McDroid Coming to PS4 on March 1st

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McDroid Coming to PS4 on March 1st

Hello, this is Petr from Grip Digital, here! For our entire team, I’m glad I can finally announce that our game McDroid is coming to PS4 on March 1st. The release date is really close and we look forward to seeing you play the game.

McDroid on PS4

If you don’t know McDroid yet, it’s a mix of action and tower defense genres developed by the great team at Elefantopia. You take control of a cute little robot called McDroid who crash lands on a lush planet infested with alien scum. In order to repair your ship and heal the planet, you will have to show the aliens some close encounters of the lethal kind.

As I wrote earlier, McDroid is a combination of tower defense and action. You will have to build your base and defenses, harvest resources, and discover numerous sci-fi weapons as swarms of alien enemies come at you. You can leave the dirty work to your automatic turrets, or you can join the fight yourself. But you have to be careful — the aliens can use your resources against you. Stay on your toes all the time!

McDroid also has a very distinctive art style, space-age visuals, and a wicked sense of humor. Each level works as a big arena that you can explore, find secrets and upgrades, and farm for more resources. There are also huge alien bosses to fight.

McDroid on PS4McDroid on PS4

In the story campaign you have to heal the planet and get rid of the alien corruption across more than a dozen levels — and if you’re in a hardcore mood, you can try the hard-as-nails survival levels. McDroid is a game for players of all ages who are looking to test their wits and flex their trigger fingers.

Remember, McDroid is launching on March 1st for $7.99. I will be checking the comments section, so feel free to ask me anything about the game.

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