Tumble VR Revealed for PlayStation VR

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Tumble VR Revealed for PlayStation VR

Hi there, I’m Simon Harris. I’m an Executive Producer at Supermassive Games responsible for our PlayStation VR titles. Today, following our announcement last October of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, I am very happy to reveal another of our VR titles in development, Tumble VR, exclusively for PlayStation VR.

Tumble VR is an accessible, fun, engaging, and immersive puzzle game. When you pull the PlayStation VR headset on it places you in a virtual arena specifically designed to test your physical dexterity and mental skills. Working your way through a gauntlet of tests from simply building a tower to creating bridges, or even working out fiendish puzzles, Tumble VR will push your skills and brainpower to the limit.

Taking the original, much loved PS3 game, the team at Supermassive has rebuilt it from the ground up for PlayStation VR. We’ve designed a load of new levels to make best use of the VR environment and have added some great new modes as well.

Tumble VR for PlayStation VRTumble VR for PlayStation VR

Alongside the new levels and visuals for Tumble VR, we have also added new cooperative and competitive modes using the PlayStation VR Social Screen feature that allows a second player not using a PlayStation VR headset to play together with the VR player.

We’re excited to talk about this more in the future as it’s great to see how VR gaming can also be a social experience.

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  • Loved the original Tumble, so this should be great.

  • I called it in my article! :) https://medium.com/@matt_hargett/playstation-pontification-vr-edition-ae267595b62f?source=your-stories

    Tumble is the PS3 Move + stereo 3D experience that made my friends go “wow”. Despite the extremely low resolution and simple mechanics, the 1:1 motion tracking in 3D is an ‘aha!’ moment that no other PC or console platform could deliver at the time. This new game looks amazing!

    Will Tumble VR also support non-VR modes – with just the Move controllers and stereo 3DTV — like the PS3 version did?

    Will the social screen display stereo 3D like the PS3 version did, when another player is in VR?

    Will owners of the original Tumble get a discount on Tumble VR (assuming it’s not F2P)?

    Please please please bring EyePet, Start the Party, and Wonderbook titles as well! Those were wondrous games that were at the very edge of the what the PS3 could do, and seeing the same games on PS4 — even without VR — would be awesome.

  • Nice! I had meant to play Tumble back when it came out for PS3. I even own Move controllers and everything now (I assume you will still support those?) but don’t have my PS3 setup in the living room anymore. This certainly seems like it takes that game to a new level :-)

  • Ooooh! This looks so good! I love puzzle games, and this looks to be a very engaging one!

  • Very good news! Loved the original.

  • Loved the original one on my PS3 guys. Excited to play this version as well.

  • Tired of the mess stacking real blocks causes? Well now you can stack blocks virtually! No more having to get down on the floor and clean them up when they fall down. Just press a button and they clean themselves up! Behold the power of PSVR!

  • Hoou this was unexpected…I remember the old Tumble,I don’t have the full game but I played the demo of it some times.I liked that game and planned to buy it eventually but never had the chance to do it.Very nice to see a new one coming to VR…and it looks great.Good job Supermassive.

  • Very excited to hear this announcement. Tumble was easily my favorite PS Move game on PS3. The nuanced control in play when manipulating the blocks was without comparison. Curious to know if this new version will allow for control with Move Controllers as well as the Dual Shock 4?

  • Niiiiiiiiceeee, Tumble was one of my favorite Move games from back in the day. Glad to see it coming (in VR!) to the PS4!

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