POWERS Season 2 Debuts May 31st on PlayStation Store

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POWERS Season 2 Debuts May 31st on PlayStation Store

Ever since we announced the renewal of Powers you’ve been eagerly awaiting more details on the second season of the first PlayStation original scripted series. Well, I’m proud to announce that the second season of Powers will premiere in the US and Canada on May 31st with new episodes available each week on PlayStation Store. And PlayStation Plus members can watch it all for free!*

The team behind Powers has been hard at work making season two more action-packed than the last. In fact, to whet your appetite for the May 31st season premiere we’re debuting a new trailer from season two right here.

POWERS Season 2 Debuts May 31st on PlayStation Store
Powers Season 2

With fan-favorite actors like Michael Madsen (The Hateful Eight), Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), Enrico Colantoni (Veronica Mars), and Wil Wheaton (The Big Bang Theory) joining the talented returning cast led by Sharlto Copley (District 9) and Susan Heyward (Vinyl), we know PlayStation fans are going to love season two of Powers.

So, who killed Retro Girl? And what happens to the Powers world when its greatest superhero is murdered? Find all that out and more on May 31st when we release the first three episodes!

Every week after, we will then release a new episode of the 10-episode series. In the meantime, be sure to follow the Powers Twitter and Facebook accounts and visit the official site for more trailers and behind-the-scenes videos from seasons 1 and 2.

*Active membership required to access PS Plus features and benefits. Only available to PS Plus subscribers 18 years and older.

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  • Did Canada get season 1 yet or will we get it soon? No point releasing Season 2 if we can’t see the first.

    • Really? Canada got screwed out the way the rest of the world did? Honestly this is pathetic. Playstation needs to be better. Someone should notify the higher ups. This kind of screw up is the kind of thing that kills shows off prematurely. Ah well thank you lord for torrents. They should look at torrent stats for accurate numbers for viewership because while the show has a few rough edges the fact is a lot of people had no legal access to it.

    • no canada did not get season 1 yet will prabobly get at the same of season 2

    • Ya. I got super excited when the March 2016 lists showed “Powers” season 1 coming to Shomi. Turns out it was a typo and it was some show called “Power”. I’d sure like to watch “Powers” but as far as I know there is no legitimate way to watch it in Canada.

      I know Canadian laws are kinda weird. Did Sony sell the online rights to the show to someone in Canada and they are choosing not to show it? Does some company have automatic rights to Sony shows in Canada and are choosing not to show it? It’s messed up and it’s no surprise last I heard, we have a pretty high piracy rate up here.

    • It has nothing to do with Canadian laws. Sony was trying to sell the rights to stream in it Canada to a network. But our networks were smart enough to not pay for a show that Sony was giving away for free in the US. Sony is the only ones that blocked this from being shown here. No law was stopping anything.

    • This is stupid, don’t bother giving Canada access to season 2 when you didn’t even give us season 1.. It’s essentially just as bad as walking into a movie when it was already half over..

  • I like how Wil Wheaton is credited for Big Bang Theory. Last time there was a post for this, the same happened and people were like “Really? Not for Star Trek?”

    Anyways. I’m kind of excited for this. I hope Canada can get to see this as well as season one.

    • Not really surprising the listed the more recent thing. Notice how it’s from the co-creator of Jessica Jones instead of any of the billion other things Bendis has created?

  • Is this gonna be the only PlayStation show ever ?

  • The graphics in this game look amazing.
    Some of the voice acting and performance capture need work before it goes gold, though.
    Will there be a beta?

    • Yeah but the FPS was cut to reach that level of Graphics detail. FPS is more important that the graphics. lol

  • Dang. Always meant to but never actually watched the first season. Looks like it’s time I got on that….

  • Did PS finally realise that Canada is a real place?

  • Is there anyway I can watch Powers with a US PSN account from Mexico?

  • 100% ready for this. I’ve been patiently waiting since the end of Season 1.

  • Awesome! My wife and I love this show hopefully it goes for at least five seasons

    • Wow finally coming to Canada. I remember this time last year when the response was that we would hear news “soon”.

  • Noice!

  • I’m sure they did it again, the “Canada” typo. Last time I will be clear, I got it “from the internet”, I am a PS+ in Canada and we NEVER got the series. They will clearly not publish the 2nd season in Canada… Ever. Still, I’m happy they got a second season, I loved the show!

  • Sweeeet!!!! I wish i had that teleporting like power Johnny has! This is one of the best parts about PlayStation Plus. I’m so glad Season 2 is happening!

  • I hope we’re getting season 1 in Canada at the same time. It would be silly to put up season 2 alone. As it stands right now our only option to see it is to pay more than double retail to import the blu-ray, or torrent it (which is actually kind of justifiable for PS Plus members since it was announced we were going to get it free anyway).

    But still, I’d rather just, y’know, be able to actually watch the show the way it was intended, instead of having to pay out the nose or jump through sketchy legal hoops.

  • Just couldn’t finish season 1. I was super pumped for it, but couldn’t deal with the chessy-ness and everything wrong with it as a show. Had so much potential just to be ruined by bad directing choices.


  • Any chance of you ever releasing the first series in Europe? In an industry where Netflix can put their original programmes in all countries at the same time, it’s pretty odd.

  • oh no, not everyone shares a singularized opinion. the horror.

  • I loved season one. I hope this stays on for awhile. I can’t wait for May!

  • Why does Adam Boyes hate his homeland?

  • again, assuming everyone shares your opinion is incredibly childish. majority of comments in this thread “loved” the show.

  • Can I watch this on my PlayStation Vita?

  • Amusing that Sony spends so much effort on a rubbish show but can’t come out with a decent game for the Vita anymore.

  • Can’t say I was overly fond of the first season. Saying the F-word every sentence does not make a show “mature.”

    What I’d rather see is Sony expand this division to make other shows. Some kind of self-contained story set within the fantastic lore of The Order (Medieval Europe with King Arthur and the lycans, mayhaps?) would be great, and if the Ratchet and Clank movie takes off, I’d be surprised if a series isn’t based off of it.

    This system could work out really well, but I’d rather see it used on things other than Powers, honestly (Unless this season blows my expectations out of the water).

  • and most of the world is still waiting for season one.

    you still going with that lie about licensing?

    where every other country that got it got it because you sold it to other networks?

    was that the licensing issue you were talking about?

    not finding networks willing to buy it off you?

    because clearly giving it as part of our plus sub is an honour only americans are worthy of right?
    even though we probably pay more for our plus sub.
    even then we’re not as good as your precious americans?

  • Great to hear that we’ll finally be able to watch this show in Canada, and hopefully this means we’ll also be able to watch Season 1. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this series but I just saw Batman vs. Superman this weekend and I can’t imagine it being worse than that. ;-)

  • I can’t wait for season two!

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