PlayStation Video App Launches on Android Devices Today

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PlayStation Video App Launches on Android Devices Today

Starting today, we’re launching a new PlayStation Video app for Android phones and tablets that will let you stream previously purchased video content from PlayStation Store to your Android device. With the app, you can also purchase your favorite movies and TV shows, including PlayStation original content like Powers, straight from your phone or tablet.

PlayStation Video on Android

Also be sure to check out The Hateful Eight, Concussion, and Point Break, which will be available for purchase later today!

We hope you enjoy the PS Video app on your Android device and remember to check the app regularly for upcoming promotions on movies and TV shows.

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  • Any insight as to when Vue will be coming to Android?

    • The banner at the top of the blog post is a PlayStation Vue logo… pretty misleading if this app can’t stream Vue content. ( ゚д゚)

    • Yeah im sorry i had to laugh when i read that . You literally clicked on your answer to get to this message board.

    • Shame it’s not included in this app. There is a place for it but nothing shows up when I click on Vue.

  • I really hope this is the beginning of better support for Android. Bring remote play to more devices. Bring Vue to more devices. Update the Playstation App to do more – maybe even run party chat through the app, as an option.

    You could really tie mobile to Playstation in a way that doesn’t distract from the Playstation brand, but really enhances it and expands it, so our Android devices become extensions of our PS4’s and other Playstation devices.

    I got a shiny new Galaxy S7 – might have been an Xperia if you’d work with carriers better so we can get their financing deals – and I’m eager to use it with my PS4 is as many ways as practical. Help me out, Sony!

    • Very well said, I have an XperiaZ3 right now and I really want to get the newly announced Xperia X performance but sony needs to bring it to tmobile. They need to integrate their cell phones more with the ps4.

  • *Rock voice* FINALLY! Thank you so much for this because I use PS Video for a lot if TV and movies.

  • Yay! I totally called it! Good job buys keep up the awesome work, and I am loving to vue!

  • my biggest grip about video content via playstation was playstation was literally the only place i could view it. i don’t have android but it is a step in the right direction. please bring this to ipad and maybe i’ll start using the service.

    seriously. psnow. psvue. psvideo. whatever. don’t create close system service or i won’t use it. be like netflix and support every device possible. anyways,.. with psvue going national this week i like what i’m seeing. keep it up!

    • That has a whole lot more to do with Apple than Sony, Apple is awful for creating a media garden where they force you to use Itunes or your forced to jailbreak your phone. Seriously there is a lot of things Sony can be blamed for doing wrong but if you bought an Iphone expecting total freedom you might as well have flown to North Korea for fine cuisine.

  • iOS PlayStation Video app coming soon hopefully?

  • Yes! Thank you. The timing is kismet for me as just last night out I had downloaded the PS Video app already available in Europe via an apk mirror service (risky, but I really wanted to be able to play my video collection on my Xperia Z5). Unsurprisingly, the non-native app installed and worked fine, but couldn’t sync with my US playstation account. Just deleted the sideloaded app and downloaded the new app via Google Play. Works seamlessly. Now encouraged to buy and rent more videos from the store. Good job, SCEA!

  • How about just support Ultraviolet !!! Then I would have control over how and where I watch the content that I purchase. Until then, I will not spend a dime for any video content on PlayStation.

  • Love this news! Started my trial of PSVue and I love it. Watching my sports on Amazon Fire TV right now! :)

  • Please support Ultraviolet. Sony Pictures is a member so I do not understand why PS Video is not supporting Ultraviolet.

    • Agreed, I’d like to see Sony Pictures support UltraViolet with PlayStation Video. Having all my Digital HD Movies in one place would be perfect.

      Looking forward to seeing thing’s expand with PlayStation.

  • Can you guys please let me watch the movies i got on my privilege plus account on my ps4? Thanks.

  • How is this app different from the app pre-installed on Xperia Z phones. Pre-installed app was named Video Unlimited but changed to PS Video last year.

    • Except the app didn’t come pre-installed on Xperia Phones, and didn’t exist on the US Play store until today. Video Unlimited didn’t work on devices post Lollipop. Sony was trying to lure customers with Xperia phones exclusively being able to stream PS Video, at least on paper, except they didn’t support Xperia devices, until today, now that all Android users can get in on the action. Win Win. I could see the same thing happening with remote play. There’s no reason why all Android phones shouldn’t be able to remote play. Xperia phones are amazing devices, imho better in every possible way than Samsung’s (including the new S7s), but they don’t need exclusive Playstation content to sell their brand, just better marketing, distribution, and better relations with the carriers.

  • How about Vue on Android?

    • I know right? I’ve been waiting for that. What I don’t get is that they have an iOS app to work with chromecast, which is a device from google, and google=android, but they don’t have the app for android yet? It’s kinda dumb; makes more since to have it out for android first, but hey! That’s the Sony we know and love…

  • This is awesome. One suggestion – please let us hide / delete movie trailers and BTS featurettes from our libraries. I downloaded a bunch back in the early days of PSN and now they’re clogging up my library. It makes for a poor browsing experience.

    • Buddy I’ve been asking for that for ten years. I have some really old stuff in my library. I feel like a damn digital horder, cluttered, just terrible looking. SONY, WE WANT AN UPDATED LIBRARY WITH A DELETE BUTTON!!!

  • So Android get this app before iOS and iOS gets PSVue mobile app before Android? I mean, like……………………….

  • Please say it will come to iOS devices very soon… I hope so…

  • Vue would be nice. Seriously contemplating buying it–but without an android app it’s hard.

  • i like the new app.. thanks..
    i am watching powers. subtitles work well… good definition of video.
    good job.

  • Okay, now THIS is a reason to purchase content on PSN over competing services. Keep the support coming, guys.

  • Sony : I really dig your services but your not going to win the mindshare you seek unless your apps are launching on IOS and Android THE SAME DAY!!

    • It will be a frosty day in hell when Apple lets this service on their platforms to compete with iTunes. Apple doesn’t even support FLAC for music. Apple has an NFC chip in their phones but they restrict it so it only works for Apple pay, and they refuse to unlock it for the true purpose of NFC, which is obviously bluetooth syncing & sharing. In many ways the current state of Apple reminds me of Sony in the early 2000s: the headstrong market leader, using proprietary technologies, restricting content with DRM, getting complacent that their customers will continue to buy their products every year without really experimenting or innovating. Okay, rant over…

    • There’s already a Google Play Movies app, Amazon Video app, NOWTV, etc on iOS so no real reason why this wouldn’t come to iOS too

  • now we need Instant movie collection and ps plus discounts

  • Please, unlock Playstation Video outside of USA :D

  • How is this different from the app of the same name that came preinstalled on my Xperia Z3v?

  • This is awesome news. Hope to see apps elsewhere too.

  • How about Android apps on playstation devices… the Vita

  • Too bad it doesnt include androidTV or chromecast support.

    • Yeah, I was excited until I saw that it wasn’t compatible with my Android TV, Nexus Player. Not even to Cast.

  • When is Playstation Vue coming to android?!

  • I’m loving Vue and even cancelled my Sling tv subscription for it, but it really needs an Android app. I don’t want to be forced to transfer to DirecTV Now when it comes out… Keep me as a customer Sony.

  • What are the average streaming bitrates for HD content in the app?

    One of the major steps backward from PS3 to PS4 is the video quality of content from the store. On PS3, HD TV shows downloaded from the Store averaged around 6mbit/sec. This made it a no-brainer to buy TV shows from the Store instead of iTunes — PlayStation Video Store downloads look great on my large HDTV, and iTunes shows don’t.

    On the PS4, videos only stream but not at nearly the same quality as they did on PS3. After buying hundreds of shows on the Video Store, we stopped. The video quality in Vue is even worse.

    When will the video store quality get back to the standards set (and maintained!) on PS3? Once it’s fixed, I’ll happily buy season passes for Walking Dead, etc.

  • Bring Android support and I’ll drop my cable and go Vue. But until then Sony, just keep kissing Apples I-ass. Not trying to sound like a ****, but your favoritism is showing…

  • This is great news…if I had an Android. Is this coming to iOS? PS Vue is on iOS. Would be great if I could watch my movies on my iPad. 95% of the movies I own are on PlayStation. Plz!!!

  • Why no android support for chromecast at least. I dont even mind no remite play but ios only for Chromecast?? That doesnt even make sense. No one on ios even uses chromecast

  • We need PlayStation Vue on Android TV, please

  • I have a Roku, Chromecast, PSTV and Android phone/tablet. I can only watch PS Vue on my PS3. I’m chokin’ on my own rage, here!

  • Bring PlayStation video to iOS as well and also bring PlayStation vue to android

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