Hands-on with Far Cry Primal on PS4

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Hands-on with Far Cry Primal on PS4

I’ve only played it for a couple of hours, but Primal is shaping up to be one of my favorite entries in the Far Cry series. In our new episode of PlayStation Underground, PlayStation Powerhouse Ryan Clements and I go spears-on with Ubisoft Montreal’s bold new open-world epic.

Hands-on with Far Cry Primal on PS4

By now, you surely know the Far Cry formula. Set adrift in an exotic land, you must hunt wildlife, scavenge for supplies, and reclaim enemy territory in a desperate quest for survival. But Far Cry Primal’s prehistoric predisposition makes it a vastly different beast from its predecessors.

Set 12,000 years ago in an overgrown Central Europe populated by dire wolves (!), humongous wooly rhinos (!!), and towering mammoths (!!!), Primal represents the series’ biggest creative departure since the well-loved Blood Dragon. Ubisoft Montreal definitely deserves credit for trying something different here.

You play as Takkar, a hunter stranded in the land of Oros following a mammoth hunt. Rather than fire RPGs and glide around on wingsuits, you’ll hurl spears and train the local wildlife to fight alongside you. You can still collect plant and animal items to upgrade your weapons, but also new resources like fat that you can use to set your weapons ablaze.

Far Cry Primal on PS4Far Cry Primal on PS4

You’ll recognize plenty of side missions from prior Far Cry titles, but the prehistoric setting adds juicy new gameplay wrinkles. Dire Wolves bothering you at night? Try setting a bush ablaze to scare them off. Enemy tribe hunkered down near a key mission objective? Send your spirit owl in to mark their locations from above.

Seriously, you have a spirit owl. And it’s awesome, like the Stone Age answer to a UAV.

Though you’ll want to get real handy with your bow and arrow, Far Cry Primal also puts a large emphasis on training animal sidekicks. With enough practice and the right bait it’s possible to coax sabertooth cats, cave bears, and other fearsome critters onto your side — each with their own strengths, weaknesses and roles both in and out of combat.

Far Cry Primal on PS4

The game hits PS4 on February 23rd. I’ll be playing. Will you?

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5 Author Replies

  • is there any plans to bring this PS4 bundle or the SF5 PS4 bundle that is releasing in EU to the US?

  • I love the concept of this game, but I hate first person shooters… I guess I have a problem here.

    • It’s not so much a first-person shooter this time – there are no guns, obviously :D You’ll chuck spears and shoot some arrows, but it’s far less about projectile combat than the other Far Cry games. Could be worth a look!

  • I am so incredibly excited for this game. That segment with the Owl screams Mark of Kri’s “Kuzo”…flying about and marking enemy positions.

  • I own FarCry 1 on the PC and have played it many times over the years. I tried several times to get into FC 2, 3 and 4 just seem boring to me, in their execution and setting. The Malaria problem in FC2 simply killed that game. LOL. I also tried a few times to get hooked by the Crysis games, which also fell flat.

    FC: Primal is the first one is YEARS that remotely looks interesting and new, and I seriously hope it lives up to the hype. I will definitely NOT being pre-purchasing it though, as the pre-purchasing any games is just a sham and I wish gamers would stop doing it. We are all paying for broken and unfinished games guys/gals. ;) I have been burned WAY to many times over the last five years. LOL… I always wait three to six months after release now.

  • Great Underground! I haven’t been excited for this game until now. Wasn’t planning on buying another game until Uncharted 4. So The Witness and FarCry Primal come along shoot that plan down. Thanks again the game looks so fun.

  • So it’s been said that, in Far Cry Primal, I can tame and ride any animal. Does that mean that I can tame a rhino and ride it? If so, then that would be awesome.

    • That WOULD be awesome. It seemed to me that the beast taming had more to do with carnivore-type creatures like wolves and big cats. But I can’t say for sure…

    • Don’t get excited cuz the taming is utter joke.Like those super ultra jokes.

  • Hey guys glad to see Underground back. It’s been several months since you’ve done one so I thought you quit doing them for some reason. Very excited for Far Cry Primal…I should probably go put my copy of Far Cry 4 in and play it though.

  • Ubi has plain let the farcry universe die. Fc3 promised alot but did not deliver.Fc4 was a horrible piece of crap the mp sucks the editor just is not good. Even your reviews said serms like mp and other parts of the game where thrown in at the last minute. Primal no way wont waste my time. And im sorry mammoth?Really?

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  • Sounds like this game may be similar to the new preview “Ark: Survival” game. If so, this is a good thing.

  • This game looks promising (and random at that!). Is there any chance we’ll see a short story taking place in other regions of the globe? Say Africa? Will there be a non-sequitur mission (like an alien invasion…made up of one alien that doesn’t really want to invade but simply is observing humanity)?

  • If only ubi wouldn’t recycle so much stuff to put in their “new” games…I’m not a graphics who** but look at this,super slight evolution from Farcry 3 and 4,damn if this game had guns I bet ma soul it would have the same reload animations of 3 and 4…instead of almost releasing the game yearly they should wait for 2 or 3 years before releasing another Farcry.But thats ubi they favor recycling rather than quality.
    I’m not saying the game will be bad though…Primal looks nice and I will be getting it in the future.

  • I will pre order it later this day from ps store :)

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