Street Fighter V: So You Want to be a World Warrior

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Street Fighter V: So You Want to be a World Warrior

Hey everyone! Street Fighter V is here, and we wanted to make sure that everyone starts off on the right foot. With a bit of patience, practice and discipline you’ll be well on your way to becoming an online warrior! Here are a few tips to get folks started, from our friends Mike Ross and Ryan “gootecks” Gutierrez. Watch The Excellent Adventures of gootecks and Mike Ross every Sunday at

Street Fighter V: Tips for Newcomers

Street Fighter V: Advanced Tips

Mike and gootecks generously provided a handy list of tips too, in case you prefer them in written form:

  1. Blocking is the safest thing to do when you are being attacked. Hold down-back on the controller to block low attacks, and back to block high attacks and jump attacks. Blocking will keep you alive longer than recklessly attacking.
  2. Your ability to perform the move you want at any given moment is important to capitalizing on opportunities. You can practice your execution in Training Mode and then set the Dummy to CPU to gain experience.
  3. Less is more – mashing buttons and panicking will get you nowhere. The game might seem like it’s really fast and overwhelming at first, but with experience, you’ll find that there is plenty of time to react and think against most opponents. If you find yourself panicking under pressure, take a deep breath and remember that the hits don’t actually hurt IRL!
  4. Throws are unblockable, do a nice chunk of damage, and are an important part of Street Fighter. You can perform a throw by pressing LK + LP simultaneously; you can counter a throw with the same command if you’re fast enough.
  5. Special moves might seem like the most important attacks to learn from your character, but are really just a couple of tools in your character’s toolset. Learning how to use your character’s light, medium, and heavy attacks from standing, crouching, and jumping positions is just as, if not more important, than your special moves. You can explore your character’s moveset in Training Mode and take note of the damage and range properties of each move.
  6. There are lots of resources out there available to help you learn, from web sites like Shoryuken and Eventhubs, to tutorials on YouTube and pro players streaming on Twitch. All you need to do is a little research.
  7. Try out each of the 16 characters. There’s a good chance that you’ll like more than just one of them and the more you learn about each character, the stronger you will become. Every character has some characters that they struggle against and some that they are strong against.
  8. Each character has a unique V-Skill by pressing MP+MK simultaneously. Some characters have defensive V-Skills, others have offensive V-Skills, and some have power-ups. Using your V-Skill successfully builds your V-Gauge which is a very important resource.
  9. Your V-Gauge fills up throughout the round. When it’s full, you can activate your V-Trigger by pressing HP+HK simultaneously which uses your entire V-Gauge. Each character’s V-Trigger is unique and all are very powerful in the right hands. V-Gauge resets every round so get used to using it each round because it’s a missed opportunity if you lose the round without using it.
  10. V-Reversal is performed by pressing F+PPP or F+KKK when you are blocking. This uses 1 stock of your V-Gauge and is very useful for getting the opponent off of you when you are on defense.
  11. Your Critical Art gauge builds fastest when you land attacks. This is an important resource that can be used for Critical Art attacks, which do major damage and cost 3 bars, or EX Special Moves, which are enhanced special moves that cost 1 bar. Use your resources wisely.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Street Fighter V — see you online!

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  • heres a tip for you Capcom. don’t release games unfinished and barebones.

    • ….. coming from a guy who uses an avatar from Haze.

      Don’t like it? Don’t buy it.

      Take your salt elsewhere while we enjoy our game.

    • Ryan "gootecks" Gutierrez

      IMO the game is not barebones at all, but this is coming from someone who is actively trying to be a strong player. Story Mode is cool and all and whenever that comes out maybe I’ll go through it, but the real fun of Street Fighter for me is playing with real people, whether it’s online or in person.

      Survival Mode is actually pretty fun and a good way to learn how to manage resources and attack quickly, as well as unlock colors.

      Maybe you don’t find Training Mode fun because you’re not sure what you should be doing. But to me, Training Mode is fun because it helps me learn how to beat other players which is where the real magic of Street Fighter is.

    • NO…. this is not SFV.

      The game is beautiful and has great plans for the next years

    • Your absolutely spot on. Capcom isn’t getting my money now , this is going to damage there reputation further.

    • I’ll get the game when it’s done.

    • Yeah man its really annoying like it’s frustrating that companies are gonna charge people 60+ plus for a half finished game and gone expect people to be ok with it. I unfortunately pre-ordered the game so i have it but if i knew it was half finished i would’ve waited. That doesn’t mean i don’t wanna play online cuz I’m a big online gamer that has nothing to do with the bottom line and that is capcom or any company for that matter shouldn’t be getting over on the fans like that if they wanna give us a half done game then we should only pay half the price right now and when the game is finished ill gladly pay the rest

    • bigsby75, how long ago did you preorder, because this was something they were upfront about and announced a while ago. It’s not like they released the game and said ‘oh, yeah, this other stuff is coming later.’

    • so sad gootecks, you preffered money to actually admit the game is lacking basic stuff, i used to be a fan of you and Mike, but this is too much, enjoy tour money Ryan.

  • Nice tutorial videos! Got me wanting to play Street Fighter again.

  • They should have brought Maximilan Dood. He explains things much better.

  • Time to see ppl get whipped on twitch

  • Pass on this game because the needless censored stuff.

  • Liked the Kuma easter egg in the pic on the main page of the Blog.

  • I do not have a PS4 so I guess I won’t be playing this game :( I will get a PS4 when we can have more than 2TB of storage or when it support plug and play with external HDD.

    • You can, nyko data bank. Look it up.

    • @gohan16ken they might sometime soon release a PS4 that already has a 2TB hard drive. As for you @Cat_Corye, you should be aware that the nyko data bank is immensely flawed, like most game system accessories developed by 3rd-parties. Hell, I even read reviews of it on Amazon with 1 of them saying that the PS4 won’t work properly with the Nyko data bank attached to it. So right now, you’re better off paying $150+ for 2.5 inch SATA 2TB hard drive, I did.

    • You do most of those people where dumb and try using something with more rpm then the PS4 is made to handle right?

      People that didn’t, had no problems besides not being able to put it in rest mode (which isn’t a problem anymore).

    • @gohan16ken If you assume all games are 50GB (they aren’t, only the largest are even close to this) you could store 40 full games on a 2TB drive at one time. Most games are much smaller that 50GB. But for argument’s sake, lets assume all games are GTAV in size. Do you really need to have 40 games installed at once? Are you going to miss out on owning a Playstation 4 and its games, because you can’t install 40 games at one time?

    • @supremestarhawk on my PS3, I currently have 165 games installed at once. On my wish list for PS4, I have 58 games that I want. I only buy games digitally and I want them all to be installed at the same time. So I can easily switch between games I want instead having to waste time installing them.

    • @gohan16ken Fair enough. The downside to wanting external hard drive support is you are probably the 1% (or less than that) who need access to that many games instantly. I buy all digitally too and feel like 2TB is *plenty* of breathing room to install the games Im currently playing, thinking about playing, and more. Deleting and reinstalling with this much room isn’t an issue, and I never have mu focus on over 40 games at one time. It’s way less than that.

  • I may not get Street Fighter V today, but I might get it later on. Probably around the time when the cinematic story DLC comes out and/or when the remaining characters from the original Street Fighter II (Blanka, E. Honda, and Sagat) (and no, I’m not counting the ones that are already confirmed) each make a playable appearance in this game. I would thank you for the tips but I can do just fine not playing at a tournament/competitive level like most people playing Street Fighter do.

    • Ryan "gootecks" Gutierrez

      Not everyone wants to play in tournaments, but I think there’s still a lot of value in being able to hold your own against your friends when they play. Pretty sure if you’re into gaming enough to visit this blog regularly, you’ll have friends that play, so you might as well start now and learn the basics so you can be ahead of the curve!

    • Ryan, unfortunately that value is not $60 and that is the main complaint against this game.

  • What happened to the PS3 fight stick support? Game is great otherwise.

    • Sorry found it. Not sure why the convoluted method considering I could just plug and play with SF4 but I am happy it’s there!

  • A truly gorgeous game! Now how about keeping the servers from crashing in everybody Capcom?

  • Anyone know if Capcom is still in the business of re-releasing these games over and over again (“Super” or “Ultra”)? I really want to buy it but I’m worried about wasting my money with all the talk of missing game modes (Arcade) and forthcoming content (Characters).

    • They promised that they would not. They are however holding characters out. You are supposed to be able to earn everything for free but no clue on how much gameplay that involves yet.

  • Please explain why you decided to not give us basic single-player content (such as VS CPU) at launch. I personally would like better things to do (besides Story and Training) while waiting for another fight to come my way.

    • Ryan "gootecks" Gutierrez

      IMO Training Mode with the Dummy set to CPU and the Health Gauges set to Normal is a decent way to train. If that’s not your style, getting through different difficulty levels of Survival Mode unlocks character colors. In both modes, you can have Fight Request enabled.

      With that said, fighting the CPU is not as effective as playing real people to learn the game.

  • Ryan, we get that the hardcore SF fanbase is only interested in vs play, but for a lot of other people an arcade mode is where we usually get used to the game, Story mode is nice but really short atm, finished every character story in a little session, and since I’m having serious problems to contact the servers, there’s a feeling of lack of content that I can’t shake off. A couple of friends came by to try the game and it was fun, really good gameplay and all (even when I got my ass kicked), but once they left, there was not much for me (never been a survival fan). Is there a time window for these modes (full story mode, arcade) to be available? Are there any server problems?

    • Ryan "gootecks" Gutierrez

      I don’t see much difference between story mode and arcade mode. The content is the game itself. You think there’s no content because you have a different idea of what the game should be. If your friends kicked your ass, you could spend time learning more about the game and then practicing in training mode so you can return the favor next time.

      Full story mode is supposed to be in June I think. I think they could have definitely waited to release the game in June so it could include it, but then that would have put the release off schedule with the existing tournament infrastructure.

      Anybody who buys the game on day 1 seems pretty hardcore to me, so why would you not take the time to actually learn how to play between now and June?

  • Thanks Capcom… Thanks Sony… please more and more Capcom Fighting game on PS4 nd dont miss PSVita.

  • Please Add Haggar and Ingrid on SFV

  • This unfinished product is an absolute insult to the consumer. I’m glad I did my research before investing in this unfinished product. Capcom should be ashamed of themselves. I think the gaming industry needs to start being careful and treat the consumer with some respect.

  • Funny how Ryan and other people from Sony staff try to sell the idea that this is the best game ever, when clearly it is not. Give more credit to your customers, Sony.

    Why is it so difficult to understand that there are more casual gamers in Street Fighter than Tournament gamers? Do you guys think that all of us compete in EVO? Well surprise, not all of us do. This game is short in content, and it is only fair to complain because there is SF4, SF3 and even SF2 where you can do more things as a single player. Many of us like to beat the Story modes and play alone. If beating the CPU is not “the greatest way of training”… what’s it to you? We pay for the game, we can use it as we see fit. If you think that you are a better gamer because you kick ass playing online, then good for you. I think SF5 does have potential, but right now the game is still in a very early stage.

    I should have waited before getting this game. I had high expectations that were not met. Good thing I can still play KI in the other hand. I’m looking forward for Capcom and Sony to make amends and fix this mess. Please go and read reviews in other sites, you will see I am by no means trolling.

  • I agree with you. Ryan works for Sony so I cannot fault him for doing his job in promoting this game but at the same time we do not need to be told what we “should” like in a game. I am a casual fighting game player. I try to get better but I cannot pull off the ridiculous 1000 hit combo, cancel, combo, cancel, tech, tech cancel, etc moves that pros do. I don’t have the time to learn that to muscle memory and honestly when I do I do it in real life not for a game. I also don’t like listening to 10 year olds on-line and getting beaten by a pro without being able to land a single move because I am caught in an inescapable combo. That is why I like single player mode (not training mode).

  • Why you haven’t implement Arcade mode ? I want a answer please.

  • I can see why casual players like myself feel burned cause I was very exited about the prospect of a deeper story mode/narrative to dig into by myself, but that’s stuffs being included at a later date FOR FREE…….. As for the feeling of not having much to do, GRIND for dat fight money baby cause that earns you even more free stuff once doc is released. You can also share play withe any friends you have on psn. being a destiny player gives me a different perspective on a game as service model because the game is constantly being fleshed out and things added to it so maybe that’s what makes me more tolerant. I agree with Ryan that you lose nothing by owning the game now because, as I said, you can invest your time now to get “the missing stuff” later for free and maybe even become a better player in the process. The server issues can be a bummer tho.

  • IMHO the official game trailer for SFV has got to be one of the worst ever. I thought I was going to have a seizure watching it, there was so much going on at a frame rate I can’t image playing an actual game at. I can understand why this article was posted. I sure wasn’t going to waste any money on this title if the game played anything like the the trailer. I guess there might just be some hope for us “slow” players :)

  • So are we getting a standard Arcade mode or not? Story mode looks ok to mediocre at best right now. It’s no substitute for the good old single player mode. I have no desire to enter any sort of competition and rarely play online. Not everyone cares about online multiplayer, no matter how hard you try to shove it down everyone’s throat. I’ve always enjoyed Street Fighter as a single player experience, with occasional matches against friends who come over to the house. The classic Arcade mode is a staple of this franchise and to see it absent is heartbreaking.

  • I’ll buy the game when it’s finished. ie, when it has an arcade mode.

  • Glad the online is working now, game is wonderful. The mechanics are far and away better than SF4. If you prefer fighting the CPU for whatever reason though buy Guilty Gear instead. I couldn’t be happier with the game so far though. I do find one oddity, it seems you get more fight money doing Survival than you do Ranked…doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • And like i said i play online pretty hardcore i don’t go to tournaments but i game pretty hard on sf,tekken,and mk so I’ve been playing rank i just think as gaming company and having pride in what you put out and not disrespecting the fans capcom should’ve waited until they finished the game that’s all

  • Will the preorder skins be available soon? What will be involved with the season pass outside of a theme and 3 avatars?

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