Open-world Pirate Sim Pixel Piracy Coming to PS4

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Open-world Pirate Sim Pixel Piracy Coming to PS4

Just like the game itself, the life of Pixel Piracy has been a wonderful adventure that constantly surprises. Welcome aboard, you scallywags!

We’re thrilled to bring Pixel Piracy to PS4 alongside 505 Games and Re-Logic. Abstraction Games has done an awesome job bringing our PC indie hit to console, and we’re grateful to have them all as part of our pirate crew!

Pixel Piracy on PS4

I actually wanted to get into games because I saw that Andrew Spinks (Re-Logic, Terraria fame) had been in the military and had changed his life to pursue his dreams . Likewise I was stuck in the army on the Jordanian/Iraq border getting mortared daily and thought that there was more to life than that!

Andrew really inspired me to grab my dreams, turn my life around, and make them happen. It’s funny how things turn out, because Re-Logic published the game when we were ready to launch on PC, so my dreams came utterly true!

Pixel Piracy on PS4Pixel Piracy on PS4

My life changed when I met Vitali Kirpu, an insanely talented one-man-band developer who had this awesome game demo which ultimately became Pixel Piracy… and the rest is history. Over time we’ve added more folks to the Pixel team and added a ton of new content to the game, making it the deepest, open-world pirate RPG sim that ever did live.

The great thing for console players is that they get all of the major PC update content already baked into the launch version. We’ve partnered with 505 Games on the PS4 launch. The team has done a great job with Abstraction to make improvements to the UI and to make sure the console controls are nailed, and giving it the all-around piratey polish it needed to bring it to the masses.

Pixel Piracy on PS4

If you like pirates, this is the game for you. If you like the sound of recruiting a motley crew and sailing the seven seas in search of booty, other pirate crews to kill, chasing chickens, building your ship block by block, cleaning the poop deck, boarding enemy ships, then jump aboard.

It also has this wonderful pixel look — the title gives that away — but don’t be fooled; this is a really deeply layered RPG simulation that rewards time spent and exploration. Our pirate dudes are only a few pixels high but they are cheeky and deadly in equal measure.

Let us know what you think — or otherwise you might be the next to the walk the plank!

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  • This is looking pretty cool, can’t wait to play this

    • Will it launch on Vita day 1? Ppl enjoyed Terraria on Vita, make it happen, 14 million Vita owners are interested.

  • Release date/window ?

  • This is Cross-Buy???and, this game have craft system?

  • Looks fun. I’m in.

    Is it coming soon?

  • So sad, it seems like Sony has given up on supporting indies to release on Vita as well :(

  • I love Pirate games. I also love Indie games. <3

  • This looks fun!

  • How have I never heard of this game??? THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!

  • @branant221 I’m well aware about that thread on gaf, all I’m saying is that it’s getting more and more common that these indies are being announced for PS4 only.

    I don’t think it’s coincidence (but maybe it is) that since the beginning of 2016, almost every indie that’s been announced on this blog haven’t had a Vita version even mentioned. Most of these indies would be best on Vita in my opinion.

    • Most of these indies would be best where most people want to play them, which is on a current-generation console.
      There are a few million Vita owners, worldwide (I’m one of them), but a very, very small number would buy this game or any other. There is a loyal following, sure, but that platform was dead as soon as it started.

    • If sony would just market the memory cards for a reasonable mark up (say 30-40%, which is still high, but much better than 300-400% markup currently). They would give the vita a chance. Most people wont touch the system because they see what the prices of any memory are.

      Who cares how many games you have if you cant access most of them on the go. I have a 64 gb card, and even that is full. The vita could done much better, but it seems sony would rather see it die, than admit they were wrong on memory pricing, and system marketing. They act like it is dying because there is no market, vs it dying because they are making bad choices.

  • Does this game have trading goods, like buying cheap at one port and selling high at another? I have been looking for a good pirate game comparable to Uncharted Waters.

  • Looks exactly like Terraria but with Pirates.

  • To anybody thinking about buying this game, I have it on pc and it’s actually really fun. Going around killing and pillaging pirates. Managing your ship and pirate mates. Really fun game 9/10 would buy again…yes again, just to have it on psn

  • when the release date?

  • It sure looks interesting but I`m not too sure if it`s realy going to be something for me. Count me in on it though :D

  • again…more crappy 16bit *&#$*(#. Enough of the minecraft hype already….get to making a real game people.

  • whats even the release date???

  • Do not buy this game yet!!!!! Once you get like 8 crew members the game becomes a slideshow and is unplayable! Wait for a fix or be as ****ed off as I am.

  • Will there be updates because I don’t really feel the flow like on PC

  • Neat game until very early on when I acquired a boat with ladders only to discover a bug preventing crew from climbing ladders.
    This seems to have been a bug in early versions of the PC game — kind of surprised it made it into the console version a year later.

    Somewhat unplayable until it’s fixed (at least, if you intend to get a bigger, multi-level ship).

  • I’m experiencing the same ladder bug, plus a bug involving the skills in the game. Especially gun frenzy and 20 strikes, combined with counter attack. I boarded a 9 skull ship like an hour into the game and my captain took out the entire crew cause all my skills seemed to proc off counter attacks, was very messy.

    • I got around the ladder bug (and the crew can’t eat food bug), but now I’ve got the ‘crew can’t board enemy ships without getting stuck’ — there’s a work-around here for the time being, because like you, my captain is absurdly strong and can single-handedly take out enemy ships (though I’m only attacking 6 skull ships presently).

      I’m playing on Normal — maybe I should try a separate save on Hard. :-/

  • Don’t do it, there are normally better rewards on harder difficulties, you’ll probably just expedite your transformation from a godly pirate amongst men, to some kind of Cthulu.

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