PlayStation Blogcast 194: Firewatch the Skies

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PlayStation Blogcast 194: Firewatch the Skies

Welcome back! Ryan’s out this week, so I’M RUNNIN’ THE SHOW! Just kidding, Sid hosted this one.

On today’s episode, we ever-so-briefly discuss our spoiler-free impressions of The Witness, Ryan talks to Ubisoft Montreal about Far Cry Primal (okay, we couldn’t go a whole week without the Powerhouse), and we top off the show with a meaty, 45-minute talk about Firewatch with the creative crew from Campo Santo. Of course, we’ve also got those new releases for next week, including a few that at least two Blogcast hosts have been itching for.

Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Firewatch
  • Far Cry Primal
  • The Witness
  • Best soundtracks for gettin’ stuff done
  • The X-Files

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Sid Shuman – Social Media Sr. Manager, SCEA
Nick Suttner – Lead Account Manager, SCEA
Justin Massongill – Social Media Manager, SCEA

Featuring Sean Vanaman, Jake Rodkin and Chris Remo from Campo Santo, and Paola Jouyaux from Ubisoft Montreal

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6 Author Replies

  • Woot!

    I’m really interested in Firewatch. Glad to hear there’s a long section dedicated to it. It’s weird to see a 90+ minute episode where most of it isn’t Sid :p

    By the way, little off topic but you guys should play Undertale. I know it’s PC-only right now but I think most of you (especially Ryan) would appreciate it’s emphasis on pacifism and conflict-free battle resolution, the adorable sprites and retro graphics and the soundtrack. It even made Yahtzee’s GotY and that guy’s a harsh critic. lol. (“Best soundtracks for gettin’ stuff done” reminded me of this, as I was just listening to Undertale’s OST)

  • was it jade cocoon you were referring to when you were talking about pokemon-like games on the playstation?

  • Another great show guys and 2 great interviews! Can’t wait to play Firewatch. Serious Sid is nice but I like goofy Sid better.

  • Umm…That “Black Heart” you were referring to in the New Releases segment…. That was actually me. No, really – look at the handle. Black Heart is basically the PlayStation goddess (and my favorite character) and Noire is her human form.

    You guys might wanna give it a try…if you’re into Japanese-centric video games.

  • do you guys have any plans for podcast 200th? someone special as a guest maybe. I know you guys were not prepared for 100th and 50th, so you did special podcasts in the next ones. I hope this time around you will be well prepared for celebrating the 200th. How about video cast maybe?

  • I also wanted to comment on the trophy talk you guys did on this show. I would say I’m a HUGE trophy hunter currently sitting at 119 Platinums and close to 10,000 trophies overall. Been sitting at 119 for awhile now so I need to step my game back up here soon.

  • Another great show. :) I really enjoy listening to these every week. They always provide a good laugh, and usually pique my interest in a game I hadn’t considered or heard of previously.

    On the subject of productive videogame soundtracks, Dustforce is definitely one of the best. Skyrim’s soundtrack has been one of my go-to albums for years.

  • Much as I love this show I will say, it’s severely lacking in horror game talk, of course there aren’t a whole lot of PS4 horror games right now.. but outside of SOMA, many of them seem to get glossed over. Problem is, Sid is the horror game guy and he’s usually MIA during episodes where the opportune moment arises to discuss these games (new releases and news). I’d like to hear him talk about Among the Sleep or the upcoming Layers of Fear or Friday the 13th Game (I don’t expect much Outlast II talk though, since even he couldn’t finish the first one lol).

    Anyways, keep up the good work gentlemen!

    P.S. still waiting on that SOMA spoilercast :p

  • Gotta listen to this one soon. Firewatch is the primo digital title I am keeping an eye on this year. Holding off on all the rest until reviews for this one come out.

  • It’s unfortunate that Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth didn’t get a Vita retail edition in North America, but hopefully that might yet be an option if Bandai Namco decides to localize the upcoming Digimon World: Next Order (which will be released on Vita over in Japan on the 17th of March).

    As for Victory II, one of the key new characters in the mix is Uzume Tennouboshi/Orange Heart, who is based on the Sega Dreamcast. Uzume will show up once again in the upcoming Western release of Blanc’s spinoff zombie game on Vita. She was also paired up with the SeHa Girls franchise’s own Dreamcast-chan in the Neptunia/SeHa Girls crossover game, bu that one has yet to be announced for localization by Idea Factory International.

  • I must thank Justin for heartily recommending The Witness.. It is one of the best PS4 games I have played to date, easily ranking in my top 5! And the more that I play of it, the more I enjoy spending time in the world! It is a seriously well-designed, and well-developed game! The puzzles are quite satisfying, and the game is HUGE (which can be misleading early on)!

    And a northern “hello” to the remaining blog-cast crew! Sid, Nick, and Ryan, I’m looking in your direction…

    • I’ve *almost* platinum’d The Witness after having completed it! I won’t say much more about the game (to keep it spoiler free) but I think it’s one of the most important games to come about in some time. I found it to be an incredible experience, right up my ally, and it will unlikely be topped by another game this year.

    • Yep, it’s gonna be reeeeeally tough for anything to top The Witness for my GOTY. But then again… Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, Dark Souls 3, Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn…

  • i still can’t find pricing info for fire watch

  • In terms of video game osts, Falcom’s entire ost collection is now on spotify!

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  • Is it just me, or was there a pre-blogcast meeting that’s goal was to reign Sid in this week? The frustrations/interruptions seemed to be very minimal this episode. Can’t wait to try out the witness and firewatch. I love supporting the unique ideas out there. When thinking about my favorite soundtracks, the theme-song for the final battle in final fantasy VII always comes to mind. An epic tune that was very influential to me. Can’t believe it took 13 posts for me to learn how much I can earn from home this week…

    • No intervention needed this week, we were just very short on recording time and had to keep distractions to a minimum for this episode!

  • Great show guys, keep up the good work. Sid, I think Jade Cocoon is the game you are talking about. A great game that I wouldn’t mind playing again.

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