The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/16/2016

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/16/2016
The Drop

One of the most iconic names in fighting returns to the ring this week with new characters, new modes, and gorgeous visuals. Street Fighter V launches on PS4. You better start practicing…

Street Fighter V continues the long-running gathering of the World Warriors, both new and old. Fan-favorites like Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim face off with newcomers including Rashid and Laura. Fight against friends locally or online with individualized V-Skills and V-Triggers, or practice with a robust training mode.

Also up for grabs this week is the open-world pirate sim Pixel Piracy, and the retro-inspired zombie survival of The Escapists The Walking Dead. For a full list of new games, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

New Releases: February 16th, 2016
The Escapists The Walking Dead
PS4 — Digital

The Escapists The Walking Dead
Players take on the role of iconic protagonist Rick Grimes as he wakes up in the Harrison Memorial Hospital. The levels follow the timeline of the comics, seeing Rick travel to various locations such as the Greene Family Farm, Meriwether Correctional Facility, Woodbury, and Alexandria.

Layers of Fear
PS4 — Digital

Layers of Fear on PS4
A tragic past. An unfinished painting. And a crumbling psyche. These are the core elements that make up the setting of Layers of Fear, a new psychological horror game coming to PS4.

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae
PS4 — Digital

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae on PS4
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae is the story of a demonic sword, and the young warrior who stole it for her own ends. Hot on her heels is our main character, and her best friend. Once friends, but now forced to fight each other, players will cut their way through arenas filled with monsters, robots, and thugs in need of a good slicing.

Pixel Piracy
PS4 — Digital

Pixel Piracy on PS4
If you like pirates, this is the game for you. If you like the sound of recruiting a motley crew and sailing the seven seas in search of booty, other pirate crews to kill, chasing chickens, building your ship block by block, cleaning the poop deck, boarding enemy ships, then jump aboard.

Rainbow Moon (+ Trial)
PS4 — Digital

Rainbow Moon

Explore a fascinating world and fight deadly creatures in turn-based battles. Visit towns and shop for new equipment, upgrades and skills. Six playable characters await you in a beautiful role-playing game that lasts more than 40 hours.

Randal’s Monday
PS4 — Digital

Randal's Monday
A kleptomaniac, a sociopath, and a horrible friend. Randal is potentially one of the most scurrile protagonists since the invention of the hoverboard. Randal’s Monday is a crazy space-time odyssey in classic adventure design, spiced up with countless geek culture references of the last 30 years.

Street Fighter V
PS4 — Digital, Retail

Street Fighter V, Zangief
The legendary fighting franchise returns! Stunning visuals depict the next generation of World Warriors in unprecedented detail, while exciting and accessible battle mechanics deliver endless fighting fun that both beginners and veterans can enjoy.

Super Blast Deluxe
PS Vita — Digital

Super Blast Deluxe

Prepare to Blast with Red the Imp — a mischievous little rascal with a ferocious appetite for chilis. He has been tasked with lighting up the skies to keep the party going and he plans to spice up the night before the sun comes out.

Tron Run/r
PS4 — Digital

Tron Run/r
Kevin Flynn… he is a legend. The man came up with so many ideas. The world needs to see them. See what they tried to hide. So much unseen for so long. Here it is. The truth. Run program.

PlayStation Music Logo

  • Yo Gotti — The Art of Hustle
  • BJ The Chicago Kid — In My Mind
  • Star Wars Headspace — Various Artists

PlayStation Video Logo

  • Creed
  • The Danish Girl
  • Room

PlayStation Vue Logo

  • The Walking Dead – Feb. 14 at 9/8c (AMC)
  • The 58th Grammys – Feb. 15 at 8/7c (CBS)
  • Broad City – Feb.17 at 10/9c (Comedy Central)

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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  • How will the battle shape up? How will you win? LLLLet’s get started!

    Welcome to the world of STREET FIGHTER V!!!!!

  • Been playing both Rainbow Moon and The Escapists The Walking Dead on PS4 and really enjoying both of them so far. Can’t wait to get Street Fighter V this week as well. Layers of Fear also has my interest. Ugh just TOO many games.

    • Quit lying escipists walking dead isn’t out till Tuesday.

      Rainbow moon is on PS now though so that’s probably true but the is an enhanced version coming Monday.

    • @hunter, a quick check on psnprofiles shows he’s been playing it. It’s not that uncommon for someone to have a copy early. Might be a review copy or something. Maybe not be so quick to name call

    • I’m not lying check my profile at psnprofiles. I’m writing a review so I have a review copy. That is how it works.

  • When are we Vita gamers getting SkullGirls?

  • Hello, Ryan Clements.

  • Tron Lives!!!! So excited for this game, Tron Run/r runs on my PC, but just enough to know it is awesome!

  • Metsu Hadouken! Shin Shoryuken! Street Fighter V is gonna be awesome.

  • will rainbow moon be cross buy i already have it on ps3

  • Street Fighter V!!

  • Randall’s Monday totally came out of nowhere and looks like a really entertaining game. Would be cool to see some info on developers included in the drop, especially for games that don’t get full-blown announcements on PSBlog

  • SFV hype train!

  • Please make an Dailymotion app

  • Street Fighter V hype!!

  • Rainbow Moon PS4 hype!

  • If we already own the PS3/Vita versions of Rainbow Moon, will we get the PS4 version also?

  • I still only have a PS3 so I guess no SF5 for me. Support plug and play for external HDD on the PS4 (and PS3) and I will get a PS4. I need more than 2TB of storage.

    • …Why can’t you just delete stuff instead?

    • PS4 DOES support 3.5 inch drives, you just either need a extended bay or the correct cable. (it’d go with the extended bay, personally.) This allows the PS4 to support up to…well…we don’t actually know. 6TB is the largest HDD on the market, currently, but we do know the Xbox One supports up to 16TB, so, I’d guess the PS4 maxes out at roughly the same, but, Sony hasn’t said anything, so…

      But yeah, PS4 does support more than 2TB.

    • 2TB is plenty. If u buy physical, intalls take mere seconds.

    • @Tjoeb123 Because I do not want to. @iamtylerdurden1 I only buy digital. @SuperShouden hmmmm this seems complicated. PS4 like the PS3 specifically say 2.5″. Can you little hack also get the PS3 to support beyond 1.5TB? I am running out of space on that too. Mainly because Sony hold 10% of the HDD for future OS update. So 150GB of my usable storage is not available to me. Storage and backwards compatibility are very important to me and is pushing me towards Wii U and Xbox One. I do not care about graphics. I have a 720p TV.

    • @gohan16ken you’re not alone when it comes to wanting actual backwards compatibility on the PS4. I want it and others want it as well. But it seems to us that Sony doesn’t want to give the fans what they actually want, and that decision alone will soon be their (Sony’s) downfall. Seriously, if a high-end PC, PS2 slim, and PS3 can run PS1 games and a high-end PC can run PS2 games, both on the original discs through software emulation with little-to-no issues, can so can the PS4. It may not be perfect, but as long as the games are at least playable, then we’re happy. PS3 games on the other hands is where things might get complicated, but it can be resolved if PS Now supports ownership and can be able to read PS3 games on the original discs (on the PS4 versions of PS Now at least).

    • @gohan16ken I have to agree with you, mainly the backwards compatibility part, specially when Sony is not actually giving all of their fans what they actually want, and that decision alone will soon be their (Sony’s) downfall. If a high-end PC, PS2 slim, and PS3 can run PS1 games and a high-end PC can run PS2 games, both on the original discs through software emulation with little-to-no issues, can so can the PS4. It may not be 100% perfect, but as long as the games are at least playable, then we’re happy. Backwards compatibility with PS3 games, although very difficult to emulate through software, can possibly be resolved if PS Now supports ownership and can be able to read the original discs (at least on the PS4 version of PS Now).

    • Thanks @gameman15. I strongly believe that PS Now should be like iTunes and PS Video and NOT like Netflix or Redbox. PS Now should support game ownership. When you buy a movie on iTunes or PS Video, you are allowed to stream it online or download it for offline viewing. I believe that every digital game purchase on PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 should be able to be downloaded on the respective console for offline playing or be streamed online via that console or on PC or TV. PS Now should be a new medium not a new service. However, if Sony wants PS Now to be a separate service, I believe, as a PS+ I should automatically get a copy of all of my PS3 digital games on PS Now. In a mobile world, at least, digital BC should be the norm. If I purchase an app on my iPhone 3G, I have access to it on my iPhone 6 and iPad. But if I bought GTA3 on my PS3 digitally, then I should get to a digitally copy of it on my PS4. Sony should make money of first time purchases not re-purchases. Eventually the PS3 will be discontinued and PSN on the PS3 will stop working, I have 165 games downloaded on my PS3 and another 140 games not downloaded. I want to know I have access to my games when PS3 is gone.

    • But if your PS3 (or its HDD) ever borks, and the PS Store is no longer available on PS3, then how would you be able to play those games?

    • Thanks for your question, @Tjoeb123. I backed up my PS3 HDD on two external HDD. One is in a safe at a bank and the other is with me at work. Just in case my apt gets burn down or robbed. This is also another issue. Backing up games on the X360 is a lot easier than on the PS3. On the Xbox, I can just saved new games to my external HDD. However, on the PS, I have to back up my entire HDD when I install a new game. That usually takes me 36hrs.

  • Yes, I’m hyped for SFV.

    But I’m also annoyed that beta testers already got the hang of the game, know all the best combos and what work and what don’t work for each character. They are gonna dominate the ranking matches for the first couple of months.

    My point is that Sony should tackle this problem and label “Beta Tester” next to their usernames, so that we can avoid them during online search player lobby until we feel we are ready enough.

  • “Layers of Fear” got good reviews when it was released for PC last year but it’s VERY short….just 1 1/2 hours. I’m sure Sony will list it for $19.99.

    On the other hand, “Randal’s Monday” is a much longer game….more worth the money.

  • Street Fighter V is pretty awesome… finished up all Story Modes and made it to Survival Round 13 on hard, but keep failing. Two ranked matches so far, lost one, won one. Haven’t played much Rainbow Moon on PS4 yet, just the intro… but seems to be just fine technically… solid port.

  • Rumor the Crash Bandicoot is returning! Please please let it come to Vita too!

  • I think I may have to get Layers of Fear.

    This week looks really great, all of these look great to me. Street fighter V is gonna be awesome.

  • Guess only Street Fighter V peaked my interest for this week’s Tuesday launch. Nevertheless, I’m pumped playing Ryu outside the beta version.

  • So not digging Street Fighter V. The lineup of mostly the losers that all gamers decided weren’t worth remembering from the Zero/Alpha or SF3 entries, the lame newecomers, the doubling down on the grotesque, bulbous, overly-muscled, out-of-proportion, already divisive art style, the fact that Street Fighter IV was strung out over 9 years of rereleases and SF x Tekken entries… just *fart noise* to the whole thing.

    Far as I’m concerned, this week is to fighting games “Just another week where the far more exciting Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Tekken 7 or King of Fighters XIV isn’t out yet, so pay no attention to it” :)

    Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae is pretty fun though – might pick that up again (have it on Steam). And I’m intrigued by Pixel Piracy. There’s some interesting stuff here… just not “Street Fighter: They made another one? The last version of SFIV just came out a few months ago on PS4!”

  • Street Fighter V… LETS GO

  • The Escapists The Walking Dead would be awesome on the Vita.

    • I was disappointed twice while going through the list. I saw The Escapists Walking Dead and thought that was for sure on Vita, only to see it was PS4 only. Then went through the same chain when I saw Pixel Piracy, though brought down even more. I’ve played it on PC and would like to be able to whip it out on my Vita while travelling.

  • +Rudetoy, you sure that wasn’t Early Access on PC? On the Layers of Fear PS Blog I heard 2 hours and that’s if you speed run it without going off the beaten path. If you explore everywhere & take your time it’s closer to 6, which I plan to do.

    • Eternal, the 1.5 hour playing time for “Layers of Fear” is according to the howlongtobeat website. That was for the PC version released last year. I assume the PS4 version will be the same game, unless they’ve changed it up.

  • Wow. 1 PS Vita game…Looks crappy too. Sony, this is very sad. At least give us another sale or SOMETHING GOOD, to go along with the 1 PS Vita game.

  • I really wish that PS would stop ignoring the Vita. PS store is over populated with trash indie games at least put some PS One games like Crash Bandicoot or Twisted Metal.

  • Rudetoy, 1st of all not everything you read is reliable & current. And that’s the thing about Early Access games on Steam: When they’re initially released to the public they’re not in a finished state. As was the case back in August of last year when it became available on Steam:

    When a complete Layers of Fear releases this upcoming week it will be across all platforms simultaneously respective of whichever day each platform updates (Tuesday for PS4).

    Also, according to product manager mblair_aspyr (of publisher Aspyr Media), there’s quite a bit more content with this full build that wasn’t available in Early Access:

  • Randal’s Monday is the best game there its epic i love it have been playing it for ages on my PC , did not know that ps4 was even getting it even though its very late release but i guess better late then never

  • Now this is what i call an update, nothing else matters except Rainbow Moon. For an indie it’s got SRPG elements out off this world. Hopefully it has cross-saves with the PS3 edition as well as additional content. Could this be a possibility Rainbow Skies will be available soon? Hopefully Rainbow Moon on current gen lives up to the PS3 edition, because it’s awesome.

  • Tales of Destiny psone classic please. Remake Bushido Blade for ps4

    • Will my ps3 platnum of rainbow moon carry over if i buy the ps4 version?

      I wouldnt mind getting it all over again, but i just dont have the time to put in the grind like i had back then lol.

  • Charlie just felt Zangief’s you know what.

  • Wait, Rainbow Moon is only discounted? I bought it for PS3 and Vita, I’m not buying it again. I was looking forward to playing this and finally finishing it, but I’m going to pass. Sorry, I love the game but I think I’ve paid enough for it.

  • For those who pre-ordered Street Fighter V through Amazon. The orders have been shipped. The reason for the e-mail is it is dependent on who is shipping it in your area if you will recieve it tomorrow or Wednesday since today is a holiday. If holidays tend to end up delaying mail for you, then you will likely get the package Wednesday. Does not matter if it is CE or Standard. Not totally hating on digital, but physical for life and so on. Hope this helps clear up issues.

  • Really excited for Layers of Fear!

  • Going to get Rainbow Moon and Pixel Piracy…assuming there’s a discount for owning it on another console for the former and the price for the latter isn’t stupid.

  • SFV *-*

  • Well, nothing for me this week. Would address the storage questions but Jeez, get a life, I play everyday too but i havent stored every game Ive ever played. Kinda odd they didn’t mention the Division open beta. Mmmm.

  • Holding off on Street Fighter V until one of the later inevitable releases. I learned my lesson with SF4.

  • SO where is Layers of fear… Alot of the other games is avalible but Layers of Fear is not showing up.

  • Want to get the ps4 rainbow moon but system says I can’t buy it because I own the previous version?? Will this be fixed soon??

  • Hum…Layers of Fear seems interesting,will do a research on the game.Only learned about it now…..and SF5 as much as it ain’t worth buying at launch damn the game is gorgeous.Looking forward to see it in ma screen in the distant future.

  • I am going to change my style for SFV. Check out Nash and Karin.

  • it’s 240pm east coast time, February 16, the rainbow moon upgrade is on the store, but says it is unavailable for purchase (even though in the showcase lineup it’s mentioned with the reduced price for owners of the older version) Is this just a matter of waiting for it to be unlocked for us who already owned it in order to get the upgrade download to become active?

  • is anyone able to buy rainbow moon ps4 upgrade? it says not available for me because I own the rainbow moon full game unlock (which refers to the vita/ps3 version)

  • Won’t let me upgrade my rainbow moon…said I already own it?? Please fix asap!

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