Beta for PlayStation 4’s 3.50 Update Starts Soon – Key Features Detailed

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Beta for PlayStation 4’s 3.50 Update Starts Soon – Key Features Detailed
PlayStation 4

Our beta program for PlayStation 4’s next major system software update, version 3.50 (codenamed MUSASHI), kicks off tomorrow. If you signed up for the beta and were selected, keep an eye on your email for instructions on downloading.

Regardless of whether you’re in the beta, we wanted to detail some of the key features we’re adding to PS4 in this update. We’re making it easier to play together with friends and adding the ability to appear offline when you’d rather play solo.

New Social Features

  • Friend Online Notification – Want to know the moment your friends come online? With this update, you can, as we’ve added an option to be notified when members of your friends list sign on the network.
  • Appear Offline – Sometimes you want to play a game or watch a movie without being bothered by friends. Now it’s easier to go incognito as we’ve added the option to appear offline. You can designate if you would like to appear offline when you log-in or at any time from your Profile or the Quick Menu.
  • User Scheduled Event – Time for a play date! We’ve added the ability to schedule a future gameplay session with your friends on the system. When your event starts, users who registered for the event will automatically be added to a party so you can start playing right away.
  • Play Together – This features allows all members of a Party to see what each person is playing so that you can easily join a friend’s game, or start a new game together.

Other New System Features

  • Remote Play (PC/Mac) – We’re bringing PS4 Remote Play to Windows PC and Mac. This feature won’t be available to test in the beta, but you can look forward to it soon.
  • Dailymotion – With this update, you’ll be able to live stream directly to Dailymotion on PS4. We’ll also support archiving live broadcasts, like we do for other streaming services.

Stay tuned for more details on MUSASHI, including additional key features and its release date.

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  • No folders or library management again?

    • Day 388584929: still waiting for ID change

    • They are not adding that I been asking

    • Can I just change my PSN ID, please??

    • I feel you CrazyRap :D

    • EXACTLY! This was my first thought as well. And I see I’m not the only one who looks at list of new features that are all online/multiplayer centric and cringes. There are some basic organizational features the UI desperately needs (and have been asked for since day 1) but keep getting ignored.

      I mean, folders has been a consistent demand, but I’ve never heard anyone begging for Dailymotion.

    • Please bring remote play to android on all manufacturers or at least the major ones.

    • Where is the video chat rooms that we had on the PS3? Why did I buy a camera for the PS4? We need to see our friends, exchange pics, and privately stream videos.

    • Like seriously, stop complaining that certain things aren’t in the update they will come at some point in time. Sony can’t do everything at once, it takes time to build this stuff ya’know???

    • So no folder / app management or the ability to disable trophies or I dont know something useful like better invite system or xmb integration or bigger parties / communities…

    • So you guys keep *****in and moaning even though we get half of what we asked for?! We FINALLY have Friend Online Notification and Appear Offline!!! The rest will come eventually, just like everything. Can’t you be happy about what we’re given and stop whining…

    • CrazyRap your comment made me laugh hysterically! All I could think of was that number popping up at the bottom of the screen with us gamers being in a post apocalyptic world, trying to survive until we are finally blessed with the ability to change out names before the sun and deserted land sucks us dry lol

    • Files would be helpful. The home menu would have to be improved

    • Seriously? Over two years and i still manage my library. My phone does this, Sony. Make. It. Happen.

    • Glad to see that I can remote play with my PC, this will be great in PvP games

    • Not needed.

    • ^ yes please give us folders

    • They wouldn’t add the psn id change in the beta it’ll probably come out once the update is out of beta stage. Just my thought on it but I did ready from several PlayStation forums and articles that the psn change is coming

    • I’m convinced. Some people just complain to complain. Why would you you folders on the PS4?

    • So much this. That is one of my biggest pet peeves on the current UI. I hate the way this is displayed. Seems to be no logic to placement either. Is it that complicated??? I can pin my games and move them around on my XB1. Come on get to it!!!

    • What about being able to put pics and music on it? Seriously the ps3 is STILL way better than the 4, it’s ridiculous.

    • I can’t believe we’re still asking for a basic feature the PS3 had back in 2007.. how hard can it be to add some freaking folder management?

    • technogreenpuppy

      Is the PC/Mac Remote Play free?

    • Are yall thinking of making the chat party bigger we have a clan with a fare amount of members and have to hold 4or more chats and have ppl leave to get the rest in. Would be a n
      Nice feature to have a bigger party chat size atleast 20 in a single chat or more c’mon .

    • Hi, first of all when i created this account i was living in Europe so i set my region europe but then i moved to pasific part of america and i am not able to purchase ps plus membership. How can i play online without creating another account? I dont want to create another account because my old account’s online games’ levels are high i dont wanna try hard to reach them again. How can i keep my account and play online? Or is there a way to create an account and purchase ps plus for new account and still can play with the old account? Thank you for your help.

    • When nerds are worried about “privately streaming videos,” you already know they are abusing.. something.

    • name change will never been made available im afraid

    • ID:roma_riks

    • Thank you psn for all you do…just wish everyone would stop being cry babies about every single little tiny thing…again,thank you sony,playstation,psn,scea…

    • Dude Plonkos there’s a media player and spotify, what else do you want for music? As far as picture go, I’m not sure about that, but you can always use your PC. A PS4 was made for gaming, not image viewing.

    • How to get that beta 2. 3.50 update pls hell

    • ??????????? i have no idea what folders will do for it since you cant store media on the ps4 such as picture videos music. and the library has management

      Sort by games, sort by apps, all alphabetical. How much more management do you want?

  • HerdingFiftyCats

    Great, now I can stop listening to ***holes harp on and on about the PS4 missing a ‘key feature’ like friend login notifications. Can’t wait to turn those off so I’m not constantly bombarded by such useless information.

    • You can already turn off notifications.

    • He/she didn’t say you couldn’t.

    • My thoughts exactly. I don’t know why anyone wants friend login notifications. They’re nothing but obnoxious spam on PS3 that I wish I could turn off without disabling notifications I care about like getting a message or game invite. The first thing I’m going to do when 3.50 goes public is turn friend login notifications off.

    • I don’t mind knowing when a friend hops online, but I could care less to find out when a “friend joins A party”. The only party I need to know that a friend has just joined or left is MINE. It would be nice to see this added to the Notification Settings. And YES, some kind of folder management would be much appreciated, I just upgraded my harddrive and re-installed all my games over the course of a week, and the long ribbon of games that I have to navigate through just to get to the Library at the end is ridiculous. I actually miss the XMB.

    • Yup. They added that feature to the Xbox One, and it wasn’t long before I turned it off.

    • Kharmeister you can limit the number of stuff on your homescreen under the system settings. It’s called “Limit number of content items on home screen” and it’ll make it so a maximum of 15 things are shown between the Store and the Library.

  • Still waiting for account region change option

    • I accepted that im living on europe now but still using my us account.

      But this isn’t a firmware update. When it happens i believe it would be done via pc first. The same with psn id change when it happens.

    • Oh! A dream… My principal account to download games is JP, but my trophies was in EU account…

    • you need to contact sony about that. They do, do it for you if you can provide evidence that have moved country.

      If you are doing it for some illicit purposes such as getting cheaper prices from a different region and games and all, just make another account and set up the address from that region, as long as that ps4 is the primary system for that account any and all things bought off that psn store is shared amongst your other accounts.

  • Appear Offline, Friend Online – better late than never. Good. Very curious about Win/Mac Remote Play!

  • ^needs ability to change name^

    Although the ability to change our sin-in IDs would’ve been nice, the ability to appear offline is probably the best feature.

  • Can you explain a little bit about the remote play on PC/Mac? Is this going to allow me to stream a game from my PS4 to my computer, and allow me to use computer controls (mouse/keyboard) in the games?

    • That’s the way the app works that this dude developed. You could use a controller or keyboard.

      I kinda feel bad for thus said dude–who just released this app and spent months making it. Oh well, I’d rather have a supported app myself.

    • I am wondering if it is local remote play only or can I play from a remote location.

    • If we can’t use our keyboard/mouse that would be disappointing.

  • Need the ability to directly share captured gameplay videos with friends. Now, we need to upload it to Facebook/ Twitter every time. That really is annoying

    • I know it seems ez but i do think the amount of storage that sony would need to provide is too much

      Especially when there are other services that do it already and probably better.

      Maybe an ez way to share the video automatically when it has been uploaded is a compromise

    • I 100% agree with you, it’s so annoying when I record a little gameplay that I only really want my psn friends to see but then I’m forced to upload it to Facebook

    • You can just pull the video off the PS4 with a USB drive and upload/email it wherever you want. Post it to YouTube as an unlisted video and send the link only to the people you want to share it with. You can’t expect Sony to host all that video data for you.

    • I made a new FB account just for PSN sharing so I don’t need to bother my real friends with all my gaming crap either, but note all posts need to be public on FB for your PSN friends to view them. You can also share screens with friends via PM so no need for FB, not sure about video though. This really should’ve been included in PSN and not rely on sites like FB, it really should be included when we’re paying $60 a year specifically for online features, this should be part of it, especially when they made such a big deal out of it at launch making it seem like it was part of PSN when it’s not.

    • I agree. I can’t ask them to do it for free. They should include it for psn subscribers

    • Why’s everyone acting like this would cost Sony money and storage space? All they have to do is let you send the video through a PSN message. It never has to get stored anywhere except the recipient’s PS4. If they can let you send pictures in PS3 messages, there should be no problem sending videos.

    • @mjc0961 – You do understand that in order to be sent to another person, the file would first have to be uploaded somewhere, right?

      That’s the way that works. When you send a file over e-mail, for instance, it is first uploaded to your e-mail providers servers, where the recipient can then download it. Those photos you send, get uploaded to Sony’s servers and then sent to the recipient.

      That requires Sony to use their servers for the transfer of files via messages. It’s not magic. The files don’t just instantly transport to their system. The only other way they could do it, is via Peer-to-Peer file transfers – aka Torrents – which would require the file to stay on your console, and your console to remain either on, or in rest mode, and connected to the internet until they fully download it.

      It’s also a hell of a lot less taxing to send a 2-3MB photo than it is to send a 30-40MB [Or more, depending on video length – some can reach the Gigabytes] video.

      And yes, it WOULD have to be stored, because you need to account for the fact that they might not be able to download it the moment you send it.

  • Cool updates. I’m surprised it took so long for the friend notification and the appear offline mode–they’re pretty basic functions.

    • Doesn’t surprise me anymore. I mean I have had this PS4 for like 2 years and I still can’t get a good one ear wireless headset. The bluetooth headset I used to use on PS3 is just gathering dust now. Doesn’t even bother me I can’t use that one either, if they would just make a good one that works with the freaking machine.

    • “Basic” function is downplaying how it is implemented. Sure everybody has a feature like it, but in this case they would need to get the login servers to have this feature, if not on the login server it would need to be a feature on the PS4 itself, so that it would go to your friends list, and send a ping or something to those PS4/PS3/PSV, system and get them to put a message on the screen that says “joined”.

      It’s not a simple on line code of “notification = true;”

    • It was a basic feature in 2007 on PS3, it’s 2016 now, they just got lazy implementing it on PS4.

  • I hope I got invited, can’t wait for this to come out, Sony is listening to us so for the things the PSN community is asking for will most likely come, just have patience, Greatness awaits…

    • Where’s the part where Sony’s listening to us? We want folders so we can try to fix the complete mess that is the PS4 UI. Nothing in this update is actually useful or anything gamers actually care about.

  • Bummed there’s no folder management, or at least not mentioned yet. Wondering how friend notifications will go, can we set a group of friends we want notified for? If you have 2000 friends, that would get annoying really quick if it’s just all or nothing.

  • Are users who were selected for the 3.00 beta eligible for the 3.50 update?

  • You guys support PC more than you do one of your actual platforms.

  • Still not folders… really, Sony?

    When do you guys start listening to your customers again?

    • They are listening we got friend notifications and appear offline, folders will come eventually probably 4.0 this fall…

    • I also want custom folders, but they did listen to the community. Eventually we’ll get there :).

    • Well apparently they don’t listen enough then.

      People called out for folders even before PS4 was launched because it was an apparent design flaw. After every system update since, people call for it – and still nothing, not even a vague “we are working on it”-promise.

      Seems to me Sony are slowly returning to the arrogance of the pre-PS3 era.

    • I think the bigger changes are ones we cant see. They need to ready the ps4 for PSVR. that is why we are only seeing small features for the ps4.

      I do agree that any organization option should have already been available.
      But yea, i think the firmware group is working hard on optimizations and support of psvr atm.

      In short i agree with you but i can understand why it is not in this partical update(no reason for it not to have been included already tho)

    • They do listen! you expect them to give you everything at the same time? Just so you’ll find more stuff to cry about later, since you’ll clearly never be satisfied… Dem entitled people!

    • they don’t listen only thing keeping them afloat is the Playstation and their camera business, I’m waiting for Sony to seriously change their dogmatic thinking

    • Agreed. I don’t understand why people are saying they listen because we got a bunch of features nobody wants this time while the most highly requested feature of all is still ignored. Every time, everyone asks for folders. Every time, we don’t get folders. Sony needs to listen!

  • SSK-IceKoldKilla

    Finally! Everything mentioned is something I wanted. That User Scheduled Event will be awesome. Now we can rub it in directly to our friend who always is late for Destiny or BO3 Zombies hahaha. And appearing offline? Yes, please! I wonder if it automatically disables notifications too but no actual need since we can disable all notifications pretty fast. As for notifications of friends getting online, can you filter it? I don’t have many friends but imagine those with 2,000 friends? Oh and does it notify when they sign off like on PS3?

  • Remote play on PC is the only worthwhile thing I see here and that is not ready yet.

    How about an option to disable ALL social junk and remove it as it would free up a ton of resources to be used on other aspects of gaming that are worthwhile.

    Better error codes would be nice too as CE-34878-0 tells me absolutely nothing since it is used in every crash it seems (mine was in Fallout 4 which goes right in line with how bad Fallout 3 and New Vegas were with crashing). Oh and yes, everything is updated to the latest since that is the “fix” for that error LOL

    • They didn’t say PC Remote Play wasn’t ready. They said it won’t be part of the Beta test for the firmware. It’s most likely because they won’t have the app launched on PC to allow for remote play, so enabling the ability in the Beta would be pointless. I got the impression from the wording that it’ll be included when the firmware update officially launches.

  • Schlittschuhlauf

    Finally friend notifications after almost 2 and half years. Great job team hope we can see psn id change and other features till generation end

  • Very solid update, scheduling gaming sessions sounds cool and could be very useful, friend logins and appearing offline will be a godsend. Still hoping for some hidden updates that allow us to clean up the library of demos and betas though.

  • There needs to be a feature where you can search for community’s, if not they’re pretty much useless…

  • Yes finally a off-line mode. I hope we can select what users we don’t want to be able to see us online

  • It is call Musashi and we don’t have access to ps one classics ? why!?

  • catch up to x1 update…boring

  • I agree on folder management, long overdue.
    Would also like to delete games from trophy list with only small number of trophies. More of a nice to have than must have.

    • oh man i totally agree on deleting trophy’s. i hope they can add that in sometime in the future.

    • “Would also like to delete games from trophy list with only small number of trophies. More of a nice to have than must have.”
      couldnt agree more

    • i think they can make them invisisble or something. deleting the actual trophies will cause problems with rankings and rarety etc.

    • You can make Trophies invisible from your shared list.

    • You can hide 0 trophy games.

      I’d rather see an opt-out of trophies before, they have the delete ability.

      However, I suppose I could go and delete all trophies and get the same result with much more work.

    • @TwinDad: If you really, really don’t care about trophies, you can always disable the trophy notifications, and then just ignore the trophy tab on the top menu bar.
      It’s not like they hurt anything by existing.
      Also, you can completely delete games with 0% trophy completion from your profile.
      Any game on your trophy list can be hidden. Even ones you’ve earned the platinum for.

  • Still waiting on the basics:

    -An option to view trophies offline.
    -An option to delete demos from library.

    It boggles my mind that the ps3 managed to this but the ps4 can’t? Lol

    • That moment when you realise that PS3 was 3 time as old as the PS4…

    • We won’t get an offline option for viewing trophies. The reason that people can so easily hack trophies on PS3 is because it has that ability. They can just copy data from someone else, change time stamps, then sync with PSN. In case the PS4 ever gets hacked, having trophies only viewable online keeps this from happening again.

  • Happy about the appear offline one, the spam of party invites are out of control lol.

  • I didn’t sign up for the beta but these look like some nice features. I look forward to seeing a stable release.

  • None of these features appeal to me. I’m starting to believe as far a features go, PS is lacking & flawed in what should be a superior product.

  • With such new party features, any chance we can see a party increase to 12 or even 16 players?


  • Looks like the Quick Menu is going to get even more cluttered! Hope you’re making efforts to clean it up.

    Also, WTF at no folders or Library organizing?!? Users have been asking for these features since launch!

  • Well seeing as how there is no external HDD feature in this I don’t really care about any of it. Is it really that hard Sony to add that feature geez.

  • First of all great news in this update!!!

    But when will we be able to manage the library and predefined what icons appear in the “main menu”?!

    You guys could set a organization were we create folders, name them, and put inside them whatever we want!

    Thanks for the attention

  • I would like to see better network performance and be able to use SharePlay again.

  • Some nice improvements here.
    Library management is needed and must be adressed.
    (Ex. i tried the demo of “Life is Strange” and now the game is stucked in my game library (a bit annoying)).

    A trophy hunting user created events would also be cool. (OCD kicking in)
    i know there are a lot of communities for that purpose but its not “real time”.

  • I’m looking forward for the Remote Play PC/MAC i hope we can use our Playstation Controllers and play games like we do on the PsVita.

  • DTS support for media player?

  • Please put in a separate option for disabling group messages notification, because i’d like to have that disabled but single messages enabled.

    An option to position the notification to where you want would be nice to.
    I’d like to have mine pop up center bottom screen instead of top left.

    Also the option to fully customise the quick menu, like being able to take out shortcuts we don’t want.

    An option to change how the power button functions, at the moment it keeps going into standby mode unless i hold it for like 10 seconds then it turns off. 10 seconds is way to long for that function.
    Being able to have the power just turn it off completely would make it much better.

    • Just a question, why dont you use the controller to turn off the ps4?

      I do agree that options are always better tho.
      But i think people sometimes dont take into account that adding options does lower the optimzation of the OS. as there are now things that need to be remembered by the OS and there are more combinations of features that are on/off that need to be tested etc.

      We have the option to select which friends we get an coming online notification from so hopefully this is extended to include all the notifications.

      As per the EU blog
      ” Want to know the moment your friends come online? With this update, you can, as we’ve added an option to be notified when members of your friends list sign in on the network. Notifications can be tailored to certain friends.”

  • Sony PS. PLEACE ADD costume ps4 theme. So we Can download from pc to USB key, and go to ps4 agian.. Like PS3.. Plus fix party (nat) and last…. Come on go fix PS error vide CE-34878-0…

  • These sound great, although I’ll be turning off the friend online notification, as I have too many friends going on and off and that popup will be annoying.

    Also, I love how most of these comments seem to be people who are still complaining about things and referring to them as “basic functionality”. Call me when you’ve developed a software that has to be run by millions of devices, and then made updates to said software without breaking other things…

    • On the EU blog it says you can select from which friends you want the notification.
      So maybe you can only select a few that you actually want to know about.

      “Want to know the moment your friends come online? With this update, you can, as we’ve added an option to be notified when members of your friends list sign in on the network. Notifications can be tailored to certain friends.”

  • So like, am I the only who wants the PS4 to finally show the date on the UI like they had on the PS3?

  • how to appear offline.

    step one:don’t sign in

    • Why do we always have these comments?
      Sometimes i have lets say 30 mins to play and i just want to launch an online game for a few rounds before leaving. So i dont want to give my friends hope or even talk to them on my limited time.

      Or i just want to play my online game solo.

      Is it so hard to understand and let people have this small feature that has been available since ps3 ?

    • @jisatsu

      That is how I do it now.


      It is being implemented, you don’t have to jump on that soap box.

    • Don’t forget how many relationships get destroyed because of people not responding to online game requests! This is very important. Heaven forbid someone think I’m available to play just because I’m playing a quick online match.

    • “Why do we always have these comments?”
      Because it’s astonishing people new to online gaming don’t have the fortitude to ignore something or say no.

      “Sometimes i have lets say 30 mins”
      If you have to stress cram a hobby, it’s best to give it a break

      “So i dont want to give my friends hope or even talk to them on my limited time.”
      you may need new “FRIENDS”

      “play my online game solo.”
      That’s such a oxymoron I can’t even….

    • @ Jisatsu_Kiddo:
      ““play my online game solo.”
      That’s such a oxymoron I can’t even….”

      Actually, it’s not. An online game is neither solo or multiplayer simply by being online. Destiny is an online game, but can be played solo. Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG, but you can totally play it by yourself, albeit with many other players in the same world. You can still play it solo, i.e. without a party.

      I can completely relate to the desire. I like my system to be online so it can, I don’t know, download updates and games that I purchase, and maybe not have my friends see I’m online and spam me party invites. It may not be a problem for you, but you’re not everyone.

    • Jisatsu… I don’t even know what to say to you. Let’s start with this:

      There are days where, after a long day at work(not so much at my current job which is awesome but at my last job it happened occasionally), I just don’t want to talk to people. But the game I want to play is an online game.

      I don’t want to have to ignore people trying to be nice to me, and I don’t want them to think I’m up for a game. I just want to log in, do whatever I need to de-stress, and be done with it.

      It isn’t that I don’t LIKE my friends. I do. It isn’t that I am ALWAYS anti-social… I’m not.(I couldn’t very well stream if I were…) It isn’t that I am trying to rush my hobby.

      It is just that at this exact moment… I wouldn’t treat my friends with the respect they deserve, and I’m not in the right mood to be social.

      Appear offline is for moments like this. And I’m glad it’s coming. Very glad.

  • I only want an updated music/media app that i can start when im in the game.
    I hate that when i get the urge to play some custom music i woud need to restart the game because i cant launch spotify/media player while already in the game because its an app . The music player we had before was better because of this simple reason.

  • Finally you can see if someone comes online i was waiting so long fo that love you guys from playstation

  • Dear PlayStation.Blog,

    I have been a long standing PlayStation member ever since the original PlayStation. I must say, one of the best features to happen across all of the consoles is library management and the customizable folder system implemented on the PlayStation 3. I, and many others on this blog and in the PlayStation community, also strongly feel that the PlayStation 4 would benefit tremendously from this addition, and is to this day one of the most highly requested features to have on the PlayStation 4.



    • Hey Chromigo, thanks for being such a longtime fan. :) Appreciate the feedback!

    • As you’re the first to state it so eloquently, without malice or guilt trips, I +1 your comment.
      While I’ve been managing without custom folders since launch, it’s a feature I miss dearly. I look forward to the update when Sony is finally able to get the feature in working order and pushed out to us.
      And thank you to Andrew K. for acknowledging the feedback as well.

    • See what a spoonful of honey can do? I think I’m getting teary-eyed… Thanks Chromigo, for eliciting a response from the powers that be with your elegantly-written letter. Hopefully folder management will sneak its way into this update or the next, it’s long overdue.

  • cool really looking forward to pc/mac remote play! would be also awesome if they bring in remote play for ipad in future aswell. keep up the good work sony ;)

    • Definitely looking forward to this. I long abandoned my PS Vita and while I have a PSTV, the monitor connected to it is too small for the bedroom, so to be able to pop open my 13″ laptop, connect my DS4 and play off of that from bed would be really useful. Definitely a 1st-world problem, but as a married man who feels guilty about sneaking into bed at 2AM because I’m gaming in the den every night, I’m seeing some real practical uses for this.

  • Fantastic. Can’t wait to play my PS4 on my mac and share the TV with the house

  • With PC Remote Play on the way, all I can ask is to please, *please*, consider developing/releasing dedicated PC drivers for the DualShock 4. There’s a ton of value in being able to use the DS4’s touchpad (and its gyroscopes/accelerometers) on PC *without* the use of a 3rd-party application — Not just for users, but for developers who are targeting PS4 *and* PC.

    And y’know, it’d be nice to see “PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller” in a list of connected devices, instead of the underwhelmingly generic title “Wireless Controller”.

    • Yeah, I’m also hoping for better official PC support for the DS4 so that it can be used for Remote Play without the need for third party solutions.

    • I’m sure it’s being worked on. Only makes sense that they’ll support it – and is probably the reason why it’s not ready yet. I imagine they’ll need to make BT and USB drivers for it also. The drivers that are out now are pretty solid though, I’ve used the touchpad and such in Steam Big Picture without much issue – it’s just annoying to pair between both devices over and over

    • I’d imagine whatever app they’ll be launching on PC/Mac that will allow Remote Play will also allow the pairing of a DS4 to whatever device you’re streaming to. It may only work with the app, but that’s better than nothing.

  • PlayStation you should add a timer on your screen so that when you are recording you can see how long you been recording for and also if we can record up to 20 minutes of PlayStation 4 gameplay

  • What about turn off discovery lightbulb and ability to delete PlayStation Plus games off of your library or (games you bought for points)

  • happy we’re getting Appear Offline – but what I really want is folders and/ or home screen management.

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