Fat Princess Adventures Updated Today With New Challenges

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Fat Princess Adventures Updated Today With New Challenges

Have your cake and eat it too! We have another update coming today for Fat Princess Adventures on PS4, which includes free content for both Story Mode and Arena Mode. Better grab your weapons and gear up for a return to battle…

The first addition is an all-new difficulty option for Story Mode. If you’ve conquered Hard Difficulty and devoured your way through Cakemare Difficulty, prepare yourself for This Means War! Whether you’re up against grunts or bosses, enemies will pose an even harder challenge compared to lower difficulties.

You might want to grab a friend or two, or jump into matchmaking, to take this on — running solo will be quite the challenge. If you wish to venture alone with a high-level character, we also raised the level cap to 30.

The other piece of content being added is a new Arena Mode map housed within the Salt Mountains. Arena Mode has players face waves upon waves of enemies, all in the name of cake, glory, and sweet, sweet loot. Two other maps were included with the last update, so make sure to check out the Castle and Temple Arenas as well.

Speaking of Arena Mode, here are a few tips to help out with the enemy hordes:

  • Eat lots of cake! Use health-boosting equipment or cake-spawning equipment to keep your health topped off.
  • If you find yourself having trouble against very high level enemies in later rounds, use equipment that disrupts or transforms the enemies in order to better manage them.
  • Each arena has a checkpoint placed relatively close the middle of the map — be mindful of where it is just in case you need to switch classes in the middle of a round.
  • Familiarize yourself with the enemies you encountered in Story Mode so that you can form strategies around them when they swarm you and your friends in any Arena Map.
  • Keep an eye out for an item you can pick up in the Temple Arena and place in a certain area that may lead to a sweet surprise…

Fat Princess Adventures on PS4Fat Princess Adventures on PS4

We’ve also added a new set of purchasable DLC — the Back and Badder Loot pack. Add some attitude to your character’s setup, with new gear like the Archer’s Boomstick or the Warrior’s Wargod’s Armor. You can also find a few new additions to cosmetic customization.

Finally, Gem Packs are now available for purchase from the store. They’re handy if you’re looking to upgrade a number of weapons or gear items but running a bit short on gems.

Fat Princess Adventures is available on PlayStation Store now, and make sure to check out the official Fat Princess website for more morsels of news and updates. For cake and country!

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