Gang Beasts Will Feature Online and VR Modes on PS4

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Gang Beasts Will Feature Online and VR Modes on PS4

There are abnormal levels of excitement in the Boneloaf office as we get closer to finishing work on Gang Beasts, the silly multiplayer party game we are making with Double Fine Presents for PS4.

Gang Beasts on PS4

Gang Beasts is a silly party game that has groups of surly gelatinous characters fighting in a series of playfully hazardous locations including a flaming incinerator room, an industrial fan hall, a neglected Ferris Wheel, and suspended window cleaning gondolas.

Since making the announcement that Gang Beasts will be coming to PS4, we have been working furiously with sound specialists Robert Larder and Adam “doseone” Drucker and developers from Coatsink, Ruce, and SuperGenius to fill the game with a glut of gelatinous fun! And we can now officially confirm that we are working to support online and PlayStation VR game modes for the PS4 version!

Gang Beasts on PS4Gang Beasts on PS4

We are also working on finishing the single and cooperative multiplayer game modes, the character customization system, and new content for the full game launch later this year — with PlayStation VR support and story mode content coming as free updates after the initial release.

For information on the development of Gang Beasts read the FAQ and blog posts at our official site.

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  • Ooooo been waiting for this

  • Oh man I’ve loved the look of this game from it’s earliest previews and I *can’t wait* to play this on PS4 with my friends! Any rough sense of release window? :-)

    • We can’t give estimated release dates / windows as our estimates won’t be accurate (Gang Beasts is our first commercial game and we have no previous experience of preparing a game for a console release) but we are working closely with Sony and our partners at Double Fine and Coatsink to try to meet the practical and technical requirements for releasing on the PS4 as soon as is practicable. We will make a full release announcement when an official release date is set.

  • So when is it coming out?

  • Man I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time now. Any word on an exact month we could expect it?

    • We can’t name a specific month as supporting online game modes is an involved process and there could still be unexpected issues identified in beta testing but we are putting a glut of work and other resources into the game and expect to release on PS4 later this year. We will make a full release announcement when the official release date is set. Sorry that I can’t give you more information than this currently.

  • This sounds really dumb. In the best possible way!

  • These screenshots are a leap forward from the last time I saw this game! Looks like better shaders and massive improvements to the lighting system. Is GI and PBR in play? how many bounces for the light rays?

  • Really dislike how these blog posts never give any release window information when they darn well know that we are going to ask for it. Come on guys!

    That said, I am buying this game the moment it goes up on the Playstation Store! :)

  • This is a game, when I look at it I think: Yes, I am looking forward to this game.

  • My friends and I have been waiting on this game forever. Thank you for the update glad to know it’s still in the works, hope you guys give us a release window soon.

  • I have a feeling that “Playstation VR-compatible” will quickly become one of my favorite phrases, next to “I love you” and “Save room for pie.”

  • Please get this game out, or atleast let people play a beta or something like that, i feel ive been waiting for this game forever.

  • Nice! I love we are getting a PS4 version, the PC version is still coming out as well?

  • While I’m excited for this game to hit PS4…I don’t really see the point of adding VR support for it. I mean…how will it be implemented? Will there be a first person mode? What? Really, though, if I do get PSVR, I will be primarily using it for GT Sport, so…

  • Beta I hear you say…sign me up!

  • I read a lot about this game since the early access release on steam for PC and it seems there has been no progress. In now almost 2 years you should be able to display some new feature or any progress, but everything I can read is only “We can’t give estimated release dates / windows”. It’s such a pity, because I thought this game would be special.
    Don’t get me wrong, I really hope you will release it, but I don’t think so as long as there are only news without any precise details.

  • I am waiting for this game to release in the PS4 , and I loved this game from 3 YouTubers

  • I thank for introducing me to this game along with so many others that I’m sure heard of this game from them. Been holding out for a console version! Hope this comes out soon!

  • Ive lost my mind waiting for this game.. LOLs

  • Thank you for adding online multiplayer! I have been absolutely baffled by the rash of local only multiplayer indie games; ostensibly returning to “couch co-op” because it’s the purest way to experience it or something, but almost always actually because they just don’t have the time/know-how/resources to implement online play (otherwise, they’d just do both. I mean, c’mon, it’s not hard. Local and online options are present in far too few games).

    We’ve seen Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Chariot, Capsule Force, Shiftlings… just so, so many games that can’t find an audience because – duh – their thing is multiplayer and that’s not gonna happen when the people who care about indie games have friends spread out everywhere. It’s not like kids with siblings or friends over all the time care about following indie games. It’s really, really been a weird thing for indie devs to do…

    So thank you for offering up online. It’s very, very welcome! :D

  • How about release the game then add patches damn these developers are stupid

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