Introducing Dangerous Golf, Launching This May on PS4

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Introducing Dangerous Golf, Launching This May on PS4

Welcome to the world of Dangerous Golf, a game coming to PS4 this May.

I’m Fiona Sperry and I co-founded Three Fields Entertainment with partners Alex Ward and Paul Ross in February 2014. We’re a small, independent British studio comprised of veteran developers from Criterion Games, Ubisoft, and Disney. We’re no strangers to blockbuster games having worked on the entire Burnout series, Black, and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit over the past fifteen years. Our small but extremely talented development team has more than 150 years in game development experience.

Dangerous Golf on PS4

For our first title, we wanted to make a wild, physics-powered experience that harnesses the gameplay, technology, and power of PS4. We also wanted to focus on what we do best — which is making fast, fun, and spectacular arcade style games. Dangerous Golf is just that. It’s as serious a true golf game as Burnout was a serious simulation of real driving.

We wanted to see what would happen if we mixed the attitude of Burnout with the destruction of Black whilst powering up a golf ball and setting it on fire — a clear nod to NBA Jam, one of my all-time favorite games. This type of fast gameplay has always been part of our DNA and it’s something we hope you’ll enjoy playing.

In Dangerous Golf, you’re not striving for Par or aiming for a Birdie — you’re playing for points awarded for causing damage. It’s about smashing the place up and then banging the ball into the hole by pulling off an outrageous trick shot. Break enough stuff and you can power up the ball, turn it into a fireball, and steer it around for a limited time to try and smash more stuff.

Dangerous Golf on PS4Dangerous Golf on PS4

There are more than 100 holes to attack in a series of indoor and outdoor locations. Make a huge mess in a hotel kitchen, destroy a glittering palace ballroom, or even set fire to a rural gas station — the choice is yours.

Despite the fact that Dangerous Golf is a fun and silly game, it has a serious technical edge. We’ve been working closely with the guys in Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 team and Nvidia to deliver a truly physics-driven game.

We’re a small indie team but we’ve got big ambitions. We like to shatter expectations, bring silliness and joy back to game development, and have a lot of fun in the process. Get ready to play dangerously this May!

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  • Sounds like fun. Count me as curious.
    Sounds like the golf version of Crash mode in the old burnout games. I put countless hours into Crash back in Burnout 2

    • Hi Craig, Glad to hear you enjoyed Crash. Alex and Chris who work with me here @3FieldsEnt invented that mode. We had a lot of fun making it. Hopefully we can turn curiosity into something more;-)

    • Can’t wait to see more! May? Ugh.

  • Game looks awesome! Y’all got my money.

  • This is the game I’ve alway known I needed, but never dreamt of it ever coming out. Thank you. Thank you so much

  • Some how you made me interested in golf, when are you going to reveal gameplay videos?

    • Hey guys, will cover both those comments in one answer – we don’t have an exact date for footage yet but game is out in May so it won’t be long. Follow us on Twitter @3FieldsEnt for updates.

  • I can’t wait to see some gameplay footage.
    I was a big fan of PAIN of PS3 and this looks kind of similar !!!

    • Definitely NOT enough silly, fun, ridiculous games around right now so like the guys behind PAIN we aim to redress the balance;-)

  • Burnout is still the only racing series I care for. Such spectacular fun and action, which you fine folks somehow brilliantly carried over to the FPS genre with Black. Dangerous Golf is now on my buy list if only for the pedigree of you three.

    • Games are made by teams and there were many others involved in all the Burnouts and in Black but thanks for the props. A few of us were there for every one. It was our baby – and now this is. Your support and those of all the Burnout and Black fans means a lot. If you guys don’t like it then I doubt anyone will!!!!

    • Alright here it goes, this looks amazing and I will support it for hope in some of your future projects. Yet is there any way we could get a remastered version of Black or Burnout in the PS2to PS4 selection? Not quite sure who owns the rights to it as of now but would be lovely thing to see happen. Also I know I’m not the only one that would love for these classics to come back to us in high def. thank you

  • You had me at Criterion!  I loved that studio and how they interacted with the community with video updates and behind the scenes footage at their studios when making Burnout Paradise. Ghost games is carrying the torch with NFS, but glad to start seeing the Criterion talent pop out with new ideas. Day 1 purchase for me!

    • Thanks! We used to have a lot of fun doing that stuff. @simorph (former Crash TV hots) is working on this game (he did the brilliant logo you saw earlier today) and we’re looking forward to be able to talk/share/show stuff off to you guys directly. Make sure you follow us @3FieldsEnt for the latest information.

  • Looks like a lot of fun – can’t wait to see more! Kinda reminds me of Triple Play 2001’s home run derby, where you were in a giant living room and had to destroy as much as possible for points.

    Do you know if it’ll feature online, turn-based play? I would love to see the destruction my friends cause before I take my turn.

    • Thanks for the support. As I’ve said a few times already – it really means a lot to us. We’re a small indie team of ten – and we’re passionate about trying to make great PS4 titles! We’ve not seen the baseball title you mentioned – not sure if was released in the PAL territories at all. But if you like destruction and high scores, then you might just like this…

  • You… had me at “Criterion veterans” and crash mode. Good luck with this game, you have my money locked for sure.

    • Thanks very much! We are a *REALLY* small indie team. We’ve pooled our life savings to make this game. Thanks for your support, it means a lot to us.

  • I just can’t get behind a golf game no matter what the spin on it.

    That being said, I wish you guys the best of luck with this project. Does make me miss Burnout, though.

    • Sorry to hear that – looks like you’ll miss out on something we think is funny, silly, fast and destructive.

  • This is how I play golf in real life. I’m glad somebody finally gets it. Day one, folks. Day one.

    • We get it! Thank you for the support, it means a lot. I know I keep saying that but its true. When you’re doing this for nearly two years on your own cash it gets pretty scary and you wonder if anyone will care. So today has been really special for us all.

  • Also, I know it’s a long shot, but I hope against hope there’s support for the Move/VR wand to really drive home that satisfaction of destroying things.

    • We are as excited about PS VR as you. Its amazing. But we are a really small team of just 10 people so right now we just can’t say that we will do that. Hope you understand. Thanks for the support.

    • I expected as much. Still day one for me!

  • Online or local competitive?

    • Both! We love playing games with friends. There’s nothing better so we wanted to support both couch play (competitive and cooperative) and online play. Watch this space!

    • Awesome… Sounds like ps4 is about to get some golden age attention that ps3 had.

  • I really enjoy golf games and I love games that allow you to cause chaotic destruction. So this game sounds absolutely perfect! I must buy this game when released! And I’m sure if there will be any DLC for it I won’t hesitate to get it too! I’m so sharing this on my Facebook to help get the word out for this game!

    • Thank you! We need all the shares, retweets and support we can get. We literally are 10 people in (a currently very wet and windy) England and have invested every penny we have in making this game. We hope we don’t disappoint! Keep in touch…

  • I don’t even care if the game’s good (I’m sure it will be): I’m buying it! The concept sounds right up my alley, and you guys have the experience to make something AMAZING! Can’t wait.

    Also, I know the answer’s probably “no”, but will there be a physical release?

    • Thank you. We are a small indie team and we will be self publishing our work so no physical release. Thanks for the support.

  • Had to sign in just to lend another thumbs up. This sounds great and is a must buy. Agree VR/Move would be pretty spectacular but still getting this regardless. Great idea, and good luck!

    • Thank you. Thumbs up happily received. Reading all of your comments is really important to the whole team. We are working late trying to make the best damn game we can! We are PS4 players just like you guys. Thanks again.

  • Looks quite unique, well done on building it. Count me in !!

    • Thanks Josh! We’ve been hard at work on this game for about a year and a half now. Glad to hear that you’re onboard! Get ready to play dangerously!

  • Looks fun but may come on pull ya fIngers out lol

    • ;-) We hear you. Ten people running as fast as they can ……. and a dog. He isn’t much use though if I am honest!

  • Looks pretty awesome, and something that’d be right up my alley.

    Can you speak a little more detail as to the physic engine and the features of UE4 that you’ve brought to the game? For example, obviously there’s ball physics and (shattering?) objects physics, but different games do/employ those things to different degrees. And what aspects of UE4 are you making most use of in the game?

    Also speaking to some degree about the user interface (both visual and input) would be nice, since many times, that will also make a golf game.

    • Hi, thanks for the question, its a good one. For the past year and a half we have been working closely with the guys at Epic and Nvidia in various locations around the world, including England, USA and New Zealand. We obviously only just announced but we will talking more about the game and the technology behind it in the months to come. Stay tuned!

  • Looks great! I loved all of the games that where made at Criterion.
    I have been following @3FieldsEnt on twitter for a while now and its exciting to finally see what you been working on.
    Good luck on the release!

    • Thanks for following us Rufus and am glad to hear you like what we have done so far. Its very exciting for the 10 of us to be able to share with you what we have been up to and can now finally start tweeting about it on a daily basis!

  • Is this full retail disc game or digital only PSN game?

  • This looks like a great stress reliever. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  • This looks and sounds pretty cool. As long as it’s better than Planet Minigolf I’ll likely buy it when it releases. :)

    • We hope so, we are a small team who have pooled our life savings to make the dream of self publishing possible so every purchase counts. We will be releasing lots more info over the coming months so we hope you like what you see.

    • I’m all for supporting small teams who deserve it like yours. Between the cash-grabbing yearly mega-franchises and the abundance of mobile ports, we desperately need more high-quality and creative games from teams who are passionate and talented.
      I definitely look forward to hearing and seeing more. I don’t yet understand what Dangerous Golf is all about, but it sounds like something I’ll enjoy playing with friends and family.
      Speaking of which, thank you for allowing options for both online and local multiplayer. With the recent comeback of couch co-op, too many developers are ignoring online play altogether, which is always a missed opportunity and a step backwards.

      Please return soon, and bring some gameplay footage with you! :D

  • Crash mode golf ftw! Black was awesome, btw!

    • Thank you!! FTW indeed. We think it has a little bit of every game we’ve made in there. When we took the screen shots they really reminded us of the Black ones. Thanks for the support!

  • When will the pre-order for this be available? I must buy this. I support anything Criterion does because they are one of the best.

    • Awesome. We will do some kind of pre order program I’m sure – more on this soon. Thanks again for the support.

      Its 11pm here in the UK so I am signing off now but will sign in tomorrow AM and answer more questions then. Thanks everyone for reading. We really appreciate it. Really.

  • More tomorrow guys. Thanks all

  • Wow this looks like what the pga tour wishes it was. Can’t wait. How much will it be as a starting price?

    • We haven’t announced pricing yet but we are very aware that people work hard for the money they spend on gaming and so we want to get that right and for people to feel they’re getting something good value.

  • Well I now know what PS4 game I’ll be getting in May.
    Looks like hours of enjoyment. Can’t wait to experience it.
    I hope it’s a huge success for you all.

  • Def hype for this. Can always appreciate a golf game…but a chaotic golf game? Take my darn money haha

    • Thank you, chaotic golf game was the only way for us though we did play some a lot of regular golf games back in 2003/4.

  • Could you make it stereoscopic 3D? That would be amazing!!

  • I have to admit, I saw “Dangerous Golf” and thought, “Golf? Really? An arcade golf game? Bleh.”

    Then I saw comparisons to Burnout, a nod to NBA Jam, and a few more screen shots…okay, you’ve got my attention.

    Preview video?

    Is the price set yet, or still working that out?

    I’ll be looking for more updates on this. Your teaser is working!

    • Hi, glad the Jam and Burnout references got your attention – we are just happy that people get what those games mean to us and how they’ve influenced the game we are making now. More screens to come soon, and video when we have time to make some! Price we will finalise soon and confirm as we would love to gauge interest through a pre order program. Watch this space!

  • Criterion & crash mode. Hello. Love always

    • We are definitely proud of Crash, so many people love it and the guys who invented it, Chris and Alex, work here at Three Fields. We are keeping that spirit alive!

  • This actually looks like a bunch of fun!

    I am into zany golf games… Ninja Golf, Zany Golf (of course), and Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf*
    *Sadly there is no actual fighting in the Lee Trevino game.

    Anyway, I will definitely look more into this game.

    • That’s great to hear. We hope you like what you see when we release footage. We loved Zany Golf too in particular. We spent a bit of time looking at it again when we first started out on the development.

  • Sweet can not wait its also pretty cool how you guys metion golf because remember burnout revenge. ITS LIKE PLAYING GOLF IT LIKE PLAYING GOLF BUT WITH CARS. Lol i loved crash i bet im gonna love this even more may can’t come fast enough criterion.

    • Hi, you know your stuff! Well if you loved Crash then we think you will like this too. May feels very soon for us!! We are a small team and just working as hard as we can right now to get the game right for launch. Thanks for your support and that of everyone on here who has been saying they will buy the game. It makes all our hard work worthwhile.

  • Criterion veterans?…you mentioned Burnout,Black,NFS HP and NBA Jam in the same post.Ha you had me at that….I’m definitely looking forward to your game…can’t wait to see some gameplay.BTW I’m huge fan of crash mode,damn I had so much fun with that mode that I can’t even start to fathom oh good old days,ha also a coincidence cuz ma brother was playing some crash mode on Burnout 3 Takedown some days ago.
    Also the game looks gorgeous.

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