Introducing KOI, A New Fish in the PS4 Pond

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Introducing KOI, A New Fish in the PS4 Pond

Hi, we’re Oasis Games, the first publishing partner of Sony Computer Entertainment Shanghai (SCES). As Chinese developers, we are working with Sony to bring local games to players in the United States and beyond. There are lots of game developers here and China is predicted to have a high growth in console gaming — but for this to happen local developers have to have a way to reach gamers outside of China.

That’s where we come in. By hooking up with the PlayStation team, Oasis is able to bring new games to players like you. And we’re excited about this!

What does this mean for you? Well, for starters, it means our game of adventure and exploration, Koi, will be the very first game developed in China that will come to PS4.

(Also, with Koi already winning awards it’s also the first successful indie game created in the city of Tianjin, China! That’s two historic firsts!)

A Little Fish in a Pond

Koi is a game about a fish. And a pond. But it’s not a fishing game. It’s a game where you play as the fish!

Our game has a rather philosophical slant. Koi asks players if they can find happiness and peace of mind by bringing purity to a lotus pond. Rather than focusing on action, the game follows the introspective journey of a lone koi fish. Separated from your owner, you find that your once tranquil pond has been transformed into a world of darkness and danger. What was once beautiful has turned deadly. Even the friendly Light Fish have become predatory Dark Fish that will attack anything that comes near.

Koi on PS4Koi on PS4

The game has puzzle solving and item collecting, with an eye toward bringing you, the player, to a calm and happy frame of mind as you restore the pond to its natural state. By guiding our koi hero, you can purify the underwater world as you navigate obstacles that block your path, solve puzzles, and open flowers to restore the water’s health. Accomplishing these seemingly small tasks can turn threats into beauty. A predator fish can turn back into a harmless friend and spiked branches that block your path can once again become healthy green leaves.

As you play, the story will emerge naturally as you swim around in pretty environments. While swimming through turbulent currents and murky waters, you’ll find additional layers and side quests such as collecting puzzle pieces. You can memorize melodies hidden inside barren branches and use these to restore the ecosystem. All the while, the hypnotic, piano-based score created by the Chinese artist Zeta immerses you in the watery world, leaving your mind free to explore how the realm of the pond is similar and different to our own.

Koi on PS4

Come On In, the Water’s Fine

We will be showing Koi for the first time at GDC Play in San Francisco — if you’re attending, please stop by! We are honored to be the first Chinese publisher on PS4 and we’d love to share our game with you, whether at GDC or this Spring when the game launches.

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  • This looks like an interesting concept, that will really benefit from seeing it and hearing it in motion, so I hope you can share a trailer soon :-)

    • Hi there Paulogy,

      Thank you for the support! The trailer is good to go right now at the top of the blog post, check it out :)


      Martho – Oasis Games

  • Oh wow, this is great!! The game looks lovely, I’ll be sure to give it a try.
    Congratulations for your achievements, hope you are very successful with your creation!

  • The philosophical angle is great. There are so many action and shooters. I love the idea of a serene, Zen like approach to the whole experience. And the ideas and art from the East is a welcome touch. Ex Oriente Lux…

  • This game looks really good and innovative, hope chinese developers bring some fresh air with new concepts and games worldwide. Kudos to oasis.

    Looking forward to dive in!

    • Hi there XvLDark,

      Thanks for your nice comments! We’re definitely excited to show a global PlayStation audience unique and interesting developments in the Chinese indie gaming scene, with Koi being our first step towards this. Exciting times, keep an eye on us!



  • The screenshots look beautiful, and I’m intrigued by the gameplay & music description. It’s great to see a game from China =)

  • Congrats, it looks great. That’s the type of games that makes the PS consoles so unique, I appreciate the fact that Sony keeps funding/helping projects like this one.

  • Looks good but don’t kill the game with time consuming trophies. Look to Journey for an idea on how to do trophies right. Congrats on the historic firsts and look forward to seeing the game and also hearing the music.

    • Heya SpyDudeFX,

      Thanks for your helpful feedback, as it stands now the trophies whilst being an integral part of the game, won’t in any way obstruct the core experience of Koi – an introspective journey, where they key-term is immersion. Thanks for the support and check out the trailer above for a first hint of the unique music.



  • Sounds a lot like ‘Flower’, but in the water. Look forward to seeing more.

  • This seems awesome! Can’t wait!

  • This looks like the perfect game to introduce into America! You can’t go wrong with a puzzler, and with the graphics and music to go along this looks like an amazing game I can’t wait to try!!

  • so this is a game that’s already out on Android and iOS right?

    • Correct. However they’ve made upgrades since there are so many more capabilities for PS4 than mobile devices.

  • Oh from Tianjin eh…game looks nice,looking forward to see more about it and also to see what other games you guys from China have for us.BTW any chance of Koi for Vita?…looks very fit for it.

  • Hi everyone!

    Thanks so much for all of the positive comments :) I’m working with Oasis Games on KOI. Since they’re based in China, Martho will be responding to questions tonight (currently it’s 4:30 AM over there).

    In the meanwhile I’ll try to answer as many qs as I can!

  • Looks great, looking forward to it

  • Well, since it was already released in mobile devices, I hope there’s a chance it will come to PS Vita.

    • Sorry to say but every system this game is on (mobile/apple, PS4, vita, etc.) it has to be built from the ground up meaning they have to redo it every time. every game that U have ever played is made in this fashion and most game companies don’t have a budget for it, they may be working on some thing else also…
      Game looks sweet though O.W.N.

  • Will you be doing any stream events when it’s released?

    • Hi there Gallifrey48,

      Thank you for your support, there is a bunch of stuff planned for the launch, with steam events probably being included as well. Keep an eye open for us!



  • How much!? lol

  • Yay, China! Glad to finally see our gaming worlds come together. :)

    • KOI sounds and looks really nice , BTW. As a big fan of games like Flower and The Undergarden, I’m sure I’ll really enjoy this.

    • Dear PanTheman16,

      Thank you for your kind words, it’s a very exciting time indeed for indie developers and PlayStation gamers alike. The fact that we as a publisher can help showing the world what the (indie) gaming scene in China is doing (and will be doing!) is both a pleasure and an adventure, just like our first game KOI.



  • I’m happy to see this come through. I think, often, not the whole picture comes across the ponds, and it is compelling to see whether one could experience through gameplay what life must be like somewhere foreign.

  • Oh come on! Don’t be Koi! :D

    Looks lovely! I’m sure I will be checking this out when it releases!

  • Looks good! I’ll be looking out for this for sure. BTW, it looks like it would be really fun on PS Vita as well ; )

  • I’m from Tianjin although I live in LA now. Can’t wait to try out this game!

  • Looks beautiful! I love a game that promotes harmony and peace of mind. Will definitely keep my eye on this one. Congratulations and welcome to the PlayStation family!

    • Dear GunnerFCm,

      Thank you for your support, as you mentioned KOI indeed strives to strike a balance between serenity on the one hand and exciting exploring gameplay on the other. We are really looking forward together with developer Dotoyou to be part of the PlayStation family and their awesome fans!



  • Looks beautiful. I’m interested to learn more as time goes by.

  • Asia makes the best games.Please bring more Doujin to the west.Day one buy.I’m honored they are trying to bring more to the west.Gamers need them.

  • This game looks wonderful, I can’t wait to give it a try. I noticed above that you said you’re focused on PS4, but if sales do well, I hope Vita is a possibility in the future.

    Also, I must say I love the logo design of this game. If there was a hoodie with that on one of the sides, I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

    Best of luck, can’t wait to play your game.

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