PlayStation Blogcast 196: Ranger of a Lonely Heart

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PlayStation Blogcast 196: Ranger of a Lonely Heart

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Join the Blogcast gang as we enjoy a quieter, more intimate show (read: Sid couldn’t make it this week) and continue our discussion about gaming masterpieces. Inspired by this week’s release of Firewatch, we recall games that nail the feeling of loneliness and isolation, veering dangerously close to an actual serious conversation. All this, plus next week’s new PlayStation Store releases (Street Fighter V!) and more, on this week’s episode of the PlayStation Blogcast.

Stuff We Talked About

  • Firewatch
  • Tharsis
  • Sid’s groceries
  • SOMA
  • Street Fighter V
  • Vote to Play
  • Lonely games and masterpieces
  • Not a Hero

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1 Author Reply

  • Looking forward for Sid’s groceries section
    It should be hungry inducing
    Greetings from Costa Rica

    • The groceries segment certainly induced something. Pass our greetings along to the rest of Costa Rica, and thank you for listening!

  • love firewatch jus hope they patch the frame rate thats my only gripe…..

  • Hi, is it possible to remove or switch off the live stream previews from the “Content Info Area” on the PS4? Those things spoil games!

    I got Neptunia spoiled because it had a picture from late in the game. It also spoiled the final boss of Wolfenstein, and I don’t even want to play the game anymore, and I just had started! I get that Sony wants us to focus n social features, but that thing is unacceptable. To put it as a huge chunk of the screen, all the way to the top, so that the first thing we see is a huge SPOILER! It was much better when the thing at the top was your trophy progress. That’s what’s supposed to be at the top!

    How can I ask for a refund of Wolfenstein? I don’t need to play the game anymore. It got spoiled!

    • Exactly.

      Thankfully I didn’t encounter too many Neptunia VII spoilers there (but I did elsewhere on the Internet…..), but I second this. There are times where I might wanna browse user-generated screens and streams (…hey, that rhymes!), but there are others where I would very much like to browse the content info area for things like DLC and activities, without the blantant spoiler material.

    • I would still recommend playing through Wolfenstein. There are several plot points that occur before then that the screenshot wouldn’t have spoiled, and it really is a fantastic game.

      That said, I do agree that it would be nice to disable the previews from automatically showing/playing.

    • This is where you go to discuss the week’s blogcast, not make requests for Sony to change features of their products…

  • I know I kinda keep bringing up Neptunia a bit here in the comments, but….that title, man.

    For those who don’t know, Noire (aka Black Heart) is basically the PlayStation goddess who has no friends. One of the series staples is Neptune (aka Purple Heart) occasionally making fun of her by calling her Lonely Heart.

  • Metro 2033 had a very lonely feel, partly due to the structure of the narrative, but the environments really add to this. In fact, I’m not sure which areas were more lonely – the dark, claustrophobic metro tunnels, or the expansive, abandoned wasteland at the surface. Playdead’s Limbo also fits this theme well.

    Great show guys! I’m really enjoying these discussion segments. :)

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  • 1. Please support plug and play for external HDD on the PS3 or at least remove the 10% reserve of the usable HDD for future PS3 OS update
    2. Please support ultraviolet with PS Video
    3. Please make PS Now more like iTunes and PS Video and not like Netflix. Support ownership
    4. Please allow those who bought PS3 games digitally to get a PS Now copy
    5. Please support 2-step verification for PSN
    6. Please support a pin code for PSN


  • You realize that a lot of times you can find some of those “grocery” items, especially paper products, cheaper on Amazon. Particularly if you option for the “subscription” (I think that’s what it’s called) option. It’s not always because someone doesn’t want to make a trip to the store.

  • Minecraft makes me feel alone, with the somber music and not many humanoid NPCs in sight it’s actually kinda desolate.

    Nick shouldn’t be so judgemental when it comes to Sids groceries, let him live his life.

  • Gentlemen,
    Thank you for another great blogcast. Nick, I can vouch for arcade machines in laundromats. When I was younger, there used to be a laundromat down the road from my house that had an X-Men vs. Street Fighter machine. A lot of working-class parents have to bring their kids with them when they do laundry, so arcade machines are a nice way to occupy their little ones!

  • I also have memories of arcade cabinets in laundrymats.

    I must say that I’m a big fan of Sid’s groceries, but this box was the most boring yet. Where’s the ridiculous stuff in multiples? Spatulas, toothbrushes, and tea…

    I’m minecrafted out at this point, but I would agree that the first time I played through the first night was probably the most lonely I’ve ever felt in a game.

  • Kindoms of Amalur is a very fun game if I do say so myself. I thought the DLC packed some solid content as well.
    I would have to agree that Limbo gave a very lonely & desolate feeling.

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