The Witness is Out Now on PS4

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The Witness is Out Now on PS4

Hi everyone!

If all has gone well, then right now as you read this (or else very soon from now!) you can download The Witness on PlayStation Store.

The Witness

It’s been a long road to get here and we have worked very hard to make the best game we can. It is the best thing I have ever worked on, and being able to put it out in the world, it’s a good feeling.

Reviews have started coming in already and they are very good! If you haven’t heard of the game before now (or have heard of it but don’t know what it is or why it’s interesting!), and think you might enjoy a game where you explore an abandoned island and solve puzzles, go ahead and check out a few reviews. But if you are already interested in the game, I would encourage you to stay away from reviews, because some parts of the game are *very* spoilable. You’ll have the best experience if you start completely in the dark.

The Witness

I want to thank everyone at Sony who gave us so much support over the past few years. It was a very unusual step at the time for Sony to invite an independent developer like us to their console launch announcement — as far as I know, it was unprecedented — and it was a nice experience for us, and it probably helped a lot of new people find out about the game. Since then Sony has hosted us at E3 and PSX several times, and helped us in many ways when it came to building the best game we could for the PlayStation 4.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone out there who has supported the game, just by being interested in it — whether you enjoyed my previous game, Braid, or found out about The Witness in some other way. And I would like to thank the players who are about to have a very interesting time with the game and don’t even know it yet!

The Witness

I take the practice of game design very seriously. When I sit down to design a game I work very hard for a long time to make it good. And I can only do that — and build that game with talented people — because of the support of all the players out there who are looking for new and boundary-pushing experiences.

Thank you!


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  • Thank you, Jonathan!

  • Will pick up eventually. Too many games on my backlog at the moment. Hopefully there will be a retail release in the future :)

  • I hope its available on Asia PSN.

  • Thank you Jonathan, Braid was one of my favourite games on PS3. Not only did I get wrapped around the puzzles but the story was also very surprising and I could not recommend it enough to my friends. I’m interested to have my mind pushed yet again in the witness, And I can’t wait to see what you do in the future.

  • Thanks to Shuhei for tweeting this is now available. I’m downloading now and can’t wait to play later today. Congrats on the great reviews!

  • Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy the game!

    With Asia PSN, the situation there for western companies is pretty complicated and we were not able to deal with that while also publishing in Europe and America, because we’re a small company. We hope to bring the game to Asia PSN as soon as we can though.

    • Congratulations, Jonathan! And thank YOU for sticking with it – ultimately making such a gorgeous, intriguing space for us to get lost in for hours on end :-)

    • Cannot wait to play this! I hope it’s a huge success. Congrats Jonathan…

    • This is so sad. The PS4 isn’t zoned, why do they create artificial boundaries like that?

      I want to give you money and play the game but I can’t. This is ridiculous. I wonder what kind of issues you ran into?

    • Still waiting The Witness for PSN Asia! It’s almost 1 month since original release date

  • Congratulations Jonathan and your team. I’ve just downloaded the game now, I can’t wait to get immersed in the beautiful looking game you’ve created.

  • Wow, was not expecting this to release until the normal update time. So glad I had just enough left in my PSN wallet so I could grab it now and play it tonight. Only have 21 cents left after buying this, haha. Totally worth it, though.

  • Congratulations, Jonathan! This game looks fantastic and seems to be generating a lot of positive buzz. Looking forward to playing it.

  • Does this mean there is no disk release?

  • Congrats on the 10/10 from ign that doesn’t happen to often I will be downloading right after work.

  • Congratulations and thank you for this amazing game! Downloading right now :)

  • I’ve been following this for many years , let’s hope the wait was worth it.

  • The game looks nice… but I disagree with the 10/10 of IGN… reviewer clearly never played any classic graphic adventure. Also… 700+ puzzles (resolve the maze like), as much varied as it may be… it’s the only puzzle system in the whole game…

    I’ll wait for a sale or until hits Plus

    • You sat down with the reviewer and went over every game she didn’t play?

    • As much as I would like to, no. I didn’t.
      But after having played 5 of the Zork games, Riven, and all the Myst, as well as many others of this genre.. I really don’t think this game deserves an actual 10.. 8/8.5 would be more accurate…
      Experience gives you more objectivity, something that the review lacks of, which is pretty obvious if you’ve read it.

      Normally, reviewers tend to compare with the best titles of the same genre to have a common ground from where to start off before arriving to a conclusion.

    • First, review scores are worthless.

      Second, it’s perfectly reasonable to play a game, be completely captivated by it to the point of not finding any problems with it, and give it the highest praise you possibly can, without having to compare it to all other puzzle games that came before it. Even though on the surface all the puzzles appear to be basic mazes, what I’ve seen in the reviews leads me to believe that there are multiple types that have varying requirements. I won’t know until I play it, but the possibilities intrigue me.

      Third, you haven’t played the game, so your score of 8/8.5 is as worthless as the very concept of review scores.

    • Zirocraft, your skepticism about the game is perhaps warranted and certainly yours to indulge as you wish, but it seems odd to cite experience as a prerequisite for objectivity in critiquing the score given to game you haven’t played… similarly, I’m not sure a review score is meant to suggest the place of a particular game in the context of all games produced in that genre. Rather, it reflects the place of the game in the context in which it is released, no?

    • The concept of a score implies comparison, period.
      In order to compare, experience is required.
      In order to compare, you have to do with similar/close enough things to the one you are reviewing…

      I really don’t see any of your points

  • Excellent. I am so excited to play this. It is downloading now.

  • The witness sounds like its a good game, Kinda sounds like a portal type game and I loved that series. Hopefully its good.

  • Guys, this game is really fun! I played about an hour before work today. The graphics are purty, the puzzles are intuitive and clever; they start off easy but I expect the difficulty to ramp up soon. If you’re a fan of puzzle or exploration games, get this one!

  • I’m so glad that it was made available early! I purchased my copy, downloaded it, and began exploring the world. I am already in love, and can tell that it will be a very long and very satisfying adventure!

    I do hope that you PSVR support is reconsidered! Slow exploratory games are well suited for the medium, and it would make an incredibly solid early VR title (perhaps one of the most important) likely to move many, many units. The game’s strength is that it is founded upon gameplay that lends itself to long playtimes (exploration and puzzle solving) rather than a mechanical gimmick that may lose its novelty after a few tries.

    Performance seems to be a very stable 1080p60 as is and the puzzle interaction pattern should work well in a VR space (eg. if camera locking is swapped for an “active puzzle” toggle). And performance can be further enhanced (if required) by reducing the pixels per-eye rendered by excluding the pixels that fall outside of the circular visible view plane (valve has a good GDC presentation that talks about this).

    Just a thought!

    -Sean Lumly

  • It looks amazing but I’m really curious about that last trophy, Challenge. I wasn’t a big fan of that last trophy in Braid lol so I’m going to wait for news about this trophy.

  • Thank you, Jonathan and Thekla team, for all of your dedication and hard work for this game! Even in the first few moments of the game, it’s clear how much attention was given to the details. I can’t wait til keep digging further and find out more of what’s in store!

  • Any plans or possibility of a physical release? I’m generally fine with digital-only when launch price is no more than $20, but it’s odd to see a $40 game (on console) that doesn’t offer the possibility to buy a physical copy. I’d love to play this today, but unfortunately I’ll be waiting until I can buy it on blu ray or buy it for $20.
    It’s a shame because this is one of those games that so many people would be proud to display on their game shelf.

  • This game deserves all the great scores it’s getting. I truly appreciate the love, hard work and dedication that went into making this experience. I hope the Playstation nation really get’s behind this game so that more great developers like Jonathan will bring their games to Playstation first. Well done Jonathan and congrats!

  • Thank you, Jonathan Blow, for doing what you do. My wife is not a gamer, but she saw me playing Braid a couple years ago and we ended up playing through it together. Actually, she took the controller and we both figured it out as a team. I sent her to IGN’s review of The Witness and she can’t wait to get it. Looks like our date nights for the next few months are already planned. :)

  • $40?!?! Jon Blow is out of his mind. There will be a physical release right?? I was expecting $15.

    • $15? That was an irrational mistake on your part.clearly this isn’t a 15 dollar game.

    • $30 would have been fair enough..
      It doesn’t have any big name publishers or anything to pay to… yeah… $40 is a bit too much..
      I’ll get it after price drops a little

  • For those who complain about the price, ultimately it boils down to if you want to support the game’s developer or not. If you prefer having the same kind of annualised game (COD comes to mind) then by all means don’t buy this. But don’t go screaming on the internet saying “why is all the first person games feel the same” and etc.

    Investing $40 for a 80 – 100 hour game (which this IGN review claims : is not going to be a waste, in my mind. But hey, thats just me. I really did enjoy Braid a lot and looking forward to playing this myself.

    Vote with you wallets people!!

    • “If you prefer having the same kind of annualised game (COD comes to mind) then by all means don’t buy this.”

      Funny you should say that, just noticed that according to PSN store:
      PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT THIS ALSO BOUGHT: Call of Duty – Black Ops 3

      Was expecting to see, like, Journey or Limbo or Broken Age, etc… What’s that about? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

      PS: Mr. Blow if you’re listening, I would also love to get a boxed copy (maybe with extras)… but I think curiosity will likely get the better of me and I’ll probably have plunked down the credits and be playing this within the next hour.


  • Why no retail release? Seriously why? Somebody?

    I mean, come on. You’re charging $40. Stamp a few discs.

  • Congrats on your game’s release Jonathon. Hope it gets a log of press and love from gaming community.

    I heard about it at E3 and was intrigued. Watching a Let’s Play right now. Will be buying this today. Not really into puzzle games per se but I love puzzles and you have created an interesting world.

  • + Jonathan Blow Any word on a Retail Copy release?

  • Can’t believe it’s here. The Witness has been my most anticipated PS4 game since that reveal event. I love Braid, and puzzle games in general.

    Congrats to the team, I can’t wait to start the game this evening =)

  • For me, this was the most exciting game at the console reveal three years ago. It was hard to wait for so long, but I’m glad Blow and his team were able to to take the time and make the game they wanted to make without rushing it out. Congrats to them. Hopefully their seven or eight years of work will be rewarded with the same critical and commercial success that Braid had. $40 is an absolutely fair price, despite the lack of explosions or goblins (I’m presuming).

    Now, to find a way to get out of work so I can go home and play …

  • I own Braid and I’ve been eying this for ages now, so happy it came out. By the way, will we also be getting a physical release? I love owning games in my collection. For example, Shovel Knight was the latest indie game I got as a physical release and love it as a physical collection.

  • Been playing 12 h nonstop. Mind in strange but pleasant place.. Challenging and ridiculously rewarding! So far a masterpiece!
    Thank you for something fresh and not new…

  • I’m an older casual gamer who absolutely loved playing the old Myst games so I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while now and as everyone is saying, the game is beautiful. That said, is there a setting somewhere that would allow one to have inverted y-axis for looking around? My brain is just not wired for press up/look up and it distracts me from the immersiveness of the game when I’m constantly having to get my head out of the environment for a few seconds to focus on control.

  • This is an incredible experience! Thanks to you and Team Thekla!

  • If there’s one thing The Witness has proved to me, it’s that if Mr. Blow makes a game the way he wants and is himself satisfied with it, then it will be a fantastic experience. After all the waiting and curiosity and hype, I am still blown away by this game. You’ve really outdone yourself and while I cannot wait to see what you do next, I kind of can. Because I still have a LOT of puzzles to solve. Thank you. Sincerely.

  • When is going to get out on Asia?
    I have a PSN on Hong Kong store and still no signs of this game.

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