Paragon: Founder’s Packs On Sale Today

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Paragon: Founder’s Packs On Sale Today

Buy a Founder’s Pack today and be among the first to play in Paragon‘s Early Access Season, starting Friday, March 18th.

From the start, our team at Epic Games set out to create a competitive MOBA in partnership with our players. As early as possible we invited passionate gamers to join us in playing Paragon each week and share their thoughts and ideas. We’ve worked hard to be responsive, make changes, and implement improvements with each weekly build.

Now with the beginning of Early Access we’re taking the next step in opening up the game to more people. Players who want to get a head start in playing with a small, enthusiastic community and help shape the evolution of the game can join us by buying a Founder’s Pack. Paragon will be in free Open Beta this summer, so if you’d rather wait, we’d love for you to play then.

If you want to support Paragon and be a part of the community from the start, we want to give you an amazing value for the money you spend. In addition to game access, each Founder’s Pack includes skins, Hero Master Challenges (which unlock Master Skins and emotes as you level up), and boosts at an enormous discount to regular prices. The Challenger and Master Pack also include an exclusive Founder’s Skin, and a free Founder’s Pack to give to a friend. You can learn more about Founder’s Packs at

For those of you who would prefer to buy a Founder’s Pack in the store, we’re excited to announce that, in partnership with Sony, we’ll be launching a Paragon: Essentials Edition. We approached the Paragon: Essentials Edition the same way we did the digital founder’s packs — it’s a great value, with Hero Master Challenges, skins, boosts, and more at a huge discount as our way of saying thanks for getting in early and supporting Paragon. The Essentials Edition is available for pre-order today, and will be in stores June 7th.

Paragon on PS4

Paragon is designed so that all players can compete and win without ever spending money. All heroes are free, and cards are earned through gameplay. To learn more about Paragon, read Ryan’s post here.

Thanks for your support, and see you in the fight!

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  • What is the price and may you provide a link to the store?

    • 20$ for standered, I think 30$ for enhanced, 50$ for the ultimate and 100$ gets you 2 ultimate packs and something special(1 for you and 1 to give to who ever you’d buy another for).

    • I believe the price is $20 basic “founder” pack, $60 for “challenger” pack, and $100 for “masters” pack.

  • If I buy the Founders Pack now, what will be the cost to me of getting the Paragon Essentials Edition when that is on sale. I am assuing that is a dics version of the game?

  • Since they will be no account wipe and betas don’t normally have trophy support will they(trophies) be retroactive for the things we accomplish prior to the full release?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Im excited to see that they aren’t backing off the moba branding. Lots of console games have tried to shy away from the term recently. Ill be picking up one of the founders packs for sure. Hoping for trophy support in this too!

  • Wait is the beta live already? I’m seeing people play it online. I don’t have to pay for the beta right?

  • I’m downloading now. In less then 15 mins download will be done. I’ve been waiting to play this for a long time now & the wait is finally over. I’m a huge fan of Epic games. Unreal was the for first FPS that got me hocked after Quake 3 on PC.

  • Looking forward to streaming this on Friday. Should be a fun time as long as the servers don’t crash horribly ;)

  • I can’t even log into the game. All I get is an error message saying I need to buy the Founders Pack. I already paid for the damn thing & I can’t even use it. I don’t want to have to pay for it again on PC either.
    This is starting to suck already… :(

    • The first sentence of the article says you can buy the Founder’s pack today but the early access won’t start until this Friday. Try playing again on Friday, and see if you’re getting the same error.

    • I’m having the same issue and now the bundle isn’t show up in the psn store either what do I do?????!!!!!!

  • Be careful about buying Founder’s Packs, especially on certain consoles that might not have a stable life. I’m sure with Paragon being free(?) in the future that it will be last longer than most Mobas. I guess.

    I played Infinite Crisis on PC in and out of it’s beta but the developers didn’t handle the game properly and I think only left it to one map with an occasional 2nd map appearing monthly. People who bought those founder’s packs before release didn’t get compensated, I believe :P

    I’ve been looking forward to this game but remember to think twice on Founder’s Packs. I’m sure Epic will deliver the goods with the game nonetheless, just a heads up that certain MOBA’s take your money and then…. die off or get cancelled.

    • If the game costs me 20 dollars(founder pack) and I get to enjoy it for, say, 40 hours over the course of a month… that’s still probably worth it. I somehow doubt the game is going to die in less than a month ;)

  • I purchased my founders pack yesterday, and it wouldn’t show up in my library or as an add-on it doesn’t let me purchase anything else because it says that I already have bought my founders pack but still doesn’t show up I haven’t been able to play paragon because of this. What do I do?

  • I’d LOVE to buy the founders pack on PS4 but for some reason every time I hit the link to purchase it from the PlayStation store it says unable to find the page, any idea why?

    • Probably either a bad link or some bad cached info in your browser. I’d recommend just going to the store and finding Paragon yourself rather than relying on a store link if you’re having this type of issue.

    • i’ve got the same problem! Wanting to buy the game asap but always the same ‘can’t find this page’-error…

    • I have th same problem and i really want to play the game on friday but now i cant cus the error link keeps popping up,, what to do?

  • Which zone are you from, It is only in US and Europe now, but I do not believe it is in UK store at the moment, not sure for other regions, US does have it.

  • I bought the founders pack but now it’s telling me I haven’t. But my bank account says different. So what’s going on?

  • So looking forward to this game. Just bought my Founder’s Pack, now just waiting on the 18th!

  • The only people able to play right now are people who played in the alpha. You can buy any pack you want but can’t play till Friday the 18th. Hope this clears stuff up.

  • Is the game on sale right now or is $20 for Founders Pack, $60 for Challenger Pack, and $100 for Master’s Pack normal price?

  • I have the same issue trying to open the game, I successfully linked my PSN acct to the Epic one, and the PS version tells me to buy a founder’s pack (which I already did for $99.99 (master)). What concerns me most is that when I log into the Epic website it does not allow me to download the game, just to buy a founder’s pack, which, by reading their FAQs, I understood that one founder pack will allow cross platform access after account linking on both PS and PC, and that an additional beta code would be sent to me for a friend, which also I never received. I realize the Beta begins tomorrow, but shouldn’t I be able to DL the PC version in the meantime and not get a message on PC and PS that I need to buy the founder pack (which I did)?

    • *Update*
      Already got a reply from Epic Support (less than an hour after sending my support email). Very quick response considering how close to Beta server live date. Hope this info helps others with the same “issue”:

      “Access for both PC and PS4 Founder’s Packs will be available tomorrow, March 18th. Once that happens, you’ll have the ability to download & play the game on either platform, and your beta friend invite will also become available to send.”

  • *URGENT YOU MUST READ BEFORE COMMENTING* for all the people crying out there, there has been a beta but only for select few (professionals amd youtubers etc.. not norms like us.) The game comes out tomorrow which is basically another beta but you pay to play it with added content so youre not going in naked.

  • I bought the founders pack for $20 and the game says i don’t own the pack and when i go to the store it says i own is this happening to anyone else?

    • Well they promised march 18 2016, i bought the 19.99 founders pack… i go on….. and a nice error pops up telling me i havnt bought it…..started to look like a money scam cuz i want a refund if this doesnt get fixed. Atleast i know im not the only one…

  • Btw i said that last comment at 1am so idk what time frame this sites in……..sigh

  • It is almoat 2 a.m. where I live and I am getting the error code that I didn’t buy the game. Does anyone know what time the beta will open?

  • I bought the $60 dollar pack and I get the message “You do not have permission to play Paragon. Please check that you have purchased a Paragon founder’s pack from the “PSN” store.”

    That’s pretty weird, why put up three bundles for sale, have a customer buy one, make that particular message appear, and then have the three bundles magically disappear when the “buyer” checks wth happened. Sketchy.

    • i got Founder’s Packs on PC but still waiting the PS4 on to get in the game thats not right i think. and still can’t find the UK Paragon: Founder’s Packs on PSN …

  • It’s 4:30 where I live and I still can’t play it on ps4. I bought the $19.99 pack and it’s saying the same message everyone else seems to be getting.

  • Bought a founders pack but can’t play it coz game says I have no permission. *Sigh

    • Mine is doing that to I bought the pack and it says I don’t have it. I wanted to play this game it looked so good

    • Same here. It’s 7am and it says I can’t play to check if I purchased a founders pack. But it’s not apreparing in my downloads and I got emailed a receipt for it

  • Still no luck playing the game. I am receiving the same error message that i have not purchased the founders pack. Very frustrating to spend money on something and be denied access. Not a great start to the game.

  • Epic office probably just open give them time to put the bata live it dont start the min it turns the 18th come on fellow gamer’s lets start useing are heads good stuff takes time be happy you could have a xbox one playing halo just be happy it will come soon lol

    • Hi everyone,

      Just wanted to let you know I’m receiving the same message. I’ve re-installed the game multiple times, but that doesn’t change anything either. Does anyone know what time this goes live and which time zone its originating? It’s 11:30 am where I live.

  • I’m getting the same error. Hopefully it goes live sometime today.

  • Anybody know if it’s live yet? I’m hoping it’ll be up by the time I get outta work haha

  • Hi can PC and PS4 players play together

  • So if I bought a founders pack would I be able to play till release and would my things save?

  • Would be willing to trade for a key if anyone is interested in LoL. Been wanting to play this for ages!

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