Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure Coming to PS4

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Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure Coming to PS4

Grab your gym shorts and hang onto your headbands! Our hard-hitting sports brawler Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure is coming to PlayStation 4!

Stikbold is a quirky, over-the-top action sports game described best as a mix of dodgeball and a fighting game. Make use of everything from dodgeballs to jellyfish in order to eliminate your competitors as you duke it out against friends and family on a variety of unlikely courts.

Or, team up with your best friend, favorite relative, or even the A.I., and venture out on an exciting co-op adventure in the charming story campaign. Fight your way through hippies, whales, skeletons, and more as you set out on a selfless rescue mission to save the rival team and win back the championship trophy!

The original concept for the game came about during Nordic Game Jam. We were five eager game design students from IT-University in Copenhagen and we joined forces around the strange experiment that eventually became Stikbold!.

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure on PS4Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure on PS4

Stikbold! received the “most fun” award and came in 3rd overall. This encouraged us to continue work on the game, with the goal of turning it into a full-blown console release. To pursue our dreams we formed a company and began a long and exciting journey!

Stikbold is actually the name of a Scandinavian folk game often played in schoolyards and at playgrounds during recess or Physical Education. Like most folk games, Stikbold has a ton of variations and abbreviations, but is always a type of tag played by chugging balls after each other.

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure is a very loose interpretation of its folk game counterpart. Mainly we have focused on cultivating the foundations of folk/playground games, which are typically very playful, festive, and inclusive by nature. In this spirit, we try to give players increased agency and responsibility over the action and outcome of the matches to make the game feel more personal.

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure on PS4

For instance, players may take control of various hazardous events after elimination from the round. Apart from giving eliminated players something to do between rounds, this is an encouragement for them to intervene with the balance of the action. Whether players opt to chase revenge on their nemesis or target the leading player, this influence often leads to wonderfully personal player interactions.

Making the action personal is an attempt to play into the social dynamics of couch multiplayer — a feeling we hope is coming through when you’re playing the game.

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  • No online?

    • Hey there. I’m Jacob, also from Game Swing.

      Unfortunately no. Onlne is very hard to do for a small team – especially with fast games like this, so we settled with local multiplayer and a fun story mode. We’ve had a lot of requests for online though, and when we do our next game, this will be taken into consideration. Rest assured, though – there is a lot of fun to be had in local multiplayer with a couple of friends.

  • OOOOH, I think I played this at a PAX. I remember it being a blast.

  • Vita version coming?

    • I doubt it, which is a shame since that’s pretty much the only platform I’d buy it for.

    • Pasting this from my reply on the EU blog:

      Hi there – my name is Jacob and I am one one of the other developers from GameSwing. I already answered this on Twitter, but I’ll address it here without the 140 character limit. :)

      We would have loved to do a Vita version, but since we have no online component (which is really hard to do – especially in a very fast paced game like this), that would only leave the story mode and a mode where you play against bots. While this can be fun, it would only be half of what we set out to do, and half of what you would get on other platforms. We want everyone to have as good an experience with Stikbold! as possible, and have learned a lot during the development, so we’re keeping the awesome Vita-people in mind for our upcoming projects, where ever it is applicable.

  • Very cool! Looking forward to it.

  • Martin, thank you for the post. This game looks like it will generate a lot of fun experiences with friends and family! Can you tell us how many maps/arenas we can expect to see? Also, are the game types limited to Team Deathmatch (2v2) and FFA (up to 4)?

    • Hi, I’m one of the devs from Game Swing.

      It is great fun with friends and family. We’ve had a lot of people return to play some more, whenever we’ve showcased the game at PAX etc. Pretty much every age group enjoys it, from kids, to college students and people in suit and tie.

      We have five arenas, each with it’s own set of hazards and obstacles – they are pretty varied and our mechanic where people still get to participate after elimination makes sure that every game is hilarious and different from the one before.

      In regards to game modes, the two modes we have are FFA and Team Deathmatch, but you are able to set these up however you like. You can even add a third team and fill in the blanks with bots – eg. 2 x human vs 2 x human vs 1 or 2 bots or mix it up with for example 3 human players – 1 human + 1 bot on each team. Basically the bots can be used to set up pretty even teams – or as a challenge for the human players.

  • I can’t wait for this game! Played a ton of Super Dodge Ball growing up.

    Could you expand a bit on the social dynamics of the couch that you guys are most interested in?

    • Hey Kevin!

      We don’t want anyone to have a dull moment, so one of the things we are doing to keep everyone in the couch happy, is letting eliminated players influence the game, even though they’re not competing for points anymore. This allows them to harass the leading player, lowering his odds of getting the winning point. Our player events are balanced to make sure that they are useful, but can be avoided with a little skill – so there will never be any kingmaking, if you make sure to pay attention to the occasional flying whale.

      That, and high fives are allowed when you score a point.

  • Looks fun. Hopefully it will hit at a $9.99 price point or less.

  • Looks like fun. Reminds me of Wet Hot American Summer, for better or worse.

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  • Is there a tentative release window at this point? Really love the look of the game, and can’t wait to play it!

    • Hey there!

      Spring is what we’re aiming for. Everything is going through the different stages of approval right now, so the precise date is out of our hands until we get a thumbs up from all parties. Everything appears to be going smoothly, though – so we are very optimistic.

  • That reply to Bridget though. Lol

    This game looks awesome! Reminds a bit of Super Dodgeball, but crazier and much more awesome. I definitely want to get this one when it releases.

    Question: Can you comment on file size yet? I’m curious because I have to use a mobile hotspot to download games which is dreadfully slow. I’m wondering about how long this will take me to download. It won’t affect my purchase, I just wanted to know what to expect.

  • Is it too hard to implement share play? I’d assume the SDK would make it real easy to pretend the newly connected remote controller is local and the libraries take care of the rest?

    Also, will this have a Platinum?

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