Furiously Fast Platformer 10 Second Ninja X Coming to PS4, PS Vita

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Furiously Fast Platformer 10 Second Ninja X Coming to PS4, PS Vita

Ahoy-hoy! I’m Dan, pleased to be here! I’m working on 10 Second Ninja X, a tough-as-nails platformer that works a bit like if Super Meat Boy French kissed Trials HD. You have ten seconds to kill all the enemies in each level. The faster you do it, the better rating you get; the better rating you get, the more levels you unlock. You are a ninja. The enemies are robots. Take out insurance on your PS Vita and cover your DualShock 4 in bubble wrap.

It’s blisteringly fast and every frame counts. There are dedicated retry buttons so you’ll be restarting over and over to get that perfect run. No lengthy gaps between checkpoints. No hand holding. You just need to prove that you can be perfect for about three to five seconds per level.

When you do achieve a coveted three star rating, that’s all you. It’s incredibly difficult, to the point where it’s maybe a bad idea for us to be putting it on PS Vita (a system that can easily be thrown across a room in a fit of rage), but we’re going to give it a shot anyway.

10 Second Ninja X plays especially nice with a classic PlayStation directional pad. So it’s maybe a little confusing why I’d feel as nervous as I do writing this blog post. Truth is, we’re pretty big PlayStation fans here at Four Circle Interactive.

10 Second Ninja X on PS4, PS Vita10 Second Ninja X on PS4, PS Vita

The PS2 was the first home console I owned and it was a backbone to my childhood. Launching a game on PlayStation has been the goal ever since I started designing games. Heck, our programmer Daniel (not me) is an even bigger PlayStation fan than I am. Sony gave us PlayStation branded hoodies last year and I’m not sure Daniel’s taken it off once. It’s gross, actually.

Point is, you can understand why I’m getting butterflies. After admiring PlayStation games from afar for so long, it feels like we’re juggling at a talent show in front of our whole school and we’re doing everything we can to ensure that we don’t drop our balls in front of everyone.

We want this to be a game that PlayStation fans are proud of and thankfully I think the game is shaping up really well. It’s not always easy to love the game that you’re making, which is why I’m glad that I sincerely believe 10 Second Ninja X is becoming a great game.

10 Second Ninja X on PS4, PS Vita

We’re big admirers of OlliOlli, Velocity, and Stealth Inc., and we very much want to bring you a game that lives up to the standards set by them. We’ll find out this summer whether we achieve that, but until then, we’re grateful to have this opportunity to interact with the PlayStation community. Thanks for reading.

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4 Author Replies

  • This should be a perfect fit on Vita. I like that you mentioned OlliOlli and Velocity because those games are rad. Welcome to PlayStation and I look forward to checking this one out.

    • Thank you so much! It’s a dream come true for us. We love our Vita libraries with the passion of a THOUSAND SUNS. We’re overjoyed to have the opportunity to try and join some of the greats there!

  • Yes! This gonna be look Great on my beautyfull VITA

    • No problem! We adore the Vita, too. We had ’em long before we started developing for the platform and we feel very personally invested in getting the Vita version right. Doing everything we can to make sure it stays sharp, slick and 60fps!

    • Thanks for the reply man, i really apreciate when a developer show attention for her costumers. Im goin to talk about this game with everybody i know, and i know a lot of gamers ;)
      Day One buy without question. Thanks again for supporting VITA

  • Game looks like a lot of fun. I like precision based games especially when give you a quick reset button. I also dream about eventually releasing a game on PlayStation and you guys have really inspired me. That’s for the article and I can’t wait to try our your game on PS4!

  • Should be a fun game. :)

  • What a delightful trailer! It makes me really want to give this game a shot when it comes out this summer. Do you plan on supporting cross-buy between PS4 & Vita? Cross-save, too? :-)

    • Thank you very much! Cross-buy supported and we’re working on Cross-save as we speak! Trying to make this the best Playstation experience we can.

  • Looks great! Looking forward to it, this style suits me more for some reason than the other similar games mentioned. Keep up the great work!

  • Looks very nice for my PSVita. Congrats!

    I hope it will have a platinum trophy.

  • Another great game to look forward to on my Vita, Thanks!

  • Nice trailer and game looks good too…looks like ma kind of game,the kind of game that makes me excited to try over and over again.I like the games you quoted there specially Velocity…I’m a big fan of Velocity and I gotta say that 10 Second Ninja X reminds me of trying perfect on the zones of Velocity.Thanks for supporting the Vita cuz I’ll get the game there.

  • Seems cute. Not usually a fan of minimalist platformers, but at least this isn’t “Chunk Pixel” looking, and the gameplay is what matters anyway. Though I am a fan of the tone and humor, judging by the “Romancier” part of the trailer :)

    I’ll put this on my radar. I’ll make sure to pay attention to it when it comes out in the Summer!

  • Game looks great for my Vita! Will the Vita be PSTV compatible?

  • Looks fantastic. As people have said, thanks for supporting the Vita.

    For us collectors tho – Physical release please!! :) .. pretty pls?

  • This looks like a totally awesome game for the Vita. Question……When does the game come out though?

  • Looks cool… Thanks for supporting vita

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