The Future of Guns Up! on PS4

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The Future of Guns Up! on PS4

The Guns Up! development team would like to give a shout out to our community for being super passionate and helping shape the future of the game. We’re continuing to develop new features and content, and we’d like to take this opportunity to share some of the things we’re cooking up. If you’re not familiar with Guns Up! check it out in the free section on Playstation Store.

Guns Up! on PS4

About Guns Up!

Guns Up! is an action-packed tower defense/RTS mashup where you go up against other players. Build a base, defend it, and take to the road to crush your enemies with your unstoppable army.

What have we been up to?

Guns Up! is an ongoing project and the dev team has been going full steam since launch. We’re working on improving and expanding the game while paying close attention to what the community wants.

Since launch we’ve added new Heroes and regular Units to the game as well as new Perks and Command cards. We also expanded the Building levels and reduced the amount of resources needed for each upgrade. Daily Rations (login rewards) was another community request that was just added. Missions and Defend waves have been a big focus due to popular demand and more of this is on the way along with some of the larger features described below.

Guns Up! on PS4Guns Up! on PS4

With the support of our great community, we’ve continued to optimize the network and game performance quite a bit since launch. As we move forward this will continue to be an important focus for the overall quality of the experience.

Looking to the Future

After today’s update there is still quite a lot we plan on bringing out in the future. Here’s a little sneak peek at just a few things we look forward to releasing in the not too distant future.


This has been one of the most requested features by the community and something the team has been hard at work to bring to you. We’ve learned some great tactics watching players stream Guns Up! and we’re excited to see what will happen once everyone can see how their bases fare during attacks.

AI Improvements

Our new AI system is getting close to launch and with it your units display better target selection and specialized behaviors. We’re excited to see what strategies emerge once the community gets its hands on the new and improved AI!

With this update we also hope our higher-level users see smoother performance in the heat of their gigantic battles.

Guns Up! on PS4

And much more…

We are working on many more features than we can discuss here, and are looking forward to sharing more details as they near completion. Here are just a few more things:

  • New Trophies
  • Air Support Command Cards
  • New Traps
  • Veteran Units
  • Base Reset
  • Alliances
  • Vehicles

If you’re not already part of the community, please join the forums and let us know where you think we should go next!

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  • I dont understand how to do missions, i’m stuck on the first one: Easy R&D reward: 5k ammunition Upgrade a perk to its next level? I think i have done that already and its not showing up on my missions.

  • I love this game! Nice to see the support! Everyone should give this game a shot.

  • If that’s an updated Transport Truck, then HELL YES. I’ve been waiting for that thing to get a huge buff to defense and offense since launch.

  • Still waiting for the vita version you guys cancelled. Call me when it’s done, i might play this game again

  • Great to hear about new updates! I really like this game, but I haven’t played in a while… maybe it’s time to jump back in!

  • A Vita Version would be sweeet, …why did they cancel it?

  • Vita Version Please!!!!!!!

  • I join the requests for a PS Vita version of this game!

  • Here we are again… why VITA Owners have to Pray for got a litle support?? We spend Money like ps4 players! anyways NO VITA NO BUY and no support at all for this game…

  • Love this game might have to jump back now they added login bonus.

  • Was excited to play this on my Vita, but unfortunately it doesn’t have enough power to pull me away from Bloodborne (or soon-to-be Ratchet and Clank) on the PS4.

    Un-cancel that version, and I’ll definitely try it out, but as it stands, no amount of new content is likely to persuade me to download it for the PS4, sorry.

  • This update better be big because I’m around rank 25 now and I’m quickly getting bored, it’s very repetitive and lacks variety, turning into a grind which is no longer fun.

  • Great support! can’t wait to see other classes and new truck!

    the dealy bonus is a great idea too!

  • Why there is no Vita version? I’m sure there are many people who would like to play these kind of (fun) games on their handheld Console.

  • Where is the previously announced version for Vita?

    Please don’t cancel Salt and Sanctuary nor Darkest Dungeon for Vita.

  • The Vita version was cancelled people. Given the game had performance issues on PS4… I’d imagine the devs just can’t get it to work and that’s why it was cancelled.

    • Then tweak your engine. It’s not like this is a graphical powerhouse.

      If VITA can run Killzone and Uncharted, i’m sure it can run an rts game.

  • guns up vita would be super ,otherwise im loving the game. great job guys!

  • Please please please improve loading times.
    They are atrocious.

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