The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/23/2016

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/23/2016
The Drop

This week, PlayStation games span millennia. Massive open-world adventures, time-hopping puzzlers, and stealthy assassinations gather together to form a staggering lineup on PS4.

Far Cry Primal leads the pack with the next chapter in Ubisoft’s renowned, emergent open-world. Travel back to the Stone Age as the last surviving member of an ill-fated hunting group. Craft weapons to fight against the unrelenting wilds around you, tame beasts to hunt by your side, and conquer the beautiful land of Oros.

Meanwhile, time-hopping puzzle platformer Replay: VHS is Not Dead launches this week on PS4, alongside the head-scratching stealth missions of Hitman Go: Definitive Edition. And if that wasn’t enough, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 brings its action-packed competitive arena to PS4.

For the full list of new games coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/23/2016
New Releases: February 23rd, 2016
Agatha Christie — The ABC Murders
PS4 — Digital, Retail

Agatha Christie -- The ABC Murders
Adapted from the classic Agatha Christie novels, The ABC Murders is an adventure and investigation game offering sharp-minded gamers the chance to step into the shoes of Hercule Poirot. Join the famous detective as he attempts to unmask the elusive murderer known as “ABC” by solving puzzles and exploring crime scenes.

Arcade Archives Double Dragon II
PS4 — Digital (Out 2/26)

Arcade Archives Double Dragon II

The legendary 1988 arcade brawling classic finally comes home with this pixel-perfect conversion on PS4. Street-smart brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee must once again take on the vile Black Warrior gang with an arsenal of hard-hitting special moves.

Bit.Trip Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
PS4 — Digital (Out 2/26, Cross Buy with PS Vita Version)

Runner 2 on PS Vita
Runner2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed and IGF award winning Bit.Trip Runner. Dance your way through beautiful and challenging worlds, with a cheeky sense of humor and some sick toe-tapping beats.

Far Cry Primal
PS4 — Digital, Retail

Far Cry Primal
Welcome to the Stone Age, a time of extreme danger and limitless adventure. Woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers rule the Earth, and humanity is at the bottom of the food chain. As the last survivor of your hunting group, you will learn to craft a deadly arsenal, tame fierce predators, and outsmart enemy tribes to conquer the land of Oros and become the Apex Predator.

Hitman Go: Definitive Edition
PS4, PS Vita — Digital

Hitman Go on PS4
Hitman Go is a turn-based strategy/puzzle game set in the Hitman universe, but reinvented as diorama-style set pieces. This new edition of Hitman Go features all of the original game’s content and upgrades which amounts to more than 90 turn-based puzzles. Long-time Hitman fans will also recognize some old favorites like the Paris Opera from Blood Money, and the St. Petersburg Stakeout mission from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy with PS4 Version)

Knock Knock
Three generations of Lodgers have occupied the cabin, but lately, the walls seem to undulate, skittering unknowns shift in the darkness, and an unruly growl seeps from the attic. Are they hallucinations pecking at the insomnia-afflicted Lodger, or the gnarled remnants of a darker secret? The last rays of dusk fade, and the dreadful things come out to play.

Ninja Senki DX
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy)

Ninja Senki DX on PS4, PS Vita
Remember the 8-bit gaming conventions? Stories told in a 5-second intro cutscene, man-sized shurikens, enemies bumping you into bottomless pits, split-second decision making, revenge! …Ninja Senki DX is all about them.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
PS4 — Digital, Retail

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2
The battle for suburbia grows to crazy new heights in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. In this hilarious, action-packed shooter, zombie leader Dr. Zomboss has strengthened his horde and rebuilt suburbia as a zombie utopia. But hope remains, because for the first time the plants are taking the offensive in an all-out attack to reclaim their turf.

Replay: VHS is Not Dead
PS4 — Digital

Replay: VHS is Not Dead
Replay: VHS is Not Dead is a puzzle platformer set in a movie-based universe. Record your characters’ movements, use the remote control to bend time, and change characters to combine their actions. Complete 70 levels across four different movie-based universes.

PS Vita — Digital

SwapQuest on PS Vita
SwapQuest is a mix of a retro RPG with a tile-swapping puzzle game, inspired by classics like Pipe Mania. The idea behind it was to take many of the elements from console RPGs from the 90’s and blend them with a movement system more reminiscent of a puzzle game.

Toki Tori 2+
PS4 — Digital

Toki Tori 2+ on PS4
Toki Tori 2+ may look cute, but it’s a challenging puzzle adventure game. Whistle and stomp are the only moves you need to solve increasingly complex puzzles as you manipulate strange critters’ behaviour and go anywhere, anytime on a lush forest island.

PS4 — Digital

Wondershot on PS4
Wondershot is a top-down, multiplayer focused party game. The controls are simple and responsive, and the rule is quite straightforward: “one shot and you’re down.” Four players can go head-to-head and use one of four weapons. Each weapon has its own special ability, which is especially useful with the constantly shifting map environments.

PlayStation Music Logo

  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – This Unruly Mess I’ve Made
  • Santigold — 99 Cents
  • Various Artists — George Fest: A Night To Celebrate The Music of George Harrison

PlayStation Video Logo

  • The Big Short
  • The Good Dinosaur
  • Brooklyn

PlayStation Vue Logo

  • NASA’s Unexplained Files- Feb. 23 at 10/9c (Science Channel)
  • Catfish- Feb. 24 at 10/9c (MTV)

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  • hi Ryan, i am getting two games this week : Farcry Primal and The Walking Dead with Michonne. The Walking Dead with Michonne has 21 trophies but no platinum trophy is disappointing

    • Funny how they left Walking Dead off again. They didn’t mention it on the blogcast or on this Drop.

    • Maybe Sony are not huge fan of The Walking Dead tv series and games too that why they never post games of The Walking Dead on the drop new playstation games blog

    • Its obviously just a mistake. Plus sony pictures is the production company behind The Talking Dead.

    • I can’t even find TWD Micchone on the Playstation store app on my console. I do see that I can buy it on my mobile phone for the PS4.

  • Played Hitman GO this weekend and enjoyed it a lot. Playing SwapQuest right now and it fits the VIta great. Also got Far Cry Primal pre loading right now so overall another great week for games.

    • Yeah.. alot people got farcry primal early. they said it is great game with great graphic. i expect this game getting at least 85 on Metacritic when reviews hit tomorrow morning

  • Hopefully we’ll see the Final Fantasy XIII series on PlayStation 4 one day.

  • Wow, so many Drake avatars :-D

    I hope Hitman Go is cross-buy because I’d like to play it on both PS4 & Vita. I suppose I could use Remote Play if I must. It certainly worked well enough for The Witness.

    I don’t think I’ve heard much if anything about Wondershot, so hopefully there will be a post about it on Tuesday. I typically love local multiplayer games like these, if they nail the gameplay :-)

  • Ninja Senki’s art style looks a lot like another 8-bit hero I know. ;)

  • I’m surprised you didn’t mention the new Telltale mini-series ‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’ since it is coming out this week.

  • PS2 Classics Wish List:
    – Silent Hill 2/3/The Room/Origins (i don’t like HD remasters)
    – Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria
    – Obscure 1/2
    – Xenosaga 1/2/3
    – Hounting Ground

    • Add Gow and GoW2 please.

    • Fun Fact: Silent Hill 4 The Room is available on Japan Psn store for ps3… Honestly i want the Silent Hill games to come to ps4 but there are too many problems with that.
      1. Konami….
      2. I’d prefer them to make it cross buy for ps3 as well so i can get rid of the HD Collection. Worse Hd Collection of all time because of Tom Hullet and Konami.
      Instead of pay $10 each for all of them and have to rebuy them for the other console. Or it would be nice to play them off the disc but we all know that will never happen in this lifetime

  • I bought Dark Cloud 2 and Rogue Galaxy when they came out. Dark Cloud 2 is still awesome while the newer (not by much) Rogue Galaxy didn’t age too well. Still waiting for more PS2 on PS4. Xenosaga 1-3, Dragon Quest 8 to name a few.

    • Or how about even better. How about adding compatibility with PS1 and PS2 games on the original discs through software emulation on the PS4 with little-to-no issue. A high-end PC can do it, therefore the PS4 (due to the architecture being similar to a high-end PC) should do it. For those who don’t think so, well, the PCSX2 and ePSXe game compatibility lists say otherwise. And no I’m not encouraging piracy (since I really don’t want the people who worked hard in the video game industry to lose their jobs), I’m just showing proof that if a high-end PC can run PS1 and PS2 games on the original discs through software emulation with little-to-no issue, then so can the PS4. PS3, on the other hand, is the only system that will be impossible to run on the PS4 through software emulation due to the Cell processor being too powerful to emulate through software.

    • @gameman15: Um, no, the PS4 is not equivalent to a high-end PC. The architecture is similar to PCs period, sure, but the power of the various parts is what would qualify it as high-end, and the PS4 doesn’t really qualify in that respect. Yes, it can play PS2 games, though.
      But no, I much prefer what they’re doing now. I already played most of these games back on the PS2. I have absolutely no desire to play them again with no upgrades on my PS4. With the PS2toPS4 program, we get trophies and all the other features of the PS4 working with these games, like screenshots, video clips and streaming. Some people may not care about that, others do. I vastly prefer the current program. If I really want to play my old PS1 and PS2 games (of which I have around 70 games still between the two platforms), I can play them on my PS2. Obviously, just my opinion.

      Also, PS1 games will never be playable on the PS4, same as music CDs. It literally doesn’t have the hardware required to read the discs, and you can’t change that with software.

    • I’d like to see BC make a comeback in the future, but let’s be clear: There is no BC on PS4 and it’s unlikely to happen at all. Those asking for true BC must not conflate it with HD remasters, and that’s what the PS2toPS4 games are.

      I’d personally be willing to pay an outrageous price for an official Sony product that played every retail and/or digital game ever released on any PlayStation. However, one suspects that Sony would make such a device if they believed a market for it existed.

      The feeling persists that it would be nice if game consoles were like standalone Blu-ray movie players, which can also play DVDs. (In other words, they play all current disc-based movies with the same-sized discs. So no silliness about them playing VHS tapes, etc.) Perhaps one day soon this will become an issue to more gamers, many of whom already need 4 separate Sony consoles to play their entire library.

      Alas, it seems the fallacy in my argument is the relative lack of interest in classic gaming vs. watching classic movies.

      Oh well.

  • Look at all the Vita games. Wish Arcade Archive games were on Vita too. We need some more Nathan Drake

  • I need God of War and GoW2 on PS4 asap.

  • Happy to see all Vita support this week, sadly ps3 seem game over ; ;

  • Have they stopped with doing the PS2 games, been weeks since one has come out.

  • LOL! A game ttle “REPLAY: VHS is not dead” SONY and Betamax is kinda burn here.. XD

  • It’s all about Garden Warfare 2!!! I took the day off for this!!! :D

  • I’ve been really depressed because there’s no news about games or really big good games coming out right now. I’ve never been a fan of Far Cry, so forgive me.. I don’t mean to inflame anyone.

    When the Wii hit it big they had a lot of shovelware and eventually had good-ish games (it’s subjective). The Ps4 is the one that hit it pretty big then gen, and while there’s big games promised like The Last Guardian (our friggin’ never-releasing Zelda game) the big awesome games are just so few and far between right now. Final Fantasy XV will be later this year.. Everything is coming LATER!! All the news is being saved for E3! I understand why but I don’t LIKE IT!

    I feel personally betrayed by time, my mortal enemy

    Also whoever writes these things, I also hold him personally and irrationally responsible.. I hope he finds a $100 bill on the ground but it’s superglued and he can’t pick it up

  • …. Sigh… so about Wild Arms 3…

  • Hey Ryan

    getting TWD Michone this week kinda disappointing that Minecraft stiry mode episode 5 isn’t out yet

  • PS2 Classics Wishlist

    Grandia 2 ,3 and xtreme

    Wild arms 3,4,5

    Persona 3 Fes

    .hack// vol 1,2,3,4

    Shadow hearts 1,2,3

    Tales of the abyss

    Ape Escape 2,3

    • Wow, finally see someone who knows about Shadow Hearts. Those games are hidden masterpieces!! The battle mechanics are so unique and one of the best I’ve seen in an rpg. I kept my hopes for an HD collection on ps3 but now I know that may never happen… Someone told me there is some problem with the license, but I’m not sure #ShadowHeartsPS4

    • The Shadow Hearts devs dissolved. The company that acquired the licenses mostly stopped making games. They made one again in 2010, but that’s all the 5 minutes of googling told me.

    • Also why is .hack//GU left off of the list?

      To be honest I don’t think I could replay the .hack// series again. The way they did things. I mean they were episodic, and I enjoyed them, but I couldn’t beat 4. The game got too tedius by then. I also was having a hard time justifying buying all 3 .hack//GU

      It’s always amazed me how people complain about the price of games now, but back then we had episodic games at $50 a piece. Yet now people are complaining that a game with a 7 that could very well cost 150-200 million to make, is episodic and thinking that the game is going to be expensive… when there’s no reason to believe that, and even if it was, it’d be cheaper and probably a better experience than what we paid for .hack back then.

      I never finished Persona 3 because FES was announced after I bought Persona 3 and I was upset. Devil May Cry 3 had the difficulty cranked up, beat it, felt great, then found out that Devil May Cry 3 special edition had additional content, was released at full price again, but was far easier this time. >_>

      People have such short memories.

    • What do you think the chances of Champions of Norrath and Champion Return to Arms coming to psn are???? I really liked both of them. And also Baldurs Gate.

  • Nothing really for me this week. Was interested in the footage I saw of far cry primal until I saw it was first person. Oh well, I’ve still got plenty of LEgend of Heroes to play.

  • Swap Quest, Double Dragon II, and maybe Hitman Go for me. Maybe Ninja Senki DX too.

    Also Runner 2 since I have it on Vita and it’s crossbuy + great.

  • Any idea when Stories is coming out?

    • I have a feeling we’ll be finding out soon. It might be one of the games in the Spring Fever PlayStation Store Promotion they do every year. We should be hearing about that either this week or next.

  • sony if you’re seeing this, plz plz PLZ release a free roam godizlla game in the future

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!


    Please tell me there’s an online co-op, if not, that’s bad for business!!!

    • I will be purchasing double dragon 2 as well on the 26th, very nice surprise! I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing it is not online co-op. I don’t think any of the hamster arcade archives are online co-op (I could be wrong), but I know that double dragon 1 was not…

  • Knock knock and hitman go if the price is reasonable

  • I wish that Sony could release Finding Nemo video game on the PS4. Because Finding Dory is coming out on June 17th 2016.

    And my favorite tv show of all times is Flight 29 Down it would be really cool to have a video game based on the Discovery Kids tv show Flight 29 Down.

    And also please have a new Spongebob Squarepants video game for the PlayStation 4. It has been forever since there was a spongebob video game.

    • The Finding Nemo PS2 game was made by THQ.

      They have gone out of business. Acquired by Nordic Games. So your best bet is asking them.

      The Spongebob games were made by Activision. or published by Activision. You can start looking there for who to contact to ask.

      Sony probably has almost no input into the next games, and if one isn’t in production it’ll likely take a company 3 years to pop one out minimum.

      If there’s a movie coming out, you might have luck there for Spongebob, you’ll just have to hope there’s a Finding Dory.

      For the record I like none of these shows, movies, or games.

      I did the research to help you.

  • Far Cry Primal is all I care about and it’s in the mail.

  • Dear Sony,

    Could you please ask Atlus to bring “Double Dragon Advance” to PSN?

    The fans would be willing to pay over $30 for this game as long as it has online co-op with a good netcode because the game is that damn fun and good. The fact that you were able to give us “Super Star Wars” proves that you can make it happen again.

  • I would love to see them bring out Champions of Norrath and Return to arms!!!!! Two of my all time favorite ps2 games!!!! Think there’s any chance of that???

  • huge far cry fan, but nothing in the lead up to the release of far cry primal had me the slightest bit interested. i don’t wanna have to read captions for an entire game, and it just felt like it would be more of the same, with less story… and after reading the initial reviews, aside from enhanced cqc… my initial assessment seems about right. i’ll wait for its bargain bin placement.

  • When is the PS2 classic Wild Arms 3 going to be released? When do you guys announce PS2 classic games?

  • Guess it’s time to wipe the dust off my Vita and play some Hitman!

  • I’m super interested in that Poirot game. Can I be a bigger nerd?

    • Sonic, I was also interested….until I read there is no platinum. So I’ll wait until a sale.

      Btw, anybody else having problems viewing pages beyond first page? All my Apple devices are suddenly not allowing me to move beyond page 1 of each blog post.

  • Why is psn asking me for my credit card info to prevent order when there is 76 dollars in my psn wallet? Please someone answer

  • Why not also list prices alongside each item listed in The Drop each week? It would be such a great help and shouldn’t be that big of an issue Ryan.

  • Hey Ryan,

    Any update on ESPN, ABC and Disney coming to Playstation Vue? It was announced on the blog that they were coming to the service on 11/05/2015. No update has been given since that date.

    Please keep updating the Vue app on the Amazon Fire TV stick. It is very sluggish compared to the PS4 and iOS apps for Vue.

    Any word on the Remote Play app for Mac/PC?

  • What about ATTRACTIO FOR PS VITA!???
    The team who maid the game said that is ready to play..I really hope to see Attractio on ps vita soon but i scare because The game now is on Sony’s hand= Delays Delays & Delays

  • i’m only seeing hitman go on the PSN as a PS4 title, not a vita title. Is it cross buy?

  • Sony giving the middle finger to the Vita with this sale. Happy Birthday!

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