Street Fighter V: So You Want to be a World Warrior

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Street Fighter V: So You Want to be a World Warrior

Hey everyone! Street Fighter V is here, and we wanted to make sure that everyone starts off on the right foot. With a bit of patience, practice and discipline you’ll be well on your way to becoming an online warrior! Here are a few tips to get folks started, from our friends Mike Ross and Ryan “gootecks” Gutierrez. Watch The Excellent Adventures of gootecks and Mike Ross every Sunday at

Street Fighter V: Tips for Newcomers

Street Fighter V: Advanced Tips

Mike and gootecks generously provided a handy list of tips too, in case you prefer them in written form:

  1. Blocking is the safest thing to do when you are being attacked. Hold down-back on the controller to block low attacks, and back to block high attacks and jump attacks. Blocking will keep you alive longer than recklessly attacking.
  2. Your ability to perform the move you want at any given moment is important to capitalizing on opportunities. You can practice your execution in Training Mode and then set the Dummy to CPU to gain experience.
  3. Less is more – mashing buttons and panicking will get you nowhere. The game might seem like it’s really fast and overwhelming at first, but with experience, you’ll find that there is plenty of time to react and think against most opponents. If you find yourself panicking under pressure, take a deep breath and remember that the hits don’t actually hurt IRL!
  4. Throws are unblockable, do a nice chunk of damage, and are an important part of Street Fighter. You can perform a throw by pressing LK + LP simultaneously; you can counter a throw with the same command if you’re fast enough.
  5. Special moves might seem like the most important attacks to learn from your character, but are really just a couple of tools in your character’s toolset. Learning how to use your character’s light, medium, and heavy attacks from standing, crouching, and jumping positions is just as, if not more important, than your special moves. You can explore your character’s moveset in Training Mode and take note of the damage and range properties of each move.
  6. There are lots of resources out there available to help you learn, from web sites like Shoryuken and Eventhubs, to tutorials on YouTube and pro players streaming on Twitch. All you need to do is a little research.
  7. Try out each of the 16 characters. There’s a good chance that you’ll like more than just one of them and the more you learn about each character, the stronger you will become. Every character has some characters that they struggle against and some that they are strong against.
  8. Each character has a unique V-Skill by pressing MP+MK simultaneously. Some characters have defensive V-Skills, others have offensive V-Skills, and some have power-ups. Using your V-Skill successfully builds your V-Gauge which is a very important resource.
  9. Your V-Gauge fills up throughout the round. When it’s full, you can activate your V-Trigger by pressing HP+HK simultaneously which uses your entire V-Gauge. Each character’s V-Trigger is unique and all are very powerful in the right hands. V-Gauge resets every round so get used to using it each round because it’s a missed opportunity if you lose the round without using it.
  10. V-Reversal is performed by pressing F+PPP or F+KKK when you are blocking. This uses 1 stock of your V-Gauge and is very useful for getting the opponent off of you when you are on defense.
  11. Your Critical Art gauge builds fastest when you land attacks. This is an important resource that can be used for Critical Art attacks, which do major damage and cost 3 bars, or EX Special Moves, which are enhanced special moves that cost 1 bar. Use your resources wisely.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Street Fighter V — see you online!

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