New King of Fighters XIV Roster Details Revealed

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New King of Fighters XIV Roster Details Revealed

Since the reveal of our first playable demo of The King of Fighters XIV at PlayStation Experience 2015, we know a lot of fans have been starving for more content. In line with the recent Taipei Game Show, the dev team is pleased to detail our latest character reveals!

I’m happy to let the PlayStation Nation know that fan favorite characters K’, Benimaru Nikaido, and Robert Garcia will be returning to the ring in King of Fighters XIV’s massive roster of 50 characters.

The King of Fighters XIV on PS4

Benimaru Nikaido

First debuting as an original King of Fighters character in ’94’s Japan Team, along with his distinct hairstyle, Benimaru “The Shooting Star” Nikaido is known to be one of the most flamboyant characters in the KOF Universe. His lightning powers will make him a formidable opponent against any rival!

Robert Garcia

A classic Art of Fighting Team member, this memorable latin lover of powerful kicks returns to KOF once again! A suave practitioner of Kyokugen-ryu Karate (and Osaka-dialect, hehe), his lavish style is sure to attract many players.

The King of Fighters XIV on PS4The King of Fighters XIV on PS4

K’ (kei-dash)

Protagonist of the “NESTS Saga” (KOF ’99~2001), this dark hero is widely regarded as one of the coolest, most popular characters in the KOF Series. Along with Kula Diamond, be sure to watch out for their fire and ice!

Creator’s Comment — Lead Game Designer, Yuji Watanabe:
For the latest three characters we’ve announced, the team has been adding some brand new Special Moves and bringing back some of the classic ones as well! Please look forward to a finely-crafted move list later this year.

The King of Fighters XIV on PS4

Although the dev team is buckled down, currently working hard to provide a new installment both fans and new players will be very satisfied with, please be sure to let us know what future events and venues you would like to see King of Fighters XIV playable at throughout 2016!

I’m sorry I cannot reveal more exciting information at this time, but please look forward to more King of Fighters XIV character announcements in the near future!

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  • No Terry no Buy

  • I’m looking forward to this game. I like how much progress your team is making in terms of graphical quality and presentation. It’s difficult in the face of such great competition in the market right now, and while losing the pixel art that was a penchant of the studio for so long is disappointing, I know that this will improve development time and allow for a deeper focus on content and additional features.

    Thank you very much for continuing this series and for never giving up. I look forward to this and even more from you, SNK.

  • Hoping Tizoc makes the cut

  • Yay Benimaru! I really like his new design, and Robert looks pretty cool with the beard imo.
    I hope Vanessa makes it into the game.

  • Can we get a physical edition pre-order up already?

    Terry is likely in. Also probably Clark since they already have Leona and Ralf. They could possibly add Whip, but I am guessing it will be the classic team. Since I think Chang was also shown we can likely expect Kim. King is also pretty much a sure thing.

    Also King of Fighters XIII left hints that Rugal could be making a come back. A guy with a God form is not likely going to stay down forever. I am also going to guess that Vice and Mature will be back then too.

    Cannot wait!

    • dude Rugal has been super dead since ’95 like the dude exploded from the inside only comebacks have been in the Dream Match games and CvS

    • And dead characters make comebacks out of nowhere from time to time. Like Vice and Mature which they even sort of picked on in King of Fighters XIII by Leona (I think Leona) asking them if they died and they essientally tell her to shut up.

      You also have Time Travel to some extent added to the story and all sorts of strange magical artifacts. Do not rule out dead people being in a new story.

    • yeah but do we even know if Mature and Vice were even human

    • Same argument could be made about Rugal. Just pointing out.

      We had a guy steal a dudes eyeball for power.
      A mirror later to steal that.
      The ancient Orochi awaken within those of his bloodline and someone who stole an eyeball.
      A clone of powerful fire user.
      A robot team sent out.
      Someone attack a character outside of his own time.
      A character kill off his own ancient ancestor so he no longer exists at all.
      People come back from death already.

      Rugal coming back after obtaining the powers of a “God” and possibly coming back to life is not much of a stretch when looked at in comparison.

    • I agree with you, but don’t count on Kim being with Chang & Choi this time.

      According to the leaked roster, Kim will be paired with Kim’s Master as well as with Kim Master’s wife, while Chang & Choi will be paired with another prisoner.

  • It’s my favorite.

  • The game is looking….different, but good. I’m happy to see that the team behind this game is willing to take some risks with the look of its classic characters (R. Garcia’s facial hair, for instance). My only real complaint so far is that a lot of the characters seem to have the same face. Just compare Andy’s pouty face to the two faces on his left and you’ll see what I’m talking about. But even if that doesn’t change it’s far preferable to the look of the last two games, which had amazing 2-D animation but many of the characters I loved were all but unrecognizable.

    Characters I’d like to see included will likely get me off the fence are more of the AoF gang, like King, Yuri, Mr. Karate and Ryo…I know that’s totally predictable and boring but those are my go-tos with SNK fighters in general. 50 fighters is a big roster so I’m looking forward to seeing who else makes it in!

    • to make creating characters faster you could always make basic stuff and share it between many and then come back later and make the changes needed in the rest of the time. With 50 characters it would make sense to do that as you’d get full models done and then all you have to do is add small differences in which you could do faster if you’re not distracted with a ton of other stuff, but that’s my view.

  • I am really liking the progress we’ve seen with each trailer. I do hope that the backgrounds get some work, though. They are looking very static and that detracts from the visuals, overall. They need a lot more life in them, even if it’s just something as simple as a cheering crowd or whatever.

    But keep it up. Loving the roster so far. Certainly hope Mai and Terry are in it.

  • – Improve the characters 3D model quality. Some characters like Benimaru, Leona and Angel look good, but others are below acceptable level (King and Robert). Especially their facial expression.

    – The backgrounds are way too plain. Please make them on par with KOF13’s.

    – The soundtrack that gets played in the trailers doesn’t sound promising. Again, if you could hire the same group who worked on the KOF13 soundtrack, it would be great (otherwise, include the tracks from that game).

    Kudos on keeping the gameplay intact while shifting to 3D.

    Individual character design suggestions:

    – Andy is too thin
    – Make Kyo’s hair longer, like his KOF13 version
    – Re-design Ralf’s outfit

    Finally, my dying wish is to see a new version of KOF13 with few additional characters and backgrounds (simply bringing back the Russian stage would do) and fixed online play.

    • I rather wish KOFXIV’s gameplay is closer to 98’s than XIII’s with way more additional characters and that SNKP gets composers from the Neogeo days or the 02UM arrangers. But I agree with the fixed online play.

  • You guys know that King is already in the game, right? She’s shown in the PlayStation Experience trailer.

    • Yea, I had actually forgotten that they showed her. Like Leona and Chang, she is not shown here though. Still ready for this to come out.

  • Loving KOFXIV so far.
    More AMPED!!! for KOFXIV than SFV, Tekken 7 and other Fighters and games in general. I think Benimaru looks like a total badass and Robert is so suave looking.

    Just a couple minor gripes I have are…
    1. Kyo’s hair? Not sure if its the design or the length? But its off?
    2. Iori should look more sinister and mature looking

    Also hope Heavy D or Lucky makes it in the roster too. Miss Team USA representatives.

    And one more thing! How about a PS Vita KOFXIV release? I’m glad we getting Last Blade 2 with cross play!!! Woo Hoo!!! But, Vita could use more SNK Classics with online and cross play.

  • Any chance of a Vita release? Excited to be getting this on PS4.

  • Mr. Karate and Rock Howard and I’m happy

  • Will Mai be in the roster? Why is everyone ignoring her???

  • 50 characters sounds very impressive if they are all able to be unlocked and not locked behind any DLC paywall nonsense. I enjoyed KOFXIII quite a bit actually.

  • May Lee
    Keep it up guys.
    Im rooting for ya but people are giving you the stink eye.
    Just come correct as possible.

  • Dear PlayStation and SNK,

    What would it take for you guys to put on the PS4…

    – SVC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom
    – King of Fighters 94 ~ XIII
    – NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
    – Metal Slug (all of them)

    And work with Capcom and bring over Capcom vs. SNK Pro and Capcom vs. SNK 2 Online Edition

  • So far the game looks very promising, but I follow the sentiments that the gameplay should follow the roots of a more classic KOF like 98 than 13’s more convoluted mechanics. Presentation is essential to KOF so a strong soundtrack should be a must. Everything that has been heard musically has been average at best. That’s definitely something that should be seriously addressed. With more added detail I feel the art style is perfectly fine.

    I’m very hopeful on The King of Fighters 14. To the development team please put your hearts into making a beautiful game.

  • In the old KOF days, we could see our teammates standing on the sideline cheering for you. Please bring it back. They were what made KOF look so unique.

  • Uhhh Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth coming out in 2 days YET it not in PlayStation Store or even write on the blog…….

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  • Do you think maybe you guys can get off your lazy asses and fix the damn vita? it’s been over a week, and my vita is useless. I cannot download any games as i cannot access the store or even my own account.. I just bought a playstation tv and that is useless too since i can’t download, and i have yet to be able to use it. You guys haven’t even issues a statement. This is ridiculous..

  • Three comments in a row with nothing to do with SNK Playmore. First talk to the publisher about the lack of a digital pre-order. They might not have authorized Sony to do digital pre-orders on that game. Second, getting sick of all these accounts with spam. Third, I have had no issues getting online with my Vita or PSTV and SNK can do nothing for you on that. You are better off calling Sony and talking with them directly.

    • count your lucky stars you have no issues then. there are tons of pages related to the issue and still sony has not even made a statement about it.. it’s frustrating that there has not been any word about it.. This is the newest post so i posted it here..

  • Release day please???

  • I know its early and all, but please! Get some people on the graphics! Like, seriously! They look nowere near next gen graphics! But, truth be told, i like the derection in which the content is going. Please make an ACTUALL storymode. I dont want any whole screen reading, i want the story to be similar to what mortal komabt x did. And take this into a HUGE consideration…. ADD THE CLASSIC COSTUMES AS WELL! It cant be a KOF without its original costumes. :)

    • I would like to see some elements of Mortal Kombat X in this game, namely the variations for each characters, but only two instead of three, so we could see a version of Iori with his classic powers and one other with his KOF XII/XIII fighting style or Kyo with his classic moves (ex. the Yamibarai) or his “flaming punches” moves.

      But If they added that, then we could have 100 characters instead of 50.

  • Have you considered CEO? Down in Florida, we’re huge SNK fans.

  • I am loving this! I don’t know – I know it’s not cutting edge looking (let’s be honest), but I really like the look for whatever reason. Reminds me of fighters like Bloody Roar or something; it’s a little more sparse, with a little less going on, than the biggest fighting games out there, but the characters look great and the whole aesthetic has this clean look… it’s just slick, I dunno. And everything you’re saying is exactly what I want to hear! I can’t believe we’re getting 50 characters! Needless to say, I’m looking forward A TON to each and every roster update you got this year! Can’t wait to hear more!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to playing some KOF Max Impact 2 on PS3. Thank you JP Store for making it a PS2 Classic (and thank YOU SCE, for letting me make a JP account and mess with the vastly better library of Playstation Classics available to Japanese players)

  • I think that characters like Blue Mary, Kasumi Todoh, Chizuru Kagura, Lilla Kane, Shingo Yabuki, Takuma Sakazaki, Heidern, Saisyu Kusanagi, Ryuhaku Todoh, Jubei Yamada and Richard Myer deserve to be added in the roster. But it Willy be a great pleasure to see again the America sports team from KOF 94 and the Orochi team of ’96. It would be nice aspetto DLC too.

  • I’m just waiting for them to reveal Rock Howard!

  • I hope they put Chonshu and Chonrei in
    this game. It would be cool to see them in the actual tournament instead of cameo characters.

  • Please Rugal in KOF XIV and Boss Team 96, please for veteran players

  • I can not wait to play Kof 14. first day’m already buying, pls Mr. Oda want a netcode Good
    Kof hype :-D

  • So hyped for this!

    I’m really glad Leona, Andy, K’, Angel and Robert are returning, but there are a number of other classic characters I’m hoping SNKP will bring back (Mai, Ryo, Yuri, Kasumi, Rock, Chae Lim, Terry, May Lee, Blue Mary, Kim, Takuma, Joe, Shermie, Eiji, Vanessa, Whip and Li Xiang-Fei). With a roster of 50 characters, I’m sure at least most of ’em will return. :D

  • Yashiro, Chris and Shermie.

  • KOF XIV es a big game. It need a Rugal and Sports Team 94 for win.

  • Please Orochi Yashiro, Orochi Shermie, Orochi Chris, Orochi Leona, Orochi Iori and Rugal 98 in this new KOF XIV…

  • Put the other fighters in background, come on!

  • Esperando con ancia kof14 solo por este juego me voy a comprar ps4 ya tengo ps ps2 ps3 cuando se cancelo silent hills me abstube de comprarla pero ahora con kof14 welcome to ps4 world

  • Nice to see K being added but your main concern should be to fix Kyo’s face and hair like you guys can’t be serious that that will be the final model to made into the game.Also leaving Mai for last?….she can’t be out of this and please bring the Meira brothers back.Also where’s ma boy Terry?…I know he will be in the game but come on announce him already.Also Rock bring him back.

    • Mai was not in XII, but Terry has not missed a game yet. I think more than the fact that people feel it looks ugly, is the fact that a lot of us are having a hard time adjusting to the new models. Same thing happened with the other 3D fighters they released. Though this is still 2D play wise and I like Leona in this more than Maximum Impact already.

  • Always enjoyed the King of Fighters and the 2d art was awesome. I have to admit that the 3d makes me a little sad.

  • I think they should compensating their graphics of KOFXIV with either one of the following options:

    (A) Let Eiichi Ogura-sama, Hirokai Hashimoto-sama, Nobuyuki Kuroki-sama, SoeSoe-sama, Senno Aki-sama (TONKO), Asuka Takahashi, Syunsuke Sunagawa, Ken Takahashi, Takaeshi Oda, Kazuya Miyazaki, & Shuji Uema to
    lead & made the illustrations & artworks of KOFXIV’s prologue, plot, main story, & epilogue.

    (B) Or, add & combine all Special Moves & Super Special Moves (aka Desperation Moves) from the entire KOF series as well as NEO-MAX to the entire the 50 characters.

    (C) Or, let Jade Studios (Team of Xuan Dou Zhi Wang / King of Combat) join the staff for speeding up & sprucing the development process

    (D) Or, let SNK / LEDO INTERACTIVE (The King of Fighters 97 OL opening cinematic creators) or Jade Studios to made KOFXIV opening cinematic.

    (E) Or, SNK / Daiichi the King of Fighters CR & Fatal Fury Premium developers to polish & speeding up the process of improvements.

    SNK were & always the pioneers in HD 2D sprites graphics with their famous immortal slogan “Creating Graphics with Soul”.
    SNK’s graphics development process documentation:

  • Check this 10 seconds Art-Direction released 10 years ago on Garou Densetsu The Legend of Wild Wolf 2006

    Yeah, it was on the 6th generation of gaming industry (PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast, & Nintendo GameCube generation)

  • NEXT gen king of fighters:
    will be a great game, you just have to think about it
    street fighter is a good game and bringing something new fighter to the interface of the next gen will be a good thing

  • Please!! Bring back Rugal! and Orochi! And Zombie Iori!!! Please!!!

  • Hey guys, i absolutely love SNK. I dont wanna cause a stir, but after playing mostly all the King of Fighters on arcade and ps2, minus the ps3 and latter games, im gonna say that KOF 2006 was my favorite. Being the latest installment is returning to the 3D roots im SUPER HYPED. Now if they can give us fun extra game modes like the Destroy the Tank Mode or The Statue Mode where you can further inspect Mai Shiranui among other fun modes from KOF 2006, then this game might live up to the hype. Oh and bring back Master Roshi…ahem sorry, i meant Tung Fue Rue. Because his blaster move is the Kamehameha and YOU KNOW IT IS !!!!

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