PlayStation VR Worlds Combines Five VR Experiences Into One Game

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PlayStation VR Worlds Combines Five VR Experiences Into One Game
PlayStation VR Worlds

Hello there. London Studio is extremely excited to finally announce our new game, PlayStation VR Worlds. We are pleased to have this opportunity to tell you a bit more about it.

PS VR Worlds is a collection of five different VR experiences that have all been built from the ground up exclusively for the PS VR headset. When we started out to make this game we wanted to create the very best collection of varied experiences, each to showcase VR in different ways and show how incredible VR can be as a media.

In PlayStation VR Worlds you will be treated to incredible visuals as your dive beneath the waves, tackle 360 combat as you fight off alien hordes from all around you, or end up in a face-to-face interrogation with a deranged and furious mobster. All brought to you with the immersion that makes VR so unique. You may have seen snapshots of some of these experiences before as demos, others are being revealed for the very first time.

PlayStation VR Worlds Combines Five VR Experiences Into One Game

So what are these five experiences that make up the game?

The London Heist puts you straight into a gritty gangland thriller where you get to unleash your inner gangster. The London Heist is best controlled by dual PS Move controllers but you can also play with a DualShock 4 instead with intuitive controls that make it surprisingly easy to pick up and play. You will feel highly immersed as you undertake an audacious robbery and then try to make your escape.

Into The Deep (working title) puts you to work as a deep sea salvor. It’s an emotional underwater roller coaster. Not only do you get to see fantastic marine life all around you but as you descend through the ocean layers to the inky depths you will experience the true terror of something going horribly wrong.

VR Luge lets you step into the jumpsuit of an illegal street racer. Thunder down a beautiful Californian hillside, only inches off the ground in a position that only VR can put you in. You will truly feel the exhilaration as you dodge cars coming at you with horns blaring or when you slide underneath a massive 18-wheel truck.

PlayStation VR WorldsPlayStation VR Worlds

Danger Ball is a futuristic sport where you must win or die. Use your head to strike and spin the ball in this intense, fast paced, game. Each rival has unique abilities to use against you as you make your way through the tournament to become champion.

Finally we have Scavenger’s Odyssey. In this cab based sci-fi adventure you play an alien treasure hunter. With your agile craft you can leap huge distances, climb walls, hurl debris with your Scavenger beam, and pummel alien critters with your twin pulse cannons. With your unique vehicle you will be able to make your way through a dangerous, infested environment of giant ravaged ships, smashing asteroids to reach an ancient and legendary artifact.

There is more to reveal about the game and each experience within it. We look forward to coming back in the future to tell you more about PlayStation VR Worlds.

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  • The flood gates are open! :)

  • Hey Brynley,

    These sound awesome I can’t wait to try them on my PS VR Headset!


    Rob aka Graf

  • So this is like a PS VR bundle? 5 games in 1?

  • Sounds interesting.

  • I can’t wait!!!

  • Included with PSVR?

  • Yes VR Luge!!! Can’t wait to lie in my recliner and play this ; )

  • I’m especially interested in hearing (and seeing) more about Danger Ball and Scavenger’s Odyssey because as far as I know we’ve not heard any impressions from people playing these yet.

    These clearly sound like five distinct experiences, but will there be any sort of hub environment / world that ties all of them together?

  • Is the first screenshot of Scavenger’s Odyssey? What’s shown doesn’t quite match the descriptions of the other games, most of which I’ve gotten to try already at various events.

    The first screenshot has me quite intrigued. It reminds me of Dead Space a bit, which is a very good thing.

    I’d love to see the PSN classic Linger in Shadows (and Datura) come as well. Exploring the Lingers in Shadows objects and world in VR would be spectacular. Having to twirl around my DualShock 3 to find some of the hidden logos was my first ‘wow’ moment with the motion controls in the DS3, as simple as the mechanic may have been.

  • For a moment there I thought “Into the Deep” was just going to be showcased at events. I’m so glad that I’ll finally be able to experience that at home.

  • This is sounding like a suped up version of the demo discs you’d get from magazines or ordering pizza and I’m not against that

  • I saw on IGN’s compare of the 3 different VR Headsets that the PlayStation VR has 3D Audio. Does that mean I cant use my Pulse Elites with them???

    • It means that audio is “encoded” into a stereo binaural signal that fools your brain into thinking that sound is coming from different positions (directions and distances) in 3D space. It’s much better than virtual surround because it can really make things sound like they’re close to your ear, or far away in the distance, and can also make things sound like they’re above and below you too. Binaural audio should work with any standard set of headphones, as long as the headphones can be connected directly to the PlayStation VR headset.

      Since the PlayStation VR Processing Unit produces the binaural effect, I don’t think you will get the binaural effect if your headphones are connected directly to your PS4 or your TV instead of the PlayStation VR itself.

      You can try an excellent demo of binaural audio if you search for “Virtual Barbershop” on YouTube. Of course, this demo is pre-recorded, whereas PlayStation VR will produce the effect in real-time (and will account for head rotation and position too).

    • @ MartinB105 – Impressive thanks.

  • Wow, I can’t wait!!!

  • I’m in! I know that the experiences will be great, but I also hope that they are of adequate length! A nice 1.5 to 2 hour adventure would be perfect to play in VR, and would make a wonderful set of software to show off to people new to VR!

    I would be OVER THE MOON if this were secretly being planned as a bundle! My fingers are crossed! October cannot get here quickly enough!!

    • Speak of the devil! It seems that VR Worlds is a part of the PSVR Bundle including the move controllers and camera! I’m going to be doing a quick pre-order on the 22nd to ensure that I get mine at launch!

      I simply cannot wait!! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for game-related hardware before..

  • Currently sick and on medicine so I read Danger Ball as Dragon Ball and got really excited for a moment.

  • All these different scenarios sound awesome.

  • That’s super cool! It’s really cool and all, and I’ll definitely get it with my PSVR headset, but… y’know, I’m just gonna put this out there right here and now. A Virtual Reality Jumping Flash reboot would likely be insanely fun/vomit-inducing :D


    Oh wait, that’s not what it was called :P



  • sorry would rather pay extra $200 for a way better VR device as Sony already said there not even close to the quality of the other two thats why its cheaper and games well you have to be a moron to think PSVR will even have even 5% of what the other two will . PSVR is a joke and second you trust Sony the company that just gives up on there products months after release .

  • This is how it begins with all the gimmick peripherals. They start out selling some bundled tech demos, then some crappy “made for the experience” games, and finally they shelf it. Same old song and dance, smh…

    • No one is forcing you to buy it, so you just must love to complain on blog posts that are irrelevant to you. Congratulations.

  • Damn this looks like the best option for someone who just bought the VR,I will definitely be getting this…all them games look nice to play plus they all look gorgeous…I’m a bit disappointed though cuz since the beginning Into the Deep was the VR game I was most looking forward to try out and it looked like one of those games you get for free to try the VR lol.Also The London Heist looks like the less enjoyable of the bunch and btw that guy in the trailer is funny.

  • Now this will make the third VR type system on the market. When will we start seeing comparative review of these systems?

  • Why are the people that already bought your peripherals (PS4 Camera & Playstation Move controllers) being boned with the Core VR Bundle not including this VR Worlds game disc? Please include this VR Worlds with the Core Bundle as well as the Launch Bundle… people who have already paid you money and invested in your peripherals previously shouldn’t be punished by not being able to buy VR Worlds with our PS VR purchase!

    • Thank you!!! Took the words out of my mouth. I already have the ps eye. I dont need another one. I would mind get the psvr with worlds then having to buy the ps move seperate. Or even a bundle with just them works. I just dont need another eye.

    • I completely agree that the core set should include the VR Worlds disc – I’ve been a strong PlayStation supporter for many years, which is why I bought move controllers and the PS4 camera when they came out. Bundling the VR Worlds disc for everyone just makes sense; at the very least, please ensure the VR Worlds disc it retails for cheap ($14.99 or less).

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