Hardware: Rivals Free Update Out Today, Packs a Punch

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Hardware: Rivals Free Update Out Today, Packs a Punch

Bombs have been dropped, missiles launched, and railguns railed in Hardware: Rivals — the explosive, over-the-top, vehicle combat game launched earlier this month. We’re pleased to provide an update on some of the free content and features that will be coming your way today.

Hardware: Rivals on PS4

1.07 Update

Today we are releasing our 1.07 update, which directly addresses some of the feedback we’ve received from the community and cranks up the dials on a number of systems. You’ll find weapons pack more of a punch, vehicles are faster, and there’s a bunch of free add-ons to unlock and game modes to try out over the coming days and weeks! We’ve also added new control options to help players get to grips with Combat Driving.

Not only that, we’ve got two new vehicles for you to take for a spin: the Scarab FAV and Barbarian tank, coming with a full range of new skins and a fresh set of add-ons!

There’s a load more fixes and tweaks in 1.07 and you can find more detailed patch notes in the Official Forums.

Hardware: Rivals on PS4Hardware: Rivals on PS4

Free Sharefactory Theme

And there’s more — the official Hardware: Rivals Sharefactory theme is now available for free today. With your video editing skills use the official theme to show off your takedowns, lucky escapes, and impossible shots in the style that they deserve.

We’ll be rolling out regular updates and next month we’ll be adding a host of new free content, including…

Ranked Play Seasons

Now that you’ve gotten a grip on the essentials of combat driving, it’s time to prove yourself in our upcoming Ranked Play Seasons. By defeating drivers of equal status, you will earn your stripes and rise up through the ranks. The higher you climb, the tougher it gets — with only the best of the best reaching the top. There will be new, exclusive add-ons and skins to earn each Season as you rank up.

Special Events

The events calendar is filling up fast. This weekend, we’ll be running two special events, with brand new skins awarded to those who complete each event. There are plenty of mid-week and weekend events still to come, so get involved on the official community forum and tell us what event you would like to see!

A lot of people having been asking about new maps so here’s a quick teaser…

Hardware: Rivals on PS4

Mojito Bay

Looking for a lawless equatorial dictatorship where the launching of latest high-tech, black market ballistic weaponry is positively encouraged? Then Mojito Bay is just the place for you! Stalk your opponents through a rain-soaked naval yard in the shadow of a vast aircraft carrier, containing an experimental weapon system that every combat driver will want to try.

Hardware: Rivals is currently free for PlayStation Plus members this month, so be sure to download the game if you haven’t already. If it’s been a while since you last played, come back and give it another go!

We’ll be posting more details on this and other upcoming free content in the community forum. As always, we love to hear your feedback so keep the comments coming!

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  • REALLY love this game, hit level 25 last week, but wish there was one more vehicle type, like a hovercraft or somethin.

  • I’ve been a level 25 since the 1st weekend and have been tapped out on the Exp pts. Are all these pts being stored in a bank somewhere so once the cap is raised we’ll get credit for playtime?

  • I have to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of this game at all. It seemed like just a freebie for PSN to choose this as a free PS Plus title. It’s boring, nothing has changed at all since the beta, there’s a lack of content and players, a lack of variety of gameplay. My question is when are we going to start getting good PS Plus games?

    • Yeah, I have to agree. PS+ freebies haven’t been good over the holidays. I spent 30 mins with this game and 5 minutes with Grim Fandango and uninstalled them both immediately after.

    • Well, try Hardware Rivals again after the patch and it should be improved. Sounds like they’re implementing the exact things ppl have asked for..more vehicles/skins, increased vehicle speed, more game modes, and ranked seasons. They built a terrific foundation and you can be sure that every month will see more content added (think Driveclub).

      Hardware Rivals is a solid PS+ game imo, it’s just going to get better and better. Does Rocket League need variety to be fun? Rocket League had arguably less variety at launch. I love the PS+ lineup from Hardware to Grim Fandango to Dragon Age…all good games. I personally think games like Rocket League, Rocket Birds, Gauntlet, Magicka 2, Freedom Wars, Dragon Age, Styx, STFU, Yakuza 4, TWD are high quality.

    • @iamtylerdurden1 Rocket League is much more fast paced, that’s why it’s so much more fun compared to this ;)

  • cool update..

    but what i really want news on is about Playstation Vue!! i need it in NJ already

    and New Features on my PS4.. new firmware dammit Stop doing to many things if you cant handle it Sony i want Constant Updats!!

  • Any more trophies with the free dlc? Thanks a lot. Love the game.

  • The visuals are excellent, it runs well, it’s fun, but with more content and the increase vehicle speed it will be in Rocket League’s company. Awesome game.

  • But does this update actually make the game good??? Really though, the game is boring and I don’t see how this update will really improve it.

  • My only complain is that I rarely find other player after 9:00pm PST…….

  • Game seriously needs AI combatants to fill up the arenas. I spent most my time just driving around looking for that one person on the other team for my few session with it with my friend.

    As a plus game… Well I wouldn’t have played it if it wasn’t for it being free so that’s nice, but yeah…I uninstalled it.

  • I like what I’m hearing, so I’ll probably give it another go. Hopefully this helps it feel better.

  • It’s so interesting to see how makers of this game don’t see what this game needs to succeed. It’s clear SPLIT SCREEN .

    This kind of games are more fun when you played split screen (if you allow split screen online OMG)

    So I’m not interesting to play it unless you guys are adding split screen and rich content to it

    But believe me split screen will just blow it

    • I agree. Splitscreen, LAN mode, offline mode and option to buy the game like Hustle Kings PS4 version…Then i’ll consider.

  • Any news yet on ps2ps4 games?

  • Even Twisted Metal on PS3 is much better then this! More vehicles not the same 2 vehicles with different skin…

  • Removed from my PS4 after playing it for an hour.

  • I am absolutely loving this game. Keep up the great work!

  • I’ll give this free one a shot. But come on Sony you need to dig into your PSN grab bag and pull out some games no one would expect you to offer for free or at a lower price…

  • I love the game, it makes a lot of fun, but there are some things that really sucks…

    1. Why isn’t it possible to invite my friends into a group in order to search a game together? It is annoying that first someone has to search a game so that the other players receive an invititation. That doesn’t make sense. It can’t be that difficult. In every multiplayer game i know, that is possible. Please fix that.

    2. At the beginning every player received an invitation after one searched a game. At the moment that doesn’t happen. For me and my friends it is nearly impossible to play a game together. If i try to send an invitation everytime, i will get a message that the player is already in a group although he isn’t. Therefor everyone has to play on it’s own….

    As i said, the game makes a lot of fun, but if i can’t play with my friends anymore, the fun won’t last long. I think others agree with me. It will makes the mist fun, if you cannplay with friends.

    Please please please fix that and add an option to open a group with friends.

    PS: I don’t understand why you didn’t integrate that in advance???

  • Played it for a little bit after hearing these news, and I have to say that although it could evolve to be fun, it’s going to need a lot more for me to be encouraged to sink time into it. The fact that there are only two types of vehicles is inexcusable, and no amount of reskins/weapon changes can fix that. I’d like to see a Motorcycle type added to the Buggy and Tank types as soon as possible, creating an even faster but weaker option for players, and it definitely shouldn’t stop there. Aerial vehicles would be great in the future, but before considering that, players just need more options and variety in the actual vehicles.

    Also, almost every map that I played on felt rather boring due to how flat it was. I know that this is to make aiming easier, but looking at Mojito Bay, it just looks bland because the terrain is as flat as paper.

  • To be honest, i typically frown upon Free to play games… Specially when no “OPTION” to play OFFLINE or even LAN support is even included much less attempted. I’ll keep dismissing F2P Games with extreme prejudice ’til i see some basic features added.

    My .02

  • More modes and updagres please. The game is fun but once you get to the level cap the sense of achievement dips down HARD

  • I honestly don’t like this game, I truly don’t. I always die because the hp makes no sense, And you level up like 2 levels per day. I can completely see Why it got pretty bad reviews.

  • Update was good job guys, keep up the good work.
    One of the best free psn-games so far!

  • For some reason since the update came out when I play a private match the kills that I get don’t count towards my total kills, anyone else having this problem as well?

  • Still love this game but
    you are losing fans because of the Max lev 25cap!
    It feels useless to continue playing the game if you’re stuck @ level 25.

    Ppl love games where they can keep levelling up or games with a “prestige” mode. Otherwise, its not worth downloading or putting time/effort in it.
    If this is the trend, less and less gamers are gonna download the free 2 play games.

    You should know this guys and this is just one of the issues.

    Ps If you’re looking for new collegues to join your team, feel free to contact me. Im not an IT specialist, just a very experienced gamer wit a lot of common sense.

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