Sword Coast Legends Brings D&D Adventures to PS4 This Spring

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Sword Coast Legends Brings D&D Adventures to PS4 This Spring

Gather your party and sharpen your blades, Sword Coast Legends is headed to PS4 this spring with a veritable treasure trove of additional content!

Sword Coast Legends is a one-to-four-player RPG set in Dungeon & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms. In Sword Coast Legends, you play as a member of the Burning Dawn — a small adventurers’ guild that has recently fallen on hard times (we’re talking nightmares and murder).

Sword Coast Legends on PS4

The good news is that you don’t have to adventure alone. In addition to the co-op experience, you’ll have the opportunity to gather a party of eclectic companions from all over Faerûn. From Hommet Shaw, the well-intentioned Necromancer, to Izhkin the self-proclaimed “Lord of the Dark,” there are a variety of memorable companions to bring on your journey when your real-life friends can’t make the trip.

Fans of D&D (like myself) will recognize dozens of iconic creatures, spells, items, and locations plucked straight from the 5th edition core D&D books. As a lifelong fan of Dungeons & Dragons, it was incredible to see the fun stuff I’ve been reading about since I was a kid brought to life in Sword Coast Legends. I was happy to see that the team was working incredibly closely with Wizards of the Coast to deliver an isometric RPG worthy of the D&D name.

After our launch on PC last October, we listened to a ton of player feedback and made numerous changes to Sword Coast Legends. I’m happy to announce that these changes will be included in the PS4 version of the game, free of charge. Some of these new features include additional skill trees (including Necromancy), hardcore options, playable drow sub-race, ability respec, new difficulty options, the addition of a player stash, and much, much more. The Sword Coast Legends community packs were an excellent addition to the PC version, and I’m elated that the new content is making its way to PS4.

Sword Coast Legends on PS4Sword Coast Legends on PS4

I have more good news! PS4 players that purchase Sword Coast Legends will also get our Rage of Demons DLC expansion for free when it’s released later this year. Rage of Demons contains an entirely new adventure for players to experience and features fan-favorite Ranger Drizzt Do’Urden and his 600 lb. astral panther Guenhwyvar. The Rage of Demons DLC will also add the highly requested Warlock class and Tiefling race to the game, as well as additional areas, weapons, armor sets, monsters, and bosses to battle. It’s quite a lot for the low price of… free.

Sword Coast Legends will be coming to PS4 this spring for $19.99, which includes all post-launch PC content and the yet-to-be released Rage of Demons DLC. So grab your DualShock 4 and I’ll see you in Faerûn!

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