Xing: The Land Beyond Coming to PlayStation VR

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Xing: The Land Beyond Coming to PlayStation VR

Xing: The Land Beyond is the PlayStation VR game that will make you never* want to take off your headset.**

Xing: The Land Beyond on PlayStation VR

Xing: The Land Beyond in Virtual Reality

In our previous PlayStation.Blog post, we outlined how Xing: The Land Beyond is a go-at-your-own-pace puzzle-adventure game. This play style works great in VR, as you can really take your time to soak everything in.

We are always designing with VR in mind: from the way players interact with objects, to the scale and atmosphere of each level, to the overall menu construction. Each of the puzzles is thoughtfully integrated into the environment surrounding it, which helps to make everything flow nicely together.

Xing: The Land Beyond on PlayStation VR

Why did we choose to support PlayStation VR?

Our trip to PlayStation Experience last year proved to us that Xing has a home on PlayStation, and it’s nice to know that supporting PlayStation VR will let players experience something new within an environment they love.

Our team is having a great time developing for PSVR, and is continually amazed at the potential VR brings to video games. Plus, the PlayStation VR headset is very comfortable to wear and looks totally rad. We are mainly excited that it will allow more people to be able to experience Xing in VR, and explore the detailed and vibrant world we have created in a whole new way.

PlayStation Move

Speaking of a whole new way — we are also excited to announce PlayStation Move controller support in conjunction with PSVR! In addition to natural object interaction and throwing mechanics, we’ve implemented the use of these versatile motion controllers to move around the game. Either way, you will have the option of using a DualShock 4 or using Move controllers — whichever you prefer!

Xing: The Land Beyond on PlayStation VR

Our priority is, and has always been, to create a magical and entertaining experience. With PSVR and Move support, we hope to give players who are interested in the cutting edge a fantastic new way to play.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave us any comments or questions you have about the development of Xing: The Land Beyond and PlayStation VR.

*You will actually need to take off your headset.
**No seriously, you will have to go back and face reality eventually.

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  • Yes, yes, YES!!! This will be a launch-day purchase for me, and I simply cannot wait! I am so excited to dive into this incredible world, and being a puzzler makes it all the more enticing! I am counting down the days…

  • Looks beautiful. I’ll be keeping my eye on this! I hope to see more soon!

  • I wont face reality i will chain the helmet to my head and nail it to my skull :D it looks soooo besutiful, picking this up day 1!

  • Sounds great.
    Hoping for a redesign of the Move… It’s too outdated.

  • move is finally getting the love that it deserves! :D will PSVR include a move controller or will I pick it up separately?

  • looks like a lot of fun! I’m in!

  • Looks like I can break my Moves back out… Xing! ;)

  • Xing was my game of the show at Playstation Experience! I spent I think 3 hours playing the game and talking to the environment artist for the game! I’m so happy I can get lost in this game with VR! <3

    I keep telling people about this game and I can't wait to show them how magical it is in person!

  • This. This right here just gave me the VR bug.

  • what , these VR games are far from games . 90% or just walking sims like this junk its same as wii junk at first just junk at least my order for my PC VR can play fallout 4 and so much more because its not all locked like this laymen junk.

    • Guess I will help you out. PSVR can play Fallout and ANY other PS4 game. It will simply be like using a 200ft cinema screen with you in th middle. You can even watch movies and Netflix with it. Do a little research before complaining maybe?
      Game looks amazing to me. Can’t wait to see what kinds of enemy types there are.

  • Oh I remember this game from the previous post…gorgeous game.It’ll be amazing to explore such beautiful world in the VR.

  • Does this game support the Move Navigation controller also? Require two move controllers if you’re going to use it or just one?

  • Looks incredible. Will this be a launch title in October?

  • This looks awesome. So glad you took the risk to develop for VR. I will be eagerly awaiting this title.

  • Can you use the navigation move controller for the PlayStation VR? Would you even need it?

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