PlayStation VR: Launching October for $399

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PlayStation VR: Launching October for $399

With the annual Game Developers Conference in full swing, I’m pleased to give you an exciting update on PlayStation VR. Today, we are announcing that the PlayStation VR headset will launch in October of this year for a suggested retail price of USD $399 / CAD $549.

PlayStation VR

That is a bit later than the timeframe we previously stated, and I want to thank everyone for their patience and continued support. PlayStation VR represents a transformative experience in gaming, and we wanted to take the time needed to launch with a broad variety of content and a sufficient supply of hardware. We are beyond excited to deliver to consumers the amazing experience that PS VR offers.

I’m also pleased to reveal the final consumer version of PS VR, including all of the contents that will come in the package.

PlayStation VR

Today more than 230 developers are building content for PlayStation VR, from smaller independent teams to larger studios at the industry’s top publishers. We expect to have more than 50 games available from launch in October 2016 until the end of the year. Of course, the full promise of PlayStation VR will continue to grow over time as talented developers create new experiences and new genres that wouldn’t be possible outside of VR. The future looks bright indeed.

Additionally, The Playroom VR, from our very own Japan Studio, will be available as a free download from PlayStation Store for all PS VR owners at launch. The Playroom VR will include six games that can be enjoyed with friends and family, demonstrating why we believe VR can also be an impactful experience when it’s shared.

With PlayStation VR, the future of gaming is almost here. We’re excited to share more with you as we head into launch later this year.

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    • ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

      Playstation 4 $399 +
      Playstation VR $399 +
      camera $45 +
      game $59.99 +
      One year subscription $49.99
      Plus taxes


    • PS4 is actually $350+ a game unless you’re getting the 1TB version I guess. Which just means that you’re not willing to swap out the hard drive yourself to a 2TB.

      A lot of the VR games are only $10-20. Plus if you order off of Amazon Prime $60 games are $47, Best Buy gamers club is there too giving the same 20% discount.

      Also what online games are even going to have support for this? Mostly just racing games and Ace Combat as far as I can see, unless Ace Combat doesn’t support it.
      Playstation 4 $350 +
      Playstation VR $399 +
      Camera $45 +
      Move Controller +$15-40 +
      Game $15-60 +

      You’re looking at about $1000 for the full experience with a $60 game, being a PS3 owner without a PS4, with no camera, no move controllers.

      Versus if you’re someone who has an old computer you’re looking at $1000 just for the PC for the Vive, or the Oculus.

      This is a screaming deal by comparison.

    • Don’t forget the move controllers .

    • Sony is wise to allow Occulus and HTC Vive to garner attention first. Thereafter, launch PS VR during the holiday window, at a much lower price. Nevertheless, it will be tough to convince casual gamers to buy it. Personally, I’m excited to delve in later this year. Just one request to PS4 owners–don’t wait until the end of life cycle for PS VR to realize its greatness, as the untimely [but great] Vita.

    • The Canadian price is absurd, not everyone has the means to pay this in the real world,plus games,etc…sales will lag in Canada till the cost drops significantly.

    • I was hoping for 2 prices from my previous post. One at 249$ or at least at 299$.
      550$ Canadian is too much for me. The dollar is getting stronger so the price might get reduced.

    • This is freaken exciting! Except for the cost, I do believe it’ll be worth it though XD. Thank ya Sony.

    • I see people commenting about buying the move controllers early. But how do we know that it will use the same move controllers? Also it was just released that there will be a bundle in the US. Think ima wait for a price drop and better game list. Not going to pay that much just to play some Nintendo-esque games.

    • Price for the Camera is often $19.99 at Best Buy. During Christmas season, I got 2 for $39.98. Also, several times a year, meaning at least once each quarter, Best Buy has one year subscription on sale for $24.99. I typically pick up 2 PSN cards; basically a year free.

    • It Have Console?? It have a controller??

    • Bruh not the chEapest vr head set ovs yall dont know how to shop i can get a google vr headset 2.0 fir 25 bucks and 4 bucks shipping.dude where ever u buybur head sets u get riped off and u can get a cardbird one for 3 bucks at the gas station but the one im talking about is the one u see in the commersal with little jhon delivering a baby elefant yes i can get one of those for 40 bucks total and it whould get here in two weeks well worth the wait for wht ur payong

    • I was think the VR was going to be around $200.

    • What a bunch of whinners! Do uou realise the cost of developement is part of the product. Also console games etc are generally sold for under manufacture price. They make money on games and networks. Those of u crying… Great! That way i wont have any trouble getting one on release day.

    • I love you Sony. . I will always support you. Since the first playstation, I have been a loyal customer. But since the Psp, playstation vita and playstation move. I have been somewhat skeptical on purchasing future Sony products. I have no problem spending money to get the best out of my gaming experience. . But you have not given me reason to look forward to putting in money into products that only offer limited use. To date I have had one enjoyable game from the playstation vita and that was uncharted on the launch date. I gave up on my playstation move after only using it for games like socom and killzone. I hope you guys really take a look at the feedback because I speak for alot of gamers who are die hard Sony fans that really want the best bang for the buck. Please consider a few modification before we are left with no other alternatives in consideration of the xbox/Microsoft products. . Or even worse, WII/Nintendo.

    • Where were you able to buy one at??

    • where can i reserve mine?

    • I’m excited to see the vr it’s an exciting turn for gaming, but being an add on to the ps4 I think it’s a little pricey especially being from Canada the suggested price is going to more then a ps4 system I mean games are already 80 dollars but it’s nice that there well be a few free games available for download at first but I do wish if the camera is needed with it, it would come with it especially having such a high price tag but then again we could be in vary a amazing surprise with the vr I thought the price of games is a little to high but I’m also noticing there alot bigger games it seems but needless to say I’m starting to save and can’t wait to see this turn of a century product.

  • Does it need the PS4 Camera to work?

    • I would also like to know this because if it does I am gonna have to buy that as well.

    • From everything I’ve seen and heard yes. You might want to pick one up now ;-)

    • Yes it does. Likely the camera will drop in price soon tho

    • Not if you just want to use it to watch like a 3D Blu-Ray or play 3D games, or play video games without using a t.v…. provided that functionality is allowed. If not, then… >_>

      There’s no reason not to allow it to be used as a monitor other than they have to cater to stupid people who complain about games not being made for VR not working like VR.

    • I believe the camera is for the move controllers only and you can use the Dual Shock 4 with most of the VR games.

  • When will pre orders open up?

    • GameStop should start taking pre orders today or tomorrow, they start now as soon as an official release date and price is announced

  • Can you watch movies on it? 3D movies?

    • I’m very curious about this too. I own a few 3D BDs and a 3D TV, but it would be nice to have a 3D viewer.

    • have they announced a theater mode for other non-vr content? that’s my condition

    • yes you can, with 3 levels of zoom (aka virtual tv can have 3 sizes)

    • Yes. At GDC 2016, Sony announced that PSVR would have a ‘cinema mode’ whilst wearing the headset that allows you to see your PS4 menu, play any existing PS4 game (presumably on a 2D screen in VR), and play video/audio, including 360 video/images, from the Media Player.

      There was no mention whether this would be in a virtual theater or would simply be a floating screen, but I hope that the former is the case!

    • If it doesn’t have 3D bluray support right outta the box, you can bet it will soon after because no one will be happy about it being 2D-only if it is

  • So you’re rounding up from $532 – $549 in Canada? How nice.

    • The canadian dollar is in a awful spot right now. That is not Sony’s fault.

    • $550 CAD = $411 USD.

      Not $400. It may change by the end of the year, but the price as it stands now is ridiculous. And it’s going to flop in Canada at that price regardless of the worth of our dollar, it’s well over the price of the PS4 itself. PS4 bundles are much, much, much cheaper. People aren’t going to pay over $100 more for a PS VR than it costs to buy a PS4 bundle. That’s absurd.

    • Not really absurd given its the cheapest of the 3 vr sets coming out by far.

    • It is absurd to pay more for a peripheral than the console itself. This isn’t about other VR systems, this is about PS VR. Sony is going to have a hard time convincing people to spend MORE on PS VR than a PS4 is worth.

    • There are import taxes in Canada. Also, it’s $11… Just skip Starbucks twice.

    • What does import tax have to do with anything? Since it’s “just $11” [over $14 in Canada btw]

      Give it to me then. It’s just $11, skip starbucks a few times and give it to me. No? Thought so, now begone.

    • Psst… we already pay less for most games after conversion…

    • Wah wah, move to a real country if you wanna pay less fool

    • At what point did Sony say they were doing a straight currency swap from USD? 399 euro does = 399 USD either.

    • @Geng: At what point did I give you the impression I would care about your opinion? I don’t care about the Euro price, it doesn’t affect me if people have a problem with that, they can complain about it themselves.

    • Can you please not post your dumb opinions on this don’t buy it nobody cares about what you do

    • I’d gladly pay $11 extra for all $60 dollar games to get health care and a decent wage.

      I mean really? Complaining $411 instead of $400?

      You’re talking about 2.3% price boost. Find a dang coupon or something.

    • People replying to you fail to realize that:
      1. Prices in the U.S. and Canada used to always be the same, had nothing to do with the dollar. For decades the Canadian currency has fluctuated between $0.60 to sometimes over $1 U.S., but prices never fluctuated according to the currency. When the PS4 launched, it was $400 in Canada and games were $60, just like in the U.S. About 2 years ago the price of games jumped to $70, and quickly after jumped again to $80.

      Prices were the same for 20 years, suddenly they jump more than 30%, and all you people think there’s no cause for complaint?

      2. Exchange rate isn’t a good way to calculate price between regions. Good job, you googled the exchange rate. Did you google the median salary, taxation rate, and purchasing power while you were at it? Didn’t think so.

      You can all google the exchange rate and claim Canadians aren’t getting a raw deal, but bottom line is $549 in Canada is a lot less attractive than the exchange rate would tell you when you consider historical prices and current economic factors other than the value of the dollar.

    • @Elvish_ Canadians on average pay an additional 10% on everything even when the dollar is at parity.

      Samsung TV’s is an additional 20% after conversion making them price sometimes double the price.

      From 532$ to 549$, it’s not even 10%, one of the most efficient price Pro-canadian compared to 95% of all other companies.

      My issue is the base price of the Vr. It’s not something I will pick up day one. I might change my mind later on.
      It will depend on how many AAA games support VR and what compelling experience I can get out of it.

      Crash Bandicoot VR made by Sony? Maybe.

    • Taxes in Canada are supposed to increase to 15% too.
      So if you want to save a little money, do some cross-border shopping.
      If you don’t declare it, flip a coin and hope you are lucky they don’t check you.

    • Well here’s the thing. How much does an iPhone cost you? And then how much does an Iwatch cost you? If you go via a mobile supplier the phone is cheaper than the iwatch yet hundreds of thousands of people have bought the iwatch so do not expect the price to be the main issue when it comes to buying one. Price doesn’t always drive demand as the iwatch shows. If people want it they’ll buy it

    • It’s a shame it costs $100 CAD more than a PS4, because I was actually quite interested. The fact that I’m in Quebec doesn’t help either, since that means an unpleasant 15% of tax, or $82. Guess I’ll have to wait.

  • I’m very excited and will pre-ordering as soon as it’s available. A question about Cinematic Mode, I heard PS4 games and apps mentioned, but what about Blu-rays and DVDs?

  • Sir Andrew House,

    This is awesome news!!! Thank you for a great price point!

    Please add more videos and a special area on the PS Store to get us all more excited.


    Rob aka Graf

    • Agreed. I’m amazed PlayStation VR is launching at only $400. (I was expecting at least $500.) Sony may have already won the VR war before it’s even begun, simply on price alone! I can’t see many people spending $600 on the Oculus Rift or $800 on the HTC Vive (plus $1000 on a new PC with the necessary specs). Well done, Sony.

  • Does it feature a cinema mode to view movies?

  • Canadians obviously have to pay more because the dollar has been so awful but $550 is waaaaaaay too high for an unproven peripheral.

    • Agreed. The PS4 itself retails at $429. It’s kind of ridiculous that the PS VR is $120 more.

    • Well you’re free to pay $200+ more for the Vive or the Oculus, and those require a $1000+ computer generally.

      They take a loss on the PS4. They shouldn’t have to take a loss on this, and they might be taking a loss on this. If you don’t like it, don’t get it, but you’re just being a troll.

      If the PS4 was $600USD or around $700CAD you’d be complaining that it’s too high. Since the PS4 is incredibly cheap, you’re complaining that one of the cheapest and most full featured VR headsets around is too expensive.

      10 years ago there was this thing called Headplay. It was $400-500. They went out of business, the headsets Sony has been selling more recently are around $600-1000.

      Now Sony is DRASTICALLY undercutting themselves with a better product for gaming, and you’re complaining because…

      If you are one of those people who complains every time PS Plus games for a month are announced, well then we know what kind of person you are.

  • Day 1 Buy!

  • Still keep refreshing amazon every second waiting for preorders to go live Can not wait!!

  • SOLD! Hoping that the Battlefront VR Experience is a Rogue Squadron fighter. I highly enjoyed my time with it when I experienced PSVR back at PSX 2015.

  • will it have PC support?

    • probably not

    • It’s hard to say. The way most VR systems handle it is that they send a different image to each eye.

      The way PS VR does it is it has the PS4 do an extra wide image, and then the box offsets each eye’s video and pumps it out. The box then also doubles the framerate by interpolating the 60fps feed.

      So… It’ll either be entirely trivial to hack games to work with it, or very tricky.

      The problem is you’ll need a webcam better than the Playstation one. That’s not to say it’s the best ever, but… you know… That camera uses a special port.

  • I want it!

  • Free PSN demo software is a great idea

  • Great to see that some of my predictions in my article were correct!

    Can we get more detail on the “breakout box”? Is it passively cooled with just vents, or is it actively cooled with a fan? Players with tight entertainment center setups need to know if it needs to be as ventilated as a PS4, or if it runs cooler.

    Are the HDMI cables 18Gbps 2.0, or just 1.4b?

    Will the existing Playroom be patched to support stereo 3D TV displays?

  • Wait, no camera included? So it isn’t exactly plug and play or will there be bundles? Ahhhh.

    • I’m kinda ok with that. For those who don’t have the camera, you can buy one (maybe even used for cheaper) but for those who already own these, you won’t have to double buy.

    • At first I was like you, sad that they didn’t include a camera in the price only because its a required part but I already have one and remembered how quickly they were selling when the PS4 first released and wonder if they just saw it as a better option to offer the set at a lower price point and allow people who didn’t grab a camera early (especially with so many using the share and broadcast options) to simply get one separately rather than force some people to purchase one twice.

  • I’ll preorder the moment i can. VR is the future of gaming and I can’t to go there with Playstation.

  • This is gonna be so Awesome i can’t wait.

  • Canadian dollar sucks I know but good lord, I think I spent less on the actual console.

  • Es genial, lástima que en México costará más que una PlayStation 4 debido a la descomunal diferencia que hay entre el peso mexicano y el dólar, pobreza en 3… 2… 1.

  • Bravo! Price seems just about right, and an amazing deal for such a new experience. I’m now even more interested to see how the titles and other news continue to roll in through this year leading up to launch!

  • Bloodborne + VR = mind-numbing motion sickness

  • HAHA nice try Sony, I’ll wait for the inevitable price drop.

    • I know it’s almost like they are a real company that are having to sell goods at a price they can make a profit on in order to stay in business .Quite shocking companies wanting to sell goods to make s profit far better they sell at s loss we buy it cheap and they go bust. Oh that leaves us with a defunct console and no games. Suppose that’s the downside to them making a profit

  • So is that everything that comes in the package, or is the package not final and only the design and specs final?

    Also, Will there be a bundle that comes with a PS4 camera and PSMove controllers??

    • I would jump on getting some move controllers now. They are really cheap at pawn shops and game stores. Pawn shops here charge $9.99 for them and won’t even buy them from you for a dollar anymore. Once VR gets out, they could end up costing as much as they did when they came out. Same goes for the camera, which I have seen new/used from $20-40.

    • Update: Just saw an interview where Yoshida confirms a bundle w/camera&move

  • No camera included and it requires it to work…lol Sony. How dumb is this. The Camera is cheap they should include it with it.

  • yeeeah, at $550 AND it requires the camera (not included)… I think I’ll be waiting until we find out if it’s good or if it will go the way of Move/Kinect. Plus the eventual, inevitable price drop. Everyone else can beta test it. Pretty sad when a peripheral costs more than the console. and then you still need to plunk another $60-$70 for another peripheral for this peripheral to work properly. THEN software.

    • Disappointed as the release date. They had a huge edge over Oculus/Vive thanks to their user platform and price, but they’re going to lose the whole first part of 2016 to competitors.

      Also disappointed about the lack of announcement or packages for hardware. Are people who don’t know anything about VR supposed to figure out that they need a Playstation Camera or can use Moves? This 10 minutes presentations felt really weird, I think some of their stupid analysts or marketers might be underestimating the importance or VR and the potential for Sony to be the market leader.

      How sloppy.

    • found the neckbeard

    • @niseh Yeah, because being first to market sure helped the Wii U, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, TurboGrafx-16, etc. People have been waiting decades for VR, and you think they can’t wait only a few more months? Especially when the competitors’ VR headsets cost $200-$400 more?

    • No way are they going to lose out. Am I really going to drop 1k on a pc and swap platforms it’s just not happening is it?

  • So glad i bought my PS4 camera for dirt cheap last summer.. def will be getting this one early 2017. nice price point!

  • I’m all in Sony!!! Open the pre-orders!!!! Lets do this!!!

  • C’mon now Sony… No camera or move controllers boxed in?…

    Dangling a price of £350 in front of consumers and adding additional peripherals for the full experience is a risky strategy…

    I hope Sony make a clearer statement about bundles and/or peripherals soon.

    • would it be better for them to raise the price by 100 and force extra cameras and controllers on everyone that already has them?

  • PlayStation Blog, I have a question:

    Will any headset work with VR? E.g. – full-size Astro A50/40, Gold Headset or Turtle Beach?

    Or will it be limited to only the in-ear sets?


    • The PS Camera are your audio. You don’t need a headset.

    • You can either use the earbuds that come with the system or some other headset of your choosing. I’ve seen video of people using the Sony Elite headsets at conferences, I’m sure that’s because its a bit more sanitary for multiple users than buds would be. Looking at the design and how people said this is more comfortable to use with glasses than say, the Vive; I would suspect that they thought this problem out. I’ll have to see how comfortable it actually is in practice myself though.

  • Disappointed at the release date. They had a huge edge over Oculus/Vive thanks to their user platform and price, but they’re going to lose the whole first part of 2016 to competitors.

    Also disappointed about the lack of announcement or packages for hardware. Are people who don’t know anything about VR supposed to figure out that they need a Playstation Camera or can use Moves? This 10 minutes presentations felt really weird, I think some of their stupid analysts or marketers might be underestimating the importance or VR and the potential for Sony to be the market leader.

    How sloppy.

    • No reason to FREAK out. There are 7 months before this becomes available. They will definitely offer bundles, with Camera and potentially Move controllers.

      Not sure why you are complaining about the Release Date. What is the point of having Hardware if there is no Software to use it with. Additional time will allow developer to create some cool experiences that you will be able to enjoy in October.

      Marketing team will explain what you need to use this.

      Also with almost 40 million PS4 out there, I think Playstation VR has more potential than Oculus/Vive out the gate.

      You will get major presentation during E3 in just few months, so relax and start saving $$$.

  • Ace Combat 7 is the only thing that makes this worth buying. Easily better than anything else announced for VR

  • Day one purchase!

  • $550 is too much, sorry Sony, that’s much more than I paid for the console at launch.

  • $550 Can. I will preorder i have the Playstation camera.

  • More than the price of a console? Wow way to guarantee it doesn’t seem well. People wouldn’t buy Kinect for an extra $100 – you think they’ll buy this? Waaaaaay too much for a peripheral

    • I have a feeling that this will be like the PS Move, PlayStation TV, Vita & many others.

      Sony is good at building up hype then not following up with firmware, features, & software to back it up.

      I will wait to see how Sony will support VR before jumping in this time.

      Anymore Sony has mistakes on store updates, can’t respond to comments, & is lazy with the YouTube Plus Video.

    • It’s almost painful to think that you honestly believe that this is comparable to a kinect.

      Look, don’t you worry about it. You just keep playing games on your little poor person’s TV.

  • That Canadian price point is absurd. I love your products Sony, but you need to bring your prices down. I was so looking forward to this, but once again Canadians are not important enough for you.

  • I’ve been tracking this whole kick since the DK1 preorders. Saying that it would cost the price of the console is ****; my ps4 ran me 400, not 550. I’m reconsidering my position on preferred platform due to the price.

  • Okay, Sony. You got me. Well done. When do you want money?

  • Damn it, now I get to watch others have tons of fun while I wait for the Canadian price to get better. sighhhh.

  • So what actually comes in the box? I see a picture with lots of cables and some colored squares. How about actually telling us what they are/do?

    • Yea thats bugging me too. I can see a micro USB cable, what is that for? And their are obvious items like earbuds and a power adapter. What the heck is the box that looks like a PS4? Why so many cables? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN

  • Day zero!

  • Great price for those living in the US but because of the dollar this is terrible for Canadians. $620 with a camera is quite a lot to ask however I hope some people are willing to pay it because VR is the next step in gaming IMO. I’ll hold off until this thing proves itself at the very least.

  • Awwwwwww man glad a release date/price finally got announced. Wish it was coming out a little sooner. But it does give me time to save up some more money. Can’t wait!

  • If it requires a camera, I’m out. I have a projector and my PS4 sits behind me, not in front.

    • Same here. I’m very interested in VR, but playing in a darkened home theater with the PS4 20 feet away from the screen doesn’t quite work for me if it requires all these cables to be specific lengths in specific places.

    • Just turn your SOFA around. When you are using Playstation VR it does not matter where your Projector is pointing. It only matters where your CAMERA is.

      Yes for the games that do require people looking at the screen, they will need to look at the projector’s image, but it still does not affect the person using Playstation VR.

    • Yup… you are screwed

  • If Sony could throw in the camera that would be fantastic.

  • Can we be able to enjoy 3D blu-ray movies through PlayStation VR?

  • I have several major concerns regarding PS VR:
    1) Has this product been designed (& tested) to ensure that prescription eyeglass-wearing consumers can actually wear this product for several hours comfortably?
    2) I’m already prone to motion sickness in some situations in real life – so why would I want to waste $399 on something that makes me feel ill while I’m playing a video game?
    3) Will it be possible to try out this product in a local Sony Store or Best Buy store?
    4) Why should consumers who bought the PS Vita and/or PS TV (then later on Sony either stops supporting the product with first-party developed games or Sony simply decides to discontinue the product entirely) have any confidence that PS VR will not meet the same fate?

    • I second these, and you forgot to mention how they gave up on the move. I guess that will change though now with the VR. I want some epic sword fights!

      I had a sony TV headset back in like the late 90s and it made me sick, I think it had TFT LCD screens in it though.

    • 1. I played it at PSX in San Francisco this year and I wear large glasses and it fit amazingly well and was quite comfortable. Never felt weird or anything.
      2. You need to try it first to find out. Sony can not be responsible for something like that. Try testing out any VR headset to see how you fare.
      3. I am sure it will be but try and hit up gaming conferences.
      4. They have invested a huge amount of money in this. Far more than what they started with on the Vita. Support depends on the consumer. I have a Vita, I love it, and I still think they have great games out and coming out, but guess what? Not a lot of people bought one. Continuing support for it is a financial drain. If more people bought it, they would support it more. Also, this is purely a judgement call. Either you want to get it or you don’t. It’s very simple.

    • I’m 100% with you on the 4th bullet… I’ll wait until price lowers and the VR shows true support…
      Also, I’ll wait for reviews… I heard a lot about nausea with any virtual reality device… let’s hope for the best though

    • I’d love to be able to try it out first, but so far it’s only at special events on the US and Toronto. If all Best Buys get a demo version (or maybe EB Games) then a lot more people will have a chance to test it out to see if they like it.

  • Around 630$ CAD if u live in quebec

    • Man, Quebec always gets shafted even compared to the rest of Canada. Contests too. Quebec’s laws are insane.

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