Paragon Early Access Starts Today

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Paragon Early Access Starts Today

Hi Playstation Nation! Today is the start of Paragon Early Access — we hope you join us on the battlefields of Agora.

Everyone on the Paragon team is looking forward to watching the game grow with our players. As we’ve written before, Early Access is new to us. It’s a real commitment to listen and refine the core game of Paragon alongside early players. Sure, you’ll notice rough edges, but we’re building and improving at a rapid pace. Join us and you’ll be able to play new Heroes, earn new cards, and more every few weeks.

While Paragon is designed to be completely free-to-play in Open Beta this summer, our Founder’s Packs let you get in early. You can play in Early Access today by purchasing a Founder’s Pack from PlayStation Store and join us on our journey.

Our first new hero, Sevarog, ships in a couple of weeks with Iggy and Scorch to follow. These Heroes, like all our Heroes, will always be free to play. More active cards (think in-game items) are in the pipeline as well. And never forget: all cards in Paragon are only earned through gameplay.

Whenever you choose to join us in Paragon, we hope you’ll follow along on PlayStation.Blog as we reveal new Heroes, cards, and more surprises.

Founder’s Packs are available on PlayStation Store starting at $19.99. We’ve designed them to deliver an exceptional value on in-game content as well as letting you play early. Progress earned in Early Access is real and permanent, so get in and level up.


The Founder’s Packs start with access, then layer on more and more Master Challenges and boosts. Each Hero has his own Master Challenge that is designed to give you extra rewards for playing that Hero. These include exclusive skins and emotes that can only be earned through Master Challenges. They also include a permanent XP boost for that Hero. The higher-level Founder’s Packs also contain a unique skin and an extra Founder’s Pack you can give to a friend.

Paragon will also be available in stores on June 7th. The Essentials Edition is designed to deliver a phenomenal value as well, and includes a unique Twinblast skin.

Please join us now in the Early Access Season or later this Summer in free Open Beta!

Good luck, have fun!

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  • If anyone has an extra Founders Pack it would be greatly appreciated. Paragon looks like a AAA TPS, it looks awesome.

    • @iamtyleadurden1 giving a founders pack to someone is reserved for a friend not a random person begging for it. What you need to do is get a job pathetic.

    • Wow, that was rude tusunami.

      iamtylerdurden1 I have an extra, add me n I’ll send it. As long as you’re going to keep playing. I don’t want to waste it

    • If anyone has an extra early access code that they could share I’d really appreciate it. If you don’t feel like giving it to a stranger I understand

    • I just learned about this game from a friend, and I’d love to play if anyone has an extra founders pack and wouldn’t mind giving it to a stranger id appreciate it greatly. Also anyone looking to make new friends can add me all I ask is you that you use a mic so we can talk.

    • Wazzup I’m Quan. If you could pleasssee be so kind to give me an extra code. We will be friends for life lol Add Me. QUAN

    • I definitely would like an extra code if someone’s got one. This game is going to be more exciting than Janet Jackson at the super bowl.

    • Can anyone with an extra founders pack please sent me one? Will not go to waste, promise =) psn: spacesickblaze

    • @tusunami there are gamers that have jobs and don’t feel the need to spend 20 dollars on early access games.

    • Does anyone have a spare code so I can play paragon please just want to join the fight!!

  • Amazing game!! I’m so excited to play today.

    Quick Question: what time are the servers going to be available for founder’s pack holders? I’m asking this since I tried early today and still no access :(

  • Will there be trophies for those playing early access, or are they coming later? Will Paragon feature a platinum trophy at any point?

    PS4 is heating up with Paragon and the Launch Party promo. Salt and Sanctuary is phenomenal, i’ve been streaming it on Twitch nonstop (same name). I still want Gungeon, Stories, and Alienation as well.

  • Hello – looking forward to trying this out today.

    Quick question though. I read on the FAQ on the Paragon site that if you buy a founders pack that you can later upgrade to a higher tier pack by paying the difference. Is this a PC only option or can we also do this on PS4? I am excited about the game, but want to get my hands on it a little before jumping to a higher tier – though if it plays as it has been looking, I am sure I will.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Assuming the servers don’t crash and burn, I’m totally going to be streaming this for a few hours tonight. Really looking forward to it.

    As a side question, do founder packs bought on ps4 give pc founder access as well?

  • Alright, was gonna wait for the free to play version, but went ahead and bought the founders pack…If I enjoy the game I will upgrade it.

    Downloading now, looking forward to checking it out!!

  • I would’ve liked to get involved in this right now, but I want that Howitzer skin and it’s only in the $60 and $100 one… which is lame, because the retail edition is $60 and also has an exclusive skin. :| Skin should be for all Founder’s Packs, I would have been down for that. *sigh*

  • Why would you pay to test their product? Shouldn’t they be paying you, since you are providing a valuable service for them?

    • You are not paying to test for them, you are paying for the itens and be able to play sooner. They pay only professional testers that aren’t random people that like to play. Test software isn’t easy.

    • this has always been my thoughts on betas. I have a computer science degree and am quite proficient at writing out bug reports (describe bug, describe how to recreate bug so dev can run through the code fail in particular) and I get paid ~$60 an hour for that skill. why in the heck would I give away my time for free to play a broken game with a bunch of yahoos and be one of the few that actually provide useful feedback? now you are charging me to work for you??? are you kidding me?
      also doing this creates a group of players with insider knowledge (people dumb enough to pay for this but still) who will have an advantage on release. anyone who has joined an online game late knows that there is little to no point in joining at all since the elder nerds have learned how to make the whole thing totally unfun and unfair for any new comer.
      the trick is to grab a select group from the PS community (parse the community boards for players of similar games) then send private emails asking for secrecy and help in testing due to our knowledge. when you digitally fluff us we may fall for it and the rest of the potential buying market is unaware there is a group that has an unfair advantage they can continue to leverage.
      just my two cents.

    • You are not paying to test for them, you are paying for the itens and be able to play early. As you said, a professional tester is expensive and they already passed that part. Now they are just polishing the game, correcting little bugs, testing the server, etc.

    • Cleversignin if you have a computer science degree, surely you must know that the reality of software design is that no amount of ‘professional testing’ can rival the amount of ‘abuse’ that the ‘general public’ can put code through, which is why betas are so important.

      To me, if there is a game that I am interested in, and the developer wants to give me the opportunity to have a hand in the shaping of the final product, however small a part I may have, that is a fantastic opportunity.

    • @Seluhir oh I am aware that the first hour of a beta provides more testing than the in-house folks could do in two years. in closed betas they can pick from a list of previous beta testers that provided useful feedback in other betas, open betas are fairly useless since 99% of players will provide zero useful feedback either through not even trying or not knowing how to document a bug well. open betas are basically a demo and the game is pretty set so even if you find a glaring bug and report it it likely won’t be fixed in the release. I don’t like playing broken games and I don’t like working for free so I don’t like betas, just my deal. but that isn’t the thing.

      “…and the developer wants to give me the opportunity….”

      the thing is they aren’t GIVING it to you they are charging you to help them make a better game so they make more money which they aren’t going to share with you. I get participating in betas if you want to be in early and help make a better game on release, I am very glad people do it but paying to be in one, even if you are putatively buying imaginary, in-game items, seems like a terrible idea

  • **** you epic games, I want the closed beta you promised us. I’m never going to play your game now.

  • Game looks awesome reminds me of smite:) but wish it didn’t cost money so looks like i will be waiting for free access :(

  • Completely free-to-play, but to play the beta you have to buy something, how does that work.?

    • Welcome to the wonderfully horrible world of Early Access. They sale you an incomplete game that may never be completed or may change course mid development and become something you don’t want. At that point though they don’t care, they already have your money. That most likely won’t happen here but it has happened many times on PC.

    • Because your progress is permanent
      It won’t reset when the actual game drop

  • Will this need ps plus?

  • Loving this game so far. :)

  • I don’t think anyones willing to share a early access paragon code will they is so add me and shoot the code over .thx and much appreciated

  • Hah, I Wish i were able to afford 20$. If Anyone has an extra willing to give, it would not be a waste. I’d greatly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • If you get the first founders pack do you get all the characters

    • He is false. You actually do get all the characters. In fact all characters are free. New content every 3 weeks is what Epic games is saying. It’s just the Champion rank that you unlock. (75 000 in game currency to unlock without). Which honestly isn’t half bad. Considering you need that character to level 10 to get all the stuff. I’m sure that while levelling to level 10, you could make 75000 and unlock it and get all bonuses.

  • I know this is crazy but if anyone has an extra founders pack and you really don’t mind, could I have it? You don’t have to its fine I want to play this so I figured I’d give it a shot.

  • I would really like a founders pack of you could give one just send me the code it would be greatly appccreated a extra code not the founder pack

  • Anyone with an extra invite willing to share hmu

  • Can you still buy the founder pack

  • Hey if anyone has an extra code id really appreciate if you would send it to me I understand that giving free stuff to strangers isn’t exactly somehting your use too thanks and much appreciated :)

  • PLZ someone give me a founders pack i promise next week when i get payed i will give you a 20 dollar card PLz i been waiting 5 months for this game to come out and i really want to play with you all and have fun plz plz pzl i promise you i will pay you back.

  • if paragon was announced to be free to play why is it being listed in stores with a price tag attached to it?

    • The game is free
      But to play it early as in right now you need a
      Pack or you just wait until the actual game is playable to everyone

    • its not out yet its beta

    • replies seem to have missed my question.. i get the early release blah blah blah…. my question is referring to the part “in stores on June 7th” ebgames in Canada currently has the game listed at $80…. totally free-to-play game doesn’t look free to me

      now is this in error or is this a purchase a game with no subscription tag added to it? i do not want to purchase one of these packs just to find out i need to spend more money to buy the game later

  • If anyone has a free pack I would like to try it myself game looks amazing

  • Hello Guys,

    My Birthday is today and I wish to get a Paragon’s founder pack.
    Unfortunately I do not have enough money to do so currently.
    So could anyone please give me a free early access code for paragon?

    Note: I’m also willing to trade a LoL account for the above


  • If anyone has an extra code they don’t have a use for, please consider giving it to me. Thanks <3

  • If anyone has an extra key it would be greatly appreciated and as for some of the comments, no it is not for the need of a job and begging. It is because I have a job, but all my money goes to bills and my over charged college, I will be able to reimburse anyone who helps me in like 2 months. I do want to play this game though because I am a huge fan of this game type. Thanks a lot :)

    • Gamer tag is obviously Mr_Unreliable_, don’t look too hard into the name it was given to me by a friend because he expected me to be on a game 24/7 when I could only be on after school. :P lol, so I kept it to spite him.

  • Is the early access already cross platform with ps4 and pc? I can’t find that answer anywhere online and I’m not going to buy it yet If it’s not. I would really appreciate an answer. Thanks guys!

  • If anyone has an extra code please let me know im in dire need of one you can add me too please let me know

  • I would be one of the many asking for a spare founder’s pack key, but I am too busy playing Smite for me to really get into this right now. I am going to gladly join it in open beta this summer, tho :)

  • Hi, this game looks so freaking great,sadly I have no money whatsoever for even a founders pack ;-;.
    If anyone has an extra please add me i’d greatfully appreciate it♡.
    Love the game so far how it looks. Always wanted a game like this on a playstation console.

  • Anyone gotta spare founders pack code add me and send it please

  • If anyone is feeling generous and has an extra founders key I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance

  • If anyone have an extra founders key and feels like sending me a code I’l be really greatful. Please add me. Thanks.

  • It would be greatly appreciated if someone was wiling to lend me an extra founders pack/code.

  • Can someone give me the founders pack code plz I just want to the game

  • Hi. I saw this for a long time and im really into mobas and Paragon seems my type. And i will highly appriciate if someone would want to give me a founders pack. Thanks!

  • If anyone has an extra key, would be so very grateful! This game has been on my list for ages. Maybe we can work out a trade if your interested in the ultimate go pack in smite or LoL.

  • Hey guys I’m 16 and don’t have much money and I’ve been looking at this game since they talked about releasing it is there anybody with an extra code I can have I really want to play this game

  • Hello, I’m confused on this part… Can someone please help me out.
    If I buy the $20 founder pack, when the game itself launches will I have to pay for the full game, or not? And will be able to upgrade it if I enjoy the game?
    Another question I have is if I buy the $60 founder pack, will I have to pay for the full game again when it comes out?

  • Lmao gotta pay to play a beta ill pass

  • Anyone happen to have an extra code ?

  • Hey guys does somebody has an extra one that won’t mind to share ?

  • This game looks cool I played smite alot and something new would be a nice change if anyone has an extra pack I appreciate it we can make a team

  • Anyone got a spare access key or founders pack????


  • If anyone has a spare code, im highly interested in this game. Please add and message me.

  • if anyone has a key thats willing to give i would be very appreciated if someone can do that for me :D
    Btw: Add me if you like

  • If anyone has an extra founders pack could you please give it to me. I have been wanting this game since it has been announced. If you have one thank you.

  • Anyone willing to giveaway a code to me that would be awesome sauce! I’m looking to play a game that looks legit and also fun at the same time. Lol.

  • Hey i know i m just one of thousands begging for a key but could some1 add me on psn and give me a key

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