The King of Fighters XIV: Four More Fighters Confirmed

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The King of Fighters XIV: Four More Fighters Confirmed

Hello PlayStation Nation! The dev team here at our Osaka HQ and I are very happy to update our fans with the latest news for The King of Fighters XIV — just before the next showing at the PlayStation booth in C3 Show, Hong Kong.

The King of Fighters XIV will feature a huge roster of 50 fighters, and in addition to numerous popular, returning KOF characters, I’m excited to announce a new combatant appearing for the very first time!

King of Dinosaurs

An evil and mysterious “heel” (a.k.a. a “rudo” in lucha libre) wrestler who wears a tyrannosaurus mask appears! Is he about to devour all the veteran fighters?

Human or beast? Who hides behind the mask?!

The King of Fighters XIV on PS4The King of Fighters XIV on PS4

Along with King of Dinosaurs, following our recent reveal of a newly designed, sexy Robert and Benimaru, the team and I are pleased to let fans know that Maxima, Clark, and Terry will be returning to the KOF Tournament once again…


The mechanized body returns to battle! Powerful enough to be a huge Guard Point, he is a true marvel of NESTS Technology!

The King of Fighters XIV on PS4The King of Fighters XIV on PS4

Clark Still

After a bit of a “diet,” this Ikari Warrior returns to the ring as well. Could it have been thanks to Heidern’s Boot Camp? Mastering a variety of grappling moves, Clark is back and ready to break some backs.

Terry Bogard

“Get in the Ring!” The original Hungry Wolf and favorite of Fatal Fury fans can’t be missed!

The King of Fighters XIV on PS4

We hope you guys enjoy this sneak peek at some of the latest Max Super Special Moves, new effects, animations, and stages the team has been creating and fine-tuning as of late!

New Stage Reveals

Guanajuato Dynamite Ring
A special ring set in the townscape of a historical Mexican city. Its design has been inspired by the beautiful and festive city of Guanajuato.

The King of Fighters XIV on PS4The King of Fighters XIV on PS4

Derelict Church
The morning mist and sunbeams glaring through the church’s windows complement this stage, which has been inspired by the atmosphere of K’ and his allies.

The King of Fighters XIV on PS4

Please look forward to more exciting character reveals in the near future! We are also currently planning for upcoming venues/events held across the globe, where you’ll be able to get your hands on playable builds of The King of Fighters XIV throughout 2016.

Burn to Fight!

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  • No, ugh, That’s really UGLY.

    The game’s awesome, really, i was really into it UNTIL

    You guys HAD to kill Terry, i can’t stand it, it’s ugly.

    At this point i won’t pre-order it

    • Also why not OLD terry costume? Brown a best

    • The costume is actually based on his original appearance from Fatal Fury, sleeves and all. It’s a nice throwback. Plus, the game is in 3D as opposed to sprite-based, so similar to Maximum Impact, I bet there will be alt costumes, either in game, sold afterwards, or both.

    • Threatening not to pre-order the game because one character out of fifty looks unappealing to you is a bit silly.

  • Thanks KoF team! Great new character reveals! It appears that Tizoc has picked up a new wrestling persona. Love the new designs for the returning characters, and that Terry hat flip was a lot of fun. And it is indeed great to see that Clark and Ralph have both come back after a much needed “diet”.

    This was great read, guys. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Hey

    Please re-release SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos on PS3 (even if it is in japanese). And also re-release all previously Samurai Shodown, KOF, Fatal Fury, and Art of Fighting games on PS3.


  • MAN my Boi Terry is back. As for the dude in with the T-rex mask, i have a feeling its Tizoc from mark of the wolves.

  • I’ve been hyped up about this ever since I played it at PS Experience. Good job on the roster and gameplay so far. Hopefully the net code is great!!! Look forward to launch this year, cheers!

  • Where’s Mai and Athena?


  • This is a much, much better trailer than previous ones. I like how the characters are given some nice closeups and demonstrations of their moves instead of just far distanced, rapid cuts in the previous ones. Also, thank you for changing the song used in the trailer. The last one in the previous trailers with the dude screaming is horrendous.

    I like Tizoc going heel as a “new character” a la Big Bear/Raiden, and I also like the costume redesigns on the characters. That said, I wish that King (especially King) and K’ had gotten something newer. It feels like they’ve been wearing the same duds forever.

    The backgrounds look very pretty, but they need some things going on in the background to liven them up. Maybe KOF XIII spoiled us with the very active backgrounds, but these feel very static, like they’re fighting in front of a painting.

    The graphics are getting better, but the textures still need a lot of work. They’re lacking detail, particularly when it comes to their faces and skin. Fix those and the game will be set graphically for the most part.

  • Looks better, but stages need to look lively. They seem empty.

    Some characters like King still need improvements too. Not liking Terry’s jacket.

    Keep it up.

  • I am very sorry, but this game looks so lame. Worst decision ever to make it 3D. Looks like PS2 game, and seems to play horribly. Also, what’s p with all the cosplay?

    • Yeah, nice try, troll. This same joke’s been made for months since the game was released. The game has gone through multiple upgrades since it was released. First off there’s no way the PS2 could handle this game even if it wasn’t 1080p 60fps. Come on man, get some new material if you’re going to bash a game that has undergone a crazy amount of change. You probably didn’t even bother to watch the trailer.

  • Still looks like an HD PS2 game but also looks super fun. I loved Maximum Impact 2 a.k.a. KOF 2006. It was one of the most fun KOF I’ve played with my family. I can’t wait for this one.

  • Tizoc! is you guy! Justice Hurricane!
    Improving graphics, fighters coming in, increasing hype, the expectation now coming to PC!

    ps. but what will happen to the “Big Fall Griffon”

  • I Love the Derelict Church Stage

  • Bogard was expected all along, but man oh man is it great to see him confirmed! I’ve been sold on this for awhile — cannot wait! Game’s looking nicer every time you guys show it, and unlike Street Fighter V, doesn’t have bulbous monstrosities for characters ;) KOF has style, and that, I appreciate! More importantly, it’s bringing CONTENT, something far too few big releases care about offering these days when they launch! THANK YOU, SNK!

    Between this, Tekken 7 and Guilty Gear Revelator, 2016 is going to RULE for fighting games. Bring on KOFXIV! :D

  • I really hope it isn’t supposed to be a Tizoc replacement or Tizoc himself (or if it is, that we get a classic costume option). :/ I’m a huge Tizoc fan, but this new appearance (if it really is him) just… doesn’t do it at all. He is Griffon Mask, not King of the Dinosaurs.

    • if it is him whats wrong with his look being changed wrestlers change things up every now and then I mean look at Undertaker he went from magical wrestling zombie man to badass biker dude and then back to magical wrestling zombie man

    • It just doesn’t click with me, I suppose. Matter of opinions, but I was really looking forward to Tizoc returning in his original form. I like “Griffon Mask”.

    • I mean, he’s my favourite fighting game character ever, so I’m sure you can understand how it can be very disappointing to see him return in a much different form.

  • Hope this dont fail like Street Fighter 5 currently is.

  • (A) Let Takashi Nishiyama, Eiichi Ogura, Hirokai Hashimoto, Nobuyuki Kuroki, Youichiro soeda, Kaoru Nonaka, & Senno Aki for leading the illustrations & artworks of the prologue, plot, main story, & epilogue.
    (B) Or, let Asuka Takahashi, Syunsuke Sunagawa, Ken Takahashi, Takaeshi Oda, Kazuya Miyazaki, & Shuji Uema to made the CG & opening movies.
    (C) Or, add & combine all Special Moves & Super Special Moves (aka Desperation Moves) from the entire KOF series as well as NEO-MAX to the entire 50 characters.
    (D) Or, summon Jade Studios to be involved in the development team of KOFXIV for speeding up & sprucing the development process.
    (E) Or, summon & collaborate with SNK / LEDO INTERACTIVE of KOF 97 OL or Jade Studio for cinematic development.
    (F) Or, recall & collaborate with SNK / Daiichi Pachislot / Pachinko artists for leading, polishing, sprucing, & speeding up the
    process of the remaining improvements requirements.
    (G) Re-use KoF XII / XIII models & re-sculpturing, master-crafting, & filtering them to meet Kof XIV standards & methodologies.

    Otherwise, release KOFXIV on PC / Steam concurrently with its official release date on PS4!

  • Looks awesome, can’t wait to play it, can’t it be in beta or demo?

  • I would’ve preferred Raiden, but this King of the Dinosaurs reminds me of Tizoc. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re one in the same.

  • You had me at King of Dinosaurs!

    Straight outta 1991! :D

  • Awesome, I knew Terry is in the roster! Anyway, with Street Fighter V and King of Fighters XIV on the market here’s hoping for a future Capcom vs SNK 3 or SvC Chaos2! :D

  • nice!

  • A feathered dinosaur costume?! Set my heart aflutter~

  • Rock Howard maybe? Team GAROU

    • Well according to a leaked roster, Rock isn’t in it. But then again the leaked roster doesn’t say “King Of Dinosaurs” it says “Tizoc”, but KoD is basically just Tizoc in another costume anyway so it MIGHT still be right. Although, I’d love Rock to show up again.

  • Very exciting, KoF is one of my fave fighting game. However, something looks off about it. Maybe I grown attached to all the colorful and vibrant 2D fighters like SF Alpha, Guilty Gears, and the KoF of the past but the transition to 3D looks dull and bland. I also felt the same with SFV as well. I hope they do it right.

  • Please Rugal in this KOF XIV!!! :-)

  • Great game KOF XIV… Need clasic Rugal = Kaiser Wave…

  • Yeah!!! Cool!!! King of Dinosaurs Vs. Omega Rugal… Battle in Istanbul Please,
    It would be nice

  • King of Fighters needs a comical team. Must they all be serious?

    Maybe Duck King, Cheng Sinzan and Hon-Fu in one team.

  • The game is looking great. Keep up the good work, i think the stages need more life to it though. KOFXIII and SFXT had good lively stages

  • WOW!!! the game look better in each trailer
    and the Mexico stage looks GENIAL!!!

    i love it cant wait
    please dont forget Mai shiranui she is the queen of fighter!!

  • One word as a longtime SNK and KOF fan: disappointed.
    The roster looks promising, that is a fact. But these graphics are pretty cheap. We’ve seen that in the late PS2 days. There are even mobile games these days that look better than this. I hope gameplay, fight modes and bonus content make up for it.

  • Hey where are … riu , akuma and robert ???

  • Tizoc ain’t fooling nobody here.

    But SNKP, please, give the game a good netcode this time around with LOBBIES on par with the Arc System Works games (Blazblue, P4U, Guilty Gear Xrd) and Soul Calibur V. Where you can create a room and more than one fight between two people can happen at once. Oh, and spectator mode inside the lobbies.

    Oh, and Arcade Mode seems important these days.

  • I will be getting this game.

    Hope it will be available for other platforms eventually, this is a game everyone should play.

    Lastly, when you are done with PS4 development, I hope PS Vita gets KOFXIV too. Broke my heart I couldn’t play KOFXIII on PS Vita.

  • No Mai no buy.

  • The graphics seem very very bland.

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  • Art of Fighting (John ,Mickey,Lee ,etc)
    Fatal Fury (Franco,Laurent,Axel Hawk,etc)
    World Heroes (Hanzou,Dragon,Shura,etc)
    Garou Mark of the Wolf (Rock Howard,Khushnood Butt,Kevin etc)
    Rage of the Dragons /Aggressors of Dark Kombat/Breakers etc

  • How can we get Vanessa in KOF XIV? She’s the coolest boxer gal ever and hasn’t been back since forever ago. Time to bring the character into the KOF world once more, especially with more women playing who want more female players. Add Whip and Blue Mary and you’ve got a great fighter team. I know people would download them if they were added as DLCs later. Look on the GameFaqs board for King Of Fighters XIV. Or just Google any of the three characters plus King of Fighters XIV. There are people asking if these characters will return.

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