Announcing Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC

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Announcing Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC

Today I’m pleased to share an important new moment in PlayStation history that will power the next 20 years of PlayStation innovation.

We are announcing the formation of a new company called Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (SIE) that will serve as the headquarters for everything PlayStation. This new company, headquartered out of the United States in San Mateo, California, joins the forces of both Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Sony Network Entertainment LLC, combining the strengths and talents of both companies.

The formation of SIE will create an even stronger PlayStation. That means an even bigger emphasis on developing pioneering platforms like PS4 and PlayStation VR, world-class games from our Worldwide Studios development teams, and innovative network services such as PlayStation Vue.

It also means a renewed commitment to making PlayStation the best place to play.

Thank you for joining us on this important step in PlayStation history. And as always, we are deeply grateful for your continued support and feedback. We’re excited to undertake this next step in PlayStation history with you!

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  • (Yawns)

  • Sounds interesting, best of luck to everyone!


  • Uhhhh…so in lehmans terms, this means?

    • Two companies can do more as one than separate.

      Network used to handle this suite of services
      Ps video
      Ps store
      Ps vue
      Ps music

      Scei handled
      World wides studios
      Hardware division
      Third party relations

      Now they have a shared revenue, shared engineers, shared think tanks etc.

      More innovation can happen with the immediacy of being the same company and the shared work force/revenue.

      So profits from either division are now going to be put right back into another growth area instead of wait for a new iniative.

    • Essentially this means that Playstation is for all intents and purposes separate from the major Corporate Sony at this point. Obviously they’re not a new company severing all ties with the Sony corporation as a whole they are just their own entity now.

      Not much really changes in regards to you or I playing Playstation though.

    • Ahh that makes more sense. I was dead tired reading this last night so it didn’t click with me they were merged and I thought this was a 3rd entity lol.

  • Does it mean you’ll start caring about the features customers want on their PS4’s instead of giving us useless garbage like “Communities?” MP3 support on the device? True media server client capabilities? Account name changes? None of the above?

    • These are issues I really woul’d ike to be solved. As deleting some trophies data once and for all and be able to buy content at PS Store as a gift for a friend.

    • I agree with those things you want, but did you have to use Communities as your example? The Communities are awesome! Excellent feature! Use it daily!

    • What’s wrong with communities? I love them. When I need help I can always find it in a community.

    • You hit the nail right on the head on some of them…folder organization, trophies, demos, and programs that just can’t be deleted. That is BS…give us control of these things already. It’s not like they have been working on it all this time or even try to. They just don’t give a damn about it. I want someone accountable for these items and I want it fixed now.

  • sony is not going to last 20 years i give them 5 tops lol

    • Yeah they’ve only sold more than Xbox One and Wii U combined. They’ve only stepped into the #1 optics R&D and producer in all fields including commercial photography and medicine. Speaking of, they’re also top of their field in medial equipment. Given the restructure over the last 8 years, you’d be hard pressed to find a reason Sony COULD go under.

    • Yeah they’ve only been in business since 1946…

    • RIiiiiiiiiight. I case you didn’t know… The PlayStation 4/brand is making Sony money and they’re determined to keeping it succeeding by investing more into it.

      In simpler words… They’ve been giving their main competitor’s wedgies after taking their lunch money and making out/ walking away with their girlfriends :)

    • Baised on what? Their subscription base is strong, their hardware sales are still dominating the charts? They’re actively in development to bring the best and most exclusive games to market. When ever there is a stutter in their service they aim to make amends as quickly as possible. And in my experience, Sony has never failed to resolve an issue I had even when they held no blaim. Heck, I’ve had buyers remorse on several occasions and gotten full refunds every time I have asked. Sony and PlayStation will be around for as long as people play video games.

  • Does this mean we may eventually get a new mobile gaming system (Vita 2.0)?

    • I’d hope so. The Vita feels just slightly underpowered of what it should be to really succeed.

      Of course I say that, and then they’ll release a Vita 2, and then a couple years later a PS5, and the Vita 2 games would probably be in the same exact position of “If only it had a tiny bit more power” when the real solution was to just make the code “Slightly more optimized”

  • So what about the Vita?

  • No mention of the PS Vita? Sigh…what a waste of fantastic hardware.

  • Does Hideo Kojima play into this new company somehow? :) Congrats and can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Fingers crossed for a $399.99 PSVR bundle with No Man’s Sky

  • The HQ will be here in CA, not Tokyo. That’s interesting. I’m not sure what it means but I’m sure there will be plenty of gaming industry reports about this. Probably related to their current emphasis on the VR.

    Would be great if this opens a lot of new jobs here.

    • probably because San Mateo is right smack in the middle of many of their major studio locations. SMS obviously is in Santa Monica, we also have the San Diego studio, Naughty Dog is also in Santa Monica I believe. To the north you have the SCE HQ in San Francisco (if memory serves. I know they have an office there, probably also were SNE is). Bend to the North in Oregon. Sucker Punch to north in Washington Bellevue. PixelOpus in San Mateo. IT’s also technically in the middle between SCEE and SCEI with all that funny logic they have over in Tokyo. So that would be my guess. Oh I also think the PlayStation School is in San Mateo.

      Kind of wish Sony would open a Studio on the East coast. I’ll never understand why so many developers open studios in a state where the cost of living is so high. Drives your AAA costs up.

    • Bottom Line – Silicon Valley – Need we say more. Work Hard – Play Hard, All day every even on Sunday oh and no breaks on the holidays

    • All day everyday even on Sunday and no breaks on the holidays

  • This will be so awesome the Age of PlayStation has begun Greatness Awaits PS4 PSVR For the Players.

  • So long as this entity doesn’t get in the way of innovation, creativity, or the advancement of the system OS’s echo system then I’m cool with it.

    I’d also a little annoyed that the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 didn’t get any love or mention above. I love my PS4, but the PS Vita is an important part of this echo system.

  • Speaking of, is this new HQ hiring?

  • Sony says eat our dust competitors…… SO EXCITING #HYPETRAIN!!!!

  • And the Vita?

  • What is PS4 pioneering in? Selling well without a decent software library?

    • What is your definition of a decent library? They have nearly 100 exclusives and over 100 console exclusive games. If that’s not a decent library on top of the multiplatform games then you’re crazy.the only console with more exclusive titles would be the WII U, but they had an advantage of releasing a full year before PS4. Just give PS4 another year.

  • They hate us cuz they anus!
    Keep it up PlayStation! #GreatnessAwaits

  • Shawn, Sony is doing an excellent job with the PS4, and I congratulate all of you for that. You made the PS4 and PlayStation brand be the number one again by offering amazing games, like you have always done! However, I (and many of PS fans) would love it, if you could also improve the PS4 with firmware updates to make it a media powerhouse, just like its predecessors. Improve the software with many features, most of which were already on the PS3 and even PS2 and/or PS1.

    PlayStation have always made great games that appeal to everyone, but we are in an age where not only our consoles can only play games. They should be able to do much more. Please allow that to happen.

  • – Hey I’m Vita! Can I come in???
    – Sorry, you are already dead…

  • PS I Love You XOXO

  • PS Vita news please?

    It’s the only current gaming device I truly care about.

  • Wow, wow, i thought this happened already lol. Great work Sony, keep making smart moves.

    • Initially I believe they only originally announced that it would be its own division rather than an LLC. As an LLC it should be able to determine its own destiny is a quicker and more efficient way. It will no longer have to make constant budget requests from the main bored or wait for project approval. It will speed the corporate bureaucracy :)

  • Does it also mean you’ll start supporting the system you abandoned the Playstation Vita? How come you can find money to waste on an unproven platform like VR but can’t develop at 3 AAA titles (like Gravity Rush 2) for the Vita?

    Changing you name mimics the amount of remasters and ripoff Playstation 2 remakes you’ve released . You can change the name but it’s still the same crap we’ve already seen. Same hack CEO of WWS that has no clue or vision to know what he’s doing. Same failure to support the Vita. The fact that you didn’t even mention it in your post is the proof of that.

  • Hey Sony I’ll take a job at the new building. I love my PS4!

    I do Motion Design in UI/UX and do character animation. Would love to join in. I’m in the Bay Area!

  • That doesn’t sound like you’re lowering the price on Vita Memory cards at all.

  • *cough* vita *cough*

  • Will this mean more Vita games?

  • Better integration between departments should improve Playstation. Hopefully this means I will finally be able to play videos purchased from the Playstation store on my Sony Xperia Z5 phone and Xperia Z2 tablet. SCE claims this is possible on their Video page, but the Playstation Video app doesn’t even exist on the Google Play store (at least in N America). The only way I’ve been able to access my videos has been on my PS4, and on my Z2 tablet if I uninstall all the updates way back to Video Unlimited v.1.0.5. I’ve stopped purchasing or renting videos from Playstation until they make good on their promise to allow access on Xperia devices. I also cancelled PS Vue for similar reasons. Maybe they will finally launch PS Vue on Xperia and other Android devices. Small examples, but hopefully this new joint effort fixes some of the software issues that has handicapped Sony’s exceptional hardware.

    • Wow, you sir are a genius. YES SONY, PLAYSTATION MAKE THIS HAPPEN ! Also what cellular provider do you have with your XPERIA phones, I want one, but I never see any of the providers carry them.

    • @RGC – I’m with T-Mobile. Bought the International version of the Z5 a couple months ago. Incredible phone! I love it almost as much as my Vita. Remote play works well on the Z5. Unfortunately carriers don’t carry it, although Sony is finally making them available next week through Best Buy, Amazon (without the finger print sensor fsr, which frankly is no big deal). As an unlocked phone it is expensive, but worth it imo.

  • This sounds like an exciting news. Thank you very much Shawn for sharing this with us right here on the PS Blog.

  • Well, does that means:

    We can finally will be able to change our PSN Username?
    We can finally will be able to migrate our PSN Accounts (content, saves and trophies)?
    We can finally will be able to find trought our download history list?
    We can finally will be able to use an external HDD on PS4?
    There will be playable Ingrid on SFV?

    If all of them is yes, OK :D

  • Hopefully this means figuring something out that matches the Xbox share play between two accounts on two systems so each player can play the full game but only one has to buy it

    • Login your account on the other system, download the game, logout. (and set password so he can’t log in and play as you)

  • Mr. Layden,

    Thanks for the interesting news. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask for stuff! Perhaps this new venture may facilitate the fulfillment of my wishes.
    Please, before the PS3 takes those last few steps into the sunset, put a team together to create Legend of Legaia 3 for PS3. And please encourage, work with, help facilitate, Square-Enix to make Brave Fencer Musashi 3 for PS3.
    Each of these fun series has had an entry on every PlayStation home console, and they deserve to have an entry on PS3 and PS4.
    That brings me to my last request. Once Legaia 3 and Musashi 3 are released on PS3, please let there be a Legaia 4 and Musashi 4 on PS4.
    With special regards to the PS3 games, they could perhaps even be digital PSN only releases, if that would save some costs. Many PlayStation enthusiasts, including myself, have many fond memories of playing these series on PlayStation, and PlayStation 2, and want to see them continued! These two series need to be institutions on PlayStation home consoles.

    Thanks for your time. Have a good week!

  • Being the realist that I am, I know this is mostly corporate speak, and doesn’t mean anything significant is changing in regards to what platforms they support (All the Vita comments will continue to fall on deaf ears, give it up guys… it’s not funny, or productive.)
    I’m hoping this means better communication between the gaming and network divisions, i.e. PSN will stop being a second-rate network compared to Xbox Live. With the software and network divisions being brought under one management team, hopefully they’ll be able to make some meaningful changes to how both PSN and the PS Store (on all devices) function, including better UIs all around without the extreme lag currently present on both the web store and the PS3 store. And maybe we can eventually get back to a seamless in-game Store interface, similar to how games could access the Store on the PS3 without having to suspend the application to do so.
    Anywho, I’m along for the ride and the games. Good luck with this new company. May many good things come to you, your employees, and we the customers.

  • Did you guys pick the date on purpose? Early April Fools joke?

  • Hi Shawn,

    you need a twitter account so we can annoy you about Crash Bandicoot.

  • and what a surprise, they left behind Vita development/support yet again not even mention it *sigh*

  • Typical Japanese/Asian business move. Set up a new company to give people the illusion that great things are in store for them in the distant future…so suckers will keep spending money. Good Luck !!

  • This probably isn’t the best place to ask but I work on a game database and company name changes tend to be a pain since I have to create new entries for new names. Therefore, I could use a lot more details. Does this affect Sony Computer Entertainment Japan as well? The post actually makes it sound like the U.S. branch is now controlling everything PlayStation though I doubt that is true. Also, what does this mean for all of the individual development studios? For example, will SCE Japan Studio, SCE London Studio, and SCE San Diego Studio now be SIE Japan Studio, SIE London Studio, and SIE San Diego Studio respectively? Maybe people don’t even refer to them by the names I currently use; it can be confusing trying to keep up with all the name variations. Not that this is exclusive to Sony, lots of big publishers have a variety of development studios and name changes are unfortunately not too rare.

  • Cool. People confused about the purpose of all this just need to understand that they’re streamlining operations for the parts of the company that have been successful for them. It’s part of protecting and strengthening them.

  • Forget about Vita guys… sell it and get a new 3ds… or save the money, destine it to another company at least. Sony clearly regrets every penny spent on Vita.. so should we

  • On to the next steps for your next adventure!

  • So no mention of the Vita, seems Sony is helping to kill the own device . The vita has such great potential and maybe if Sony gave it some more love then others would in including third party developers or Developers .

    I don’t think Sony really know what they have here in the Vita . Wake up Sony!!

  • Interesting bit of news.

  • Congratulations. I can’t wait to see what kind of development and innovation this will yield

  • Awesome! So This company is going to make the new generation of Consoles?

  • Maybe now we can change our names!?

  • Shame on you for treating the PS Vita this way!

  • Congrats and great direction for Sony.
    Nice spot in silicon valley. You hiring ?

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