MLB The Show 16: New Road to the Show Details Revealed

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MLB The Show 16: New Road to the Show Details Revealed

Starting today, we plan to show off this year’s deep feature set with a series of vlogs so you can check out all of the upgrades to The Show 16 without having to read wordy blog posts!

And for our more studious fans, you can read up on everything you need to know about Road to The Show and the recently-revealed ShowTime feature at

ShowTime and Road to the Show on Twitch

We’re also excited to announce the first livestream for The Show 16 on February 4th at 2:00 Pacific on Twitch. We’ve put in a ton of work this year adding big improvements to MLB The Show 16 and we’re counting down towards the March 29th launch with livestreams for our loyal fans.

Tune in to the livestream on the San Diego Studio Twitch channel to get an exclusive, deep dive tour covering all things Road to the Show and ShowTime.

Also, Year-to-Year saves return for MLB The Show 16, letting you continue your progress from MLB The Show 15. Saves between releases are forward-compatible, meaning you don’t have to worry about starting your Franchise or Road to the Show seasons over!

MLB The Show 16

If you have any questions about either of these features, feel free to ask them in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to address your questions at the end of next week’s livestream.

PS4 pre-orders for MLB The Show 16 are now live. Check out the MVP, Standard Edition, and bonus items right here!

In the meantime, we’ll be sending out news and updates at The Show Nation and on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, so be sure to follow us and join the conversation.

The “Advance Day” feature (shown in the video) allows you can play an entire series of Road to the Show games without ever having to navigate the main menu between games (PS4 Only).

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  • Wish it was releasing on vita, I loved last year’s version

  • Good Stuff, love the consumable and passive attributes, great start to the season.

  • Will any MLB PS4 Avatars be available for purchase separately? Thanks!

  • is this a joke??? The Show has always been about authenticity and this new system is embarrassing. I mean really? consumables that change the count you get up to bat with or building up “showtime” so you can use (bullet time) during a game.. wtf. I watched hoping these perks worked like “a faster first step when stealing” but only after completing the levels of that training game in season or stealing x amount of bases. If this stuff can’t be turned off or makes its way into diamond dynasty i simply won’t be buying for the first time since the games inception.

  • Ughh…if I wanted perks or Show(bullet)time, I’d play Call of Duty or Prince of Persia. This…this is not right.

    Please allow these features to be ignorable or deactivated as options – thanks! Everything else so far looks promising!

  • Handheld edition available since 2008….why no PSV version. Even a Legacy version like last year.

  • Perks and Showtime are terrible ideas, look at when madden used to have those stupid madden cards that made everything like a superhero. I don’t want to play a game where I use cheap tactics to hit homeruns or make diving catches. Really wish you would improve the actual gameplay and not just add silly gimmicks to try to draw in more fans.

  • Excited for the new feature reveals. Still hoping to see PS Move, custom sounds of the show, and analog stride controls return. Cross-save compatibility with Vita 15 would be a plus too.

  • I read “without reading wordy blog posts,” but how I interpret that is “we really don’t give a **** about our hearing-impaired customers.”

    Thanks, guys. Love you too.


  • I really don’t think I’ll use showtime or perks. This game is supposed to be a simulation, not an arcade, right? Although I do like the changes to the showcase and being able to play a series without going back to the menu.

  • Been buying MLB the Show for the Vita since it started. Why isn’t there a version for the Vita this year? If none is offered at least send us a free roster update with players. Some of us need to guide our NY Yankees to their latest World Series Championship!

  • Count me among the disappointed in the addition of the perks and showtime and the subtraction of the Vita version! #FortheGamers indeed… oh wait… uhh… might want to rethink that slogan Sony!

  • Please please PLEASE tell me there’s create a ballpark…

    And also, will it be possible to upload images for DD from a site, instead of single-handedly creating it?

    • I would LOVE something like this! It would be AWESOME to be able to create a stadium! Or even go the old ALL STAR BASEBALL route and enable the possibilities of PRE-MADE fictional stadiums (Other than the crappy minor league ones they already use of course)

  • Love that i dont have to go to the menu after each game in RTTS. That is fantastic!

    Love that you are using the actual scouting scale. Great addition.

    Dont love the perks and showtime. Ill try it out but probably wont use.

    I play primarily RTTS and online franchise. So im looking forward to what you have added/changed.

  • sweet and a great series

    and hopefully we can get it here in the uk

  • Can’t wait!

  • What exactly are these avatars you get when preordering? I’m new to mlb so I don’t really know :)

  • Can’t wait thanks for the hard work each year you guys keep outdoing yourselves every year and with Josh Donaldson on the cover can’t get much better than that for me. Pre ordered day 1 looking forward to the twitch live streams.

    • Awesome we still have a ton of stuff to disclose and talk about. The live streams should be fun and informative.

  • I SO miss being able to add my own sound files (cheers, jeers, walk-up music etc)!!!! I know this is because the PS4 doesn’t allow you to copy files directly to the internal HDD, but when and if that happens with a firmware update PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider re-instating that feature! Thanks :) Love the game.

  • You guys let me down last year with online stability being poor again, even after promising better stability. I am pretty sure this game will have the same issue and also continue to have the blue screen error message every other game you play. So no I am passing this year.

  • How come you guys never do a a story in road to the show

  • Thanks for letting me know what to look forward to when I finally get a PS4.

  • I want to be able to move ROSTERS from game ot game… is that possible???

  • Ramone, will new jersey’s for all teams be in the game? For instance, the D-backs new ones, and the Twins red Friday home alternate just revealed? Also, will The Show update teams uniforms throughout the year as new ones are adopted?

  • is the rtts gonna feature the continue from the show 2015 ?????

  • Excited for the game, But, Will Craig Biggio, Ken Griffey, and Mike piazza be in game on Diamond Dynasty?

  • Any new Commentary?

    • @ guitarsnstuff on 27

      I assume so: if you look at the schedule in the video, you’ll see that they’ve got “Presentation, Play By Play, and Commentary Improvements Deep Dive” scheduled for 2/25.

      So, they’re giving it a full webisode of its own, and not lumping it in with a whole laundry list of “slightly-betters.” Reason to hope, I hope? :)

    • I highly highly doubt it. And until they completely revamp the repetitious commentary (long overdue), or replace Vasgersian, Lyons and Karros with literally anyone, I am done buying these annual roster updates. Also the lack of year-to-year stats is appalling for a baseball sim. This game has the potential to be so great yet the devs are always focused on the wrong things, like tweaking RTTS and adding bullet time LOL.

  • This year is sounding so far like there are too many gimmicks and not enough important work done. You guys need whole new commentary, for instance. Thanks for fixing online play so well though. There was vast improvement made there. Hopefully, 16 will be even better.

  • Hello big fan from Europe Greece here, like every mlb the show 16 will release on Europe 1 day after us right :) ?? Why theres no Pre-order on the europian playstation store ?

  • oh guys dont be such big babies the game hasnt been out yet you guys will like the changes changes are always better give the devs a break will you!

  • Is there any plans to add real time weather to mlb the show? i.e. tiger woods 14 tie’s in the weather channel by city.

  • It seems like every year fans make a list of ideas to add to the game next year, and every year the developers completely ignore those requests and instead do crap like this.
    Earing powerups and cheats? Thats not very realistic.
    Neither was last years’ addition of name brand accessories if you think about it. Mlb players dont have to save up to earn enough to buy batting gloves.
    In my opinion, the whole baseballcard collecting and diamond dynasty is a waste of time too.

    I’ll be really disappointed if i find out there is no option to create an expansion team again this year.

  • I can wait for the game. I love the series. I play it all the time with my cousin.

  • I wish the show would hurry up and come out already… Go Braves!

  • How about making the good timing a ball in play instead of a foul ball!!!!! I am tired of swinging perfect and fouling the pitch off!!!!!

  • Something very minor that I would like to see (and this is just me) would be something like a “Final Pitch” feature. What this would do is, if you were taken out of the game, for some reason, or if you won’t be involved in the final play of a game, the Final Pitch feature would show you what happens during the final pitch, which would then transition to the post-game stuff. This would be especially great for major games such as final postseason victories or division-clinching matchups and the like.

    I think it would add a bit more realism because it would be as if you were on the bench, you’d be watching the final play of the game and the post-game show. I know we already have the “Game Watch” and “Game Completion” features, but this is just a small add-on I would like to see. If not this game, then maybe in a future installment.

    • The way it’s set up right now, you can wait until the 9th inning, drop into live view, pause the game, switch to Result Play, and see the final plays unfold from there. It’s definitely not elegant, but it is already there.

      Would Final Pitch be a nifty addition? Absolutely. But what they’re adding this year with the cinematics may end up–MAY end up, we’ll see–adding a bit more “soul” to the mode than a simplified game-completion option.

      There’s already a way to see the final pitch right now for users who are interested, but users can’t exactly add in new commentary and cinematics, you know?

  • When and where will the blogs be released?

  • Looking forward to the release.. People on here should stop hating. If you dislike everything they are doing then don’t buy the game.

  • Why is there no Vita version being released this year? I prefer the Vita over the larger consoles. What is the reasoning for not releasing this for the many Vita owners? I am very disappointed how this is being handled and Sony is not giving ANY explanation as to why The Show 16 is not going to be available to Vita owners.

  • the only thing i didn’t like on mlb 15 was the way you put the hall of famers in the game .they were put in with there total stats at a young age ,why not bring them in as rookies,that would be a lot more fun thank you.

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