Santa Monica Studio Creatives — Sculpting the Dream

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Santa Monica Studio Creatives — Sculpting the Dream

Santa Monica Studio Creatives is a series focusing on four unique individuals of our family whose journey to our studio is as inspiring as their creative talents within. While their stories are candid, raw, and anything but normal, their expert crafts and collaboration within our walls hits the heart of what matters most to our studio culture — the team is everything. To learn more about this video series, please visit

Thinking back on how I decided to work with video games, I can’t really find the specific time when it happened.

I look at this last generation and how they are growing up connected to technology and how my son’s generation is going to grow up even more connected. It’s almost like they’re already born knowing how to use tablets and computers. My son was already playing games with a tablet when he was 9 months.

I remember playing with clay when I was a kid and being amazed by drawing, trying to copy things from magazines and television. As I grew older this was always present with me but I had no idea of having a career or having a future doing this. I remember getting my first computer and starting to use “paint” and trying to recreate drawings from paper to the computer.

The Internet wasn’t really present yet so everything was a big discovery. I was also not a big gamer at that time — I remember playing classics like Mario, Alex Kid, Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong, Battletoads, etc., but that was a world so far, far away I had no idea how that was being made.

Santa Monica Studio CreativesSanta Monica Studio Creatives

When the internet began to evolve, I started to create websites — that’s how everything started to connect for me. I started making little flash animations, then 3D logos, finally after some time I was creating bigger things with 3D and started falling in love with it. I spent all my free time for many years and learned everything about the software. Internet was amazing!

Having that 3D knowledge helped me get my first job when I was 17 with advertising. Even at that time being a hardcore gamer I still had no idea that I could pursue that as a career and that what I was doing was connected. I learned so much working with many different studios and after a couple years the software ZBrush came out — it was a mix of drawing, sculpting, and painting. Everything started to make sense to me even more. I started to create pieces for my portfolio and focus my work to become a Character Artist.

After a couple of years studying and sharing my work online I started to get opportunities to work in the video game industry. I had the chance to design and create more, and it finally felt feel like I was a part of something that was always present in my life.

Santa Monica Studio Creatives

I look back now and think about how everything happened. It’s crazy how it all came together and led me here to Santa Monica Studio. Having no access to information in the beginning was good and bad at the same time. It made the path much more difficult, but allowed me to try different things and appreciate more what I have now.

Going back to the thought about this generation, having access to Internet helped me so much with my career that I can’t even think of how much it will influence the life of my kid. One thing is for sure: there will be a lot of awesome games for him to play. Battletoads being one of them.

Santa Monica Studio Creatives

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  • God of War announce incoming…? SO looking forward to it!

    • That would be a good thing!

      God of War IV starting off when III ended, except you know.. I won’t say because of spoilers.

      I hope they ditch the multiplayer from Accession and put all of their efforts into making the single player campaign as amazing as possible.

  • Nice to see stuff like this get posted here as an alternative to just game trailers

  • Really amazing video, I hope you do more of it. It help me to know how the environment of the job look like. In addition, seeing how work for sony isn’t only hard thing to do, but it can be fun. Good luck Sculpting, and I’m looking forward for other creatives from Santa Monica.

  • Its amazing to see people making their dreams come true and make others happy with what they do… I’ll love to work in a creative team like Santa Monica Studios and help others with my art :)

  • Santa Monica’s next game will be EPiC, i can feel it. God of War3 still remains my favorite ps3 game of all time.

  • Such a cool story, let’s get more of these types of videos!

  • That Poseidon sculptor… OMG!!! Could barely read the article because it was so beautiful.

  • Nice I will be sure to watch the series,love videos like these.And watching videos of people from Santa Monica is even better considering they’re among the best devs in the business.

    BTW that Kratos pic oooh top-notch,amazing work.

    Also this thing of childs growing more and more connected to technology is the worst thing that can happen to them…its the begin of a path to put the population on a hole without end.

  • that’s dope

  • Devilking-Nikkai

    Now this is what i called a truly amazing Marketing video for PlayStation channel!
    No more “HEROES” or celebrities or any kind of that please. PlayStation is a gaming channel, it should focusing on everything related from gaming to developing.
    Thank you, Sony for caring more about the developers. I hope you will make great series like this in the near future.
    Oh and give us Jak 4 and Sly Cooper 5 please!

  • Yo Santa Monica Studio, I’m really happy for you. Imma let you finish but where the heck are the games?!! We’re almost 3 years into the PS4’s life and not a single game announced from the team. Makes me really upset.

  • Thank you for sharing your story with us. Hopefully you’ll inspire your fellow Brazilians to pursue their dreams in the video game industry if they have the passion for it. Also, congratulations on your baby boy, he’s a cutie!

  • Amazing story definitely something good to see/hear. Will show this to my god-son since he is really interested in game design and development.

  • Thanks for sharing your story! I really appreciate hearing more about the people that make the games we love to play :-)

  • The duuuuudee!

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