Hitman on PS4: PS Plus Exclusive Beta Starts March 4th

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Hitman on PS4: PS Plus Exclusive Beta Starts March 4th

Hello, PlayStation Nation! We’re now 16 days away from the launch of Hitman on March 11th. 16 days!

In that time, we’ve got some great things to share with you. Let’s get to it.

As you know, we released the Hitman Beta on PS4 two weeks ago and gave you the chance to play the beginning of Agent 47’s illustrious career and see how he joined the ICA. It was a great feeling for us to finally see so many of you playing our game — and thank you for all the feedback you sent our way, too.

The events of the Prologue take place twenty years before Agent 47 arrives in Paris — and that brings us perfectly to the first thing we want to share with you: it’s our new trailer, the Hitman “Legacy” Opening Cinematic.

The Legacy Cinematic bridges that twenty-year gap between the end of the Prologue and the Sanguine Fashion Show in Paris. We’ll let you enjoy it before saying any more. We recommend full screen and headphones for this one.

Hitman on PS4: PS Plus Exclusive Beta Starts March 4th

We love it. And hope you do, too.

If you want to get in on the action but missed your chance with the first beta, we’ve got some good news. Starting on March 4th, we’ll re-open the PS4 Beta exclusively for all PlayStation Plus members. Mark your calendars as the Beta will only be around for that weekend.

Keep your eyes on the Events tab on your PS4 and sign up to watch our PlayStation Plus Beta livestream, where we’ll pick up our controllers and take you on a developer-guided tour of the Beta. You’re sure to learn some secrets or stories from behind the scenes here at Io-Interactive.

One final thing. We recently detailed the “live component” of Hitman, meaning everything that happens between each monthly episode. On top of Contracts Mode, which you may be familiar with from Absolution, we’re also introducing new modes to Hitman. Elusive Targets are the closest thing to the Hitman fantasy that we’ve ever created. You’ll get only one chance to take them down during a limited-time in real time. They each come with a unique backstory and you’ll get in-game rewards for completing multiple Elusive Target Contracts.

Hitman on PS4

We’ve also added Escalation Mode, which has a strong focus on having fun with the game mechanics, rather than being realistic. Each Escalation contract will… escalate in difficulty as we add new elements into the mix, such as asking you to remove security camera recordings within 2 minutes of being recorded — but we’re able to change where the security cameras are and also add other elements such as laser trip-wire explosives. It’s all about having fun as pretty much anything goes in this mode.

On top of all that, remember that PS4 players will also get exclusive access to The Sarejevo Six. These are six bonus contracts that tell a self-contained side-story revolving around former members of a paramilitary unit called CICADA — and the first one will be available when the game launches. We’re calling it The Director.

We can’t wait to share Hitman with you on March 11th.

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  • The game looks great. Cant wait. Although I dont prefer the staggered content release that is planned. But atleast the game makes it clear upfront and offers intro pack, unlike other recent games doing so(SF5, SW:Battlefront). Why not just release complete games!

    • SF was pretty clear upfront that other modes were coming in later months. But I agree this game looks great!

  • This will satisfy that instinct Pre-order done!

  • Is the beta the same one released 2 weeks ago? I’m actually considering preordering the game.

  • So what if we’re waiting for the full disc release? Do we miss out on shots at some elusive targets that have come and gone in the meantime?

    • The Elusive Targets are elusive by nature. They’ll only be in the game world for a limited time and then they’re gone forever. They’re part of the live component of the game. If you’re waiting on the disc release, then you will miss out on the Elusive Targets.

    • I wasn’t aware there was going to be a disc release, even the physical collectors edition only comes with a digital voucher for the game. Plus if there is going to be a disc it may not be until all of the content has been released, which puts the physical disc release 7 months after the initial digital release. If you are worried about missing out its time to do some extra chores around the house/neighborhood or just put in some extra hours at work.

    • @ drago.
      you assume ist a money issue.
      I think its just the principle. I am not that interested in the game but i am also the type of person that waits till all the episodes of a teltale game are released before buying beecause i want to play at my pace and not have to wait.

      I do find it a bad that a person waiting for the full game will actually not get to play a certain part of the game(assuming these elusives dont continue after the disc release). Especially since this game was changed from a full version to an episodic release after development started. Meaning that this was not the intent of the game from the start but it was forced in for some reason afterwards. I dont dislike episodic game per sé but the game must be created this way from the start.

    • Rather rude to assume it’s a money issue. It’s because I prefer to buy things on disc and have a collection of over 160 PS4 games. I asked because I’m torn on getting a Collector’s Edition and playing it on Xbox in the mean time then getting the disc copy on PS4 this winter or just getting a CE on PS4 and waiting til the disc is cheap to have it for my collection later because I don’t wanna miss out on content.

  • I really enjoyed the first beta. This is going to be a fantastic game, which makes me even more sad that this is an episodic thing.

    • I think of it more along the lines of RE: Revelations 2 where each “episode” is just the next chapter. I’m ok with it as long as they’re able to stick to a consistent release schedule. Plus it sounds like they have some ambitious plans for the game overall so they probably want to make sure everything works as they’re going rather than releasing a mess of a game…which I’m cool with them avoiding lol.

  • Last question, will there be trophies/achievements tied to these Elusive targets?

    • Excellent question, that I’d like to know the answer too as well. It’s bad enough that people who prefer to buy a “whole” game at once are basically getting screwed out of content & in-game rewards, but if they’re also going to get stuck with unobtainable trophies/achievement… well, that’s just a d-bag move on the part of the dev.

    • Good question. I’m pretty sure that we don’t have any trophies tied to Elusive Targets. Full trophy list still to come.

  • How can PS not offer a competing game lineup for ps+ when xbox players get AAA games every month! And they focus our attention on getting hit man a little sooner then everyone else. PS+ is weak. I’m switching back to xbox

    • Have you played Galak-Z? Its as good as anything that has been on Games with Gold.

    • Galak-Z is one of the best games of 2015

      Broforce is a critical and commercial success already, ppl love it.

      Super Stardust HD is terrific

      Do u realize PS+ gives 6 free games per month and we get them all at the beginning of the month? GWG gets only 4 games per month and they hand them out on a staggered schedule. It’s a shame that ppl overlook excellent games bc they’re not informed enough to know about them.

  • Can’t wait to try!

  • Awesome! I’m looking forward to trying it out

  • I can’t wait for this game. I am huge fan.

  • Please fix all the technical bugs and performance issues ASAP before the release both on console and PC! Hope the game is awesome as the trailer!

    Also petition for Sarejevo Six on PC! Dont forget the root of Hitman is based on millions of PC gamers around the globe.
    Dont be a troll by forgetting the huge PC gaming community!


  • Wow that trailer was amazing!!!!!! I had to watch it a few more times :)
    So about the beta, I just barely got my ps4 a week ago so I missed the first beta, but I want in on the second one. Is that possible? Or did I have to already be apart of the first one to have access to this coming up beta?

  • Hitman is looking and feeling phenomenal. The structure of the game will only serve to improve the experience imo.

    Each mission is like a unique, self-contained sandbox for players to attempt a vast array of different strategies and techniques in order to achieve their goal. It begs for creativity, variety, and experimentation. The sheer number of variants and possibilities are impressive, and the NPC and enemy ai is very reactive and true to life. This is the most strategic, and the most realistic Hitman ever. I urge people to try it and base their opinion off of the gameplay rather than the staggered release.

    The elusive targets and elegant mission structure will spawn a plethora of gameplay vids and streams of people showing off their incredible assassinations. I look forward to being one of those people.

  • This another beta shamefully locked to those who pre-ordered the game?….if not how big is the size of the beta?

    BTW it looks like you guys will release the game without fixing the face of 47…ha what a shame.He ain’t supposed to look that young,old Hitman fans like me know that.

  • Is the Beta actually from the game or a made up level for testing? If I’m going to buy the game, I don’t want to have to repeat things I’ve already done.

  • I keep getting confused by these betas… I get emails from playstation saying I have some sort of exclusive access or something, yet any beta I see on the store is unavailable to me unless I pre-order

  • Roughly how much space do i need for all the “episodes”? – only having the 500gb PS4 that is pretty full already, i need to know what i have to bin etc

  • the beta is 4.7 gb so im guessing the engine is there all they need to do add the paris levels and movies im guessing the first one be extra 3gb and then rest be about 3.5 to 4gb for each one after so it be about 25gb for the full game

  • I’m so glad to see they launching the open beta for ps plus members , good work square enix team with this action sales gonna increase i’m sure of that. (^_^)

  • How many high profile targets will there be in the Paris level? Got it pre-ordered can’t wait!

  • I WILL NEVER GET Playstation plus acc. And I hope that the Beta comes out free for non plus acc users just like Plants vs Zumbies 2 for ps4 was free. Yes I did play the beta and it rocked so I had to buy it on February 28 2016.

  • I accidentally preordered this game but I actually am pretty excited about it. I’ve never played a Hitman game before though, does this link off of any of the past games? Or is it a whole new one?

  • Is it exclusively for ps+ members? because Ive pre-ordered it and I don’t have ps+

  • At what time PST will this be available, and where can I find it on the PlayStation+ Store?

  • Is ps+ required if I already preordered the game?

  • Oh and apparently , it’s only for EU PlayStation? That part was left out! So thanks for nothing, people! Because the beta is available right not now EU PlayStation. I don’t know how clueless you have to be. In order to leave that part out:(

  • Yep! time to cancel those pre-orders.

  • TitanSlayer12830

    It’s Friday March 4 where’s the PlayStation plus beta

  • Can anyone help me I would like to know where do I go to download the Hitman beta as I went thru the entire PlayStation store and found no sign of it I would greatly appreciate it thank u so much.

  • Interesting how there are no replies from anyone official. Horrible customer service and if it is true that it is only EU then also some seriously false advertising and horrific social management.

  • So…. It’s March 4th, and I don’t see the beta anywhere on the PlayStation store. What’s going on?

  • The beta is live now .Just go to hitman game page then other extras.

  • I cant find it in ps store indonesia, is it available in indonesia?

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