Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Stress Test This Weekend

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Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Stress Test This Weekend

Uncharted 4: Multiplayer Stress test

The Multiplayer team here at Naughty Dog wants to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who participated in the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta this past December. It was really productive for us, and we’ve been poring over all the data and feedback we received from the Beta.

But we’re not done yet!

We need your help to do all we can to have a smooth launch of our online Multiplayer mode. We will be hosting a Multiplayer Stress Test this weekend where the goal is to get as many people as possible playing in the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer mode to test our networking, our matchmaking, and more.

Uncharted 4: Multiplayer Stress test

Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Stress Test

  • Start: March 4th, 2016, at 9:00 AM Pacific
  • End: March 6th, 2016, at 11:59 PM Pacific

Please help us create the best multiplayer experience possible and participate in the stress test before launch. Also, and this is important because we want as many people playing as possible, a PlayStation Plus subscription is not required to participate.

The Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Stress Test client will be available later today on PlayStation Store so you can preload the Stress Test and jump straight into Multiplayer as soon as the servers go live this Friday! Please understand that this is strictly a stress test and by no means represents what the final multiplayer experience is going to be — we still have a lot to share between this stress test and launch.

If you are unfamiliar with Uncharted 4 Multiplayer, or want a refresher about some of our features, be sure to head over to our Multiplayer FAQ for more info on how to get started.

Join us on our Twitch channel on Friday, March 4th, at 11:30 AM Pacific and 5:00 PM Pacific as we’ll be hosting a couple of streams that day with some special guests!

Download the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Stress Test from PlayStation Store later today, and we’ll see you online in a few days!

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  • This is awesome thanks naughty dog keep up the good work to deliver the best uncharted ever

  • never mind the stress test , what about all the games disconnects we keep getting , project cars, F1 2015, Evolve, GT6, its a joke, and we pay for that!..Stress test your whole network coz right now its totally crap.

  • I LOVED the beta in December, so I am really looking forward to this weekend. Can’t wait Dogs, keep up the good work!

  • When is US PSN getting Heavy rain?

    I am desperate to order.

    • Wrong section, ****.

    • i loved heavy rain 0.0 i should check if the UK psn has it since i was thinking of getting the hard copy which comes with beyond two souls

    • 1. Why do people post stuff like this in the comments for articles that have NOTHING to do with what they’re asking about? It’s so tiring to read the same spam over and over again – and that’s what it is, it’s off-topic spam.

      2. Why would you post something like this on the morning that all the final announcements are coming out for what’s being released that day? Wait for the announcement of what’s actually coming out, at least – or wait less than 30 minutes, in this case, for the post specific to the thing you’re asking about.

    • @ FeistFan – Because they’re impatient ignorants…plain and simple.Its very annoying indeed.

    • Today friend :D

  • So no update to those who have the closed beta client still on their PS4s like Ubisoft did with TD? Shame…BUT THIS IS DOPE

  • Thank you very much for another oppurtunity to test the Multiplayer out.

  • What happened to the #Uncharted101 contest?

  • Thanks this is awesome jus sucks i have too work all weekend uugghhh!!!

  • Awesome! Guaranteed the servers will be on fire on day one regardless of stress test, but am thankful that I get to try out MP before the launch.

  • I admit that the last go around, I kind of pussed out because I didn’t have anyone to jump in with. But this time I am going to man up and get my butt whopped properly.

    • I just jumped in and ran around and had fun. The other side seemed to be a team that was coordinating and backing each other up, while my side seemed to be just randomly running around – we lost handily, but I at least got a few licks in.

      It’s a decent enough multiplayer, and opening it to everyone is a nice touch. It seems they honestly want to stress test their system, which bodes well in itself.

  • Uncharted multi-player doesn’t carry much weight, but definitely one of the best single player games.

    • Uncharted multiplayer is some of the best multiplayer I’ve ever played. I still think that the single player story is the best thing that Uncharted does, but the multiplayer is awesome in its own right.

    • 3 does not and I can’t say much about 4.
      But UC2 had the best MP ever along with TLoU…people who experienced it back in 2010 which was its best time know what I’m talking about…nowadays its almost unplayable because of so much cheaters but in its prime it was a blast.It was a pure Uncharted take on MP,unique,diverse and of top-notch quality…UC3 went so downhill that I can’t even put in words.

  • Thank you Naughty Dog!

  • Nice naughty dog. You are number 1

  • Nice!!!! I just preordered the digital deluxe version yesterday thinking the game came out the first of April. Then found out its not out til the end of April. But this stress test sounds great!

    • your lucky I misstaking thought that the release date was at the end of 2015 cause that 5 and the 6 were so hard to see on my screen but I preordered it a year and 3 months ago thinking i was about to play ooooh what a noob a was and still am but hey like they say greatness awaits right and waits and waits and waits well its really worth it though so I’ll just wait Naughty Dog’s have never let me down baaa haha haaaa haha!!!!!!





  • OMG!! y’all heard ma prayers I can’t believe we’re having an open beta and with pre-load ha I can’t express how much this is fantastic,I hope other devs take note.Been dying to try UC4 online…and I hope you guys take a good look at your networking this time around cuz UC2 had(and still has) major annoying problems that it takes minutes and minutes to join a friend or for a friend to join you…4 years later TLoU had(and still has) the same damn problems.I hope this won’t happen in UC4.

  • Cool! can’t wait till Friday to try it out!

  • I love you naughty dog!!

  • don’t have aim assist for any gun and make sure the grenades aren’t annoying

    • What do mean by annoying? Thats a vague description. What is annoying to you can be fun to another. The developers need more info to go by then just saying grenades are annoying. Grenades are kinda meant to be annoying, don’t you think? Nobody likes being behind cover and having a grenade tossed at their location.

  • I will definitely be there!

  • I am SO hyped for the beta/stress test! I’m also happy you can dowload it early!

  • Wow, this and the Hitman beta on the same weekend? It will be cool to try out both games.

  • I can’t wait to play the multiplayer again. Judging by the screenshots in the post, are we going to see a different map than the one in the previous beta test?

    • Yes. The open beta/stress test will have 3 multiplayer maps. One extra from the closed beta. It looks awesome from the screen shots!

  • Thank you Naughty Gods!!! The Closed Beta was probably the most fun I’ve had with a multi-player in a long time!! :D

  • Already downloaded, can’t wait for Friday :)

  • AKA the requisite multiplayer demo to drum up hype.

    Hey Sony, how about just dropping the multiplayer requirement for Plus all the time? It’s not hard. With all the money you make from PS4, you can surely afford it.

  • The previous U4 beta was one of my top games of last year. And there were a lot of games last year I loved! If it still plays a wonderfully as it did in December, you just robbed me of my weekend, and I’m totally fine with it.

  • I’m a rookie to PS4. Could anyone tell me if I have to become a PS+ member before playing this multiplayer beta?

    • Normally you would need a PS+ account for online multiplayer, but not for this beta. It’s open to all PS4 owners.

  • I downloaded the beta and when I press the option button it keep sending me to error initializing session manager

  • Hopefully it’s like The Last of Us. That is truly one amazing multiplayer game.

    • I hope it’s not just your average run and gun 3rd person shooter like Uncharted 3 multiplayer. Multiplayers games like that are so empty and lack any sort of long lasting fun

  • Is this a free multiplayer weekend? Will it work with any game? Please respond

  • Cool, it’s the same client as the Dec closed beta. It’s already on my download list to re-download.

  • I’ll be on to do my part, Thanks ND!

  • *Play’s Michael Jackson’s “I’ll Be There”*

  • Did anyone else feel like the targeting reticule was a bit north from the center of the screen during the last beta?

  • o straight up I’m a bit shy to say the ONLY reeeeeaason I got a super shinny new PS4 was because of UnCharted 4 ok ok ok I’m a noobious crazy kinda guy sooooo!!! what I can’t help it I love Naughty Dog even from their beginings with Jak n Daxter and well it’s the freakin adventure that really really realy cranks me up yeaaaah!!!!!

  • I tried the UC4 MP Beta earlier in December, it was really amazing. The combination between TLoU + UC2 simply will reach the ultimate game play n MP ever known in all consoles!!

    Gratitude, ND team ;)

  • i hope they extend the beta.

  • Wooo! Perfect time for spring break! Also, do I need to redownload it? I have the multiplayer beta…

    • There is an update for the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer currently downloading for me : Version 1.11 which is 136.2 MB, so I’m guessing we don’t need to download the whole beta client again. :)

    • Oh I see. Thank you! Will update it so I don’t have to do it on Friday.

  • Thanks ND! :)

  • God I hope they fixed multiplayer. The crap they put out for the closed beta was in essence, a re skin of last of us multiplayer. If I wanted to play LOU, I would do that. PLEASE BRING BACK THE CLASSIC UNCHARTED MULTIPLAYER OF 2&3!!!!! Plus wtf happened to stealth kills!?!? In my eyes that was the best feature of the freaking game!!! And now all u can do is swing your gun at someone. So dumb. Please don’t mess this up naughty dog!

  • Will this require PS plus? Cause it shouldn’t be required if they are trying to test as many people as possible.

  • I will be there! This partly makes up for pushing back the release date…AGAIN…I do know it will be worth the wait because everything you guys do is leaps and bounds better than anything everyone else is doing in my opinion. I played the beta until you ripped it away from my blistered fingers and was very impressed with the smooth gameplay and amazing new editions. Keep up the phenomenal work fellas!!!

  • @ rydawg_96, READ THE DANG ARTICLE!!!! I won’t give you the answer because you ask a question that you shouldn’t ask if you read the Article.

    ANYWAY, looking forward to this.

  • Loved all the Uncharted games. The beta for Uncharted 4 was fantastic. Thanks naughty dog.

  • I really hope the complete multiplayer has the classic mode

  • I’ve just downloaded and installed beta but once it loads it comes up saying “error initialising session manager” I never have problem connecting is there anyone who’s fixing this problem?

    • The beta starts at 9 am!

    • It was great I was soooooo upset when the stress test ended this morning. I can hardly wait for the new game to come out.. Just add more maps but other then that the game play was great.. Great job ND

  • You thanks naughty dog all be streaming all weekend s/o my stream love guys been down for awhile

  • I cant play it and im in the east time zone and it says error initializing manager any suggestions

  • Thanks naughty dog! I believe uncharted will be the greatest game of 2016! Keep up the good work you guys !

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