McDroid Coming to PS4 on March 1st

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McDroid Coming to PS4 on March 1st

Hello, this is Petr from Grip Digital, here! For our entire team, I’m glad I can finally announce that our game McDroid is coming to PS4 on March 1st. The release date is really close and we look forward to seeing you play the game.

McDroid on PS4

If you don’t know McDroid yet, it’s a mix of action and tower defense genres developed by the great team at Elefantopia. You take control of a cute little robot called McDroid who crash lands on a lush planet infested with alien scum. In order to repair your ship and heal the planet, you will have to show the aliens some close encounters of the lethal kind.

As I wrote earlier, McDroid is a combination of tower defense and action. You will have to build your base and defenses, harvest resources, and discover numerous sci-fi weapons as swarms of alien enemies come at you. You can leave the dirty work to your automatic turrets, or you can join the fight yourself. But you have to be careful — the aliens can use your resources against you. Stay on your toes all the time!

McDroid also has a very distinctive art style, space-age visuals, and a wicked sense of humor. Each level works as a big arena that you can explore, find secrets and upgrades, and farm for more resources. There are also huge alien bosses to fight.

McDroid on PS4McDroid on PS4

In the story campaign you have to heal the planet and get rid of the alien corruption across more than a dozen levels — and if you’re in a hardcore mood, you can try the hard-as-nails survival levels. McDroid is a game for players of all ages who are looking to test their wits and flex their trigger fingers.

Remember, McDroid is launching on March 1st for $7.99. I will be checking the comments section, so feel free to ask me anything about the game.

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  • I hadn’t even heard of this game before now, but after taking a quick look I’m really excited! Is there any planned support for the game after launch such as new levels, guns/towers, enemies, etc?

  • This game looks very interesting to me and I love tower defense games, but is their an end game mode other than survival? Maybe a friends Leader board? What I am really asking is their more content planned in the feature?

    • I meant say Future not feature sorry for grammar error.

    • Hello WeatherMan, thanks for the question. There will be a story campaign mode where you have to heal the planet and get rid of the alien corruption across more than a dozen levels.

  • Looking forward to this! Will there eventually be a Vita version as well?

  • “Wicked sense of humor” sounds fun – and thank you so much for including pricing information!

    Is there any sort of demo available, with the first level or two? Tower defense games can be very hit or miss (no, that’s not really a pun) – so much depends on what clicks with you, and what one person finds compelling another doesn’t. They seem to be all over the map (okay, that counts as a pun), so trying it out could help nudge me towards a purchase.

  • this looks like super fun. I think I’ll snag this on drop

  • The name of this game is too close to my PSN ID to not check it out. Wish there was going to be a Vita version.

  • Looks quite fun. I hope that in the future you will consider bringing it to PS Vita as well.

  • Instead of wasting time and money on making a smartphone based games, why these Indies don’t try to bring back 3D platformers, Survival Horror (not like SOMA or OUTLAST), but something like Alone in the Dark, SIlent Hill, the Classics Resident Evil style
    bring A LOT of genres to life, games like Classic Tomb Raider, Shadow Man c’mon

  • Looking forwards to the ps4 version.
    Love the art style and played since the igs version and the upgrades. Will be nice to play on a tv with the ps4 controller.

    Will there be a platinum trophy?

    Maybe a physical ps4 copy if it does well?

    Control remaping?
    I remember it gets hectic with the tripod and swapping turrets trying to keep the healing up.^_^

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