World of Tanks Launches Today on PS4

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World of Tanks Launches Today on PS4

It’s finally here, World of Tanks Launch Day on PS4! The game is live worldwide, so start downloading today. Hooray! Now every PS4 owner can play World of Tanks for free and for as long as they like. There are no pay walls, no pay to win, just sweet, sweet tanks firing shells and blowing up other tanks in massive 15 vs 15 online battles.

World of Tanks on PS4

Of course there’s a Proving Grounds mode you can cut your teeth on before facing real adversaries online. No PlayStation Plus membership required (although if you have one you can pick up an awesome PS Plus Member exclusive tank). Not familiar with World of Tanks? I’m TJ Wagner, Project Lead at for World of Tanks on consoles and I’ll walk you through the basics.

World of Tanks for PS4 starts out with 3 nations, more than 130 tanks, and dozens of maps with non-stop tactical action/combat. After a brief introduction to the game, you can choose the nation you want to start with from United States, Germany, or USSR and jump right into battle.

Every battle earns you experience points (XP) and in game currency (Silver) to upgrade your tank or acquire new ones. Of course there are all sorts of customizations and additional items you can put on your tank. Grow and train up your crew to earn additional skills and perks.

World of Tanks on PS4

There’s also a Store where you can buy Premium time and tanks to help you earn faster in-game or for collecting special tanks. I won’t bore you with all the details, the game will teach you all that — and best of all it’s free! Just download it and give it a whirl and you’ll be an experienced tanker in no time.

If you have any questions about the game you can usually find answers along with tips and tricks on the official site, or read what the community is saying (they are legion, as well as helpful). There is a wealth of advice, experience, and information over there — even I use it to look up things on the game.

What’s more, World of Tanks is a living game that’s always changing. There are monthly free content and feature updates, adding new maps, nations, and tanks. There’s always something new to try out or blow up with our trusty favorites. World of Tanks on PS4 brings along some exclusives you won’t find on other platforms like custom maps, tanks, and all the goodness the platform has to offer.

World of Tanks on PS4

We recently held two Open Betas to test things out with close to a million battles played by early-bird tankers. That means the game is stable, servers are ready, and a huge base of players are set to take you on in battle. If you’re a Trophy hound, there are lots to start collecting including the ever coveted Platinum Trophy for earning them all.

Okay, enough talking, I gotta get tanking. You can grab World of Tanks for free in the PlayStation Store from your console or via PlayStation Store. It couldn’t be easier and I can safely say Wargaming already has millions of satisfied customers. You like satisfaction, don’t you? Then what are you waiting for?

See you on the battlefield.

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  • This looks awesome, but if you don’t need a PsPlus subscription to play online, why do some games still require you to have them? I would expect those things from Activision or something, but why do developers like, for example, Psyonix require you to have it? It doesn’t seem like it gives them any benefit at all and for people who only require PsPlus to play Rocket League, it feels like they are wasting the 60 bucks a year on just one game. Perhaps developers get a bigger cut of the purchases made in the PS Store when they do have players require PsPlus to play their game online, or maybe they get other benefits. Nevertheless, I still think PsPlus should be PsPLUS, which gives you something extra for paying for it, not something that has been included for free on previous consoles, but I would assume my humble opinion won’t change Sony’s mind. It is great to see that a free game doesn’t require PsPlus though. Babysteps…

    • Free to play games and subscription-based MMOs only require Plus for online if the dev chooses to require it. Games that you have to pay for require a Plus subscription for online (on PS4 but not PS3 or Vita). Sony’s said so before but, of course, they don’t go out of their way to advertise that fact.

      I’d prefer if Sony went back to the way Plus used to be as well because I’m paying for Plus for the games and don’t care enough about online multiplayer to pay for it. If devs didn’t have to worry about forgoing all future sales on a game because they put it on Plus, we’d see a stronger game lineup on Plus. This will never happen though because Sony would lose money if they did this. The overwhelming majority of gamers that actually care about online multiplayer are willing to pay for it so Sony would be foolish not to charge for it.

      Its also $50 per year, not $60. That’s the other console maker’s price for a service that offers 48 games per year rather than 72.

  • Awesome news! Will there be trophy support?

  • I saw the beta version updated to version 1.04 last night. Does the beta version now work as the full game or do I need to download the full game again?

  • Hey TJ you mention before Mods on the PS4 version. How does that work?

  • War Thunder has much more depth for what I’ve seen…

    • Really? Because I lost interest in that after an hour.

    • The menu can be hard to navigate. But the amount of things to do is brutal. From leveling up the crew to pilot planes, unlock vehicles, custom them, improve them, weekly events, etc. But is way too easy to pick and play… maybe not for you

  • what a nice surprise! Let the games begin!

  • Hey TJ I wasn’t able to grab my ps+ tank or that jz ps1 with pin up girl livery or whatever. It gave me an error message in the PlayStation store and then the option to download disappeared. I grabbed the ten gig software update last night, not sure what’s going on. I’ve seen other people using those two tanks and they’re pretty sweet. I want mine now please ;).

    • Edit, the PZ III J PS just showed up in my garage after restart. Is that the ps+ tank?

    • Did you have to actually hit download on the PS Store?
      I went to download it after I got back from college (say about 4:30-5:30 Colorado time) and I would press on it in PS4 and it wouldn’t even pull up all the way to the download option, an error message would pop up. Since then, I’ve been on and off and still absolutely nothing along the lines of the PS Plus tank.

    • PS+ tank was having issues in NA so Sony took it down to fix. Should be back up soon.

  • Funny thing is that I had zero interest on this, but after playing Hardware Rivals found that I really love controlling a tank. I think it is time to delve into more tactical tank combat :D

  • Any info on cross platform with pc?

  • I’m not seeing where to pick up the sweet PS+ tank and premium time? I saw your comment about the tank being taken down from the store in NA earlier today, wasn’t sure if it was back up yet (it’s quite a few hours later). I just checked the PS store (8:45pm EST) and didn’t see anything other than the founders packs to purchase and videos on the store. Any help there, am I looking in the right spot and what not? Thanks in advance!

  • Will we be able to transfer stats from other consoles/ Wargaming accounts? I had several tanks with a lot of XP ready to uggrade to tier six on the Xbox 360

    • I was also a beta founder so i had a premium tier 5 tank as well

    • HeliosFour,

      While we are contractually prevented from transferring accounts between platforms, please file a ticket with customer support to see if they can help in some other way.

  • So will the other factions be available at a later stadium of the game???

  • Perhaps I’m missing something, but to get the platinum trophy, you first have to get the Absolute American/German/Russian trophies. This means getting 3 tier X tanks. Since you don’t have enough slots, you’re going to have to buy some. As far as I can see you need gold for that, which can only be obtained with real money. So unless there’s a way to free up your existing slots that I don’t know about, the only way I to that platinum is through my wallet. Please, prove me wrong, because I really like this game.

    • Hi no you can sell old tanks which are not that great any more, leaving yourself with more room, though every now and again there will be missions or “ops” to get gold which can be used for garage spaces just in case you want to keep all your tanks

    • @ +fubar: my bad; turns out the option to sell is off-screen. I just didn’t think of scrolling (one more spot) to the right. Duh!

  • When are the British and French nation joining the Frey?

  • When will the French British and Chinese and Japanese branches come? I already have a amx elc bis on pc. I want it on ps4

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