Surviving a Cold Universe in No Man’s Sky on PS4

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Surviving a Cold Universe in No Man’s Sky on PS4

Even in the clutches of a ceaseless winter, this planet supports life. Cat-like creatures prowl through the cold, hunting tirelessly and growling at my approach. The dunes around me are icy and dark, and the chill wind eats away at the thermal protection of my suit — paltry layers between me and a frozen death.

This is one of quintillions of planets in No Man’s Sky. Some are exorbitantly beautiful. Others are cruel. And at a recent event in Los Angeles, the team at Hello Games showcased how “survival” plays a central role in this interstellar exploration.

No Man's Sky on PS4

Many of you have glimpsed the awe-inspiring concept of No Man’s Sky on PS4 in its trailers. One moment you’re trekking across an alien planet, untouched by sentient life, and the next you’re aboard your trusty craft, punching through the atmosphere and breaking into the endless expanse of space. Trails of distant starships perforate your view, signs of trade and travel — or perhaps the occasional pirate looking to make a deadly score.

No Man’s Sky is built on this concept of absolute freedom, but the team at Hello Games want you to feel the constant challenge of survival as you journey between stars. The planet I explored during my first play session with No Man’s Sky was one of extreme cold. Wade out into the wilderness for too long and your suit’s protections fail, your health slowly dropping until a black screen announces your untimely demise.

No Man's Sky, Becron 5

Surviving on a planet such as this means finding shelter. Craft explosive bolts to burrow underground and you might stumble upon a network of caves to scour for resources. Or gain entry to alien pods that offer a temporary reprieve from the unrelenting wind. These structures provide a safe space for much-needed crafting, where your suit, ship, and weapon can be augmented and improved with materials from an actual periodic table of in-game elements. These elements define the universe of No Man’s Sky and can be excavated from plant life, mineral deposits, and discarded supply containers half buried in the snow.

But be wary of what you take. Steal too much from a planet and the omnipresent sentinels — stewards from a bygone era — remove you from the world. Forcefully. Defeat a few of the smaller machines and larger walkers come to finish the job.

Not all planets in No Man’s Sky will be uninhabited — far from it. Members of several distinct alien races will occupy these innumerable worlds, speaking in unique languages that you’ll learn over time in order to communicate and trade. Break into their planetside structures to claim resources or perhaps escape the cold. But be warned: unwelcome visitors are not regarded with kindness.

No Man's Sky, Blue Space

Many planets are watched by alien space stations, which you can visit and use as a trading hub during your time in No Man’s Sky. Here, in the bright and cavernous docking bay, is a small room that Hello Games’ own Sean Murray picked out specifically for the event. It is, he describes, his “favorite” view in the game.

In that small room is a window that looks out on the planet below. One planet, made up of a deadly cold and the life that endures there. One of many quintillions in this fictional universe that we could spend the rest of our lives exploring.

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  • I’m really looking forward to No Man’s Sky! It’s so refreshing to have a flow of unique titles on PS4. I never find myself getting bored. For example, I’m currently playing Rogue Galaxy, and will have had my RPG fill when it is complete, but I have to look forward to Ratchet & Clank, and then Alienation afterwards. I played The Witness prior, and dabble in Resogun for a few minutes each day! Three all very distinct titles, and No Man’s Sky will not be an exception.

    Games like No Man’s Sky are very welcome additions to a diverse library! The game looks fabulous, mysterious, and grindy enough to satiate my need for many, many hours.

    Oh, and my fingers are crossed for VR support! I’m getting Playstation VR regardless — who are we kidding — and I would love to walk and fly around in an endless universe!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by to comment! Sounds like you’re on a major sci-fi kick. :-D

    • I am SO HYPED for this game. My favorite screenshot of it so far is in one of the trailers when they show of a desert planet. Then a GIANT snake-like creature slithers across the screen. It looks HUGE!

    • Thanks Ryan! I hadn’t even considered that I was on a sci-fi kick until you had pointed it out.. But alas, it is my happy place — the cold. desolate death vacuum known as space..

  • Sooo excited for no mans sky but i wonder if the controls feel good during remote play on the vita?

    • Wondering the same thing… from what little I’ve read over the last few days, it sounds like one of the triggers (which will be the dreaded touch pad on the Vita) is used as a speed boost when flying. I’m hoping there are control configurations that limit the use of the rear touch pads, since playing this before bed on the Vita sounds awesome.

    • The ‘speed boost’ (hyper drive) is the circle button.

  • …soooo, is this post confirming that the trailers have contained actual PS4 footage? Impressions from the recent press event claim that they PS4 version doesn’t run incredibly well at this point in development (yes, I know: they have 3 months left to optimize).

  • This game is going to suck up so much of my time! Great job, Hello Games! So much talent in their small team. Sony, you better promote the hell out of this!

  • Please support PSVR!

  • I haven’t been as excited for a game, like I have been for this game, since “Second Son”. I pre-ordered the limited edition on the day pre-orders were opened up and I am now impatiently waiting for June 21st! ;)

    I hope there are no delays; however, if it happens it happens.

    Keep up the great work Hello Games and keep us posted on what you can Ryan and team! :D

  • so excited!!!! and yea.. PSVR please!! :) june 21st can’t come soon enough.

  • whats no mans sky ? a first person shooter ? i am looking forward most to quantum break this year !

    • No Man’s Sky is a science-fiction game about exploration in a nearly infinite universe.

    • To be honest there’s a good chance you’ll finish Quantum Break in 12 to 20 hours like Alan Wake, while No Man’s Sky offers a lot more meat

  • Very excited for this game. Looks like a easy game to play short and long hours. Love exploring/resource game. Hope there’s enough interesting things. Like lore, back story, secrets, mysteries, customizing. Hoping this game turns out great. Love the art and sound from what I’ve seen.

  • I’ve been watching and keeping up with No Mans Sky for as long as I can remember! I can’t wait for the release on the 21st of June! I’m so excited and can’t wait to spend my time exploring the depths of this game and what is has to offer! The only thing I wish is that they would make an exception to this and release the game sooner!!

  • I’m hard core looking forward to this game……I love l the syfi aspect of this game. Even tho my wife is just looking forward to going to a planet and mining it barron but she is also hard core into mine craft she……I kno that it’s not a Space MineCraft but she is still gonna do so…….I on the other hand will explore all I can get me a bad ass ship upgrade as much as I can and I’m gonna be a raider in game so yay me…….

    • I suppose if you could burrow down and fall into mines then it could be considered ‘space Minecraft’ which is awesome. Let your wife do all your mining when your at work then you can reap the rewards later on. Lol

  • Any ideas on what trophies will be about?

  • So every planet you go to has space cops on it? That sort of kills the feeling of stepping foot on an unknown alien planet doesn’t it?

    And if im 10,000 feet underground where nobody can see me, and I mine too many resources the cops show up? Are they psychic robots?

    I’m excited for the game, but some of these mechanics seem to run contrary to the idea of free exploration and discovery. Frankly, they don’t make sense.

    In a universe this large, there should be parts of the galaxy that don’t have space cops crawling over every inch of them.

    • If there are a nearly infinite number of planets, why do the space cops care if I mine a lot of resources? Wouldn’t there be an infinite amount of resources to mine? Heck, I could mine on one planet my whole life and not finish, or run into another player.

      So why do space cops come and try to stop me?

    • If I remember correctly, it’s been stated that in the actual game, Sentinels will not be on every planet. I also imagine if you are deep underground, you won’t be attacked by them. According to what little lore is currently available, the Sentinels are suppose to be the remnants of an ancient race, left there to protect the planets. The planets are not new to alien races. Otherwise there would be no space stations, ships and weapons to obtain, none of that. The game would be taking a step in a more boring direction. However, we will be the first of our kind, the players, to discover each planet. Sort of like how Columbus “discovered America”. He wasn’t truly the first to be there, but for Europe it was new. Likewise in No Man’s Sky.

  • Is this game gonna be download only? I’m a four PS4 household. I’d love to share this game with my kids…

    • I guess you missed the post from last week announcing the retail release, including the box art.

    • This game will be available for digital and physical purchase. :)

  • I hope it brings back the memories of trying to work out how to play Mercenary to completion from an “unlabelled” tape 30 years ago, the first game i ever finished.

    And I wonder, is there any cheese-shaped ships? Or flying ratchet screwdrivers?

    (and invert x+y when walking?)

  • Have a feeling this game is going to be super boring….

    • What makes you say that? This is a giant universe full of planets to explore, and the only limit seems to be the player’s own imagination.

  • I am so excited and worried about this game. The key will be keeping that initial wow factor 20+ hours in. Since this is a huge have its only a matter of time before it becomes repetitive. Can’t wait for this though!

  • Not sure why you wouldn’t just leave that planet.

    I am looking forward to this one tho. Just the fact that it’s not a cookie cutter game intrigues me.

  • I pre ordered. wish I hadn’t now that I learned Amazon Prime members get the limited edition for $63.

    Any chance of their being Similar DLC or a Limited edition upgrade on PSN for download?

    CONTENTS OF LIMITED EDITION: SteelBook case including No Man’s Sky PS4 game
    Adventures in No Man’s Sky Comic – Featuring two stories set in the No Man’s Sky universe, with contributions from Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), James Swallow (Star Trek: Titan), and Angus McKie
    The Art of No Man’s Sky – 48 page art book featuring a host of concept art
    PS4 Dynamic Theme – Immerse yourself in the world of No Man’s Sky with this unique PlayStation 4 system themewith beautiful abstract art inspired by the game’s vast, mysterious universe
    Bonus In-game DLC – Photonix Core advanced ship boost, Trader Charisma bonus set of valuable resources, and Boltcaster SM weapon blueprint

  • I am eagerly awaiting this game. As a Trekkie, this feels like how an actual Trek game should be. Exploration to the Nth degree. Of course there are many other aspects which I look forward to, such as the space battles and trades. June 21st can’t get here soon enough.

  • Seriously can’t wait for this game to come out, pre ordered a regular copy months ago, then when when p4e orders went live everywhere I pre ordered a limited edition lol. Already spent over £100 on this game, and it’s worth every penny. I won’t need any other game once No Mans Sky comes out, seriously hello games awesome job on the game.Showing other game companies how it’s done. Honest to god I won’t have a life when it’s released lol

  • How are the graphics going to be in this game?

  • This is the only game I’ve bothered purchasing in physical form (limited edition version), everything else is always purely digital. I’ve been waiting for this game ever since it was announced and couldn’t resist the extras the limited edition came with, mainly the art book. Can’t wait!

  • I love the quick resume of a digital purchase, the seamless way I go from hitting the PS button to being in the game.
    With two kids, time is short. Finding the disk, hoping it didn’t get scratched up, removing whatever was recently stuck in the drive. Waiting for it to load. Worse is then having to wait for the updates to load.

    I want to pre-order, but I want to preorder a digital version. A code I drop on the system, and it pre-loads prior to June 21st, including the latest patches. So that shortly after midnight, I am be headed to my landfall.

    PSN USA Preorder – 10 Free Avatars
    Seriously? Full price and you are giving me 10 avatars.

    Amazon USA Preorder – The upgraded Alpha Vector Ship.
    Prime gets me a discount, and the ship will be nice. This is where I am leaning.

    What I really want is a digital limited edition with all the bonuses, “candy”, but no physical disk to have to put in the drive every time I want to play.

  • This game looks so freaking awesome! I already pre-ordered the pc and ps4 collectors editions. I am just waiting anxiously for June 21st you guys!!! 12 more weeks:-)

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