Underwater Adventure Song of the Deep Coming to PS4 This Summer

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Underwater Adventure Song of the Deep Coming to PS4 This Summer

I’d like to invite you on a journey.

It’s a journey of courage and discovery in a haunting, lonely world.

As a child there were a few games that changed my life. Their stories changed how I thought about the world and how I thought about myself. Their journeys are ones that I still remember to this day.

What I love most about games as a medium is that they can take you to a world you’ve never seen and let you discover it on your own. At Insomniac, inventing new worlds is probably the best part of our job. You might have been inside one of them before. Maybe it was a magical world of dragons, or a fantastic science fiction galaxy. Or maybe it was crazy city where the apocalypse became your playground.

We’ve been hard at work on a new world. This one is built on a fantasy that I think we all share. The fantasy of the terrors and wonder that might lie in the depths of the sea. The endless possibilities that could be just outside our view, and the still undiscovered nightmares that might lurk in the deep.

It’s a world where everything is interactive in surprising ways. Where every new area has its own secrets and mysteries for you to discover.

Song of the Deep on PS4Song of the Deep on PS4

The story is about love and heartbreak. It’s about going on a seemingly impossible journey to try to help someone you love.

It’s the journey of a girl named Merryn in a game we call Song of the Deep.

In this game you’ll explore a huge undersea world, both free-diving and in a submarine. It’s a metroidvania style of progression where you are constantly getting new abilities and figuring out ways to upgrade them as you take on the seemingly impossible obstacles that stand in your way. It’s a challenging journey, designed to test your mind and your reflexes in equal amounts.

Song of the Deep on PS4

Making the game has been a labor of love for our team, and we hope it will be a journey that you too will love and remember.

Song of the Deep will launch this summer on PS4. You can check here for updates, or the Insomniac Games website and our social channels.

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  • it looks like a decent metroidvania game but i can’t help but feel disappointed that the insomniac is making a metroidvania game instead of something awesome for me to play. i’m definently buying the upcoming R&C game but it is soo annoying that sunset overdrive is xbox exclusive and edge of no where is OR exclusive.

  • Published by GameStop, huh? that threw me for a loop. It does cause some questions to float in my head, though. But mostly, I feel bad for Insomniac because I just don’t trust GameStop as a company. However, maybe they change their tune a bit when copies of this game get sold on eBay.

    • F GameStop!!! Never trust them!!! They are the biggest ripoff joke of a company I’ve ever seen. You can buy anything brand new cheaper then they try to sell used crap. They open everything new or used an straight lie to your face about it!!!! We as gamers need to put them out of business. Everybody sells used games now. Drown this POS company.

    • Insomniac has stated that GameStop is only publishing and the physical release will be exclusive to them. However, they have no creative control. Well, maybe not for this game, but who’s to say they won’t in the future?

  • I’m intrigued by it and I’m confident that a studio with such a pedigree can and will deliver a great game. However, I urge you (and implore you) to start working on Resistance 4. You guys are sitting on a gold mine and you don’t even realize it. Maybe sales weren’t “that great” on PS3, but on PS4 a resistance game is going to MURDER. Mark my words.

    • I to would like to see Resistance 4 with the power of the PS4 behind it! Song of the Deep really surprised me. We could be looking at Insomniac descending to Indie developer now. Maybe they didn’t have the resources to make a new AAA game. Maybe after Sunset Overdrive didn’t impress sales wise they are having problems finding someone to publish their games hence Game Stop stepping in. What’s sad is they will never go back to Sony because Insomniac want to own all their new IPs. Oh well, I wish them luck and much success with Song of the Deep.

    • I’m very sure it wouldn’t “murder” at all. Especially with not TV advertising. All the games were solid though. Resistance 3 was a big disappointment for me though, the story was boring and was left on a note that pretty much what you did was pointless. The main character was pretty stale too. Also, I’m not into coop but do you remember the coop person that was the second player? who was he even supposed to be if you’re on your journey alone. The first two were fantastic though.

    • @crusaderforever. Insomniac are working on multiple titles right now, including a sony exclusive.they obviously just had an abundance of people who werent working on the other two titles and created a third development team. Gamestop is just basically helping to fund that third team while the other two teams work on the new oculus rift exclusive and the new r&c reboot.

  • Is this coming to the Vita? looks awesome

  • It actually does look like a fun Vita title.

  • Game looks great, sorta get that Limbo vibe watching the trailer. Ill add this to my library.

  • Looks like Pixeljunk Shooter meets Ori. If it plays like them, I think it’ll be cool. Still want more and more Ratchet though.

  • I would buy this for PS Vita!

  • This looks like a beautiful game. Between this and the upcoming Ratchet & Clank for PS4, Insomniac is poised to have a great year.

  • Seems to be based on Lovecraft stories… Shadow over Innsmouth, Call of Cthulhu (judging by the game’s logo)… am I right?
    How related is the game to the his stories?

  • Looks beautiful, though I’m not too fond of shooters like this (one exception being Pixeljunk Shooter, so hopefully it leans more towards that.)

    SPOILER ALERT: the girl’s father is Atlas.

  • meh, how about a resistance collection like uncharted.

  • Insomniac, please keep making real games and not this mini-game.

  • Love the colors and looks like a fun little game :D
    Mellow for an Insomniac game but perhaps it’ll be nice to see another side of them :)

  • I’d buy this on Vita!!

  • Is this coming out on PC too?

  • Looks interesting.

  • I hate water Stages in all 2D and 3D platformers. I want to support Insomniac, but I can’t do it in this case. Hopefully something more intriguing comes in the future to playstation. Ratchet is great but I want a BRAND NEW Ratchet, continuing the story, the Up Your Arsenal Multiplayer brought back and fixed up with big maps and like 16 or 32p matches. Lol I’m asking for alot. But I really wish…

  • It seems like maybe I’m in the minority here, but i genuinely love this idea. The video did give me a PixelJunk Shooter vibe, and that’s a compliment. If they added metroid style exploration and progression, it just makes this game sound more and more appealing.

    I see people seem to be worried about a company of Insomniac’s pedigree working on an indie title, but if Insomniac manages to pull off the heart they give their AAA titles in a small and intimate package, how can that ever be a bad thing? I know there’s little love for the indie scene which only seems to be aggravated by PS+ offerings on a monthly basis. I just ask that people remember the end of the PS3 generation, when developers were comfortable in the content they could create, and due to the nearing end of the PS3’s life-cycle, it makes perfect sense to play it safe with big budget titles. That was the time when indies showed their worth. Small developers pushed the boundaries because they could in a comfortable fashion. That’s when indies started doing new and great things.

    • I’m not saying this is the next Braid or Journey, but just because it’s a big company doing a smaller project than we know them for, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it’s salt.

      *FYI: yes I know The Last of Us came out at the end of the PS3 cycle and it was as big as it would have been at PS3/PS4’s launch, but not everyone can have gahones the size of Naughty Dog.*

  • Resistance Fall of Man reboot or Resistance 4 and you’ll have my hard earned dollars.

  • This looks really cool, however I am going to throw my hat into the Vita race here. You release it there and I would buy this in a heartbeat. For the PS4, and it is a maybe. My PS4 is for games like Uncharted 4, Garden Warfare 2, and Ratchet. Things like this are for my Vita.

  • I’d be really happy if Sunset Overdrive would cometl to PS4, but it seems like Insomniac betrayed us.

    • Dont be childish or take that personally. They wanted to own their own ip instead of the publisher owning it. Microsoft was willing to do that while sony has a habit of making sure they own the ip of the games they publish. Insomniac never stated they will forever work for sony.

  • Reminds me of IN THE HUNT meets PIXELJUNK SHOOTER.
    The detail in the second scene looks awesome with a lot of stuff going on in the background. I’d love to see what something like this could look like in Stereoscopic 3D.

    I do find it a bit strange to see GameStop publishing it, especially seeing how it’s unlikely to ever see an actual physical disc release.

  • Seems like with the game-play, mechanics, and level design… just a complete reskin of “Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet”. Plus… the teaming up with Gamestop for me is a big NO, in my personal support of them. Just being honest… as GS is one of the worst things to happen to gamers and games. ;)

  • This looks like it could be good but for $15. Retail release implies it will likely be much more expensive. For a game like this to be long enough to warrant the retail price, there’s going to be a lot of repetitive filler. Too bad Insomniac couldn’t pull this off with involving Gamestop since it will almost certainly be overpriced due to their involvement.

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