The Sound Four Join Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 on PS4

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The Sound Four Join Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 on PS4

Hello everyone, my name is Hiroshi Matsuyama, CEO of CyberConnect2 and I am beyond excited to say that Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will be released very soon on PS4! February 9th, to be exact.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 on PS4

We made a really exciting announcement for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 today that I wanted to share with our fans on PlayStation.Blog. About an hour ago we officially announced the Sound Four DLC pack, which will bring the long awaited Sound Four Ninja to the Ultimate Ninja Storm universe as playable characters.

I know that these characters have been highly requested for a long time and we are excited to finally bring them to our fans. We have been hard at work to make sure that The Sound Four are very unique to play as. The team has been pouring over countless manga issues and anime episodes to create the best versions of The Sound Four possible! Please look forward to The Sound Four DLC pack in the coming months.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 on PS4

The team here at CyberConnect2 has worked closely with Bandai Namco for many years now creating great Naruto games for fans around the world. However Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will be a turning point for us and we knew we had to make this game go beyond fan expectations of what an Ultimate Ninja Storm game could be.

First off the bat is the roster. Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 has the largest roster of characters we’ve put into a Naruto game. If you have a favorite Naruto character, chances are he or she will be playable! The development team has been hard at work creating cool and interesting concepts with a lot of the characters. These range from characters “Awakening” into different forms with all-new attacks and completely different playstyles, to new combo attacks, hidden techniques, and Combination Secret Techniques that require players to use specific characters to unleash amazing attacks. I was even surprised when I saw the team’s proposal regarding the new character line-up.

One of the biggest changes to the gameplay is the dynamic between main team leader character and sub-characters. In previous games your team of three characters consisted of the main party leader and two sub-characters that players could summon for assist moves during the battle. Now players can swap between all three characters during the battle to be used as the team leader bringing with it a host of new strategies for team formations and battle tactics. It’s an incredibly useful tool to help hone and improve your skills.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 on PS4Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 on PS4

So far I’ve been chatting about characters and battles but I’d be crazy not to mention the superstar of the game, Story Mode. We take you all the way through the 4th Great Shinobi War to the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke. I may be a bit biased, but when all the pieces come together; atmosphere, animation, art, special effects, gameplay, and music, I feel like it’s a work of art. The final battle is so amazing it even made me cry.

Everyone here at CyberConnect2 is ecstatic to have Naruto fans around the world get their hands on Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Everyone on the team has a strong connection to the Naruto franchise and it has been our honor to have long time fans and people who may have never seen an episode of the anime come together and experience Naruto in a totally unique and interactive way for all these years!

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  • Wow really excited to finally play as these characters. Question for you guys will the Kakashi Hokage outfit be for sale later in the future or is it exclusive to the pre order forever?

    • I believe its available through pre order, though might be a dlc later on

    • Hey here’s a thing I miss since storm 1 and 2. Whatever happened to the OOOOO▶️O and OOOOO◀️O combos. It uses to be 4 ways up down left right, now it’s just up and down. Gosh good ol days. Lazy much?

    • Hey Mercenary09! Currently, Hokage Kakashi costume is available via pre-order. There is no news regarding if his costume will be available for sale in the future. Thanks for your support!

    • I’m pretty sure everyone will be able to get it later.
      Don’t fall for these retail-exclusive DLC or pre-order-exclusive DLC.
      It’s just a way for you to buy the game earlier and or at a certain retail store.
      All DLC will be made available.
      Every game that has done this has ended up with all DLC available eventually.

    • Nah you won’t get that Kakashi Hokage outfit later as DLC…take note of past pre-order bonuses from Storm 3 and Revolution…they were never sold later as DLC and same thing will happen with Storn 4.

    • I purchased the Game via The Playstation Store and I didn’t get the pre order packs, am I suppose to do something specific to get them

  • I can’t wait to play this game!!!!!! I love the art style and I am sure I will love Story Mode. Thank You everyone at CyberConnect2.

  • Neat.

  • …I suppose hoping for the Sound Trio too is a stretch.

  • Thank you so much, my friend!

  • Super hype, already preordered on amazon. but won’t be buying the season pass. i just dont like the practice of buying dlc of content that should have been already on disc. Come on CC2 we have been wanting the sound 4 since the first game thats like 7 years to figure out a way to include them on any of the PS3 games. now you want us to pay additionally LOL NO.

  • Not really a big Ninja Storm fan. Tried mutliple times to get into the games and just cannot do so.

    With that being said I hate when people remark about what should have been on disc. Cyber Connect and even Bandai/Namco do not own the full rights to Naruto. They might have had to get certain permissions to use certain characters and of course timing constraints. Also saying downloading a 10kb file means the characters were already there does not mean the characters were fully work on the disc as well. A lot of times it is the update that adds the full file so if you do buy them you do not have to wait.

    Though Cuber Connect is either going to manage to get a gigantic roster of almost every character next game or have to make some big changes. If a new manga/anime does not get released for the Naruto series. Though DBZ games managed.

  • cant wait to pick my favorite character only to be annihilated by the series main cast because this game favors fan service over actual balance. I bet money that the sound 4 along with 85% of the cast are practically useless against madara, naruto etc. Its the same thing every game

    • Not true the only characters that are OP on the Storm series are ranged-based characters like Deidara,Tenten,Temari and etc…and of course some awakenings too.

  • How bout the add Guren the Crystal Jutsu user!!!!

  • cant wait for the final game of an epic series, went all out for the deluxe edition for this one!!!!

  • The game looks amazing and I’d like to thank you for adding suggested characters in (I was really rooting for Obito/Zetsu combo and we got it! How awesome is that? And thank you!)

    In Storm 3, the Kabuto sage DLC and Madara boss battles were both very fun, some of the funnest bosses I’ve played in any game, I hope to see that quality again. One question though: I really like the more tag team system of swapping characters during a match, but will the summon for support still be an option as well?

    Anyway, Day one sell for me.

  • Hey CyberConnect2,

    Can you guys please stop making Naruto games for a minute and release the .hack// games on PSN, PS4, VIta (take your pick, I don’t care) or, even better, an HD remake.


  • ¡HELL YEAH! I love this guys, the’re so important on NARUTO Story, one of the best arc of the Manga & Anime, big fan of Tayuya. Now Ninja Storm 4 is a must have on my list.

  • but wheres kimimaro though?

  • My body is ready for this game. And just before my bday, perfect!

  • Please make a naruto game for the ps vita…. I don’t care if its just a port because we have 4 one piece game and no naruto games. I will buy on day one guys….

  • CC2 I have purchased Naruto ult ninja storm 4 and the season pass why because they make it fair they give you all that content for 20$ Ive been playing since Ps2 on ultimate ninja with the seven man roster Ive loved how the game has progressed so much to this state thank you for all your years of service to naruto fans.
    Ps your Boss Battles are Insanely Good

  • Just a question would it be possible
    For a naruto and jiraya
    Sasuke and orichimaru
    Sakura and tsundae
    Kisame and itachi
    Sasuke and kakshi combination secret technique in the game?
    Or to add sasuke and itachi Father?

  • Ginkaku and kinkaku or sora woulda been nice

  • Ninja Storm is the only reason why I even know the Naruto plot past season one. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • 7 NINJA SWORDSMEN??????????? Zabuza and Haku summon them it would suck if there not playable I mean if they can make sound ninja 4 playable then they can make the SWORDSMEN playable EVERYONE WANTS them!!!!!!!

  • If I get to play as kid nagato, yahiko, and konan I. will. be. complete. aside from mangetsu oh ma lord please mangetsu

  • Why is the season pass not available for pre order as a separate purchase instead of the deluxe bundle? I’d purchase the season pass on the ps store if it will be up!

  • I want to preorder this game but I have a few questions. Will be original sound ninja (the originals from the Chuning exams) be in the game as well? Also, is pre-ordering even worth it? I will all of the preorder DLC be available after release? Or is that a one time only?

  • I can’t wait to get this for the PS4!
    It’s really awesome you guys are finally including the Sound 4. Hopefully others that were support only or never playable are included in this game or at least through DLC.

    So guys like Anko, Konohamaru…

    Or what about a “What If” costume for Jiraiya? Like Edo-Tensei version.
    And since we have Boruto and Sarada. Why not Mitsuki?

    And how about all members of 7 Swordsmen of the Mist playable individually?

    • Konohamaru is on Revolution so he will be in Storm 4….and Mitsuki really?…you can’t be serious.Now the 7 Swordsmen of Mist would be a damn great addition.

  • Cant wait to play it. I pre ordered it at gamestop for the naruto gold figure and other little extras. Just wondering are you going to do anything cutscene wise after the war arc?

  • Why is it that the jutsu clashes were removed from the game? In the earlier ultimate ninja series, I believe on the PS2 platform, it was a big and fun part of the game. When the ninja storm series came out the abandoned that feature. I was wondering could it be returned or is it something that isn’t a focus anymore?

  • Is it required playstation plus to play online?

  • Awesome. Now if they could add Chiriku so I could have him team up with Asuma to take on Hidan/Kakuzu I’d be all set :)

  • Dosu, Zaku, and Kin. How many games does it take to finally put them in something?

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  • I’m not really that excited until NARUTO FINALLY COMES TO PS VITA!!! And not a downplayed version. The vita can handle it! Why not make great AAA games for your loyal fans who bought the system expecting what you promised us!!!

  • Hi, big fan of Naruto all the way from the Bahamas and I just have a few questions to ask: 1). Jugo has been updated in the Anime since the Kage Summit arc complete with a full Awakening (the Cursed seal level 2) as well a concentrated chakra beam – will there ever be a chance to play as this version of Jugo? 2). In regards to characters who were forgotten (anyone who is not Naruto, Sasuke or directly familial), what are the chances we would see a new Ougi using those characters? 3). Can the above 2 be considered for future DLC packs if there isn’t a new Naruto game in the works? I hope this is seen :-).


  • Its awesome to finally have The Sound 4 as playable characters but really as DLC?…what a disappointment.The Storm games have decayed a lot since Storm 2 which is still the best of them all…you guys removed combos,removed scenarios,and worst of all started with DLCs.Still they are fantastic game whether you’re Naruto fan or not,and I as super ultra mega huge Naruto fan…I really wanted Storm 4 to be the best it could possibly be…you guys should bring back 5 combos,ultimate jutsus that requires you to press buttons to succeed,clash of jutsus,option to select characters already in awakening and of course make everybody playable,hell in Accel 2 you guys had even the Konohamaru team as playable characters,Anko,Kurenai,Shizune.Also fix what you messed up in Revolution…like how the hell you guys didn’t make a Team Ultimate Jutsu for Itachi and Kisame?

    Anyway I know Storm 4 will be a great game(even with those horrible face animations) but I wanted it to be the best it could be since its the last Storm game…got it pre-ordered already of course.Huge respect for you guys at CC2.

  • Can you play with friends via share play?

  • I bought the collectors edition of this how come i cant connect in the this ONLINE BATTLE? i have 1 year membership in us server? Can anyone help me?

  • Well I bought naruto ultimate 4 and waited till today to try and play story but I still can’t play it. It’s installed and reinstalling it and that waited for 20 minutes but nothing. I don’t know what else to do.

    • I’m having the same problem and would love to know what is going on, spending money on this game and the season pass I would kinda like to be playing my game now =,(

    • Yeah I also had a problem with trying to play the story mode, and I just picked up the game today from GameStop. When I put the disc in to install, there was no installing to be done. It was like the former consoles where you just pop the disc in and play; only instead of playing all the modes and features that are programed on the disc it just had a little pop up box display that it wasn’t and that I could only do free battle. But if the game itself wasn’t completely installed, wouldn’t that hault all functions, including free battle…?

    • Mine worked fine after the 158mb patch download, it did looked like that when I played it for the first time…. Add me if you made it work :D

  • Why can’t I play local multiplayer I tried to.. but with the second controller it doesn’t seem to pick up. I even bought a new 2nd controller and still can’t play multiplayer locally.. please help

  • i pre-order naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 from the ps store and i dont have the extra dlc packs and when i check again i see there is an season pass when i try to get the season pass it says it is already installed what should i do ?

  • Plz tell me you guys are planning on making boruto and sarada dlc the game won’t fell that great without them and how do I check if I have my dlc I bought a digital deluxe version on the 9th of feb installed it so I don’t know if i have my season pass dlc installed yet

  • CAN’T PUT THE CONTROLLER DOWN! YOU GUYS DID A FANTASTIC JOB! I just have one minor problem :( I miss having team names. For instance, if you pick Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura it would show you’ve chosen team 7. Other than that slight draw back the game is a 10/10!

  • Good Sir… Would you please add Hokage naruto and Sasuke from the Boruto movie??? Or better all the characters that you can add from that movie… So you can take my money, and I would still be happy… Thank you

    • Hokage Naruto and Wandering Shinobi Sasuke are being released as costumes in the coming months.

    • Oh, thank you for letting me know, but what I meant as a different playable character, not some cheap ass skin, with recycled moves set… It would look like they haven’t improved since the character they will be the skin of…. I would not pay for those skins >=(

  • So I have a question. Why are all of these reoccurring characters from Naruto: The Last being made as playable characters, but not the villain, Tenari Otsutsuki? You guys made Hanabi Hyuga playable… which she didn’t even have any fight scenes as I recall, but not the person who stole her eyes and introduced us to the Tenseigan? Don’t get me wrong, I like the game, but why don’t the new villains get a part to play on the game?

  • I preordered the game but it says my redeem code has already been used i think i got cheeted by gamestop

  • I like the game so far and i already beat it but sense this is the last naruto game for the next couple years they should have given jugo his true awakening form just like in the manga and anime orochimarus 8 headed surpant special or awakening. Characters like ginkaku and kinkaku dosu, zaku, and kin have shown enough jutstsu to be added to this game especially sense they added rin who has no jutsu at all

  • I didnt get a chance to preorder to get boruto & sadara, my question is are their other ways to unlock them?

  • I’m all happy and good for the sound four to be added to the roster but since Storm 1 i have only ever wanted one character to be playable: Anko Mitarashi. I realize that the games tend to round off exclusively to a roster of characters that appear story-wise, which is why the Sound Four not being playable was such a big issue, but Anko is a really great character. Heck, her data was in as a support only character so it’s not impossible. This is LITERALLY the only thing i have ever wanted from this game.

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