Megadimension Neptunia VII Out Today on PS4

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Megadimension Neptunia VII Out Today on PS4

From PS Vita to PS3, the Neptunia series has transformed every dimension on the way, but what’s new and improved about the series’ next installment: Megadimension Neptunia VII?

Well, luckily you’re on air with “Iffy’s Nepstation,” straight from Idea Factory International! I’m Ari, your host/blogger and today I’ve put together a list of 7 reasons players are going to love Megadimension Neptunia VII — which is out today on PS4!

I. Neps in HDD and in HD!

Need I say more? It’s the first Neptunia game on PS4! From SP skills to each of Nep’s signature victory poses, the game flows in smooth 1080p!

Megadimension Neptunia VII on PS4

II. NEXT Forms

NEXT forms are the third installment in this series’ signature feature: cute transforming heroines. These are the coolest (and strongest) transformations yet in the whole Neptunia franchise.

The NEXT forms come packed with elaborate SP skill animations and amazing transformation sequences, and each goddess’ transformation is directly inspired by the nation they protect. I mean, just how cool is wearing a Mario-esque hat with wings or an HMD while you hack n’ slash through dogoos?!

Megadimension Neptunia VII on PS4

III. Even more ways to “Nep” Up the Baddies

New additions to the battle system like “Giant Battles,” “Parts Break,” and “Formation Skills” add extra strategy and action to the classic Neptunia turn-based battle system!

Giant Battles take players to a whole other realm to duke it out with larger-than-life bosses, and Parts Break allows players to seal certain enemy parts so their attacks can be disabled. When placement matters and when damage is solely relayed through SP Skills, EXE drives, and cooperative attacks, Megadimension Neptunia VII transforms the Neptunia series into more moe and battle than before!

IV. Neplunker

Neptunia is known for its game references and allusions to pop culture, but this time they’ve taken mini-games to the next level! “Neplunker” is a mini-game, completely separate from the main game, with elements of the classic “Spelunker,” and just as it sounds, the Neps must venture through the Neplunker dungeon to win special items!

V. Uzume & Umio

In good ol’ Neptunia fashion, the down-to-earth Uzume kicks butt in her HDD transformation, Orange Heart, alongside her fish-face sidekick-in-crime, Umio! And that’s reason enough for me to love this surf n’ turf duo. I should mention, Uzume’s weapon is a megaphone and it doesn’t get cooler than that. This allows her range to fan out before her, and she can definitely wham more enemies that way! Meanwhile, Umio is just dandy.

Megadimension Neptunia VII on PS4

VI. Gold Third

In the game they’re known as the “New Rulers of Gamindustri” and play a huge role in the second part of the game, Hyper Dimension. But for me, these girls look as fun as they are to play because all of their attack combos and skills are a reference to popular Japanese game series and developers.

They’re every bit of eye-patched-jetpack-wearing-sword-slaying goodness you ever needed! I mean, just look at them!

VII. Stories, Worlds, and Good Things Come in Three

Speaking of Gold Third, the story is broken up into three parts: Zero Dimension, Hyper Dimension, and Heart Dimension. Each world has its own Nepic plot and focus with new characters like Uzume and Umio. It really takes the Neptunia series’ storytelling to the next level! There’s even separate endings you can achieve… so I’d save often if I were you.

So there you have it! Seven awesome reasons to check out Megadimension Neptunia VII. Get the game today on PS4 Be prepared: there’s even more nonsensical dialogue, more item customization, and tons of battle strategies waiting to Nep you up, all packed into one game.

And as something to look forward to, I give you…

Megadimension Neptunia VII on PS4

Umio wearing an Umio eyemask (my favorite DLC item)! Expect more awesome DLC like this (e.g. Playable Umio, playable Nepgya, and Trillion: God of Destruction costumes), set to release weekly in the next few months to come.

Lastly, cut to the trailer!

Thanks for reading my maiden blog and let’s chat in the comments below!

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11 Author Replies

  • Downloading now. :)

  • Can you give an explanation why the Japanese Voice Overs is not on disc but instead made as DLC? Although I am glad Japanese voice overs are included, there should be no reason why we need to use unnecessary hard drive space when there should be sufficient space to include them on the Blu Ray disc.

    • i think it’s something down to royalties, basically every copy they sell they’ll have to give a cut to the japanese VA’s so say they sell 50k copies and only 13k use the JP VA they’ll still be having to give a cut of that 50k revenue to royalties whereas with the dlc they can just get away with only giving a cut of the revenue from 13k worth of copies instead

    • Hmm. I’m assuming English VAs get a lump sum for their job and don’t get royalties, like Japanese VAs. But I doubt IF will confirm or deny any of this but your explanation certainly makes perfect sense. Thanks!

    • Check their Facebook page. Something about how the game was programmed made technical difficulties.

    • Hello TheWintendoHii!

      We understand how much fans want Japanese voiceover audio in our games, so we always strive to bring JP audio to the west. Due to several technical reasons, this time there was no way to fit the audio on the game disc–the game was just so big, with all of its content! As way to still provide the JP audio, we’ve included it as a FREE DLC on the PSN Store.

      It has nothing to do with royalties or anything, but simply that we could not fit the audio on the same disc. Hope that answers it! Thank you for understanding. :)

    • Thanks for clarifying Arianne!

    • I don’t understand you when you say “There is no reason.” Here is a reason, making a game is a difficult task and they also don’t need to bring over the JP voices at all. Be happy you’re getting them, you aren’t entitled to anything. A PS4 has more than enough space to hold any DLC they include.. I don’t mean to come off like a jerk but c’mon lol. Also my views only reflect my own opinion I don’t work for anybody in the industry lol.

    • Come on IFI you’re not fooling anyone with that lie and its honestly disgusting you would even go there.

      Blu rays fit 25 gigs. The game doesn’t even come close to half of that with the audio included. Please do not take your fans for idiots.

    • Would have fit the correct audio on the game disc if time and resources weren’t wasted replacing it with a completely different audio track that doesn’t need to exist.

      But still, at least offering it as a download is a huge step ahead of most games released today. Its sad that in 2016 its still a rarity for a Japanese game to include the correct audio and every game publisher still feels the need to waste time and resources replacing the correct audio with a different audio track.

    • fourfour44

      Time and resources weren’t wasted putting on the wrong audio track? Look I get that you’re a purist… who doesn’t want to learn the language in order to get the unadulterated PURE version (stuff is lost in Translation) but, they have made plenty of games. If they had evidence that no one wanted English they wouldn’t dub.

      So clearly it makes sense form a business standpoint for them to hire voice actresses. You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not the arbiter of what is the right and wrong voice track for the rest of all of the gamindustri.

      So please respectfully not use language like that.

      Onto the space to fit the voice track? The game download is 8GB, the audio track is 2GB. This isn’t the 360, or the Wii U, there’s enough space. So… If I had to guess i would say they didn’t have time to finish all the coding for dual audio, before the disk were ready to be pressed, and maybe they have to get the game out soon enough to have an impact on their financial earnings.

  • The Japanese dlc is now paid dlc $0,50). Is this going to be changed to free like it was promised to us?

    • Since when? I’ve never heard of this till now. AFAIK it was always gonna be free.

    • Okay nevermind, but they said on Twitter that it was a ps store error. Sony’s fault. Being fixed. No refunds because of Sony’s cheesy policies for dlc.

    • Hi there! Unfortunately there was an error on the PSN Store. We are working to change it back to its intended FREE price and we’ll have the DLC back up soon. Please DO NOT buy the DLC until it is fixed.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding!

  • One of the few games that I will get when I buy a PS4.

    Enjoyed all the Vita nep games….but I don’t think there is any chance for a Re:birth version of this :(.

  • I’m a bit confused by the number 7… Can someone tell me the difference between the Re:Birth games and the ps4 one? Which order should I play them? Thanks!

    • It’s V-2. You can play in any order. The re;birth games are ports of the PS3 games with improvements. V2 would be the 4th main game. Spinoffs don’t matter to much.

  • so what about the dlc characters like God-Eater chan?

    • Hi SpeckTech :) We will have DLC characters! And we will be announcing new DLC weekly on our facebook/twitter and newsletter. Think of it like an exciting countdown!

  • LE arrives tomorrow! Cannot wait! NEP NEP!

  • My copy of the collector’s edition is on its way!
    I can’t wait! I love these games and I love Iffy; thank you for bringing Nep Nep to the US.

  • these games are pretty fun and funny to play because the characters are endearing and often funny and witty.hope that the same humor has been carried out on this game :)

    • The same humor is definitely packed into this game! It’s Nep-Nep after all and wouldn’t be the same without those zany game references or witty lines ^-^

  • Finally Megadimension Neptunia VII is here and I am eagerly waiting for my game!

  • Nep’s on a truck on her way to me right now. Hurry, Nep Nep!

  • If it didn’t cost an arm and a leg in Canada I’d buy it now, but i suppose I’ll have to wait for a sale

  • 50 cents for Japanese audio? Hahaha nice joke ;(

  • I got the notification of my CE being shipped yesterday, so unfortunately I won’t get to play the game for a couple of weeks until it arrives :/

    I hope that for later games IFI will begin shipping international orders earlier in order to make up for the longer shipping time.

  • Since it’s full of stupid reddit memes AGAIN I will just pirate it like the rest of the games. Sorry guys.

  • Any chance for the PS4/Vita themes?

    • I second this question, will they become available later on?

      Also, any plans to bring the Neptunia custom HDD PS4 covers, available in Sony Store in Japan?

  • Whew glad to see the paid DLC for Japanese voices was a mistake and it should be free. Hiring new voice actors for English costs more money than just leaving it in it’s original language. Original language should never cost extra money.

  • Why did I get charged $0.50 if the Japanese DLC i supposed to be FREE?

    • WTH? You say don’t buy the DLC until it’s fixed, like everyone is going to look at your post before buying it!!

    • Hi RCU005! Sorry there was an error with the pricing right now and we are working to get it fixed!

      Some people have already bought the DLC, but spreading the word through social media is all we can do for now. Sincere apologies for any inconveniences caused. We hope you understand.

    • It happens man, they’re trying to spread the knowledge on all social media sites, not just here.

    • You get notificated about the price when you bought it, its your fault not theirs.

  • Welp…there goes my week. Man, I had NO idea this was coming so seeing this post was an amazing surprise! Thanks! :D

    Also, looks like I jumped the gun on the Japanese voice DLC. Oops! :( Well, I dont mind giving you guys an extra 50 cents. ;)

  • I really enjoy the Vita iterations… but my issue is the amount of grinding I had to do in them. To progress I had to grind AT LEAST 3 -4 hours almost EVERY boss. How is the grinding in this? is it lighter? I sold the games cause I no longer was able to dedicate the time to grind in them. Only beat the first Vita game after 40 hours. I understand a little grind, but 1 hour worth before every boss is about my limit. The games were worst than most older JRPG’s out there, and I’ve played a lot.

    • Hi westdivinity! I totally understand. When I played Re;1 I had to grind for quite a while just to defeat Noire haha It felt endless! @_@

      But rest assured, I got through boss battles in Megadimension Neptunia VII much quicker thanks to added battle features like Formation Skills or Parts Break! It really helps if you use it right and the NEXT form transformations are super fun to watch. :)

  • oh yeah like someone else said, are we getting the PS4 themes too? And the profile icons? I want to Nep out my PS4.

  • Saw on the Japanese PSN that the prices for all the costumes were something like $30/pack. Just out of curiosity, why’s the prices here much cheaper?

    And are we getting avatars and themes as well? Would love to decorate my PS4 with BEAT GIRL NOWARU while my LE arrives.

    • Hi there Tojeb123! Costume prices are definitely much less than $30/pack. For example, the current costume DLC out, the Nightwear Pack, is $2.75 or you can get one character’s set for $.50.

      We will be updating DLC weekly and announcing it on our social medial/newsletter, so be sure to be on the lookout for that! \o/

    • Ugh, I meant BEST girl, not Beat.

  • I haven’t played any of the games in this series, but this looks fun. Might have to take a dive. Is it necessary to know what’s happened in the past games?

    • Hey there TomatoDragon! You don’t need to play the previous games in the series (there’s a ton of them, including spin-offs) to play Megadimension Neptunia VII. This game has an entirely different storyline that focuses on new characters, so it’s possible to pick it up as an introduction to the series ^-^

  • I hope to get a reply :)

    I bought the Japanese VO dlc already, $0.50 is not really an issue to me. But I cannot find the option to turn on English subtitles as there are no subtitles when the cutscenes are playing.

    • You mean the prerendered movies? Subtitled versions are usually included in the 1.7GB download.

      But then again, I don’t own the game (yet; I’m mostly waiting on my LE) and don’t care for the Japanese voices so I might be wrong.

    • Hi Ceiryus! There aren’t any subtitles for cutscenes, sorry. It was not feasible on the programming side for this game, but we are looking into doing it for future titles. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the game and Japanese audio!

    • I wish the Japanese developers would make the game with a standardized method of adding audio and subtitle tracks as an overlay in a way that would make the porting easier for all regions.

      Maybe if all the groups who localize these games for different regions pitched in you could come up with some standardized methodology for putting in other languages. I mean Europe has to do like several languages don’t they? Or something… The laws of the European Union are kinda iffy.

  • Is there any word yet on a release date for Blanc’s game in North America?

    Or, for that matter, whether or not IFI are considering bringing the Neptunia/SeHa Girls crossover game to the West?

    (Speaking of which, there is a Nendoroid of SHG’s Sega Saturn-chan, as well as a limited run Nepdoroid of Neptune herself. Since both come with their respective consoles’ control pads, one can imagine them squaring off – perhaps using the upcoming Virtua Fighter Figmas as proxies for their own inter-dimensional battles!)

    • I also want to know IFI’s plans for Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies and Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls. I do know at least that the former has been confirmed for localization.

      Also, any plans to bring the PS Vita version of Date A Alive to the west?

    • Oh, and I forgot to ask – are IFI also taking a look at IF/CH’s recently-announced Black Rose Valkyrie title for PS4?

  • Can we expect more DLC costumes to come? I love those and they are cheaper now =)

  • Unfortunately I have to wait until Thursday or Friday for my LE to arrive, but it’ll be worth the wait. At least it gives me a couple more days to finish up Trails of Cold Steel. I definitely hope to see some PS4 themes brought over! A Noire one would be especially nice.

  • It’s great that you offer the Japanese Voiceover even as DLC, and that’s why I forgive you that I spent 50 cents for it. I wish every developer did that. Final Fantasy XV is coming and I’m nervous that it won’t have Japanese voice over, because I want to play it that way.

    Every developer needs to follow your steps and release every Japanese game with Japanese voices. I bought the DLC without knowing it was supposed to be free, but I think that a lot of people would buy it anyway. There is a HUGE demand for Japanese Voice over in games, and I really don’t understand why developers and publishers tend to ignore that.

    So even if it’s offered as DLC (either free or paid) thank you for giving us the chance to experience the games in Japanese.

    • Actually more and more games are being released with the jpn voice overs. Now the problem is more and more games are lacking english dubbing.

  • Also, dont do that again please, dont wait several months to release all the DLC! it will be too late for most players who already plat the game! =/

    • This. I’ve passed on so many DLC because I did already got the game 100% and moved on. I liked your re;birth releases because you did include all the dlc from the begin on the west release and not acted like NISA and Xseed do.

  • If I have never played a game in this franchise yet, would I me lost or confused if I played this one?

  • Where are the English subtitles in the movie scenes?

  • Thanks for bringing this game over. I have became a big fan since the vita releases and I bought the LE for this game. Also thanks for actually english dubbing your games. Since other companies have become rather lazy with their localization’s.

  • @ fourfour44
    Go Import the game in Japanese instead.
    This the English release of the game so it makes sense to have English audio too.

    Sorry but English dub >>> Japanese VO any day of the week for me.

  • razisgosu – You’re so ignorant I don’t know where to begin. This game has an eff-ton of content and it makes it almost impossible to fit it all on the disc. For reference, FFXIII on Steam occupies a ridiculous 30+ GB and that’s only one audio track (English) The reason why the game fit on the PS3 was that the PS3 was incapable of rendering decent graphics, so the assets were of lower quality and takes up less space. The PC version is superior but not without cost. I must imagine this is the same with IFI’s release here. I am not going to complain (unlike you entitled crybabies)

  • I really want this game but it’s not selling in any stores near me… Nor is it on the PS store… Why??


    • Es lo mismo que intento saber porque si el juego no tiene aunque sea subtitulos al español pues ni para que comprarlo .

  • May i know when is the release date for the asia english version? I live in indonesia, and it’s been 4 days since 2nd february, and the game still not available in the store. :'(

  • Hey does anyone know how i can access the jp voice dlc? i just got the eu/aus version of the game and i tried to download the dlc on my friends US account but it stays at “waiting to install” after it is actually finished downloading. so if anyone knows how to get around this or know when i would be able to access the dlc please let me know. thanks for any help

    • Different versions have different product codes, so…the long and short of it is, you need to download it from your region’s PS Store.

  • Having the same problem, But I cant even find it in the store, are the japanese voices not out yet in europe?

  • Is it just me or does anyone else have the problem, that all settings are reset to default (Volume, language, controlls) everytime I start the game?

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