Livelock Lands on PS4 This Year

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Livelock Lands on PS4 This Year

Hi, PlayStation Nation! My name is Alex Monney and I’m the communications manager for Perfect World Entertainment. Our team here at PWE and friends over at Tuque Games are thrilled to unveil Livelock, launching on PS4 this year. Livelock is a fast-paced, cooperative, top-down shooter based in a post-human world where machines are waging an infinite war against each other.

Livelock takes place in the 22nd century following a catastrophic gamma ray burst that wipes humanity out. The world has now been taken over by Rogue Clusters — groups of mechanized armies that have taken over control of different territories following the corruption of their data and are waging war against each other. In order to prevent this, SATCOM, a highly sophisticated satellite Super A.I., is awakening backups of human consciousness known as Capital Intellects, who have been inserted into large machines built by humans before the gamma ray burst.

When thinking about Livelock, our teams looked to create something that brought us back to the fun and camaraderie of the arcade days. A game that presents a challenge for even those experienced video game players. While you’ll have a variety of tools to succeed at your disposal, refining your abilities, thinking tactically, and working cooperatively are the only ways to overcome some of our most challenging content. Think less of a bullet hell top-down shooter and more about overcoming overwhelming odds.

Livelock on PS4Livelock on PS4

With our announcement today, we are also revealing our first of three playable characters — Hex. Prior to a catastrophic gamma ray burst in the 22nd century, Hex was a renowned e-sports professional who became feared by many as he honed his craft. He was also one of the first to participate in a risky experiment to upload his consciousness to a database, which was later uploaded to a machine by SATCOM following the catastrophe.

We’ll have a lot more more Livelock to show as we build towards launch including the announcements for our other two Capital Intellects.

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  • I’m all over this like white on rice, in a glass of milk, on a paper plate, in a snow storm!

    Looks super HOT!

    • Hahahaha! This is exactly how I felt after reading this article. I’m all about retro top down shooters. Huge hotline miami and dead nation fan, so I can’t wait to see what’s in store for another great arcade top down shooter. Super excited.

    • It’s 10am and I’m ready for lunch thanks to your comment. Thanks for the kind words!

  • Can’t wait I love PWE, so I will definitely give this a try!

  • So, should we expect this Q4 2016 or is it too early to speculate as to when we should anticipate getting hands on with this title?

  • Count me in, I love a good top down shooter. This looks great!

    • We’re huge fans of top down shooters here. There’s definitely quite a few that I’ve been playing on PlayStation platforms for a while now.

  • Game looks amazing and the backstory sounds interesting.

    Please tell me you are considering a PS Vita version!

  • Looks great. Hope the experience scales so I can have fun both when I’m playing with a bunch of friends and when I’m just in the mood for a quick solo session.

  • Will this be 4 player ? Will this be both online and local player ? This looks AWESOME! Can’t wait to sink my teeth in ! How many characters do we get to choose from ?

    • This will be three-player co-op with three different classes to choose from. We’ll reveal the other classes in the future. Online co-op for sure and we’re looking at the potential of couch co-op, but nothing to confirm right now.

  • Yet another co-op game. Can you please mix in a single player game from time to time. I would like to play some games. I’m a 52 year old man and don’t want to play with “my friends” in my whiny kids voice.

    Thank you.

  • i cant wait to play it Good Job @alex

  • Like Dead nation mixed with Alienation!

  • +1 more vote for local co-op, if possible. Definitely love Helldivers and other games like that, and this one seems like a blast, too :-)

    • Geez dude…I’m back for 5 minutes and I already know the guy who loves “local coops”. Big deal if it has that, if it’s crappy it doesn’t matter! You gotta have a shred of discriminating taste in games. You can’t love everything with local coop. What I don’t like about it is it is a coop only game….,it forces you to be coop online so no thanks!

  • Lookin fabulous!! it looks a lot like Alienation which is a good thing :) Will this run 1080p 60fps?

  • I love these type of games! Looks like a lot of fun!

  • Looks really good, I can’t wait to gather my friends for this. Great job guys…

  • not interested in a coop only game…..if this was twin stick shooter single player maybe. As is, no thanks.

    • The game will be fully playable for people who prefer single player games as well! Plus you’ll have options on classes that you want to play as.

  • Does this mean Forsaken World, Neverwinter will also come to PlayStation? Come on Alex do it!

  • This looks like Alienation, looks excellent.

    • This game looks awesome! Hmm what if you can choose class and customize the character you chose in the game. like you can change the character appearance and color scheme That would be cool and hopefully. this game can upgrade weapons and stuff like Skill set? I wish this game would be in Ps vita lol

  • Plus add more class character too.

  • Please do Couch Coop! Girlfriends especially non gamer girlfriends like to play coop games and simple arcade style games like this. I can’t tell you the hours I have spent on Gauntlet up through Diablo with mine. It is also fantastic to play along side your buddy in the same room. Game looks amazing. Hope there are some upgrade paths and things to buy!

  • If couch co-op is made available for this game, you definitely have a guaranteed purchase right here.

  • Alex , please answer . Will the release of Neverwinter online on ps4? Yes or no?

  • Not to be that guy, but any info on the price? I’ll definitely be giving it a try if it’s within reason! Looks fantastic also! Good job PWE.

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