Fight a Boss with a Trillion HP in Trillion: God of Destruction

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Fight a Boss with a Trillion HP in Trillion: God of Destruction

Trillion: God of Destruction is a PS Vita strategy game where you must stop a demon, Trillion, who seeks to consume the whole Underworld. The catch? Trillion’s got one trillion HP. You’ve got six Overlords to defeat him. In your first playthrough, not all of them will survive.

So how exactly do you beat a boss with 1,000,000,000,000 HP? I’m here to give you an overview of what it means to prepare for a boss like this.

Trillion: God of Destruction on PS Vita

I’ve played all kinds of great strategy games, from Phantom Brave to Valkyria Chronicles. But with about 50+ hours of gameplay, none have had a longer, more punishing final boss battle than Trillion. But that’s my favorite thing about Trillion — a large portion of gameplay is done not only on the battlefield, but off it, during preparation.

Despite the strategy RPG label, Trillion also has strong raising sim elements, because you must train your Overlord and customize her stats.

Trillion consumes the Underworld by day, but sleeps after some period of eating. While he’s asleep you must cycle through training, rest, and socialization to improve your Overlord’s overall stats, maintain her condition, and raise your affection points!

Trillion: God of Destruction on PS VitaTrillion: God of Destruction on PS Vita

Sound easy? Well, Trillion: God of Destruction was developed by talented SRPG masterminds, so when they say strategy game, they mean it! And in Trillion, preparing for battle is more like playing with the cards you’ve been dealt.

For example, training awards stat points that you can add onto your Overlord’s stats to change up her fighting-style. However, the amount of stat points you earn isn’t guaranteed. Just like in real life, some days training is “Good,” other days it’s “Excellent,” and if your Overlord works too hard without rest, you’ll get a “Bad” and she risks injuring herself.

Overall, here’s the game flow:

First you train in whichever training regime to earn stat points, and then afterwards you allocate those points to your Overlord’s stats. Training takes up the whole day and if you do great or excellent, you earn a Training Medal that you can use to enter the Valley of Swords.

If you train everyday, your Fatigue gauge will fill. To relieve Fatigue, you can choose to Rest for the whole day. By Resting, you’ll be able to do a number of things: Sleep, Interact, Order, or Underworld Prize.

One of the most important options here is Interact. You can spend time with your Overlord and build her Affection Points for you, which will be useful in battle but also determine which ending you will earn.

After some training and enough Training Medals, you have a shot at the Valley of Swords, where you can find items and earn more EXP!

Finally, visit the research lab to hire Devil Envoys as assistants on the battlefield and the Blacksmith to customize your weapon. Now you’re set to fight Mokujin, a Trillion-replica made by Faust, the necromancer who revived you!

After the whole cycle ends, set equipment and items and the true battle with Trillion starts!

Trillion: God of Destruction on PS Vita

But no matter how much you’ve prepared your Overlord, there’s a strong chance she won’t make it… And the training cycle will begin again with a new Overlord.

We’ve only scratched the surface of it, but there are tons more game mechanics to cover like romance/dating elements, skills and stats inheritance, and Trillion’s different evolutions.

What do you think of this unique preparation cycle? Let’s discuss in the comments!

And make sure to check out Idea Factory International’s YouTube page for videos about the actual fight with Trillion and the dating-sim aspects of the game!

Trillion: God of Destruction launches March 29th and is up for pre-order on Amazon, GameStop, and major retailers now.

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  • Is the same company handling the localization and script as usual?

  • cant wait for this game

  • I will be picking this up, either day one or later this year. Great line up so far IF :)

  • You should probably contact Sony to get the trailer on the PlayStation YouTube channel sorted out, it says PS4 in the title.

    Sony needs to replace the lazy intern or whoever it is running that channel into the ground, they make errors all the time. Especially when it comes to PS Vita.

  • This game has been in my radar for awhile. I’m really looking forward to it.Getting it day 1. I played it at PSX, but it seems like a really deep game, systems wise, so I wasn’t really understanding what the hell I was doing. ;)

    Also, please localize Death Under the Labyrinth! :)

    • Thanks for visiting us at PSX! :) This game is definitely is much more than a demo can show, so that’s why we’ve made a series of videos to cover all of Trillion’s gameplay. Please look forward to seeing those pop up on the IFI youtube page!

  • Very excited for this. Got a copy pre-ordered on Amazon. But hopefully they’ll be a limited edition via IFI store. I love the art style for this game.

    • I agree, the art style is so cool! Nanameda Kei, the character designer, has done a lot of art for Idea Factory but the art direction for Trillion is my favorite!

  • One of my favorite things from FFVII were the Weapon bosses with ridiculous amounts of HP, so a game essentially centered around an enemy like that is definitely something I’m very interested in.

    On a different note, any plans to localize Date A Live Twin Edition: Rio Reincarnation?

  • Will there be any pre order bonuses? not that I’m not going to preorder it, just curious I’ll preorder it from gamestop next Tuesday when i go.

  • Reminded me Disgara but your video shoes so little. I wonder how the battles will be…

  • Sounds original and looks awesome; a definite purchase. Thanks for supporting the Vita!

  • I was starting to think this might not come out in the west. Glad to see it is. Will be getting. :)

  • This is one game I am REALLY looking forward to.

  • This game is a begining of brand new game universe. Next game is Death Under the Labyrinth, a cute little DRPG for Vita. Please bring it over, too!

  • Don’t know if you guys will be happy about this but I cancelled the division just to pick this game up, mostly because I know how good your guyse games are.

  • I’m debating about whether or not I should buy this game but I can’t find any information about whether or not anything in this game has been censored, so I’ll probably skip it. Too many Compile Heart games have been censored for me to just assume that this one isn’t and I’m not supporting censorship.

    • Have you been living under arock or something? IFI has specifically said in interviews that they won’t be localizing titles that require censorship.

    • Considering they already HAVE censored titles that they licalized on multiple occasions…I don’t find that very comforting.

    • You are making a pretty common mistake. Idea Factory *International* (who is handling this localization) has only ever censored one game, Monster Monpiece (which in response to the blacklash from that they are uncensoring it for the Steam port and have promised not to censor games again). Other IF/CH games have been censored (Example: Mugen Souls), but that was because the localizations were handled by other companies like NISA or Ghostlight, before they set up Idea Factory International to start handling the localizations themselves.

    • Actually if memory serves they also removed an image from Neptunia rebirth 2. Which is obviously much more recent. That’s why I don’t trust that statement.

    • I’m pretty sure that was just a bad rumor. Some people said they removed the CFW Trick CG but that was very much still in there.
      I haven’t heard anything about any other missing images in Rebirth2 so I’d need to be told exactly what was removed to believe it.
      Plus that was all before the “no more censorship” interview.

  • The idea is original, it looks great, and it has FUN written all over it, i cant wait for this to come out, definately picking it up :D

  • It’s another game from IFI, so of course I’m looking forward to it! Just waiting on a Limited Edition announcement before I pre-order. Love the art, and I’m sure I’ll end up enjoying the music and game play a lot as well. Keep up the awesome work, IFI!

    • Thank you for the kind words, it’s always appreciated!

      I’ve got good news for you, the LE was just announced. You can find it Iffy’s Online Store! :)

  • I will definitely be keeping my eye on this one. Speaking of punishing boss battles. Demon Gaze had a few of those, but it felt so good when I finished the game.

  • Game looks AWESOME! Already have it pre-ordered and I can’t wait! Just one question, though: is this game a roguelike?

    • Glad you’re looking forward to it! :)

      The battle system, which you’ll find in sections like the Valley of Swords, is definitely a roguelike.

  • Looks very intriguing. I’ve been looking for a new Vita game to sink my teeth into. This might be it! Excited to see more videos in the future to get the hype coals burning

  • Any chance this will see a ps4 port? Seems like it will be a great game, but I won’t play it if not. Sold my vita ages ago, lack of real support, and more so, the fact that the system was wayyyy to small for me to play comfortably for any period of time.

  • Man, it seems I stumbled onto a game that wasn’t very well known for a while. I often look through gamestop’s list of pre-orders to learn about upcoming games and I’ve had this one pre-ordered since sometime last year when it was first available. I think it was even before I got to check it out at psx.

  • Thanks for the Vita love. Me and my vita will be purchasing copies. That’s two copies! Just kidding it’s only one.

  • This looks awesome. Reminds me of Monster Rancher, without the monsters and just the ranching. Will definitely get.

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