Sword Coast Legends Brings D&D Adventures to PS4 This Spring

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Sword Coast Legends Brings D&D Adventures to PS4 This Spring

Gather your party and sharpen your blades, Sword Coast Legends is headed to PS4 this spring with a veritable treasure trove of additional content!

Sword Coast Legends is a one-to-four-player RPG set in Dungeon & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms. In Sword Coast Legends, you play as a member of the Burning Dawn — a small adventurers’ guild that has recently fallen on hard times (we’re talking nightmares and murder).

Sword Coast Legends on PS4

The good news is that you don’t have to adventure alone. In addition to the co-op experience, you’ll have the opportunity to gather a party of eclectic companions from all over Faerûn. From Hommet Shaw, the well-intentioned Necromancer, to Izhkin the self-proclaimed “Lord of the Dark,” there are a variety of memorable companions to bring on your journey when your real-life friends can’t make the trip.

Fans of D&D (like myself) will recognize dozens of iconic creatures, spells, items, and locations plucked straight from the 5th edition core D&D books. As a lifelong fan of Dungeons & Dragons, it was incredible to see the fun stuff I’ve been reading about since I was a kid brought to life in Sword Coast Legends. I was happy to see that the team was working incredibly closely with Wizards of the Coast to deliver an isometric RPG worthy of the D&D name.

After our launch on PC last October, we listened to a ton of player feedback and made numerous changes to Sword Coast Legends. I’m happy to announce that these changes will be included in the PS4 version of the game, free of charge. Some of these new features include additional skill trees (including Necromancy), hardcore options, playable drow sub-race, ability respec, new difficulty options, the addition of a player stash, and much, much more. The Sword Coast Legends community packs were an excellent addition to the PC version, and I’m elated that the new content is making its way to PS4.

Sword Coast Legends on PS4Sword Coast Legends on PS4

I have more good news! PS4 players that purchase Sword Coast Legends will also get our Rage of Demons DLC expansion for free when it’s released later this year. Rage of Demons contains an entirely new adventure for players to experience and features fan-favorite Ranger Drizzt Do’Urden and his 600 lb. astral panther Guenhwyvar. The Rage of Demons DLC will also add the highly requested Warlock class and Tiefling race to the game, as well as additional areas, weapons, armor sets, monsters, and bosses to battle. It’s quite a lot for the low price of… free.

Sword Coast Legends will be coming to PS4 this spring for $19.99, which includes all post-launch PC content and the yet-to-be released Rage of Demons DLC. So grab your DualShock 4 and I’ll see you in Faerûn!

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  • Looks pretty cool. I love these types of games.

  • Great news. Another of those games I’ve wanted to play but I just prefer the PS4 to PC. Now I can play it on my favorite platform!

  • Looks awesome, can’t wait!

  • I’m going to pass on this due to the fact that’s it’s 5th Edition D&D which might as well be first or second edition but with better artwork.

    • Really? WTF! Why would you skip this game for that lame reason?

    • + CrusaderForever

      Yes. Just like EA and Ubisoft, I will no longer support Wizards of the Coast. It’s part of the reason I stopped playing Neverwinter (the other part the game got boring and the constant cash grab mentality).

    • What’s the deal with D&D 5th Edition?I tried searching online, but it seems to be well recieved.

  • Online coop?

    This has been driving me nuts for the longest time. Even visitors the website. Can players put player created content on the servers? Can I invite psn friends online to try levels I create?

  • This is going to be an awesome game to play with the kids. :)

  • $20?!?!

    I’m so in!!

    In the past, I’ve seen two different versions of the game in the PSN store. Is there a deluxe edition? Or is it just the one edition for $20?

    • Yeah it’s been listed for a long time at I think $40 regular $50 enhanced for preorder. Something like that. $20 is such a steal. Now to find out if we can kill Drizzt like in Baldur’s Gate.

  • definitely on my wishlist after reading this :)

  • Is this going to be digital only or will it have a physical copy as well?

  • I am so intrigued by this game. I saw this releasing on the PC and wished it would release on the PS4. This is the best generation of all time. X86 Architecture for the massive WIN!! So many fantastic PC games come over to the PS4. That price, that price is amazing. Thanks for all the perks, free DLC and your hard work!

  • Is there going to local co-op or online only?

  • Diablo is a fun game, but you know what was way better that I’d like to see revived? Champions of Norrath. Hopefully that game gets the PS2 to PS4 treatment. “Can’t carry anymore!”

  • wow $20?!? awesome. Does this version include creation tools to run custom campaigns?

  • Any chance this might come to PS Vita?

  • I am a fan of that price point.

  • Is the gameplay similar to Diablo? Loved Diablo III on PS4 (my first Diablo game). If this is like Diablo…but with more customization (and the ability to create your own dungeons?), that sounds pretty cool.

  • Been waiting ages for this ever since hearing the early rumors it was going to hit Ps4. I lost so many hours to Baldurs Gate , Icewind Dale and NWN back in the day. Sounds awesome. Take my money please!

  • PC/PS4 cross play?

  • Couch co-op please??

  • This game might actually get me to subscribe to PS plus, if my friends are getting it too. Moved a ways away so I miss out on our old D&D games.

  • Is this game by the same studio who made Warframe, if so I’m getting this day one

  • Keyboard and Mouse support?

  • This looks awesome! Buying it!

  • Would love this if it is possible for a Vita version.

  • Well I hope I’m getting a refund back from what the original price was when I preordered on PSN. It was 34 something because it was on a minor discount from 40 and now it’s 20? So something needs to be rectified there with PSN or that’ll be the last time I ever preorder on there. Glad to know it’s finally coming out to PS4 though. It’s been forever. I got it on Steam and it caused my computer to crash 3 times so I got a refund from it and put it towards the PS4 version.

    • you preorder, and you get what you pay for. nothing. preordering is for suckers. you’re giving the devs money on the HOPE they produce something you want to play. quit preordering people. quit telling the devs that they can make whatever crap they want and we’ll keep swallowing it. QUIT PREORDERING GAMES PEOPLE!!!!!

    • Yeah… If i remember correctly, the preorder price was way higher than what this studio was asking for at first when the game preorder went live last year.

      Not exactly showing confidence by that move BUT i hope i’m wrong.

      Btw, no point of preordering a DIGITAL game to secure your copy people. Is not like these sellers are going to run out of ONEs and ZEROs.

  • “…playable drow sub-race…”
    “…Drizzt Do’Urden and his 600 lb. astral panther Guenhwyvar.”
    The most amazing thing I’ve read in a long, long time. Can’t wait.

    • Yeah the playable drow race and Having Drizzt and Guen sold me, I really love when characters or world’s I read about all the time make GOOD games so instead of just reading about them I can become part of the story

  • Another great games I’ve wanted to play but I just prefer the PS4 to PC. Now I can play it on my favorite platform!

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  • Make it Retail too if you want my money Day 1. No retail copy…I’ll pass.

    My .02

  • Really glad to hear about all the changes, as the PC version has gotten some seriously bad reviews. Hope this lives up to the D&D game I was first hoping for. I grew up with the old Red Box release of D&D and actually prefer the new 5E rules to the overly annoying and complex rules over the years. Glad it got streamlined.

  • Hmm wonder if all the issues are fixed, heard a lot of bad things about the PC version. I may pickup anyway since its a lower price at least. Would def want this on my Vita.

  • The Deluxe Edition is no longer listed on the PlayStation Store. Anyone know why?

    • I was wondering the same thing. I noticed when I went to Purchase the season pass for WWE2K16 that the Amount I spent on preordering the digital deluxe edition had been refunded to my wallet. Ah oh well I will just preorder it again for the 19.99 and out the rest towards the WWE2K16 Season Pass and call it a day. Incidently I would check the games website for more information on the cancelation of the deluxe edition for PS4.

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