PS Plus: Free Games for February 2016

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PS Plus: Free Games for February 2016

This February you can protect Super Earth in an intergalactic war while feeding soup to aliens! Presenting your free PS Plus games for February on PS4.

Set in a satirical and dystopian future, Helldivers offers chaotic combat against three invading enemy species. This top-down shooter focuses heavily on teamwork, as squads battle to become Heroes of the Federation. So grab your friends and take on the invaders — just be sure to watch out for friendly fire!

In Nom Nom Galaxy, you’ll enjoy a variety of gameplay; platforming, mining, base construction, resource management, tower defense, and of course, making soup. As a new Astroworker for SoupCo, you’ll be producing different soups to keep the aliens fulfilled and fighting greedy competitors. Protect your factory and become the most powerful soup company in the galaxy.

Full Lineup:

  • Grid Autosport, PS3
  • Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back , PS4, PS3, PS Vita
  • Lemmings Touch, PS Vita
  • Nom Nom Galaxy, PS4
  • Nova-111, PS Vita
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, PS3

Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup. Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • Helldivers is a great game that went way under the radar. Hopefully this will allow more to experience the unforgiving battle. :p

    • Ugh, nothing for me again, I got the ultimate helldivers edition used for cheap. Like G-Force said though, its a VERY fun game that doesn’t get enough recognition. I’ll be on this weekend with my son doing co-op online.

    • Very good selection this month!! Im happy to be a playstation plus member again.

    • How about some good games? How about the Uncharted Collection for PS4? After all, most of us have already purchased that on PS3, and it would be nice to not have to buy it again on PS4.

      How about the GTA PS2 remastered trilogy on PS4? Same reason as above.

      How about Hotline Miami 2?

    • How about you stop complaining?

    • T3DV0L

      That would be kinda unfair to just give away the Uncharted Collection. I mean really? 3 games, all remastered, all redone by Bluepoint games.

      Plus that’s not fair to people buying a PS4 and getting a PS Plus subscription that the game included with their game is being given away for free.

      Why does your $4 dollars a month ($50 a year) give you the feeling that you deserve $100 worth of games every month?

    • + T3DV0L70L1N4

      Hotline Miami 2 was only $7.50 8/2015. Can’t always sit around awaiting handouts.

      As for Uncharted. As others have said, can’t really expect that to drop for several reasons. It was just released for one. Though you have a point. I own all three and I’m a bit of sick of having to repurchase games but the fact of the matter gamers, including myself do. That being said you can find it for about $30 from time to time anyway so if you can’t pay $30 for 3 great games remastered. Only problem with that seems to be, at least in my experience, 3x, 3 sellers, you get a not for resale copy which pisses me off at least. Perhaps someday Sony will be extremely generous in offering the Uncharted Collection but not anytime soon.

      I love PS+ and all too often months like this where nothing interests me happens. But we can’t sit around waiting for handouts either. You want a game buy it, grab on a flash sale, rent it if need be but don’t complain. This is something complimentary Sony does and is in no way obligated to do.

    • These games are kinda moist

    • This ia actually a really good line up. I’ve always wanted to play a persona game so this will be my first. My little bro loves racing games so we’ll love grid. I’ve always wanted helldivers so also +1 for me. And nova 111 looks decent so I’ll try it out. My only complaints are nom nom galaxy and lemmings touch but i haven’t played nom nom yet so I’ll give it a try. Also to everyone saying they want AAA titles for ps plus on ps4, remember ps3 didn’t start out with any good ps plus titles either and now look at these awsome games we’re getting for ps3 just give it time and soon we’ll get month after month of awsome games. Also sony doesnt have to give away these ps plus games they could just charge you $50 for online like what xbox did for their first xbox and first few months of xbox360.

    • I hope Arrowhead Games & Playstation will also make The Terrain Specialist Pack DLC a FREE Playstation Plus item to make not make such a sting for those of us who already have Helldivers.

      That or have it on a sale or Flash Sale in February.

    • I agree with t3dvolthafaj..

      Most of us already bought games for ps3 that we can’t use any longer. Those games should be free as we have purchased ps4 and no longer can use those games. Some true blockbuster games would be great Noe and then as free gifts to your members of the plus variett

    • @RoII_chan — Am I complaining by offering suggestions? Fact of the matter is, the quality of IGC games has dropped dramatically now that PS+ is mandatory for PS4 online play. I’m offering suggestions to make the game lineup better. Since they discontinued the feedback poll, this is the only way I can do that.

      @MakaiOokami — The uncharted collection is sold as one game, so it would only count as one game. Or maybe some time in the future they will split them up into individual downloads like they did with the god of war collections on ps3. In response to your other questions, there are other PS4 bundles to buy. Also, is it any more fair to offer games people won’t play at all? At least uncharted has wide appeal and would make many people happy.

      @Sarges24 — I suggested HM2 because the first one was offered for free at one point, so they might be inclined to do the same with the second. I haven’t gotten around to buying it yet (too focused on MGS) so grabbing it for free would be great. I’m not going to buy a game I don’t have time for, even on sale. Might as well wait until I’m ready, or until it’s free, whichever comes first.

    • Why have we yet to hear any news about Gang Beasts?!?!?!?

    • + T3DV0L70L1N4

      I get it, you’re having a laugh, aren’t you? Asking for the Uncharted Collection for PS4 is like asking them to put Until Dawn or Dragon Quest Heroes on Playstation Plus. It’s far too recent, they’re still selling it at high prices (Gamestop still sells it at $59 new and $49 used), and really it’s just never going to happen. They’d be more likely to put Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition up there, and that in itself isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

      If anything, they’d be more likely to put either Uncharted 1 or 2 on there, since only 3 has been on the IC list for PS+. But they’d be idiots to put the PS4 collection up there considering it’s still a big money maker for them.

    • + goldenghost2468 Arena is WAY different from a “Persona game” in that they are RPG’s and Arena is a fighting game. It’s also the continuation of Persona 4 Arena so you may want to play that one before Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. I would recommend playing Persona 4 first as that is the main game. It’s on the PS3’s PSN for $9.99. It’s an AMAZING game. Arena wasn’t all that great and I admit I haven’t played Ultimax yet. I’m just saying that if you wanted to play a Persona game, you should play an actual Persona game and Persona 4 is my personal favorite.

    • @ T3DV0L70L1N4 Instead of *****ing about not getting AAA titles, why don’t you actually try downloading the FREE GAMES they’re giving you and try experiencing something new? Are they all winners? Of course not. But you know… I’m having a TON of fun with Super Meat Boy and a couple other games that were given away for absolutely nothing. If you don’t like the game, delete it. Did it cost you anything? No. Also… you realize the sales they have on some of the AAA titles are great deals right? Hell over Black Friday I got Witcher 3, GTA5, and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate ($180 value) for less than $80. That’s a good deal.

      You see… here’s how BUSINESSES work. You make a good product, people buy it, they make money, they go on to make other good games. I know this may seem kinda out there for you, but if the guys at Naughty Dog were to spend a TON of resources updating Uncharted for PS4 and then gave it away for free…. they wouldn’t make any money. They don’t make money, they don’t make any more games. They don’t make any more games, I don’t get The Last of Us 2. I don’t get TLOU2, I cry. Don’t make me cry. Just shut up and buy Uncharted Collection if you want it that bad.

    • Ehh whole new line up please

    • I can’t justify being a member anymore I prefer single player and the games aren’t complimentary you pay for them then pay to keep them and they have increased the 3 month subscription by 40% in Australia.

    • @benedek2013 how is helldivers a platformer?

    • I aint 8 no more tho but its free lol.. cheap game thanks PlayStation and the devision beta was fun

    • It has been 4-5 months since PS Plus had a decent game in their offering. My subscription expires this month and I will not renew it. Still have only PS3 and at this point I more inclined toward XBOX ONE than PS4. Bette games for free and I haven’t played any of their exclusives.

    • Persona 4 Arena Sounds pretty good, and I’ve been wanting to try Helldivers but what is Nova-111?

    • How about we do call of duty black ops 3 for ps3 only cause it is only multiplayer and zombies and duled down graphics it looks like a free to play game as is

    • How about we do call of duty black ops 3 for ps3 only cause it is only multiplayer and zombies and duled down graphics it looks like a free to play game as is and for ps3 this month it is almost 100$ value grid Autosport is 30 dollars Helldiver’s is 20 and persona 4 ultimax is 40

    • @goldenghost2468: This isn’t a persona game in the normal vein. It’s a fighting game with persona 4 characters.

    • Reading threw these comments an couldnt agree more.. every month i check the games list a few days before an last few months have been grim.. took the exitement out of gettin a free game.. please next month somthing good. Bought uncharted (ps3) an gta (ps3) an theres no convertion you expect me to pay £60 for each game … please give us what we deserve

    • I’m expecting thief to pop here one of these months. Or tomb raider, before the next one comes out on ps4. Seems like a good set coming our way this month though!

    • Yes! I always wanted to play this one! Never got around on buying it

    • Another poor line up. It’s time for my renewal and I cannot see why I would…. Oh wait online multiplayer?!

    • Loyola good, thanks for the games :)

    • Wow how about this one… why don’t we all just enjoy that fact that Playstation offers us full free games for making us something they deem mandatory for online gameplay (ps plus membership). Also how about instead of bashing each other for making suggestions about what should be free (because we all know we’ve had months with crappy games) you add the person your arguing with to your friends list, pick up ur favorite pvp game and destroy them to truly get your point around. Amen and good night.

    • Great month for free games. Stick of Truth should be considered for ps4 sometime, haven’t played in over a year since getting ps4

    • Well first of all we used to get 3 games a month. You figured if the number would drop the quality would increase, nope. No AAA games, only year old indie games that everyone already owns or didn’t want in the first place. You’re losing me playstation.

    • Yeah you guys say uncharted shouldn’t be given because its to new, or because its remastered, but really. Uncharted is a pretty bland series the only one somewhat worth playing is uncharted 3 and even that game is not very good and not really worth anyone’s time (definitly not money) so why not give it away. The games are old and a large amount of gamers have played uncharted anyway. Uncharted 4 should be good none the less. But some food for thought. Anyway I’m hoping ps4 gets a AAA title next month hasn’t been one yet and ps4 has tons of old titles with little sell ability (killzone shadow fall, assassins creed 4, need for speed rivals , watch dogs, battlefield 4, knack, thief )

  • Love it. Ultimax? For reals?! Kudos on this month.

    • I don’t get why people look at games they’ve never played and think they know whether or not they will like the games.

      If you are getting them for free, maybe try them out before people crap on them. This is a good lineup.

      If someone can enjoy 12 games from plus in the year, or take advantage of Plus only discounts, then hasn’t the subscription been worth it?

    • Please give us burn zombie burn for plus members

  • Not a bad month, not a great month. Will happily play Helldivers, good get on that.

    • I agree with you. Very meh in my opinion. Nothing special, but Helldivers will be nice to have in the library in case I ever want to play it.

    • I agree with you, but I will definitely try out these games. I have none of them in my library. I have a question for Sony. Why do you no longer put all of the games in your preview you tube video? I know I can look them up on my own, but you did once include all in your preview vids.

  • I like the line-up. Lots of games that I have been wanting to play for a while.

  • I have some of these but awesome to see Arena Ultimax and Nova-111 in here. Helldivers is f*n awesome!

    • Agreed to all these points :D. Happy to see Ultimax in here even if I own it already. Also now I can finally try Helldivers,Nova-111 and Nom Nom

    • I lost my copy of Ultimax during my last move so I’m glad I’m kinda getting it back lol. Helldivers is super fun with friends! If you’re interested, check out Short Pause Gaming on YT, we have a couple Helldivers sessions up =)

  • what is the “Democracy Strikes Back”. The store doesn’t have the purchase button since I already own Helldivers.

  • Maybe I’ll finally check out GRID: Autosport. I was always interested in it, but when it came out for old the old systems after the newer systems came out, I never got around to playing it.

  • What is up with the line up for February? Do you guys hate us or something? What happened to letting us vote? Can we submit Ideas or suggestions for games?

    • I’m not getting anything either as I have Helldivers already, it’s a great game to get. What would you suggest?

  • NOM NOM GALAXY! I have been wanting to try this game since Sid Shuman started rambling about it on the blogcast a few months ago. Super pumped for this month!

    • I know right? Got me curious too, although I don’t know what to expect from a recommendation from Sid, such a character.

  • Isn’t Nova 111 cross buy? Great game btw

    • I could of swore it and nom nom Galaxy were crossbuy but it doesn’t show them on the store as that. Kind of a shame I wanted to try nova 111 but I don’t have a vita.

  • Not a bad lineup, at least better than the last two months. I came SOOOOOO close to buying “Helldivers” and “Nom Nom” last month too. LOL.

  • My feedback is this is a weak month….not trying to be a debbie downer but I see nothing here that interests me….almost like every month now for months now.

  • PS3 is good. PS4 is still just indie shovelware.

    • Helldivers is shovelware? I wasn’t aware that a VERY highly rated game that was under-rated is “Shovelware”

    • I say its shovelware because I already bought it during its half off sell not long ago. Guess I am trading in my ps4 for a ps3.

    • The PlayStation people go out of their way to make sure PS+ gets quality games, not costly ones. Also Helldivers isn’t a cheap game. It launched for $20 and then sold for $40 at retail including all its DLC as a value-edition.

      It got nominations and awards from multiple outlets in multiple categories. Rocket League was another highly rated new game last year on PSN for $20. That also got the PS+ offering. That also had ton of post-release DLC support.

      Your ignorance needs to get shoveled

  • Good month. No adventure game on PS4 for the first time in 5 months, so happy about that. Definitely burnt out on the adventure game genre.

    PS3 games are both much more recent than some of the other PS3 games we’ve gotten in the past months, which is really nice as well.

  • What a great lineup!!! 3 vita games and 3 ps3 games! And one of them is a persona game?!!! I love when PlayStation delivers! #ThankGod

  • Looks like a fun month.

  • Terrible month…yet again…

  • What’s the name of the song used on these videos? I kinda like it and would love to get it. Sometimes, I find myself replaying the video just to hear the song…or to watch the video because I was distracted the first time with the song and didn’t actually see it.

  • congratulations, sony has really outdone themselves this time. no matter how terrible of a lineup people expect for a given month, sony always finds a way to produce something worse than expectations.

    maybe we’ll finally see a decent lineup in march… and maybe hell will freeze over.

    • I don’t get what any of you people want. Helldivers was highly claimed and under-rated. Persona 4 is a great game series. Also the other games are nice fun games too. These are quality games. Do you just not like anime based games? Do you want CoD/Battlefield/Assassin’s Creed/infamous? Games EVERYONE has?

    • persona is fine, i was complaining more about the ps4 lineup, which month in month out is terrible. the best of ps4’s igc in the last year has been comparable to the x1’s mediocre “in between” months. (they have been alternating between good lineups and average lineups every month)

      there are a ton of games sony could put on that aren’t cod/battlefield/ac/infamous.

      * wolfenstein
      * sword art online
      * akiba’s trip
      * guilty gear xrd (already given to ps+ members in japan)
      * dead or alive 5:lr
      * resident evil
      * dragon age inquisition
      * dragon ball xenoverse
      * mk x
      * toukiden

      all of those are old enough to be reasonable ps+ offerings. instead we get a lineup that’s literally less interesting than if sony had just given us a dlc for a game we may or may not own.

    • I couldn’t possibly agree more with + Reaper527_.

    • Completely agree! It’s almost as if Sony is challenging itself to come up with WORSE and WORSE titles every month, for PLUS. If that is the case, they are succeeding wonderfully.

    • This is one of the thousand reasons that I haven’t renewed my PS +

    • Sony doesn’t just decide which games are free… unless it’s a Sony owned property, of course. Of the games you listed, not one is a Sony owned property. Which means that in order for them to make ANY of those games free, the publisher has to be willing.

      So complain to the publishers for being unwilling. I’m sure Sony would LOVE to make one of the worst two games of last year (Dragon Age: Inquisition) free… sadly I doubt the publisher is as willing.

    • @Seluhir

      funny how ms has no trouble getting 3rd parties such as s-e and ubisoft to put their games on xbox live.

      sony needs to step up their game, because ps+ isn’t a good value at this point. it’s pretty ironic, because “not being a good value” was the excuse sony gave for not having ea access on ps4. ea access offers a much better value than ps+ does.

    • PS+ and XBGold offer similar services, but PS+ also offers special discounts.

      Now if you ignore ALL of the discounts(which is kind of silly to do given the number of them, but for now, we’ll ignore them)… the relative value of the two services is still approximately equal with MS typically offering fewer games but generally higher priced ones while Sony offers more games but usually ones with a slightly lower pricetag.

      What it all comes down to is whether you LIKE the games, and that’s a matter of personal opinion. The games Sony is offering are perfectly good games… they’re just not catered to your tastes. So provide that feedback… but be respectful about it.

      As to your comment about the games MS gets… Sony gets some of them too. But the games you’re asking for aren’t Square or Ubisoft. They’re either niche Japanese producers(which I agree – I’d love to see too, but they generally don’t have faith in Western markets), Capcom (who rarely gives freebies in general) or Bioware (who also don’t often give things away free).

      That being said, on the Bioware subject… both Inquisition and Mass Effect Trilogy were on REALLY solid sales this past month, both of which were made even better by PS+.

    • On average, I get around 200-300 dollars a year out of PS+ for a small investment of 50 dollars, give or take. To me, that’s more than worth it, even on the mediocre months.

      If it’s not worth it for you, don’t pay for it, and offer your feedback in a respectful fashion.

      Comments like the initial comment I replied to here are not respectful. They’re entitled and childish. And they don’t help.

    • Honestly they been making PS2 classics available for the PS4. Marketing a few of them as Free games might entice people to buy others are even take notice that they are doing it.

    • That’s why I don’t pay for PS+, and will probably never do.

      Meanwhile in the Xbox they got The Witcher 2, with backwards compatibility so even Xbox One players will be able to play it. And the fanboys here are praising Sony because of some whatever top-down shooter. I know we’re never gonna get Witcher 2 for PS3 or PS4(thanks Sony) and we’re not gonna have backwards compatibility either(thanks again) but couldn’t we get something on the same level? Maybe Dark Souls 2? Killzone Shadow Fall? Infamous? Dragon age?

    • Guys… that’s not an actual Persona game… that’s a fighting spin off… it’s trash

    • @Seluhir

      “PS+ and XBGold offer similar services, but PS+ also offers special discounts.”

      what’s your point? xbl offers weekly sales with bigger discounts for gold members just like sony does. just like sony’s sales, they’re typically terrible and if you’re luck you’ll 1 good deal a year.

      “As to your comment about the games MS gets… Sony gets some of them too.”

      no, actually they don’t. look at every ps4 igc game since launch. it has had 1 retail game, and 1 stand alone dlc. ms has had more 3rd party retail games in the last 4 months than sony has has in the last 2 years. the fact that the ps4 doesn’t get retail games while the xbox one does is what so many subscribers are upset about. instead, we’re getting demos such as when we got episode 1 of an episodic game a couple months ago.

      at the end of the day, gold is absolutely destroying ps+. (and so is ea access, which isn’t on the ps4 “because it doesn’t offer a good deal to playstation owners”. by that logic, ps+ should be discontinued)

  • I’m one of the biggest Playstation fans you will ever meet, most would probably refer to me as a fanboy. With that being said, PS Plus has been Supremely lacking as of late. The indie/niche downloadable games are abundant on the system but that doesn’t mean people want them every month on PS Plus. I don’t like complaining about something that is sort of free but I refuse to accept that fact that I live in a world where the competitor to Playstation is giving out better games every month. What can I do to help so so we can see some more prominent games on next months lineup? It’s hard defending the lineup anymore when all we see is the same stuff over and over again.

    • Prominent games? There are tons of fun games that are not “prominent”. While I agree that it would be nice to see a AAA game every once in awhile, you cant argue that some of these indie games are not fun. Because they are. Helldivers is a blast. People should open up to different types of games.

    • Yeah… Open up yeah… but being spooned monthly to do so?

  • Guess I’ll wait till march to decide on the renewal of my subscription. Helldivers looks interesting, but not likely I would find time to play it. These days only very interesting games (or AAA) are worth time, since my “Pile of Shame” is so huge and demanding in terms of gameplay hours.
    To everyone getting those: have fun guys!

  • I loved to see helldivers here. Been planning to get it for a while, but no friend wanted to get it too. Now it’s free! But what really bugs me is the videos. Why they are not putting the vita and ps3 games on the announcement video? Maybe they are already planning to stop giving games for older platforms and focus only on ps4? I hope to be wrong!

  • Seriously getting sick of you putting games on sale the previous month then next month announcing they are on plus!!! Very annoying

  • Finally got Persona 4… just not the right one.

  • XBox GWG and EA Access have been stellar recently while PS Plus continues to fail. I got all 3, but I think Plus is just asking for letting it lapse now. Not interested in MP anyways. My sub expires in March. Decision time ;)

  • Besides the Nova game, This looks like a pretty amazing month! There is a lot of variety here and a lot of hidden gems. I wish people wouldn’t hate just because it isn’t that huge AAA game that every single person already played or can get for 10 dollars or less by now.

  • Have only one thing to tell about it:


  • Great Month for Vita. Thank you. And I almost bought Helldivers, now the question is whether I should play it on the Vita or PS4.

  • More crap on PS Plus for all systems. Going on three months here without resubscribing.

    • What do you want? Helldivers is great and Persona 4 arena is even more amazing! Lemmings touch is also a fun little game. What do you want, Battlefield? Assassin’s creed? infamous second son? Games everyone has already played?

    • Perhaps EVERYONE hasn’t played them. PS Plus used to get great single player games like Batmans, Borderlands 2, Metro, Uncharted 3, Tomb Raider, and Bioshock Infinite. Now we get indie games, niche Japanese titles, and co-op crap each month. I get it, provide some games for everyone but it’s now every month. They want feedback, so I’m giving them feedback. PS Plus is crap now that it’s required for online. I used to get PS Plus for the games since I don’t play online and now it’s not worth it. They haven’t had a good month in what seems like a year.

    • Sorry your only frame of enjoyment is bloated AAA games that do the same thing sequel after sequel.

    • Except, Whenever let’s say, Batman was released for free. Tons of people complained because it’s “Too old” and “Everyone who wanted to play it,played it.” Same with a bunch of other AAA games. There is no winning for Sony. I buy almost every AAA game that comes out. People are still waiting on Knack and infamous. Why not just go buy it for the 10 or less price tag? Are people really that cheap that they can’t fork out even ten dollars for a game? Why wait three years for it for free, when you could just spend the ten bucks by now.

    • @billyok you don’t know me or what I’ve played. I’ve tried some of the previous undesired games last year when I was subscribed. Some I liked, some I didn’t, but I want less of these types of games. Sorry I dont agree with your everything your everything is great opinion.

      @dawning I’ve seen more people unhappy with the constant stream of these type of titles then I ever saw for the slightly older AAA titles. I’m not waiting on any game. I buy the AAA titles I want and PS Plus was a fun service to catch up on titles I missed or didn’t previously give a shot to. It used to be or more varied split of titles now it’s always the same damn types of games. The occasional indie game is fun to try but some of us are bored of them. Can you not just let it go that some of us are really disappointed in the service? We just have different tastes in games and we re going to provide Sony that feedback as requested.

    • I’m with you. I signed up for Plus back when it was all about the IGC. They added features and required it for online play for the PS4, but I don’t use those features enough to merit the cost. I know that “ICG isn’t what PS Plus is about” now, but that was my reason for paying for the service. My subscription just expired 2 days ago and I’m not going to renew unless I can find an incredibly deal on a yearly subscription.

    • If you want your feedback to be taken seriously, rephrase it.

      Saying: “More crap on PS Plus” tells Sony you’re likely a child who probably doesn’t make enough money to pay for the subscription yourself and that you’re not intelligent enough to form an educated opinion.

      I’m not trying to say that’s what you ARE, but that’s the way that phrase comes across.

      If you had rephrased it and said, for example:

      “I’m not really a big fan of multiplayer games, and I generally don’t find Japanese games all that interesting so Playstation Plus is not offering anything to my tastes like it used to. I’d really appreciate it if there were more games like , , or on the list.”

      Then you get the message across that you’re a mature individual who is interested in the service and you’re trying to get value out of it but it isn’t offering what you’re looking for… and your feedback is far more likely to be taken seriously.

      I haven’t gotten anything interesting from PS+ in a while, but I recognize that’s because of my own tastes and not because of anything they’re doing wrong.

    • I don’t know what PLUS was before the PS4 required it for online multiplayer. I looked up the history on Wiki. I don’t see much that I would even want to play and that was over a 5 year period. If you’re buying it for games, then maybe you should subcribe to NOW instead.

  • Also, thank you for letting us know earlier about the PS Plus as in the past it was announced later in the month.

  • Still supporting vita. :) I just bought one recently to play ps4 games while the tv is being used and found out I already had a big backlog from plus and cross-buys. This is why people love sony so much. Thanks!

  • Wow, I can’t believe helldivers took so long to be on IGC. This should have been that way from jump because of the cross play.

    • Unfortunately for you… /s It’s a devs choice to go on ps plus. Most devs, unless owned by PlayStation or unsure of making money back from sales, would rather make more money through traditional sales on psn or retail. Cross buy is also their choice and a generous one at that.

      I’m happy I purchased it at launch. I’ve had a lot of fun and now I can get my friends to play who picked up a console over the holidays! Plus I’ve never heard of some of these titles! They could be awesome. I won’t know until I play them. Can’t wait, Sony!

      Ps same things can apply to T3DV0L’s comments

  • Don’t know much about these other than Helldivers which I already own. Plus has still been great for me just based on the discounts. There were a lot of really cheap games on the essential sale.

    • an guarantee you if they make infamous second son or something like Battlefield 4 for free, we would see a TON of *****ing because a lot of people will say “This game is so old and almost everyone owns it!”. That’s just why I get annoyed seeing people begging for AAA titles almost all the time. I get it, PS3 had amazing AAA titles, but I am pretty sure most developers are not going to be totally willing to give out AAA titles for free yet on the PS4.

  • This services keeps getting worse and worse. Its like Sony knows they dont need to give us games because they are with top sales now. Even the PS Plus videos presenting the games shows how they decreased their standards.
    Im not going to lie, I need online features, so I have to pay for it. What I dont understand is that, while on the PS3 era, we got really good Plus games but that was only for ppl that wanted the service. Now that its pretty much mandatory, or else you cant connect on PS4,which means a LOT more users have to pay it now, the quality of the games offered the past several months, if not a year or more (actually when they made the announcement you had to pay), are complete garbage, or indie crap. I dont mind indies, but too much of the same plate bores me. I prefer at least 1 AAA games every 2 months at least. God knows whatever happend with the voting since they always keep us in the dark…

    • Since when is Persona not AAA worthy? Same with Grid, though that can be AA. Helldivers may be an indie, but it’s AAA material. I honestly don’t see what all you people are expecting? Wouldn’t you rather games that you wouldn’t look at/on the edge of buying than games that you are more than likely going to buy and be upset later that you own it? I think having titles that You are more than likely not going to buy instantly is better than getting all AAA games which are 90% of the time are going to own.

    • @dawning stop trying to “correct” everyone’s opinions. Many of us think the lineup is crap and it’s been crap for months. Let us provide our feedback without you trying to defend everything.

    • @dawning omg quit your yapping. Im not talking about THIS MONTH only, which is average at most thanks to Helldivers. Do you hace SONY written on your forehead? Your supposed to be on our side. Are you seriously not going to admit that the IGC has changed drastically for the worse?? Scartch that, at least admit its decreased ita standards since we have to pay for it.

    • I am used to paying $50 a year for internet. I used to be on the 360 from 2008-2012 with no free games in it. I will admit, that only a couple games tickled my fancy in the past couple months. But I don’t see why there is a lot of *****ing this month? Racing fans get a good racing game, Anime fans get an anime game, Helldivers is a great game that I can assure almost everyone will have a blast with. Lemmings, it’s all in taste. Nom Nom is eh and Nova I can see why that isn’t too great(Not even I’m interested). As long as they give at least one or two good games a month, then it’s fine. if the total of games you get adds up to at least 50 dollars in a year, than you are getting your money’s worth. I am not too judgemental in gaming. I own almost 400 games between my PS3/PS4/PS VITA. I have never sold a single game I own in the past 6 years. I love a ton of games and I love variety.

    • Would I like AAA games? Maybe, probably. But it has to be a game that not many people played. Like Maybe God of War III Remastered, or Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection. Any game that isn’t CoD, Battlefield, Madden/FIFA/NHL/NBA, or any of those yearly titles. I buy almost every single AAA title that comes out and so do many other people. I can guarantee if they gave Destiny The Taken King out for free to users, everyone would ***** because they all already own it. That is why I prefer the more niche titles. It’s not bad to just buy your AAA games and get a bunch of free games that you wouldn’t even have blinked at. You would probably get a lot more games to play. Remember when indie games were a “Revolution”? People were hyping them up to be the next big thing, and now they seemingly do not want them?

    • Honestly, the service can’t appeal to everyone all the time.

      Many of the months that a lot of people think were the best were the worst for me, offering games that not only was I not terribly interested in, but I would genuinely prefer not to own.

      That’s fine, just like its fine that right now most of the content is stuff I’m only slightly interested in. Some months will be great, some will suck… and the ones that suck for you will probably be amazing for someone else while the ones that were great for you will probably suck for others.

      But you seem to recognize that, so I won’t go too far into it…

      The one thing I did want to clarify though is that the ‘voting’ thing was a test and they even said that it was not intended to be a regular occurrence, just a once in a while thing.

    • @DawningWolf55 I don’t think the majority of gamers ever called indies a revolution. That was more a Sony and gaming press hype thing than anything that came from the actual gamers. That said, there have been quite a few great indies in recent years. Let’s not forget that Binding of Isaac, Rogue Legacy and Rocket League are all indies. There’s also a bunch of indies that appeal to very few people such as the point and click games and the puzzle platformers that are part of the IGC on a regular basis. At this point, the “indie” marketing label has probably done more harm than good because many gamers are looking at indie as a genre rather than a game that isn’t published by a major publisher. Nobody says they dislike AAA games because they don’t like CoD and Madden but there are probably people out there who say they don’t like all indie games because they don’t like Tower of Guns and Aaru’s Awakening (I use those as examples because those games were both on Plus last year and were generally not well received). We all see just how damaged the “indie game” brand is every month when we browse these comments.

  • Can we cut the “free game” garbage. It’s disingenuous, even if you put the “with an active subscription” in small print under it. Let’s stop training people to think that paying for something is free. Any reasoning that is saying it’s a short hand description is flat out wrong and lazy. Let me repeat, wrong and lazy. We all speak in slang and if PS+ offered anything else that is worth a subscription (it doesn’t) it might not be so annoying.

    PS+ doesn’t offer anything of real value outside of the games. Multiplayer being gated behind it on PS4 hasn’t increased the quality of the online or given us extra features. Noteworthy sales feel few and far between.

    Marketing has a job to do but do it cleaner.

    • Are you kidding me? Persona Ultimax. :˜) I love the persona fighting games and always wanted more people to play them. I’m sure I’ll find more opponents now. Thanks a lot. Great, great, great game!

    • Let me ask you this…If you are paying for the ability to connect to the PS4 infrastructure and play online video games with the community…What are the games every month? If you are playing for the games that come with ps+ would the online portion of the PS+ portion be free then? Now, let us say, you are paying for both services, that would mean you are paying 30 a year for online connectivity to the PSN and $30 for the online game collection which normally ends up being well over $1000 per year in games across all platforms. Now, I am no economist but I am sure something could be considered ‘free’ somewhere in there?

  • Good line up this month.

  • Good month. Excited for Helldivers in all my systems! I also don’t play Lemmings since the 90’s, so that’s gonna be a throwback! Nova-111… I’ll give it a shot. But Nom Nom Galaxy is more like No-No Galaxy to me.

  • no indies games for playstation plus plz

  • Mostly just looking forward to Helldivers and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax but I’ll give the other games a try. (Except GRiD I don’t really care for racing games that much lol)

  • Was hoping for Crypt of the Necrodancer, but I guess it’s an okay lineup. I never did buy Ultimax.

  • I already own Helldivers Ultimate Edition but maybe there is a few that don’t own it so they can try it out. The Persona game is really the only one that slightly interests me.

  • Better than last months line up

  • Would it kill you to release a decent RPG for PS Vita? Lemmings…depending on March’s PS Vita lineup I might not resubscribe to this…


  • Persona for the PS3 is fantastic, but the rest sucks, as every month we get Indi games where the Xbox gets full retail free games that they can keep, not just borrow with membership. First time ever, check my account, my PSN Plus ran out in November last year and I did not renew it till I had to move a save file from PS Vita Tv to the handheld Vita. I looked up the games I missed and said to myself, ohh wow, did not miss anything, all junk as your saving the good games for that crappy PlayStation Now that I will never ever touch. When games go digital, I will stop gaming, easy as, but look at Vinyl Records making a massive come back, so can’t see that happening anytime soon. The only reason I’m still on Sony PlayStation is easy, I’m where the JRPG’s are, but if Microsoft Xbox can get some good JRPG’s like you then I will for sure be switching back. The whole fun of this system before, was I could spend all my money on Japanese games, then get the Western games for free from you on the store, but now this is gone, I ask you, what is the point for most people in staying. I can’t see any :(.

  • Finding a reason to boot up my industrial vacuum(ps4) get harder every month…can’t be just mine right?

  • Awesome as always. Thank you very much. Will love helldivers on ps vita and persona on ps3!!!

  • another month of crap, every month i keep saying it but you guys just don’t listen. make multiplayer free or a $20 yearly sub on its own. a lot of people are not thrilled about pre paying for indie games only to not play them

  • I wanted to play Helldivers, Lemmings, Nom nom Galaxy and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax so this is a great month for me. Still I don’t have a PS4 or PSVita but I always buy the games on the web interface so I can get them later. And it’s nice that Helldivers is crossbuy since I can play it from my PS3 right now.

  • Not excellent but not bad either…

  • Other than Rocket League, which was offered way back in July, I haven’t bothered with any PS Plus games. It’s getting really disappointing. Now I don’t even look forward to what will be offered the next month.

    I do like playing online, so I will always forkover the money for that service. However it would be cool if for example online multiplayer was available for $30 a year and then you can pay an extra $20 a year if you want the free monthly games. Or separate the two services and then people can pay for which one they want and save money if they only want one of them. I think this will lead to happier customers. —Reply if you agree.

    • Except you are missing one very important fact. You are currently paying $50 for online play and $0 for the IGC. If they remove the games, you will still be paying $50.

    • I think it’s a good idea if you just pay for online play only. Then everyone would stop their BS complaining when they don’t get AAA titles every month for next to nothing. Then people would complain when they seen something they liked and didn’t get it.

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