Introducing Dangerous Golf, Launching This May on PS4

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Introducing Dangerous Golf, Launching This May on PS4

Welcome to the world of Dangerous Golf, a game coming to PS4 this May.

I’m Fiona Sperry and I co-founded Three Fields Entertainment with partners Alex Ward and Paul Ross in February 2014. We’re a small, independent British studio comprised of veteran developers from Criterion Games, Ubisoft, and Disney. We’re no strangers to blockbuster games having worked on the entire Burnout series, Black, and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit over the past fifteen years. Our small but extremely talented development team has more than 150 years in game development experience.

Dangerous Golf on PS4

For our first title, we wanted to make a wild, physics-powered experience that harnesses the gameplay, technology, and power of PS4. We also wanted to focus on what we do best — which is making fast, fun, and spectacular arcade style games. Dangerous Golf is just that. It’s as serious a true golf game as Burnout was a serious simulation of real driving.

We wanted to see what would happen if we mixed the attitude of Burnout with the destruction of Black whilst powering up a golf ball and setting it on fire — a clear nod to NBA Jam, one of my all-time favorite games. This type of fast gameplay has always been part of our DNA and it’s something we hope you’ll enjoy playing.

In Dangerous Golf, you’re not striving for Par or aiming for a Birdie — you’re playing for points awarded for causing damage. It’s about smashing the place up and then banging the ball into the hole by pulling off an outrageous trick shot. Break enough stuff and you can power up the ball, turn it into a fireball, and steer it around for a limited time to try and smash more stuff.

Dangerous Golf on PS4Dangerous Golf on PS4

There are more than 100 holes to attack in a series of indoor and outdoor locations. Make a huge mess in a hotel kitchen, destroy a glittering palace ballroom, or even set fire to a rural gas station — the choice is yours.

Despite the fact that Dangerous Golf is a fun and silly game, it has a serious technical edge. We’ve been working closely with the guys in Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 team and Nvidia to deliver a truly physics-driven game.

We’re a small indie team but we’ve got big ambitions. We like to shatter expectations, bring silliness and joy back to game development, and have a lot of fun in the process. Get ready to play dangerously this May!

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