Firewatch Out Now, Available with Dynamic PS4 Theme

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Firewatch Out Now, Available with Dynamic PS4 Theme

We live in an exciting time. And no, not just because we all now live in a world where you can turn on your PlayStation 4 and download Firewatch, the debut game from our studio Campo Santo. And no, for the nine of you who are my co-workers and reading this, not because you now get to come down off of the manic launch high you’ve been riding and return to regular sleep patterns. No, I’m referring to the fact that we all now live in a world where less than a dozen folks can get together, download a game engine and put a couple years into making a game that you’re playing on a PlayStation. That’s crazy! That’s mental! This was not true like, jeez, *five minutes ago.*


If you buy and play Firewatch and enjoy it, you live in a world where there are more and more original, surprising and risky games that get to exist on a major platform that didn’t have to be pitched, packaged and homogenized before finding their way to you. And these games, games like The Witness, The Talos Principle and Transistor, are made by just a handful of people who now, because we live in the aforementioned bonkers time, have direct access to you.


Maybe you can’t even tell. Perhaps it just seems like wow, there’s just more great games. But for us, it’s everything. We can live and die by our own successes and put our games right next to the huge stuff. In fact, we hope you can’t tell — we hope a game is a game and is a game and we’re the one you choose to entertain you for a while.

Firewatch is out now for $19.99, and we’ve made an ultra-premium Firewatch PS4 theme as well. It’s $3.49. (You can also get them bundled together for $21.99!)

Firewatch PS4 Theme

Firewatch PS4 ThemeFirewatch PS4 Theme

Firewatch PS4 Theme

We hope you enjoy the game and if you do (or don’t, what the heck) let us know in the comments, come tell us on twitter or pop on over to our dev blog to see how we’ve gone about this crazy two year journey!

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  • Since the main game is discounted for PS Plus members, is there any chance of discounting the bundle for PS Plus as well? Currently, it’s better to buy separately for PS Plus folks.

  • Left my PS4 in rest mode specifically to download this! Looking forward to checking it out when I get home from work. Didn’t spring for the theme just yet but it looks great! Happy launch day guys!

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to get home from work to play this!

  • Bought, downloaded, and actually close to 1hr into it. Great start!!

  • +1 regarding theme discount. can you confirm so i can purchase the proper sku please?

  • Hey PlayStation.. Why is that you haven’t shown any love or support to the thousands of customers that purchased the Star Wars Battlefront Darth Vader Limited Edition PS4 Console by allowing US to download the Darth Vader Dynamic Theme from your PS Store? Humor me

    • Who are tou talking to? You should address your issue on a more appropriate post. No need to troll on the firewatch post.

    • I’m not sure…. But comment #6 in a Firewatch article seems like the perfect place to have them notice this and make immediate amends.

    • Totally agree! Went all out to own the Starwars limited edition console and can’t even download any of the Star Wars theme due to no availability. Nice limited Bad edition service we Star Wars fan base get from PlayStation. They don’t give us a hard time buying these expensive consoles and games (these are always available) but then gives us the obstacles and hardship to simply download a simple Star Wars theme that goes hand in hand with our limited edition ps4 consoles. No love for Star Wars fans here!!

  • And I thought the game was a price gouge, but ouch that theme price.

  • Congrats Campo Santo Team! I loved the game in my review I wrote for it. Anyone who is on the fence buy this game. It is well worth it! I’m also picking up that sweet theme.

  • My PSN is MaximumStar.. And not only did I purchase the mentioned console.. Which came with the Deluxe Edition Star Wars Battlefront.. But I also purchased the Ultimate Edition as per a Sony Customers Servive Rep’s request in order to get the Theme.. Every day I see the number of people downloading it go higher.. How is this possible when since day one it’s said Unavailable?

    • The customer service people who have the ability to address your question do not view this blog. You need to contact their customer service directly if you want an answer. You’re just wasting your time pursuing this here.

      That being said, best of luck to you in getting the issue resolved.

    • Do you also go to the Apple Store and complain about Windows?

  • I already bought the game before reading this, didn’t know there was a theme bundled with it.

  • This will be mine tonight. I’ll probably be staying up way too late playing it once the kids are in bed. :)

  • Hey, Sean and the rest of Campo:

    I’m getting your game because the first time I heard of it a few weeks ago, I immediately identified. I took a hiking trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons a few years ago and we hiked to the firewatch station. I met the ranger who lives all alone for months, bathing out of a bucket, using a latrine, just to keep watch over our beautiful national park. I thought he was an odd duck to choose that life but was grateful for his sacrifice.

    I’m getting the theme, too. Best wishes to your team.

  • This game looks so interesting. It’s kind of a pity, for me anyways, that it’s first person because that just kind of kills it for me. But that out of the way… I’m glad your game is getting the attention it is, it seems like it’s a fantastic experience for people for whom the perspective isn’t a problem. :)

    Hope it continues to do well for you.

    • Really the first person perspective ruins the sense of immersion for you? For me I’d have to say it enhances it. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing, just making conversation. I guess I can see how seeing your character would to some feel like it’s even more real, since at the moment you really only see his arm. Is that in any way correct? :P (curiosity, what can I say?)

    • Here’s the short explanation.

      There’re a few problems. The first key is that the technology we have now is not capable of making me feel like I am the character, because I lack basic sensory aspects that make me feel like me. I can see myself, I can see my nose, I see that normal ’rounded’ version of things that feels… right. In a game, I only see a random square. It makes me feel like I’m a camera or a screen held in front of his face. It’s not terribly immersive.

      Since I don’t feel like I am the character, I’d rather KNOW the character. And the most key elements that help us to get to know people are visual cues. We learn who people are from the way they walk, the way they move, what gestures they make when talking, do they look calm and collected or frantic, do their eyes move a lot when they look around, etc.

      In a first person game, you can’t see any of those. So basically, I don’t feel like I am the character, and I don’t feel like I know the character… so there’s no connection. No connection means no engagement, which means no enjoyment for me.

      Will post a link, but those are delayed in showing.

    • Here’s the link: I actually wrote at length about this exact subject, so the link will probably do a better ob of explaining ;)

    • Ah, I definitely see what you’re saying. A little immersion doesn’t amount to much, it’s only really worthwhile if you go all the way; so I see what you mean about that. And I guess that in Firewatch even I feel more like I’m learning ABOUT a character, and not DEVELOPING that character’s personality myself. Even though the player chooses the prompts, the way Henry talks to Delilah is very much up to him, and he has a pretty set personality. You’re only developing the relationship with Delilah, not Henry himself. To say it in a way that’s not complete rambling, I guess I feel like you’re learning about a character, not that you are one, and so being able to see that character would help develop him, which is better than a sense of immersion that doesn’t amount to much.

      But still, the first person view is amazing when looking at the surrounding world, and that’s a sense of immersion I prefer over any character. ^_~

    • I don’t really find even that immersive…

      a pretty scenery is like a photograph, great to look at, but not immersive without some point of connection. Something within it that makes me feel connected to it.

      The character serves as that point of connection in a third person environment… nothing does, for me at least, in a first person environment.

  • Is there any chance that the bundle will get the Plus discount in the next day or two?

  • Downloading the game to my PS4 right now, Thanks Campo Santo.
    I can’t wait to experience this game.

    I saw you can buy the in game photos after the game on PC, anything like this coming to PS4? Is there a way to eventually see the pics that you take with the disposable camera in game?

  • Such a awesome game at a great price. Wanted to grab the “The Witness” but it is WAAAY overpriced for a puzzle game, as the $20 price-point is what it should have been. So “Firewatch” gets my time and money.

    • What are you even talking about?
      The Witness: A $40, 60+ hour, very unique puzzle game
      Firewatch: A $20, 6ish hour, narrative driven adventure game

      How do you adequately compare the two?

      It’s more than fine if you just don’t like puzzle games all that much, or to the same extent as adventure games. The Witness was not overpriced though. The statement barely even makes sense.

    • It makes perfect sense, solely because there was no physical release. At $20, we accept and understand digital-only. At $40, it’s baffling and absurd that we don’t have the option to buy it on blu-ray.
      Firewatch is overpriced, though, but that’s the fault of the gamers. Sony experimented with the new pricing scheme on only a few games to see if people would fall for it. People did, and now all digital games are priced higher. It’s only a matter of time before retail sees the inevitable jump to $70 in the U.S. (sorry, Canada).
      And to those who like to white knight for indie developers, think about it.. Do you think the extra $5 goes straight to the development teams?
      So, I will not be buying this game anytime soon. Not because it isn’t fantastic, isn’t worth it or because I’m a cheap curmudgeon, who doesn’t believe in supporting indie studios. I won’t buy it because I don’t support the way Sony tries (and succeeds, in most cases) to take advantage of us.
      Sucks for me.

  • Great deal with the PS+ discount and beautiful theme! Sadly, the game’s performance is pretty poor. Is a patch coming soon?

  • Only 5 trophies and no Platinum is a little disappointing. At least most are golds. But a little more effort could have been put into the trophy list.

  • Thanks for not giving it a ridiculous price like The Witness though!

    • People really just need to stop with the price of The Witness. Unless you can actually show that the price is ‘ridiculous’ or that it’s ‘overpriced’ (which trust me, you can’t), your statement is meaningless as it’s currently phrased.

      You don’t like puzzle games enough to pay $40 to play one for 60+ hours. That seems to be the more accurate statement, and it’s totally fair. Not really that important to tell everyone though.

    • @bajor27 – You really just need to stop with your biased and naive opinion about The Witness. It is grossly overpriced for a digital-only game.
      Your statement is meaningless, as you are speaking entirely out of fandom. Not really that important to tell everyone how you think people should throw money away because you like a game.

    • @pantheman16

      I was in no way saying that people should purchase either game. I flat out said that it’s fine if you don’t want to purchase it, even if that non-purchase decision is based on the price. I simply take issue with the statement that the game is overpriced. It’s not a statement that can be properly supported as there are factors that would go into the price that we aren’t privy to.

      Take a fictional example of a game in some extreme niche genre which costs $1m to develop, market etc. Maybe at $10 they could expect to sell 15k or at $15 they could expect to sell 12k copies. Neither case is enough to make up the development budget. What if they could sell 2k copies at $500? Would it truly be ‘overpriced’ at $500 if that’s the only way they were going to make their money back?

      Let’s take another example regarding digital-only games needing to be less expensive. Let’s take another fictional game. The publisher of this game has 100k. They could set aside 25k to publish it physically, or they could decide to publish it digitally spend all the money to develop the game. Should the games be priced differently if in either scenario it cost 100k to develop and publish?

      Made up numbers

    • @bajor27 – It’s called “pricing yourself out of business”. Would $500 be truly overpriced? Yes, because no one would buy it. At $40, that’s pretty much where they are at now. There are a lot of sales, sure. And it’s hopefully enough that a profit is being made, but there are many, many people who are refusing to buy at this price. Since we’re being hypothetical, if a game costs x amount to develop and x amount to cover overhead and everything else, is it better to sell 20k copies at $40 or 50k copies at $30?

      Expectations have a lot to do with price. If this game were $15 (I don’t think it should be that low), hardly anyone would complain. At $20, no complaints. At $25+, people are starting to ask why a PSN game costs that much. At $40, a physical option damn well better be offered. A good number of physical-only games (Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom and a number of remasters, for example) are priced at $40. If physical copies were available, I’d have bought one, as I’ve been anticipating this game for many years. I don’t want it any less, now, but I’ll never drop that kind of cash on something digital, outside of Steam.

    • Someday, we likely won’t be able to re-download our PS3 and PS4 games, either because the network is shut down or because some unforeseen problems arose and publishers are removing them from the store. And what if PS5 has backwards compatibility, but only with blu-ray?
      Many people are fine with that, and it’s fine that they are, but at this price, we should be given more options.

      It’s not as if printing a disk costs a huge deal. It could have been done in limited quantities. Or heck, they could have gone all out and sold on Amazon and GameStop etc.. and many people who’ve never heard of The Witness or considered it would end up buying it.
      With a physical release, $40 could have seemed like a bargain (I was surprised and thrilled to buy some new, big PS3 games at $40) instead of something unreasonable.

    • @pantheman16

      Sorry I had to edit my other reply to keep it under the character limit so perhaps it didn’t come across very clear. In my theoretical example, 2k people were willing to buy it at $500.

      Back to the Witness, cutting the price in half doesn’t necessarily mean sales would have doubled (or more than doubled). It’s possible that instead of 250k copies at $40, the company was only expecting to sell 400k copies at $20. What if 400k copies at $20 isn’t enough to cover their budget?

      We can look at the physical version of Shovel Knight. $15 digital, $20 physical – a $5 premium. If The Witness was $40 Digital and $45 physical is it suddenly not overpriced?

      Majin (fun game btw, I own it too) came out at a time when larger releases weren’t common on PSN or were at least few and far between. Did Majin have as large a budget as The Witness? Did they develop it for less and thus could fit in the cost of physical publishing?

      It sounds to me like it’s simply your expectation to receive a physical item when spending $40+. That expectation does not make the game overpriced. That expectation simply means the available product is priced higher than you’re willing to spend on it.

    • @bajor27 – You just don’t make a good argument when your hypotheses questions how many people would buy this game at $500. It’s wholly unrealistic and therefore invalid.
      Yes, at $40, physical should be an option. Without it, this is the highest priced digital-only game I can remember seeing on PSN.

      And you’re making the mistake that nearly everyone else does by assuming that $40 is going straight to the developer. When prices are jacked up, a very small portion of that increased profit goes to the development studio.
      And don’t forget another persistent issue here, where games on PSN are always priced the same as the physical version. Sony has become notorious for ripping people off in the digital department.
      So much money was saved by not investing in retail distribution, that $40 is absolutely unreasonable. If a physical version were available, it wouldn’t be as overpriced because there were additional costs to get the game to the customer. And, as I said, there is no risk of ever losing the game due to network shutdown or publisher/developer feuds.

    • Your argument only suits you on a personal level. You can’t gauge the value of a game based on how many hours you played. There are standardized costs throughout the entire video games industry and this game doesn’t fit and people have noticed and are rightfully speaking out about it. It’s nothing personal against the person who created the game. He is the least guilty party here.

    • And I’ll add that I absolutely LOVED Kingdoms of Amalur and felt that that game alone was worth the cost of PS+. That is only my personal feeling though, and that doesn’t mean that the game shouldn’t have been offered in the IGC or that it’s the only game that should have been offered that year.
      You love The Witness. That’s great. The game is over-priced for a digital-only release. End of story.

    • @PanTheMan16 Feel free to pick a number that you feel is better for the hypothesis. 7.5k buyers @ $135? The point was simply that the price alone can’t be looked at to determine whether or not something is truly overpriced. There is information that goes into the pricing decision that we don’t have.

      There’s no doubt that a digital-only game has less publishing costs that could be used to justify a $40 pricetag than a physical release, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has less overall costs.

      I don’t know the full ins and outs, but pretty much guarantee that Sony takes a % of the price. If it sells for a higher price, both parties get more but there’s little reason to assume Sony’s percentage is larger on a higher priced game. In the case of a self-published game (like The Witness), the money is going directly to the development company because they are the ones publishing it. How their individual pay checks are affected, who knows?

      I think I mentioned the game length twice, and neither was in an attempt to justify the pricetag. To act like it doesn’t factor into most people’s value judgement; however, seems absurd. To act like it couldn’t factor into the cost to develop a game seems more absurd.

    • I’ve made the points I intended to make and they are solid, so I don’t want to repeat everything again.
      All of your arguments are based around the idea that the developer is entitled to more money. That sounds nice and all, but if a particular developer wants to go rogue and charge more than anybody else, then they need to self-distribute, rather than go through the typical channels (PSN, Steam etc..).
      As I said, prices in the VG industry are standardized. No studio is really going to get paid more per copy than any other (can’t have that kind of discrimination) unless they sell more copies. That is perfectly fair. It keeps things consistent and it keeps the consumer cost at a predictable and widely-accepted level.

    • AAA games are generally all priced at $60 and most of us accept that. Sure, people complain if the the campaigns are too short, but there are so many more people working on those games and so much more overhead that we generally accept the $60 price tag, no matter what. If one of these AAA studios develops a beautiful, 60-hour game that you love, they aren’t going to charge $80-$100 for the base version because that’s simply not the way these things work. The Witness is a really strange thing, in that it’s an indie game with indie distribution, but has a more big-time price tag and zero option of physical. This just hasn’t been handled properly and there have absolutely been far fewer sales (and less of a profit, but let’s not talk like the sole purpose is to make big money, unless we’re talking about Activision or Ubisoft) due to it. Countless people like me are now either waiting for a huge sale or are waiting for it to hit the IGC, which is sad because for the past 5-ish years I’ve been eagerly anticipating this game and expected to buy it as soon as it released.
      But hey, I’m glad you are happy with your purchase.

    • @PantheMan I’m glad I don’t live in your world. It sounds like a really depressing place to be… where you have all these crazy arbitrary pricing rules and requirements… and you have to be angry all the time.

    • If I may interject; what’s wrong with digital only? I for one prefer digital only. It’s not like you can’t take the game to a friend’s house, you can just log on into your account on his or her ps4. And as far as backwards compatibility, that looks like it may not be an issue for much longer as PSN has begun making many older games now available digitally on the ps4.
      As for the price: think about it like you’re buying a movie. The witness entertains you for the length of lets say, 20 movies (assuming it’s a 40 hour game, which I think I saw somewhere. Not quite sure about that, sorry if I mixed up my facts). Each of those movies would be maybe 8$ each, to average out cheaper and less cheap movie prices. 8×20. That’s 160$. Not to mention a game is much more entertaining than a movie (at least to me), and you certainly can’t watch movies that long in a row. And I’m not sure about the replayability of Witness, but if some exists then it’s worth even more. A game is worth it depending on whether or not you enjoy it. To some, 40$ is too much. To some, it may not be enough. Maybe it’s just there to say “if you aren’t ready for this long of a game with this style, don’t buy this”

  • Is there a demo? The game looks interesting but i’d like to get a taste before dropping down $20 (or more since I’m in Canada). Also the theme, while very pretty, is a pass for me right now. maybe if it ever goes on sale for like $2.

  • Hey, I think what you guys have done is awesome. I mean, sure, it might not have the graphics of blockbusters like, say, DOOM 1 or anything, but I still think it’s pretty decent (sarcasm). You and game developers like you give hope to all us little guys :) You make me think that maybe some day my little group of friends who like to try and create games can make it too someday. I’ve been waiting for this game for a while now, and even though I don’t have the money to buy it right now, as soon as I do I can’t wait to finally give it a go! Thanks for making this cool game and entertaining the world a little longer :D

  • Does the theme change depending on the time of day with the internal clock?

  • I don’t normally purchase games, but when I do it’s from Campo Santo

  • Loving this game so far; I’m hooked!

  • Everything about this game looks like my thing, will pick it up when my back log is reduced. If it was physical it would be a day one for me, but so it goes for a small company. thanks guys.

  • The dynamic theme is awesome. Have it on my PS4 right now. :)

  • I bought Firewatch and the theme has soon as I got home. Can’t wait to play it.

  • I like the game but on PS4 it lags every 10 seconds and the frame rate is terrible.

  • if you compare to

    THE ORDER 1886 which was same ammount of length…4-6 hours it’s cheap.

    but overall too pricey for length and no replay value at all.

    WITNESS has better value.

  • you guys have a helluvah racket going with these PS4 theme prices.

  • To the people throwing their arms up at the length of this game when compared to the price; consider that Tell Tale Games, in which each of the 5 episodes are usually 1 to 2 hours in length, runs the same price. Many other high-quality games (regardless of studio size) run similar lengths for the price so please, ask yourself why you’re leaning so heavily on making Firewatch the odd duck of the group. If story-driven narrative games are not for you then by all means say so, but at don’t slander the price because it is the “in” thing to do.

    With that said, I played the first few hours of Firewatch last night and loved it! However, I disagree with price-gouging for the theme. Hell, the bundle wasn’t even up when I bought the game at 10:45 AM CST.

  • Heard good reviews however I will wait… This could easily be a PS+ free game in the future. Another reason being is I need to upgrade my hard drive but having a hard time finding the best!

    • @wwwdotjames I just upgraded my PS4 HDD to 1.5TB with the Seagate Backup Plus Slim external drive and it’s been running fine with no problems. Just pop the HDD out of the external casing, plenty of videos on YouTube on how to do it as well as replace your PS4 HDD with it, you won’t regret it. One less excuse to not buy Firewatch!

    • I did a 2TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim myself. Been working wonderfully for the past few months.

    • Also, I wouldn’t count on this game being a free game of the month, mainly due to the vulgarity. But then again they did out Outlast on it two years ago… But that was a long time ago, and I haven’t really seen any games like that on it for a while now. It’s up to you, but the price goes up in a couple of days. If you think you might really want to play this sometime in the future, I’d buy it now. Or not. Up to you ;)

  • Really excellent game. I mean, i haven’t been so invested in characters in a while and forget about the view, but…. The frame rate is killing me. It pulls my right out of the experience. Every time i look up, it hits 60fps, but as soon as i drop down to look ahead, bam! I appreciate that you’ll need to cooperation of sony and unity on this one, but please make this right. I am happy to have supported you guys and bought the game, but framerates are important to me. Either improve or unlock the vsync. I am a few hours in, but am probably going to wait until something is done about this to finish.

  • Dont buy this game. Watch it on Twitch. You’ll save $18.

    • Don’t buy any game and you’ll save hundreds or even thousands of dollars


      How about buy this if you believe you’ll get $18 or more of enjoyment.

  • Bought the bundle and beat it last night amazing journey I absolutely loved it!

  • I wish themes weren’t so pricey I love the game though, top notch! :D

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