New Release Date for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

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New Release Date for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

As you know, Naughty Dog is wrapping up production on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End with the game on track to go gold and into production later this month. In an effort to meet the considerable worldwide demand, and to ensure that all gamers worldwide have the opportunity to play the game on day one, we have chosen to postpone the launch of the game by two weeks to allow for extra manufacturing time.

Therefore, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has a new worldwide release date of May 10, 2016.

We know this news might be disappointing, and we are sorry to have to make you wait a little longer to play Naughty Dog’s latest. The good news is that the game is phenomenal — we are fully confident that it will be worth the wait and the team at Naughty Dog is eager as ever for you to experience Nathan Drake’s final adventure.

We thank you for your continued support for PlayStation.

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  • Colin was right.

    • I’d rather it be two weeks later and turn out to be a gr8 game than it being released full of bugs and glitches because of it being rushed.I have full confidence in naughty dog to deliver on this one!

    • @ Wazza09121977

      As stated in the article, the extra two weeks has nothing to do with tweaking or bug fixes. It has everything to do with supply meeting the demand for worldwide. Basically Xbox’s approach with every game.

    • I’m disappointed, but at the same time at least it gives me time to save up some money for the Libertalia edition. Also it will give me time to play the new Ratchet and Clank game coming in April 12th. Just no more delays. Art shouldn’t be hidden for so long.

    • Thats bull that game is already a masterpiece wtf why they do this i trust naughty dog but this is worrying me i hope doesnt come

    • use the hashtag!

    • Colin is rarely wrong.

    • As long as The Nathan Drake Collection is the PS Plus game for April all will be forgiven .

    • Uncharted 4 production = to infinity and beyond!!!!!!!
      Your release date is completely fallible and absolute horrendous example of time management. How about we just say now the release date is 2017 and your naughty dog crew can go back to sleep in their kennels. I would take the most immense pleasure in never, ever buying this game if it were any other company other than Naughtydog. Too bad you are bending to the people abroad that hack and pirate your game and PS4 system. Cheers to your guaranteed release date delay in April!!!!!!

    • I LOVE that this is the first comment, you forgot the hashtag :)

    • Well if you throw sticky stuff to a wall long enough, something is going to stick. And correct me if I’m wrong, but Colin only prophecsiesed one delay, not two?

      I don’t know, I stopped listening to Kinda Funny content because Colin is so unbearable. Beyond is so much more aligned with my opinions. Colin talks down to his audience

    • Take your time, late release but great game is what I want. Release only when it is ready!

    • @Narmasil I am surprised you think that. I feel all Max does is talk about his audience as if they annoy him and all Brian does is spend 25 minutes each episode completely beating a dead joke into the ground. If it weren’t for Goldfarb, I wouldn’t be able to take that show anymore.

    • What are some good playstation centered podcasts? Both of the before mentioned are starting to become unbearable…

    • It doesn’t take two weeks to put a game on a disc. They knew how many discs they needed. They are missing their deadline. Probably due to fixing bugs. Or just poor planning. Either way. I’m still playing it.

    • That’s it!
      5 finger discount.
      Payback is sweet.

  • Wow this is like the 4th or 5th time now. Really getting old now guys. In April you’ll tell us it’s delayed until June…SIGH

    • “Really getting old now guys.”

      Okay. Forget the polishing and bug stomping. Enjoy your incomplete glitch-ridden game with unpredictable behavior, random freezes, and so forth.

    • and if they released a buggy.. broken game, You would have been the type to comment on what a broken mess the game is!

      Also “getting old”..? So it’s getting old to ensure a game works before releasing..!? Give me a break and stop being an idiot!

    • I’m thankful they have a standard they can release it when it’s ready.

    • See the thing is two weeks is going to be used to manufacture the game so every one can play it day one this is not for development, so yea this is getting old by the way, how would two weeks help out iron out the buggs in a game? Lol this is all manufacturing bull****.

    • So, all of you are perfectly content with them constantly post-poning the game? They had a pre-order made available last year. They’ve constantly been creating new dates after new dates. It would be far better for them to change it to “To be announced” instead of jerking everyone around.

    • Exactly. The people above are part of the problem with these dev’s giving games dates and then constantly delaying them. Don’t give the game a date until you know you can make it.

    • I have no problem with a game company delaying a game.

      It’s a little annoying, but I’d much rather this than the alternatives… which are either a) we get buggy games or b) they refuse to talk at all and we can’t plan out our time/money at all because we never know anything(looking at you XSeed… you know I love you guys, but the whole ‘NEWSFLASH! The game we’ve been refusing to talk about for years is coming out TOMORROW’ is annoying)

    • If the game was “a buggy, broken game” two weeks isn’t going to make any difference, guys. This delay has nothing to do with polish and everything to do with manufacturing.

  • RinoRichardCroft

    I’m okay with delays, as long as the final product comes out finished and well-polished. The ending better not involve the death of Nathan Drake. If you don’t wanna make sequels, then don’t. You don’t need to ruin it for us. After all, death never stopped developers from making prequels, anyway.

    • Lol its already finished those two extra weeks will be used for manufacturing purposes man they should release in other country when it ready for them not make the entire fans wait cause other wont be able to play screw that.

  • More time to play Dark Souls 3 I guess… I know this game will be awesome, I just hope it’s the last delay!

  • I’m actually glad at this news. Puts some space between Uncharted 4 and Ratchet & Clank. Now people won’t be skipping Ratchet because they can’t afford to buy both games in a two-week timeframe. Looking forward to Uncharted 4 but Ratchet needs the love too. <3

    • bone_crasher_153

      Ha!! Was thinking the exact same thing. Actually I preordered Ratchet and Clank today. Have blind faith in Naugthy Dog. Know it’s going to be an awesome game.

  • Understandable, Naughty Dog never disappoints. Hopefully you extend the open beta as a little compensation. Stoked for the game and future Naughty Dog productions.

    • To be fair they don’t have any reason to “compensate” anyone. I mean if they wanted to be nice sure… but a delay of 2 weeks hurts no one and if it does impact you, you can simply un-preorder it.


    • jah_92_rastafari

      #ColinWasRight gotta use that hashing mate!
      No worries naughty dog, doesn’t bother me one bit because I know it’s worth it, also how is it that people know how to type but don’t know how to read?
      The delay is due to manufacturing not fixing the game ffs, some people…

  • Plenty of other stuff to play until then. Still a bummer!
    How bout that No Man’s Sky leak? Give is that plsssssssssss

  • Oh, come on.

  • Wow..

  • Are you serious? ridiculous

  • OMG I am just speechless at this point. As much as I love Naughty Dog, please don’t ever give out a release date unless it’s 100% concrete.


  • Shocker, just delay it until fall already instead of stringing it along

  • Ahh, I had to jump through hoops to take off that last week in April!! Oh well, guess I’ll be working on getting Nathan Drake Collection trophies to 100% :)

  • There go my birthday plans! I was really looking forward to picking up this limited edition console on my birthday. Somewhat disappointed, hope Naughty Dog makes up for this in some way… Looking forward to an exceptional game :\

    • I know it sounds like a childish and silly complaint! I have never before been upset about a delay as I understand sometimes things need more work or polish; in this case, Playstation wants a positive global experience and that’s fine.

      Yet it is not every day that a AAA game releases on the same day as your Bday… maybe that’s the disappointing feeling.

  • To all the people complaining, I mean come on. It’s seriously only 2 weeks. I’d much rather them be able to meet demand than have retailers run out of the game. Haven’t dealt with that for over a decade and I would like to keep it that way.

    • 2 weeks would only make sense if they hadn’t already postponed the game several times. People are annoyed that they’ve kept postponing, not that it is simply being postponed this one time. You’re talking months of postponing, not weeks.

    • Haven’t dealt with that in over a decade? You must never play anything by nintendo, by any CE’s, or play any indie/localized games. I have to deal with that almost on a monthly basis.

  • All the complainers are funny. It’s obvious the preorder demand is huge so they are delaying the release to make sure they can press enough discs to satisfy all the orders. I seriously doubt they are still bug fixing at that point.

    And no it’s not the 4-5th time. So try exaggerating a little less. It’s also a video game so try getting some perspective. It’s not a cure for cancer.

    • It is the 4th or 5th time. The game was originally meant to come out in 2015. Then got pushed to March 2016, then April, and now May. Do some research.

    • You think they need 2 weeks to make a few thousand more discs? How complicated do you honestly think it is to make a few extra discs exactly? Companies wouldn’t postpone a game to “make more discs”…especially not in this age when so many people are downloading the game instead of getting a physical copy. They make more money off digital copies, it would be far more beneficial for them to come up with the idea of a physical copy “shortage”.

    • Also the preorder demand isn’t that high that you need over a month to manufacture a game especially since a lot of people buy digitally now. Games like GTA and Call of Duty that sell 10 million in the first week only need a couple of weeks for manufacturing so something else is going on.

    • “It is the 4th or 5th time. The game was originally meant to come out in 2015. Then got pushed to March 2016, then April, and now May. Do some research.”

      So it had an original release date (which that I even question as that was a general target) of holiday 2015. However for the sake of argument we’ll say that was an actual official release date. So a push to March is one delay, another push to April would be a second and now two more weeks is a third. That is not 4 OR 5 delays. So yeah. I’ve done my research. Perhaps you should figure out how math works?

    • It was announced for release, by Naughty Dog, with a release date of November “Dking”. If you question that you’re clearly not much of a fan of the series, as you got informed of the release date after it had already changed at that point…meanwhile the rest of us knew about that date early on in 2015.

      You still haven’t brought up a valid excuse as to why they keep recycling new release dates instead of giving us a “To be announced” release date. Postponing a game once is acceptable, things happen. Making release dates for a game you clearly have no idea when it will be ready is simply childish and rude to your customers.

    • jah_92_rastafari

      It’s actually the 4th time but I couldn’t care less, greatness can wait!

  • Thanks for the update Shawn. While disappointing, two weeks isn’t so bad. It will be worth it.

  • Wow, ND, you’ve really become a punchline when it comes to this.

  • Thebestfangamer1

    Well… May 10 it’s my birthday, so I’m not sure to be happy for that AWESOME GIFT EVER, or sad for the delay.

  • CastellanLebbick

    That’s fine by me as well! Remember the multiplayer beta is this coming weekend, we can get a good sample. And heck, with The Division, MLB The Show 16 we will be busy up until the release. Time will fly by!

  • I, for one, don’t mind a bit. Too many games on my backlog already. This just gives me more time to play the games I already own. Keep up the good work Naughty Dog!

  • Take your time Naughty Dog because I’ll know that your game will be a classic!

  • I absolutely trust that Naughty Dog knows exactly what it is doing to bring the best possible uncharted experience out.. I am hoping that Nathan’s character as a boy in uncharted 5 is tweaked while they are doing upgrades and fixing things, maybe make his character look more like he did as a boy in Uncharted 3, it actually made me wince when I was watching the trailer, but I was figuring it was just not the finished product which is why it looked unfinished. Other than that one minor thing it looks awesome… anything that is great is really worth the wait. Thanks for the heads up!

  • This is good news, more time for Dark Souls 3

  • May?
    Oh well, i know it’s going to be well worth it.
    Already pre-ordened it. Loving the theme! I just want to see the game on it’s full glory; this delay might even improve and add more things due the time. I just hope i can play it.
    Thank you, Playstation!

  • Anyone else think that they should at least extend the open beta this weekend to a few days to make up for this? I’m all for Naughty Dog and them keeping their reputation, but this is honestly getting me less excited for the game, now my expectation is them delaying it again.

  • Colin was right…. Uh, again.

  • Take your time Naughty Gods

  • No problem. Gives me enough time to fully play Dark Souls 3 and Ratchet and Clank.

  • hahahaha

  • Wow. I understand how delays can happen, and it’s fine that they do since things can come up, but how many is it at this point? It implies that there’s some sort of disconnect within the studio, which doesn’t inspire confidence.

  • i guess i just have to reschedule my day off to May 10th.

  • Ok, no problem. Wish ND a luck.

  • In Naughty Dog i Trust.

    Take your time.

  • On the one hand I feel like screaming into a pillow, but on the other I understand that logistics is a thing. I’d be way more upset if the release date came and I wasn’t able to get my copy (and then have the whole thing spoiled by the internet).

    (speaking of spoilers–does this delay affect the art of uncharted 4 book as well?)

  • Gives me more time to practice on SFV

  • Come on guys, this is ridiculous now, you had 5 years for developing and just now going with the delay, why the release date from the beginning then

  • Well damn. Im fine with them pushing it back if they need to, but its still annoying to hear something like this.

  • I’m all for delays if they mean getting a better product, but if this is just for manufacturing purposes then I find that quite lame. =\ I always buy my games digitally, why should I have to way for Sony to manufacture more physical copies? I wish everyone would just go digital like me. -__-

    • unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of high speed internet to download games. a lot of people would rather buy the physical copies of the game.

    • Seriously this. They could release it today if they wanted, the game is ready. Why should we who buy digitally have to wait for more discs to be made.

    • @lomsha 1) because it isn’t ready, the post says they are wrapping up production. 2) because your a digital plebe, if anything I, who bought the most expensive version of the LE, should get it before you and anyone else who didn’t. Also, why should people who have been playing video games for 20+ years and want their physical copy of the game get screwed over by people who get off on spoiling the story because you people got it 2 weeks early?

  • If it’s just about more time for manufacturing then release the digital version in april lol.

  • Meh.

    With my luck , I would be one of the people who wouldn’t get the game at launch with apre-order, so I see myself as getting it the same time I would have before.

    I’ll find something else until then.

  • You know, if they need the two weeks to ensure everyone across the globe gets a chance to experience Uncharted 4 at the same time, then so be it! May 10th!

  • I knew they would hold it back a few more days. It doesn’t really matter though. I’m still buying it

  • This is getting ridiculous. Delays to finish up and polish the actual game are one thing. I think that’s perfectly acceptable. But now it’s feeling like the game is getting delayed because the useless tacked-on multiplayer mode isn’t ready and they’re scared of having day one problems there. But now because of that those of us that want to play the actual game and don’t care about these tacked-on modes have to continue to wait.

  • Two weeks is nothing. I was expecting MUCH longer. But honestly I think they wisened up because they know this game would hurt ratchet and clank

    • That’s definitely a reason they would push it back, I’ve never heard of a company pushing a game back because of production, do they really think it will sell out everywhere? That rarely happens if ever, even with huge releases like GTA games or COD. Push it back 2 weeks so people awaiting the game will get Ratchet and Clank to hold them over.

  • Holy crap is this a freaking joke? I swear ND is just messing with us, how does it keep getting pushed back so much? Stop messing with the fans and stick with a freaking date already. At this point I wont be surprised if the date gets pushed back again. Is this game every going to come out? Its better to set a date that you think is gonna be good, then if you finish before then, announce that its actually coming out earlier than expected (this has happened before with other games), rather than pushing the game back multiple times for people eagerly anticipating it.

    • EXACTLY MY POINT. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, it feels like Naughty Dog is just yanking everyone’s chains now.
      I still demand a reversion to the original 2016 release date for March 18th.
      When they delayed it to April 26th, I was already VERY upset.
      Then.. They had to do this.
      Sony said “Greatness Awaits”, but when the hell is Greatness ever going to arrive? 8 months? Next year?

  • #colinwasright

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