Heavy Rain Joins Beyond: Two Souls on PS4 Today

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Heavy Rain Joins Beyond: Two Souls on PS4 Today

Today, Heavy Rain joins Beyond: Two Souls on PS4. If you missed out when Heavy Rain launched on PS3, this is the perfect way to experience this critically acclaimed film noir-style thriller. We are exceptionally proud of the work that has gone into making these games available on PS4, and we think they both look better than ever. Both games are available today for $29.99 each on PlayStation Store, or you can buy them as a bundle for $39.99.

Heavy Rain on PS4

Heavy Rain on PS3 won three BAFTA awards and follows the dramatic story of a father, Ethan, on a desperate hunt to find his missing son. You will decide how far he goes to save his family. Ethan is joined by Detective Scott Shelby, FBI Agent Norman Jayden, and photojournalist Madison Paige. Their fates entwine as they seek out the mysterious Origami Killer.

We have focused on improving the graphical fidelity of Heavy Rain on PS4, including increased resolution, shadow mapping, improved reflections, and improved lighting on scenes and objects.

Heavy Rain Joins Beyond: Two Souls on PS4 Today

Heavy Rain on PS4Heavy Rain on PS4

The soundtrack of Heavy Rain was composed by our dear friend, the late Normand Corbeil. We had started to work with Normand on Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy in 2004, and his passion and extraordinary talent led us to entrust him with the full composition and orchestration of Heavy Rain. He created a beautiful, subtle and highly emotional score that we hope you will enjoy.

Beyond: Two Souls for PS4 has been available digitally on PS Store since November and we’re touched by the response it has received (check out our last blog post for more details on the PS4 version). If you have purchased Beyond: Two Souls for PS4, you can purchase Heavy Rain at a discount on PS Store – which we think is a fantastic value! Visit PlayStation Store for more information.

I hope you’re excited to play Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, whether it’s your first time experiencing the titles or as a returning fan.

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  • Wish there was a physical release for North America.

  • Wish it still had PS Move support.

  • So, does this mean that owners of Beyond: Two Souls for PS4 can get Heavy Rain for $10.00? A discount was promised for those who downloaded Beyond.

    • Read the article: “If you have purchased Beyond: Two Souls for PS4, you can purchase Heavy Rain at a discount on PS Store”.

    • True… but I think he is mostly trying to confirm that the discount is it being $10… otherwise it would have cost more to jump in on their “special” than to wait for release.

    • Yes it’s $9.99 if you bought beyond two souls

  • Yea where is my discounted price for buying Beyond two souls early

  • RinoRichardCroft

    I’m super excited to replay this masterpiece. I played it on PS3, and same goes for Beyond: Two Souls and I replayed the latter on PS4 and now I’m psyched for this. I also am officially dying to get my hands on Detroit: Become Human. I truly think that I’m its biggest fan and supporter!

  • Why won’t there be a physical release for the Heavy Rain + Beyond: Two Souls collection? All we’ve heard so far is “it’s not a Quantic Dream decision” (see Facebook post comments: https://www.facebook.com/notes/quantic-dream/heavy-rain-and-the-heavy-rain-beyond-two-sould-collection-in-march-to-ps4/992786350801603)

    I’m not interested in purchasing digitally, but would absolutely purchase if a physical release were available. I’m also not interested in importing from a different region.

  • The trailer made me remember that the connection of Ethan to the origami killer was never really explained, was it? I wish we get additional scenes.
    Also, Do we get the additional DLC for Madison on this one?

    • Oh that’s right the DLC, I bet it’s included

    • I don’t think it’s included I checked and it doesn’t say it’s included

    • Sony, please reply and clarify this. The PSN Store states Beyond: Two Souls on PS4 includes the Advanced Experiments DLC. Meanwhile, Heavy Rain for PS4 doesn’t say it includes The Taxidermist DLC, yet it also doesn’t show it being sold separately, either.

  • I really do hope that the discount is it being $10 otherwise I will feel a bit cheated that people that chose not to jump on for the advertised “discount” get a better deal that those that did. But I have faith…

  • Hi, according to Digital Foundry, the PS4 port of Heavy Rain is very buggy. Will there be a patch to fix these issues?

    Here’s the link: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2016-heavy-rain-on-ps4-face-off

    • Nice share! I starting reading it, and, at first, it was all good. Then they shared about the bugs. I’m tired of publishers passing off unfinished betas as a final product. Heavy Rain is a definite pass until I read about it being patched.

    • …can confirm…it’s absolutely unplayable…i’m really, really ****ed about that. also according to digital foundry the remaster is absolutely sleazy. I’m really disappointed, Beyond was really awesome but it didn’t really catch me..my wife is absolutely in love with beyond…i was eagerly waiting for either a heavy rain remaster or a fahrenheit sequel…and now i get an unfinished, emotionless product…thx a lot quantic dreams, they haven’t said a word about it yet

    • Those bugs are not in the game

  • Will this include the 1 piece of story DLC that was released for Heavy Rain before further DLC was cancelled?

  • Does the remastered version of Heavy Rain include The Taxidermist?

    I can’t seem to be able to confirm this or not.

  • No physical release for NA is baffling, especially since every other region including Latin America got it. Not a huge deal since I have a physical copy coming in from the UK and the PS4 is region free. Cannot wait to play these games again!

  • Damn, that trailer almost made me tear up a little. Great game.

  • Heavy Rain = Incredible story, but terrible game. I finished it on PS3 but I never felt like I was involved in any meaningful way.

    • Not everyone can be a fan, but you are certainly in the minority. I feel that Heavy Rain is one of the best PS3 games. If wouldn’t be releasing on PS4 if the majority didn’t like it.

  • arnoldmcguire335

    I’ll say this and I’ll say it again- NO PHYSICAL VERSION, NO BUY! XD

  • I can confirm the game is $9.99 if you previously bought “Beyond: Two Souls” for PS4, having just added it to my cart.

  • Need a physical copy of BOTH. I can’t understand why other countries got it but not the USA. And I don’t want to pay stupid hiked up fees to import them, I want that money to go to the developer instead. Because their new game Detroit looks incredible. Bring a physical copy of this Collection to the US. Thanks

  • Guys… thanks for the confirmation the discount price is $10 for those of us that already purchased Beyond. Good look out :)

  • I have the physical releases on PS3 and the only thing that could get me to upgrade are physical releases on PS4.

    • Same with me too. I would love to get both of these games again if available physical for the US. I’ll wait and see, if nothing changes, wait for a sale or enjoy the PS3 versions.


  • I would love to buy both of these games since they completely flew past my radar when they came out on PS3, but there is no way im buying them digital physical has always been my preferred medium

  • Echoing the common sentiment above. Was planning to buy this on disc, but simply won’t if digital only.

  • Can’t stress enough that I won’t be buying this unless there is a physical release, I don’t like digital. These games are literally in my top 5 favorite games of all time and I would really like to own them both physically for PS4.

  • Do you get discount if you already have it on PS3?

  • Physical release for US please.

  • No thanks.

    I am looking for the same treatment that Europe is getting that has Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rains on disc.

  • its amazing how stupid the people in charge at sony are. when they announced this and beyond a few months ago %90 of the comments were like today asking for a retail version and still you guys say no? I’m going to say it again. physical copy or no buy

    • it’s not like we’re talking about tens of thousands of people demanding a physical version, but for those that are, just import it.

  • Great game, played four times on PS3.

    Ended up with a code for it yesterday on PS4 so I’ve spent about two hours on it so far and loving it all over again.

  • Anyone else’s screen start flickering like mad upon startup? Flashing with sort of a strobe effect at the settings menu. Maybe I should delete and re-download?

  • Just joining the chorus of “No physical release, no buy.” It’s ashame that the rest of the world gets the physical release, but the U.S. doesn’t.

  • Looks great. Im glad these games are digital only here in Canada, It is my preffered format :)

  • Can we get it for PlayStation Now?

  • Love the work you guys do. Thank you and keep it up! Really excited for these releases as a fan but first time player of both titles.

  • It’s just fantastic to see people posting on a digital blog about a digital release of a game that they refuse to buy because it’s a digital release. Negativity. It’s what drives the people these days. It is great to see the actual fans post on the boards and support this game, to those real fans it is nice to discuss how great it is to get a chance to play these games again on the PS4.

    • So you’re saying if we prefer physical discs, we should write a physical letter to Sony to complain? ;)

      I love these two games, but I much prefer physical discs, especially when we’re talking about a 62 GB download. I only buy digital when the prices are “too low to say no.” So I guess I’ll have to wait for a flash sale in a year or two in order to play these games.

  • No retail physical copy? Fine… NO buy.

    Assuming there’s one plan for the future and you guys are just keeping quiet in order to maximize digital sales… That’s fine.

    Hope i feel charitable when and if a physical release makes it to retail on the USA. $ 15 tops retail version on a Black Friday sale, $4.99 on flash sale… Assuming i remember.

    No Retail release for the North American Market is quite frankly INEXCUSABLE.

    My .02

  • I really hope that the disc version of this bundle exists, it’s quite disappointed that only North America doesn’t have it :(

  • Joining the overwhelming sentiment here of: no physical copy, no $$ leaving my wallet. Whether its Sony or Quantic Dream decision, the option to release it on disc for everyone out there except players in the U.S. is inexcusable. At 68GB for a download, I am not going to kill my DSL download limit, add more to my already almost-full 500GB HDD as the 68GB will of course decompress to some bigger size (not to mention potential updates), or sit for hours waiting for the download to finish (even with background downloading). C’mon Sony, you released smaller games like thatgamecompany’s flOw, Flower, and Journey on one disc so I’m sure Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls can get some of the same love. I’ll just wait until I see a physical disc or maybe just break down and import it if there’s no planned release in the U.S. after this year.

  • Not released yet in UAE. Why the hold up? It’s not a physical copy that needs time. waiting!

  • Has anyone has issue with screen flashing weird it only happens with heavey rain

  • Is there PlayStation Move for this version? That was one of the best implemented features for this game, it’d be hard to play this game knowing it’s not there, especially when that’s how I first played it.

  • Someone pls help me, am I the only one in this universe who doesn’t see Heavy Rain for PS4 on the ps store???

    I checked everywhere and everyone seems to be playing it just fine, how come when I search from the website I find it, but when I log in to my account it says broken page???

    Seriously it’s ticking me off, I’ve bought Beyond 2 Souls just to buy the discounted version of Heavy Rain but I dont see it!

    Someone pls reply if u know someone who has this same problem.

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