and her other abilities don’t pack quite the punch of the Casters. But if you play defensively and remember to stick and move, she will lay waste.

Paragon on PS4

Other Tips

  • Minions serve as the heartbeat of a Paragon match. They respawn like clockwork, and their constant waves apply pressure to a lane. They can hold ground against an enemy offense until player heroes can reinforce the battle lines.
    • When you’re on the offense, help push your team forward by efficiently squashing enemy Minions and driving forward to gain ground.
  • If you can crush the Inhibitor near your enemy’s core, your team’s Minions in that lane will get much stronger and more fearsome — it can easily tip the scales in a heated match.
  • The Tower will always* target your Minions first — allowing you to get closer to the objective and hammer it. When approaching a Tower, let your Minions enter attack range first so they soak up damage.
    • *The one exception is important! If a player attacks an enemy hero while that hero is under the enemy turret, the turret will immediately target the aggressor. Avoid damaging enemy players while they are protected by their turrets.
  • The lanes are loosely connected by a jungle, allowing you to cut across from one lane to another. The jungle is home to many tight, twisty corridors, so it’s not a great place to get caught unprepared.
    • Always keep an eye on other lanes — it’s quite possible to cut away from a big battle and quietly push down a lane your enemy isn’t expecting.
  • Some heroes are sneakier than others. Gideon, for example, can teleport himself and teammates to other locations in his lane. Kallari can cloak to get close to enemies, leaving them vulnerable to her devastating melee strikes.
    • But stealth can benefit any hero. Look for the Shadow Pads in the jungle near the lane shortcuts. Stand in one to mask your presence from enemy players, letting you get the drop on them.
    • Paragon is notable for its many mind games. Pretending to run off, only to lead your pursuers into a trap, is a common technique.

I hope some of these are helpful! Give your own tips in the comments below.

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3 Author Replies

  • You really should have noted the harvesters, the prime orb, and the three buff orbs.

    Lots of new players are neglecting the harvesters I’ve noticed.

    • im relatively new to MOBAs as well. One thing I learned quickly, is have patience. Matches can run for almost an hour for a reason. Getting yourself killed over and over again only serves the opponent as they earn very important XP much quicker than your team. Pick your battles wisely. Nothing is more frustrating than having the other team 2-3 levels ahead because someone is “feeding” the other team.

    • Does anyone know how exp is done in this game? Is a level 16 player death the same as a level 12 player death in exp? That calculation becomes incredibly important. It doesn’t matter if your team has 10 kills more than your opponents and are 3 levels if they get 3 kills, and you get 1, there’s might now be a 2 level gap, and unless you just just keep assassinating them, you’re going to be in trouble as they catch up.

  • Harvesters: Used to gain Card points, they fill over time and can be collected.

    Harvesters are something interesting, you can used different keys in them and gain different buffs ( similar to having one item on with no upgrades). I’m unsure if they affect all lanes, or only the adjacent lane.

    The “Key” Cards are what you use for harvesters, you don’t need a key to build a harvester but it will take much longer without one. A basic key is available for ( 1 ) Card Point, it gives you no stat upgrades and just improves the build time. There are other keys available, they cost ( 3 ) Card Points. These come with some stat upgrades, and upgrade slots.

    – I do not know if there are even higher level keys, and whether or not the keys affect all allies in the lane I have yet to determine, but the level 3 keys have a very fast build time.

    So get those harvesters up and going for your team, (They look like castles on the map, stand on the round section to start building)

    • The map in general is very important. Not just going after the Harvesters on the team, but to see that 3 enemies might be coming to your lane so you can escape in time, nothing worse than pushing a tower, getting killed, waiting to respawn while they push your tower, kill another team made, and then end coming to the 5v3 just in time to see everyone else die, and struggle to keep relevant while you wait for your team to respawn.

      So while going after those harvesters people need to have an idea where the rest of their enemies might be.

    • Good tip!

    • Think of the harvesters as an early game investment. Towers normally don’t get destroyed within the first 10 minutes of gameplay unless a team is poorly planned. So getting those harvesters up and running is key, if you go back for a potion refill, stopping by a harvester on your way back to your lane benefits the entire team.

      I just played a game where my team (other 4 players) stuck to one lane. I was 2 levels ahead of them, and practically had to cover two lanes. Most important thing was to push a lane and take out the inhibitors while they distracted the rest of the other team. (Much harder to push a lane against super minions). To finish the game off, we all did one final push. It was a risky move but paid off, I found that many of them didn’t care if a team mate died. Which caused our team most of our towers sadly.

  • Thanks , Very new as well. I will continue to play. But ,I’m lost with passive , and active card stuff. Which cards to apply and when to use them.

    • You have two passive slots. Best to use passive equipment cards with upgrade slots (little circles on the card bottom). Active equipment cards should go in one of the four active slots. Again, some equipment cards can be upgraded to boost your stats.

      Which equipment and upgrade cards you use depends entirely on your hero, and which stats they rely on. Also, it’s important to play with the deck builder when that unlocks at level 5. That allows you to create a deck with the equipment and upgrade cards your characters can best utilize.

      Stick with it until you unlock the deck builder and get some card decks. Then the game gets easier.

  • I kept losing in the AI matches until I started getting some decent passive cards with upgrades. I’ve been playing Howitzer and stack equipment cards with cast buffs as fast as I can. Now I’m regularly winning. Time to start playing against humans I guess.

    • It’s best to play against humans. Computers aren’t very good practice after you know what your abilities do.

    • Yep, definitely boost Cast and Mana with those caster heroes!

    • Be careful with some of the energy characters. A good combo of Muriel and a Tank ( Steel or any of the other melee brutes ) with energy armour and health will render you useless. If possible, if you’re running howitzer, try to pair yourself with someone who does physical damage aswell. As nice as using damage upgrades is, consider using criticals as well, they can give almost double damage, and one card will give your criticals a 50% boost. You start with a 0% change for criticals, so adding cards with crit chance is the only way to get them.

      I also main howitzer, good for taking out crowds and has decent range with both ultimate and your rocket, not a bad choice.

  • I find it hard to recommend Sparrow. Honestly, such a squishy character with no mobility is a death-trap for new players when they face off against people. It’s really easy to take advantage of Sparrows of any skill level to get an early lead in level and kills.

    One thing I’d recommend, is remember to take some time to visit other lanes if your lane is pushed forward. Also pay attention to if your team is in a fight. Often, one reinforcement for your team is enough to change a fight around, even if you’re still down a person.

    If you’re trying to escape, remember to use the dash mode wisely. Use it too early and you’ll end up snared, but there are many chances to get out of danger when you get behind cover or use a dash. Once you’re in travel mode, very few characters can catch up to you- and it activates very quickly!

    • Good feedback – Sparrow isn’t listed as one of the recommended starting players in the game itself, but despite being pretty limited in MOBA experience I had good luck with her. YMMV

    • Sparrow is good. Her focus is actually on her regular attack. Level that up and focus on last hits on everything. Use your ultimate on the mobs, to gain levels, but more importantly card points. Check your harvesters often and stay mainly defensive until roughly level 10-12 ish. At that point your regular attack should do roughly 200 damage a shot. Use her ultimate at that stage, and that’s 600 damage going out, pair that with her ability to shoot 3 arrows in quicker succession and some attack speed upgrades and you’re a killing machine.

      Sparrow is a late game character much like Murdock. Take your care with them, and you’ll have a great end game character to use. You can get to level 15 pretty quickly when you’re plowing through enemy mobs solo without even using your mana, consider Sparrow a end game glass cannon, most useful when it counts.

  • Sadly, this game has some of the worst things that are apart of the MOBA genre. Slow moving, slow attacking, long spell cast time(yes even after buffs and everything it’s still all bad) and 1 basic attack. Not to mention the way too long match times. This game had so much potential I was really hoping it would set itself apart from other MOBA games, but in the end it’s just another generic MOBA. Hopefully they’ll improve on stuff, I doubt it would change much else, though.

    • well i guess you got one thing right…loser kid..??

    • If you’re going to complaon why do it here? Contact the developer and raise your concerns. It’s in alpha right now, and a lot can change. The pace is only slow in the beginning, best way to change the entire pace of the game is to give the npc armies less health and less damage, more focused on the heroes slaying them.

      Movement speed is nothing crazy considering the combat is like any other 3rd person game. And unlike most other MOBA’s this one has a run function. The cast times could use some looking at, focus on cooldowns to cast more often. But hey, if you dislike the game this much and have an idea of what you’d like in a MOBA have you considered making your own?

  • Ugh, a MOBA. Wrong platform, wrong blog. I hope you find a lot of people willing to play a MOBA on PS4.

    • It’s not the wrong platform, or the wrong blog anymore than Call of Duty would be the wrong platform and the wrong blog.

      According to PC elitists “Everything’s better on PC” and they’d argue that Call of Duty is so much better on PC, and it’s a waste on consoles, and Destiny would be better on PC, and Defense Grid is better on PC, and Day of the Tentacle is better on PC, and PC this and PC that.

      You should at least give it a try. There’s not much reason to hate on something free, just because it has a stigma you’ve applied to all games under the Moba. Are you going to be upset when Battleborne comes out?

    • Yes, only certain games can be played on certain platforms. It’s in the PC elitists handbook apparently. /s

    • i dislike most mobas but this one seems better then the other… way better then overwatch?? wait thats not a mobo

  • Spent ages downloading what the game only to find out it was not free to play and did not even give a free demo or tutorial to show me what the game is like. Asked for cash immediately. Why even put it up for free download then? You guy knows where you can stick it!

    • sorry i guess this games not for people wanting everything to be givin to them….and next read a little more before downloading… thanks for not playing…

    • It’s early access.

      Do you not know what early access is? Work in progress. They want feedback before the game gets released to the masses so people like you don’t play 1 game and then give it up forever.

    • You should read before you download, or maybe do some research. Your download isn’t wasted, when the game goes open beta you can enjoy it then. Early access right now, and it’s been plastered all over the internet about the game, and their early access system.

      The game will be free to play in the future, so either wait on it; or move along to a different game. Smite is another free MOBA on ps4, so possibly go check that out?

  • im looking for other people to join me… must have mic.. must talk on that mic. and must know there role…. by the way did i say im new to moba. never really liked them before… so far im lvl 12..been mostly playing as a fighter..mainly fang mao…. have not played pvp yet…. and mostly have had to be the one setting up the harvesters cause no one else does…but wait i thought i was a fighter??? why im i dealing with this crap?? thanks for reading what turned into a rant….psn id BloodRageGaming

    • Great game! Im new to the MOBA genre but I’ve found it’s pretty straightforward after a while. Would love to play with some experienced players or those seeking to seriously develop their skills: add me “manjelo”

  • I find sparrow fun to use easy to wipe enemy teams if placed right. Yes she can get ganked easy. Solution is use wards. Too many to count how many ganks turned into wasted effort or them getting killed. Watch the map stay in your lane unless you’re minions are pushed up higher on the map then it’s okay to hop into other lanes. Tower diving is very dangerous on here so be careful if going for a kill. Happy hunting!

  • or best tip: pay between $20 and $100 to get early access and huge advantage on everyone else in gear and experience. Epic’s business model makes me ill. sadly I am sure people will fall for it.

  • Played a couple of matches but this is too long. I did one match that was an hour long. Nobody knows what they’re doing, I don’t have this kind of time to play. If the matches were 15 minutes or something it would be better. An hour is absolutely insane no thanks ugh

  • Be friendly!! We were all new at one point, and getting **** down verbally really pushes away others!

    Mistakes happen, if you can text chat then tell your teammates what they’re doing wrong and HOW to improve or fix it! It’s a new game in a familiar genre, we all can learn a little something! :)

  • I just bought the $100 founder’s pack! Ill be logging in soon!

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