Ninja Senki DX Launches February 23rd on PS4, PS Vita

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Ninja Senki DX Launches February 23rd on PS4, PS Vita

Remember the 8-bit gaming conventions? Stories told in a 5-second intro cutscene, man-sized shurikens, enemies bumping you into bottomless pits, split-second decision making, revenge! …Ninja Senki DX is all about them.

On February 23rd, Ninja Senki DX will be the third Tribute Games release on Playstation Store. However, for me it’s the game that started it all! Five years ago, before founding Tribute Games with colleague and friend Jean-François Major, I released my first indie title: the original freeware version of Ninja Senki.

Making this game for myself, I wanted to create a classic 8-bit platformer focused on precise and rhythmic level design, like the ones I used to play as a kid. In my mind, it laid the foundation of Tribute Games because it crystallized the direction we would take with the company a few months later.

Ninja Senki DX on PS4, PS Vita (Gif)

Ninja Senki celebrates its 5th anniversary. For us at Tribute Games, it also means that we’ve been in business for nearly 5 years and therefore, celebrations are coming soon! For you, it means an updated, tightened DX version which includes a remixed soundtrack, a new challenge mode, secret game modes, Trophies, refreshed menus, and a few redrawn enemy sprites.

Ninja Senki DX on PS4, PS Vita (Gif)

Since the original Ninja Senki came out in 2010, fans have been asking for both a console and a portable version. It made total sense because after all, Ninja Senki plays like a console game and bears the screen resolution and graphical style of a retro portable game. So, here it is as a cross buy title! Ninja Senki DX will be playable for the first time in the comfort of your living room on PS4 or anywhere on PS Vita!

Before concluding this post, I’m gonna reveal a small secret here (Spoiler Alert)! Hayate isn’t the only playable character anymore! Another warrior seeks the demise of the Ninja Demon. His name is Musashi. Who is he? How do we unlock him? Dedicated players will find out.

Grab your shurikens and go get your revenge!

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  • Oh no another tribute games game I have to buy!!!!!!!

  • Love Tribute Games

  • I’m eager to play it on my Vita. Btw, will it have a platinum trophy?

  • Looks good. Is Mercenary Kings still coming to the Vita btw?

  • Looks incredible, must buy for me!

  • Looks fun! Does Paul Robertson have anything to do with the art in this game? Doesn’t look like his style but I have to ask.

  • Heyyy!! I remember seeing this when I visited the Tribute Games booth at PAX East in 2014! You were showing off Curses N Chaos, This, and Mercenary Kings! It was great to talk to you guys and walk away with a signed poster.

    It looked like a hidden gem among the other games but maybe for a good reason; I’m happy to get to play it soon now that I know more about it haha. I love you guys, Keep up the hard work!

    • Thanks! We’ll be at PAX East again this year, so if you’re attending, don’t hesitate to drop by our booth!

  • I Love Indies and classic games too… please add more mobile games on PS4 and Vita:

    Fruit Ninja
    Subway Surfer
    Sonic Jump
    Street Fighter x All Capcom
    Street Fighter Battle Combination
    Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits

    Classic Games:
    Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (PS2 Game)
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (HD Online)
    Project Justice (HD Online)
    Power Stone Collection (HD Online)

  • Great! I’ve bought Curses N Chaos and loved it, I’m sure to buy this one too. You guys are really great at capturing the feel of true 8-bit nostalgia.

    Plase make Mercenary Kings Vita happen too!

  • Thanks for supporting the vita. I’ll be getting this for sure.

  • This looks really cool. Big fan of 8-bit games.

  • Tribute games are awesome. I am not 100% on this game but I will give it a try.

  • Out on the same day as the Mega Man Legacy Collection, can’t wait to play both, but only one i can play on my Vita.

  • Is this going to be PS TV compatible?

  • Because you still supporting the vita (mercenery king I don’t forget the announcement), I like 3 bieres and you are a small studio in my city sur le plateau. I think I must to give you the 5 $ as a support contribution more than I buy for a product. This is a free game on your website (on pc). But for positive comment it is look like super mario bros 3 or 2. Hopefully a Ninja senki 2 on vita next year!

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